The Best Crystals For Confidence, Love, & Health ~ Chat With The Founders Of Energy Muse

Hey beautiful! I have two very special guests with me for today’s chat — Heather and Timmi from Energy Muse are here talking all about crystals. The best friends got their start by selling crystal jewelry from the trunk for their car (like Kat and I started Tone It Up with just a tripod!). Now these boss babes are the authors of an incredible book and run an empowering empire. A career built on passion is a powerful thing!💫

I was especially excited to chat with Heather and Timmi because for me, crystals have always held special meaning. I have them around my house and at the HQ, and rose quartz was the official crystal of the TIU Tour! Crystals remind us of our strengths and help us set intentions…plus they’re just beautiful!

Today Heather and Timmi are breaking down all the benefits of crystals — whether you’re a beginner or a longtime believer. And they give me my first crystal reading! Grab some bubbly and join us!




You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!


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  1. K says:

    Love this <3 ! Thank you for making a post on this topic! Crystals have been with me for more than ten years and I wear them daily <3

  2. Please reconsider promoting crystals given the shady provenance of many of them.

    I love Tone it Up but back when you published this post, it made me go “WHAT?”

    Then this month, when I read this article from The Guardian it bothered me even more that Tone it Up would promote crystals. Article link here:

    The thought that 7 year old children (and people of all ages) being exploited plus the environmental footprint should give us pause. This is counter to the mission of promoting health and happiness for all.

    I still love the community and tone it up! I just felt the need to speak up about this issue.

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