The 1 Thing These Trainers Do For Their Bodies Every Day

Stef Summer Tone Up

Morning beautiful! We know every day looks different for all of us — some days there’s time for a full wellness routine, others we barely have time to sit down between work, Zoom calls, family, all the things!

That’s why it helps to have just ONE non-negotiable thing you do for your body every day…even if you only have 5 minutes! So we asked your Studio Tone It Up trainers that #1 thing they do for their physical and mental health, even on their busiest days. 

What’s your #1 thing?! Make it an appointment in your calendar, write it in your planner, and set a reminder on your phone, so you make sure to get it done for YOU! When you take just a few minutes to care for yourself, you can change the energy of your entire day and give to everyone around you!

Share with us your #1 habit on IG too so we can all hold each other accountable!

Love you tonsss!


Daily Habits To Show Your Body Love

“One thing I do for my body every day is check in with it first thing in the morning! Even if I only have a few minutes, I do a full body scan. I hug my knees into my chest while I’m still laying in bed, point and flex my toes, fill up with a couple rounds of deep breaths, stretch out fully, and then somersault up to my feet. Having a little morning ritual that tells my body ‘I love you’ and ‘I see you’ is really important in setting the tone for the rest of my day!” ~ Stef

Summer Tone Up Trainer Tips - Stef Tori

“I always move my body even if I only have a few minutes. It doesn’t always have to be an intense workout. but even just doing a few stretches can make me feel so much better to start or finish the day!” ~ Tori 

“One thing I do for my body everyday is walking! It has become an almost therapeutic time of my day to just walk outside, have some quiet time and get some fresh air!” ~ Chyna 

Karena Summer Tone Up Yoga

“Every day I make sure to get outside in nature and get some sunshine and vitamin D. Lately I’ve found that I’ve been sitting much more, so I’ve been consciously working to shift that and get outdoors. I take conference calls when I’m taking walks, or even if I only have a few minutes, I sit in my backyard, listen to the birds and look at the trees. It helps me feel more present and energizes me for the rest of my day.” ~ Karena 

“Every day I move my body with the TIU community, whether it’s a Live workout, TIU app routine, or just a walk. I prioritize waking up before Bella to get a quick workout in. If I can’t squeeze in a full routine, I’ll do something quick at naptime, even if it’s some squats between calls. Then I always make sure to check in with you on IG to see what the TIU team is up to. Seeing you always gives me a boost and makes me so happy!” ~ Kat

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