VLOG ~ Our TIU31 Goals

Hey girl! How’s your Saturday going? Karena and I are so excited because we just made your 31 Day Challenge signups live!! This is one of our favorite challenges because it comes at exactly the perfect time of year when we all need a little reset and we’re ready to get back into our routines and refocus on our goals. The challenge kicks off October 1st, so sign up to join us!

While we were filming for the challenge, Karena and I snuck away and went on a little walk to record this vlog for you. We’re both sharing our goals for the challenge so check it out and tell us below…what are YOUR goals for the 31 Day Challenge?! We can’t wait to read them!



Are you in for the 31 Day Challenge?! Sign up and join us below! We’re all starting October 1st!


  1. My goal is to show more love to myself. I want to take care of me to be the best version of myself. I already do it since I’ve found tiu, but I think I need something to remind me how worth it it is.
    So.. I’m totally in and super excited to do my best 💪🏻❤️

  2. My goal is to seek balance! I have a lot going on right now and I am making a very conscious effort to make myself a priority. I am SO excited to jump back on the wagon and see what I can do for mind, body and soul!

  3. My goal is to stick to it and meal prep. I tend to get very discouraged and tend to fall off track when that happens. As they said it takes 21 day for something to become a habit and by 31 days it’ll come natural.

    1. Yes exactly Nicole!! And you can make the meal plan and meal prep work for you and your lifestyle. Remember, you’re still on the plan if you mix things up. We believe in you!! 💗

  4. My goal is to just feel good about myself and my body – I’m so over-critical (without the need to be) of my body, especially since motherhood left some “baby blessings” (aka stretch marks) and my belly never fully recovered despite working out every day and eating pretty well. My kids are older, and there weren’t all those fabulous creams and potions to reduce “baby blessing marks” when I was having kids. Or at least they weren’t popular! I want to come to some body acceptance, just by taking the best possible care of my precious body, inside and out!

    Karena – will you be doing Monday Meditations for this challenge? That was my favorite part of the Love Your Body series! I still listen to them after a workout all the time!!

    1. Hey mama! You are remarkable and your body is gorgeous exactly as it is. We’re so excited to do this challenge with you 💕PS: I’m working on new meditations for something special coming soon :)

  5. My goals are to do the workouts and stick to the nutrition plan.
    I’m a mom of three I have two sweet daughters who are four and two and I have a little boy who is almost three months old. They keep busy but I want to be a good role model for them and show them that it’s important to take care of yourself.
    I’m very blessed that I found TIU when I did.

    1. Love that goal Jillian! We’re so lucky to have you as part of this community. Let’s do this mama 💪

  6. My goal is to ditch the mindless, sugary snacks. The more I eat them, the more I crave them and the worse I feel!

    1. We hear you! There are so many delicious TIU approved treats in your new fall meal plan that you’re going to love! xxo

  7. I am dealing with migraine. Tired of taking medications & being exhausted all the. I am so ready to do this :)

    1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well babe. Excited to do the challenge with you and hope you feel better soon 🤗

  8. My goal is to focus on myself, and being healthy and happy. 2019 has not been the best year for me so far and I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I also want to try and wake up earlier to work out, it’s a bit hard for me because of my epilepsy. My medicine makes me very nauseous in the morning, so I’ve been trying to find remedies for that. All in all I just want to get my body back, and to feel confident again.

    1. Hi Taylor! That’s a beautiful goal. This whole community is behind you and cheering you on. We believe in you 💕

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