All Your Summer Tone Up Questions, Answered!

Hi hi 🤗 

How’s your first week of the Summer Tone Up going?! Karena and I are seeing all your #SummerToneUp checkins & feeling your energy ✨

We’ve been seeing a few questions about the Summer Tone Up this week, so we wanted to reach out and answer all your top questions in one place! 

  • What if I miss a workout? 

No problem babe! If you need to take a day off, you’re not “off the program.” The Summer Tone Up provides guidelines for you, but feel free to make it fit with your lifestyle. If you need a rest and recovery day, listen to your body! You know best! And if you skip a workout or two, don’t dwell on it or beat yourself up. Tomorrow is another day to get after it 💪

  • What equipment do I need? What if I don’t have all the equipment at home? 

The Summer Tone Up workouts incorporate dumbbells, a Booty Band, kettlebell, resistance band, and yoga mat. If you’re missing some equipment, that’s OK! Get creative where you can (swap in wine bottles or laundry detergent for dumbbells!). There’s also an entire bodyweight section On Demand in your app, so you can always swap in one of those routines. 

  • Do you recommend doing both the Live workouts & app workouts?

Yes, we designed your weekly schedule so that the Live workouts and app routines complement each other! There’s something so special about all meeting up together for a Live and then heading into the app as a team for our Summer Tone Up workout of the day! If you can’t make both though, no worries! 


  • Should I do both the workout video and the toning moves? 

Toning moves are totally optional. We love them on those days when you can’t fit in a whole workout video! Or if you complete the workout video and want more, add them on for an extra challenge! 

  • Should I do the workouts in the program in order? 

Follow along top to bottom! Each week, your program is designed for you to start at the top and work your way down. Or feel free to mix it up and do whichever workout works best for you each day. 

  • Where do I find the Nutrition Program? 

You can find it in the app too! We wanted you to have access to everything all in one place! Right now, the app is available for under $5 a month (1-year membership) and you get the full meal plan, recipes, guidelines, and all the workouts! Use code APPVIP50 for 50% off! 


  • What if I can’t follow the meal plan exactly? 

The meal plan provides guidelines to help you succeed, but you don’t need to follow it exactly. It’s meant to be flexible, so you can make it work for your lifestyle. You’re still “on the plan” if you mix and match meals or make ingredient swaps. If you want to simplify things, decide on just a couple of meals a week that will be your go-tos (for me, that’s Tray Bakes and Lean Bowls). If you have more time and feel like experimenting in the kitchen, go for it! The most important thing is that you stick to the guidelines that are laid out in the plan ~ these basic principles will help you feel your best!

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  • What if I’m pregnant? 

First off, congrats mama!!! We recommend you actually sign up for the Pregnancy Program in the app. You can still participate with the series ~ just check in with your workouts on Instagram with the hashtag #SummerToneUp. Any workouts that you want to incorporate into your routine from the Summer Tone Up are also in the On Demand section. 

Depending on your trimester (and approvals from your doctor), you can do other routines too. Just remember to avoid anything supine (on your back), limit plank work (2nd & 3rd trimester), and keep your heart rate lower ~ aka take it easy with cardio routines. A quick way to test this — you should be able to carry on a conversation during workouts. And always make sure to check with your doctor! ⁣

  • Can I project workouts on my TV for a bigger screen? 

Yes! Your Tone It Up app can work with your TV in two ways: screen mirroring and class casting. We have full directions for ya here


  • How do I connect with the community & find accountability partners? 

Right now, more than ever, community and connection are SO important! The Tone It Up team is the most beautiful and supportive community in the world. We recommend joining some of the Live workouts so you’re sweating with us in real time. You can also make virtual workout dates with girlfriends and do your app workouts together on FaceTime or Zoom. Virtual meal prep dates and happy hours are so fun too!

Also, upload a selfie to a personal account OR you can make a new handle with TIU in it and introduce yourself! ⁣A lot of women in the community create new fitness accounts for accountability, post-workout checkins (we have a lot of prizes coming up for checking in), and if you want to keep your family photos separate from your fitness account. ⁣

When you post, make sure you use the hashtag #SummerToneUp so we can see your beautiful face and cheer you on 😘 You can also search #TIUyourcityorstate to find accountability partners near you! Comment on a post or DM a new girl and introduce yourself ~ this community is SO welcoming! 

Have more questions for us? We’re always here to support you! You can connect with us on Instagram @ToneItUp, @KatrinaScott, & @KarenaDawn. 

Love you tons 💖



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