The TIU Team’s Love Your Body Goals

4 more days!! Your Love Your Body Series is about to kick off January 14th! This series is all about showing yourself love ~ mind, body, and spirit ✨ To prepare, we recently asked you on Insta to share your goals and what you’re most grateful for. 💜

As Kat and I read through your comments, we were blown away by your drive and commitment to yourself and each other. So many of you were grateful for this community of incredible women ~ we know together we are all going to crush this series and accomplish so much!

Check out these babes’ amazing goals and gratitude ~ and comment below with your goal for the series! You can sign up for your Love Your Body Series here and make sure to grab your new Meal Plan too ~ it’s packed with so many delicious seasonal superfood recipes 🤗

So excited for Monday!



The TIU Team’s Goals & Gratitude ~



“Get back to my healthy routine, and crush the Love Your Body Challenge ✨ I am so grateful for my health and my amazing future husband!”



“Goal: to be more intentional. In every way possible. I am grateful for Tone It Up Girls who inspire me daily 👯💗”



“To be a fully certified personal trainer: I am so grateful for all of my last experiences and lessons that I’ve learned from that help me to become the woman I’ve always dreamed I would be.”




“Goal: be present in the moment. Gratitude: the passion for health + fitness Tone It Up has instilled in me.”



“A goal of mine is to really stick to the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan because I know how good it makes me feel. One thing I am grateful for the strong body I was given to be able to work out and move my body!! 💗”


“A goal for me for the Love Your Body Challenge is to be consistent with my Nutrition Plan and keep indulgences to a minimum. I am so thankful for the supportive, kind, inspiring, and beautiful TIU Girls I’ve connected with in this community. It has changed everything for me💛.”



“Be consistent with meditation & journaling- it not only helps my outlook but also helps me reflect on my goals and progress daily.”



“My goal for 2019 is to stay organized and utilize my planner again. I’m grateful for everything this IG account has brought me, new friendships, collaborations, etc 💗”



“Goal: motivation and appreciation for this body every chance I get. Grateful: This baby girl growing inside of me💗 Loved my first pregnancy workout on the Tone it Up on demand app!”



“Goal: to fine-tune my nutrition habits. Grateful for: this beautiful community which has helped keep me fit, healthy, sane, and honest 😍🙌🏻💕”



“Goal: more self love and spreading of love 💕Grateful for this community, my beautiful family, and my health!”



“Goal: love my body at all stages and be kind to myself and to it seeing all the beauty in all of its flaws and being proud of it for all it does for me. Grateful: for people who are always by my side cheering my on and never giving up on me even when I give up on myself ❤️”



“I’m grateful for opportunities!”



“My goal is to stick to the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan guidelines and really start drinking as much water as I’m supposed to. Grateful for Studio Tone It Up, the community, and our TIU trainers!”



“Take better care of myself in every way possible: spiritually, physically, emotionally, in relationships. Loads of worthy work ahead!”


“My goal is to feel beautiful + STRONG on my wedding day ✨ I’m sooo grateful for my fiancé and our whole crew💗”



“There are so many but I think the most important for me is taking in positivity and kindness so that I can really be it for myself & others! The rest will flow ✨ I’m grateful for what everyone at the Tone It Up HQ has done to empower this community, to set these intentions and beautiful lifestyle changes in motion!”



“Goal: to budget my time more wisely to make room for the most important things/people in my life. Grateful to be living such a full life that this goal is necessary.”



“My goal is to fully commit to the Tone It Up program. Nutrition Plan & Studio Tone It Up…I am grateful for my health and I’m thankful I have the ability to move.”


“Goal: maintain workouts when my maternity leave ends. Gratitude: my healthy, happy, beautiful little one brings joy to my life every day 😍👶🏼”

What are your goals for the Love Your Body Series? Share in the comments below ~ we can’t wait to read them!

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  1. my goal is to be very consistent with nutrition and working out, I have started back to school at age 39 to get my nursing degree and want to be able to maintain the progress that I have made already. I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue my education, my wonderful supportive husband and my job that I love.:) love you all xoxo

    1. Congrats babe! That is so incredible! You got this and you have an entire team here to cheer you on and help you succeed. Love you lots 🤗

    2. That’s so awesome Shannell! I went back to school at 26 and finished at 33 this year, and I cannot be more grateful I chose to do it and that I had such a terrific support system. I’m here to support you, too (from afar, but you can always reach out!! My IG is @katelynleahytonesitup )!! <3

  2. I need to follow the Nutrition Plan and keep bad snacking habits to a minimum. And I need to move more. I can get workouts in my job and evening life is very dormant, I need to move. I’m most excited for the Mindful Meditations and to get right with myself again!

    1. Those are amazing goals ~ you are going to crush it. Can’t wait to start with you on Monday! xxo

  3. My goal is to get back into routine of working out at least 3-4 times a week and to follow the Nutrition plan. And cook all the delicious meals from new Nutrition plan :) Can’t wait to try out new recipes :)

  4. My goal is to lose the weight I gained from my second baby. I want my booty back! I want my legs back! I want the sexy momma back!! I know she’s in there! I want to be a role model for my daughter and teach my children to eat healthy. And I want to continue to inspire my hubby to lose his weight because he’s trying to join the Army. Seeing him workout is pushing me, and vice versa! Team Aleman family! #hotmommagoal

    1. Hey Libby! That’s so amazing that you’re doing it together as a family and inspiring each other! Always remember to be patient and loving with yourself. Your body is remarkable and you’re beautiful today, tomorrow, and always! Love you mama 💜

  5. My goal is to get in shape before my husband and I start trying for a baby. I want to be in the best health possible for myself and our future family.

  6. Goals: Daily moves to keep up muscle mass (I’m in my 50’s and that muscle mass drops faster now as you get older). I have a beautiful 7 month old grandson that I want I to be able to keep up with as he grows!! ….and try to be more intentional with what I eat.

  7. Ensuring self care is a priority this year. TIU is helping so much with this, studio TIU is MY time everyday. Shout out to all of the other special needs mommas out there, we’ve got this!

    1. Hey Nicole! We’re so happy you’re doing the series with us and taking time for you! You truly deserve it. Sending you and your family so much love 💗

  8. By March 10, I’d like to see a dramatic improvement in my blood glucose, total cholesterol, and blood pressure numbers…feeling strong, lean, and empowered is the icing on the TIU approved donut! ;)

  9. My goal is to just simply love my body and to be truly proud of how far I’ve come on my fitness journey! I also don’t want to be worried so much about food anymore. I want to enjoy it and see it as fuel!! So excited for my first TIU series!! ✨💛

    1. Hey Liv! That’s such a beautiful, positive outlook! So excited to do your first series with you 🤗

  10. My goal is to put the focus back on me! I spent the last few months focusing on my family and dad while he battled cancer and gained some weight because of it. I’m ready to prioritize my own mental and physical health and start feeling good about myself again. Ready to rock this challenge!

    1. Sending so much love to you and your family Abigail. This whole community is behind you and we know you’re going to crush this series 💗🤗

  11. My goal is to be more consistent with the meal plan, and workouts. Be healthy and confident with my body.

  12. Its my first time joining the series and I’m pregnant with baby #2 due May 1, but I wanted to stay healthy for the rest of my pregnancy. I had a rough first trimester as I was planning my wedding and had sciatica pain. I hope I will be able to keep up with workouts at least 3 times a week!

    1. Hey Jennifer! Congrats and we’re soooo happy you’re joining for the series! The prenatal workouts are amazing for mamas to be and remember to always listen to your body and do what feels best for you. So excited to start this series with you 💗

  13. My goal is to loose weight and feel confident in my body again since having my son! Ready to crush this challenge!

    1. You got this mama! Remember your body just did something remarkable and you’re gorgeous inside and out 🤗

  14. My goal is to stay committed to clean eating and to finally get fit! This is my first time doing the Love Your Body Series and I am excited and encouraged that I have finally found a program that seems realistic!! :)

    1. Hey Andrea! We’re SO excited to be doing your first series with you! You’re going to crush it! xxo

      1. My Goal is to not give up on myself. I tend to create goals that are too ambitious for the season of life I am in as a wife, new mom, teacher, and student. I want to challenge myself but also be kind to myself when I can do a 10 minute work out and not the 40 minute work out I planned. It does NOT need to be ALL OR NOTHING! I am focusing on a Yoga practice with the daily moves and making sure I have veggies every day as well as watching my portion sizes as I have transitioned out of breastfeeding after my son turned 1.

        1. That is such a wonderful perspective Bethany! Even a short workout is amazing and an act of self-care! You got this babe!! xxo

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