Mimosa Monday with Our Girl & Surfing Champ Sage Erickson

Morning babe! It’s Motivation Monday…or shall we say Mimosa Monday?! 🍾 Yep, because Wine Not Wednesday and Rosé with K&K just weren’t enough for us ;)

A few weeks ago we invited our girlfriend and Tone It Up athlete Sage Erickson to the HQ to sip pink mimosas (sparkling rosé  + grapefruit juice) and of course celebrate!! If you don’t know Sage, she’s a total badass. She recently became the US Open of Surfing Champion and she’s the number 6 female surfer in the entire WORLD!! We’re so proud of her! (Read more about Sage in our Q&A HERE!)

We’re talking with Sage all about her advice to follow your dreams and how she sticks to her TIU lifestyle no matter where she is. And Sage is EVERYWHERE! She travels 10 months out of the year. The other day she texted us that she was on the beach in France doing her 21 Rep Challenge Toning Moves and a Studio Tone It Up class  🙌🏻

Check out our chat with Sage below!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

It’s never too late to commit to your health! If you haven’t joined the Tone It Up 21 Challenge yet, there’s still time to jump in with us!


  1. Can you guys PLEASE address the many complaints by so many of us loyal members and followers about your schedule change??? I’ve emailed, message, commented, and posted an no one will give me a clear answer!! Will you no longer be SPECIFICALLY listing the workout videos for non-app users? I find it really unfair that I can’t get the app (I have Android) and I’ve already purchased every single DVD and I’m still not allowed to know the real schedule without paying for the app!! You have always promoted your FREE workout schedule, but now all you give is the daily moves and the body part to work every day. From what I’ve found out, most of your app videos are from the DVDs, which I already own. I’d like to know if you will actually be telling us which videos to SPECIFICALLY DO, or if I’m now basically on my own. I’ve done TIU for 3 years, am a member, and have bought COUNTLESS things from you. I feel really excluded with your app-centric schedule, and so do lots of other girls. Open your eyes and ears to the many complaints and please address this. I’m starting to feel like my voice no longer matters to the community bc I don’t have the app. You will lose loyal followers and potential new ones if you make your schedule all about the app.

    (note: I am totally fine with the fact you have an app now. ALL I WANT IS A MORE SPECIFIC WORKOUT SCHEDULE, like you used to give. It’s what brought me to TIU!!)

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with Kathryn. I’ll also add that I do have the iphone, but can’t afford the monthly membership (nor do I really want to pay a monthly membership for workout videos).

  2. What happened to the community area where members could just ask any question to other members? Is that is the APP now? Also, I agree with the other poster–I wish the entire challenge wasn’t just studio app workouts.

  3. I have to agree with the ladies above. I love TIU, the community, and the program, but it would be really helpful if y’all would be more specific in the videos you want us to use. Not all of us can get the App, even if we want to. Thanks so much!

  4. Are use looking at the Weekly Schedule posts as well? I have been just looking at those, seeing the DM’s and which TIU app video is noted for each day and find it or one I already own similar to it. I noticed on the daily workout page it calls out which video it is for the day, but I glossed right over it until it finally caught my attention. Hope that helps you girls out! https://www.toneitup.com/workouts/tiu21-week-2-workout-schedule/

  5. I’m with Kathryn. I’ve been a devoted member of TIU since 2013, but lately I’ve been disappointed with the latest advancements the company has been offering. For a community who’s all about bringing women together, TIU is starting to feel somewhat divided – either you have an iPhone and follow the app or you have Android and/or just don’t want the app. If the weekly schedule is going to start strictly promoting Studio Tone It Up, then I guess I won’t be following it and, instead, shift my focus completely to the DVDs and exclusive videos I’ve purchased throughout the years. (After all, I didn’t spend $35-50 a piece on those videos for nothing!) That’s wonderful you have an app that offers a variety of new workouts and new instructors, but what about showing some loyalty to your members instead of excluding them? I guess I just don’t appreciate the fact that it’s either you have the app and feel included OR you don’t have the app and have to search the TIU library for workouts. What’s the point of the weekly schedule then – or even the TIU community – if we have to go it alone, anyway? I can take my loyalties elsewhere, for all the good it’s doing me in this community.

  6. Hi girls! It means the world to us that you’re a part of this community, and we are so happy and proud to be able to provide free daily workouts. We will continue to do so both on the website and on the app! We understand that the app is still in development and it’s not available for Android users yet – it’s at the top of our list! 

    Good news is, we really want you to focus on your daily Toning Moves. We designed the Weekly Schedule this way specifically to highlight your 21 Rep Challenge drop sets because they give you the best results. The Toning Moves are the heart of this challenge and we’re all doing them together! If you can’t do the optional Studio Tone It Up classes, that’s totally fine too. Whatever works best for you. We have hundreds of free workouts available on ToneItUp.com and YouTube. We’re so happy to offer not only free daily workouts, but also free workout videos, content and the new studio Tone It Up option! We want to be able to offer as much as possible to help everyone live their healthiest and best TIU lifestyle!

    Be on the lookout too~ We’re so excited to continue releasing new amazing workouts for you on ToneItUp.com and to launch Studio Tone It Up for Android users. This community is always growing and we couldn’t be more proud!

    1. WOW K&K. I was hoping you would say, oh sorry, we made a bad change and will fix it. But no, you just said the same thing you have been over and over this past week when anyone has voiced their disappointment. I DON”T WANT WHATEVER WORKS FOR ME. I DON’T WANT TO GO PICK OUT MY OWN VIDEOS. You just want us to pay you $12/month to know the workout schedule. Way to lose a loyal customer bc of your greediness. I realize it’s your business and you can do with it what you want, but you gave us followers such a great thing and you are taking it away so that you can try and be like other fitness businesses. You are taking away what made you unique and wonderful. I guess I’ll go do another program or go back in time on your website and follow the old K&K before you got too big for your britches.
      Also, I already gave you hundreds of dollars for the workouts in the form of DVDs. It’s pretty crappy that you want girls to buy those and shell out more money to watch the same workout video on the app platform. You are posting the “optional Studio Workouts” under a different name on the schedule so we won’t realize that, but we do. We aren’t stupid, you know.
      I’m sure this comment will get deleted, but I wanted to tell you how disappointed as a follower I am. You guys sold out.

  7. I agree with you ladies. I don’t want to pay extra for video’s on the app. Also am I the only one who has no interest in watching videos on my tiny iphone screen? I have been doing the 5 moves and then just finding something else to do from the saved videos I have from the website.

  8. I apologize for flying off the handle in my above comment. I would delete it if I could (can’t figure out how to so that!) I am mourning the loss of the old TIU with the truly free workout schedule and the ease of the program. The app-only schedule is so disappointing.

    1. Don’t be sorry. You only said what they need to hear. Whether they want to hear it or not is their problem.

      I agree with all the comments. I think it was a terrible move to release an app to only half your community and then launch a challenge they heavily promotes said app. This is the first TIU challenge in years I have not participated in. Personally I do not like the daily moves. Once you introduced those you started losing me. I was slowly becoming more and more disenchanted with TIU. This was the last straw. I don’t know if you realize it but you are losing and alienating people. It is becoming very clear it is less about the community and more about the bottom line. I understand you are running a business and I am grateful to TIU for introducing me to the fitness world but sadly I think the time has come to part ways.

      1. Jennifer, I couldn’t have said it better. I personally also don’t like the daily moves and also started losing interest once they introduced those. It really is boring moves and the same ones over and over again that just gets shuffled around. At first I thought it was just me, but now that I read there is so many that feels the same way, I am hoping K&K will listen and do something about it. Although I doubt it. As you can see in their response, they just say the same thing over and over again and not really answering the commenters questions properly. What made me fell in love with TIU and K&K was their giving, loving and community building nature. But sadly, as so many has said: it has become all about the “bottom line” AKA: money. It is sad but it seems you are right: we are gonna have to part ways with TIU. Not everyone can afford to keep up with them anymore. And as i’ve read from other comments: the new app is draining battery on smart phones very quickly, which is not a good thing for us. Not to mention all the data it is using plus then having to pay a monthly fee to access the workouts. I’m sorry to say but TIU is just not worth it anymore. K & K has becoming greedy and once the greed bug has bitten, there is very little hope. But, I would also still like to thank K&K for helping me to find joy in fitness again. It’s just sad that it had to come to this type of end. I hope all of you girls which is also not happy do find another way: fitness for life. Take care ladies. xoxoxoxo

  9. I couldn’t agree with all of this more, I hate to say. :( I feel like TIU is ruined. And like Nancy said above, I have an iPhone, but I have an HP laptop and the way our home gym is set up, I can’t see the TV during any of the exercises on the floor, so my only option is working out on the tiny iPhone screen, which absolutely sucks. Prior I had been happily working out viewing my laptop. Plus, the app drains my battery at a crazy rate. I’m also like Kathryn in that I’m a nutrition plan member and own all of the videos (plus socks, sea salt spray, all of the equipment, the backpack, the bomber jacket, etc., etc., etc.), so it feels like a slap in the face to pay a monthly free to get access to many videos I already own and I have to view the new ones on a tiny screen, which really makes it not much fun. I miss the old TIU a lot. :( I wouldn’t mind more premium video packages being released each year and paying for those or getting some kind of initial discount on the app (IF it was available for my laptop!!) because I’ve already invested so much in TIU, but way things are right now just flat out sucks.

  10. I also have to agree with the above comments. I’ve followed TIU consistently for years, but have totally lost interest in the site within the past few months. I appreciate all the free workouts and will continue to use the ones I’ve previously purchased. Change can be good, and I understand it’s a business, but the current site content and the app has totally lost me.

  11. I 100% agree with everything said above. I feel like K&K are losing touch with those of us that have been loyal followers since the very beginning. Really makes me sad :(

  12. I must say i totally agree with you ladies and can see why you are so upset. I’ve never been a member or were able to buy any of their workout dvd’s, mainly because i am unable to afford it since the Rand is so weak against the dollar. (I live in South Africa). I’ve noticed that K&K started getting greedy when they introduced the Daily Moves. It’s the same moves over and over again that they just reshuffle every week and then we have to log in every day to see the moves. Whereas in the past they had a weekly schedule where you could plan your whole week ahead on a Sunday. They even once had the monthly calenders which was awesome. It is definitely clear to see that for K&K the main thing has become money and not the community anymore. Which is really sad because at one stage they seemed to be the 2 ladies who truly cared and wanted to help and uplift other. Now it seems they only reaching for uplifting their bank accounts. Truly heartbraking. Especially for the members and the one’s who has already spent so much on buying their dvd’s and all. If only K&K could go back in when they started TIU and take a page from there.

  13. I also agree. It seriously sucks that the schedule promotes the studio TIU app that much and that the original free weekly workout schedule doesn’t exist any longer. Also that you’re making owners of BeachBabeDVD workouts pay again to watch them in the app.
    I get that you introduce new trainers so people will still stick to using TIU when you girls decide to start your families and need to take time off. That’s totally ok!!! You deserve to have that too, and right now, the entire future of the company depends on your presence, so you really can’t do that. I really love the idea of the app – setting a weekly workout frequency goal, joining classes to really make yourself do this and have no excuses… It’s great!!! (And also the layout is really pretty ;) ) But couldn’t you maybe find a way to make BeachBabe DVD workout videos available in the app for those who already own them, without having to pay extra? Most people log in with their TIU accounts anyway, so it must be possible to thereby verify each individual users purchase and rightful access to those videos. That way people wouldn’t feel excluded or betrayed and you could still offer daily classes including the BeachBabe workout videos and add new classes at a monthly price.
    Also for all tiuEurope girls (or international members in general for that matter), with the current schedule of classes, it’s impossible to do them as a bootycall, because with the time difference, classes are not starting earlier than 9am (European time). Maybe you could change that, too and bring back the weekly schedule with all the workouts listed!

    This is a different topic, but I feel like it plays a part when it comes to those disappointed tendencies lately, so..: It’s been more and more obvious that TIU was focusing more on financials and using opportunities to promote products on your Instagram accounts. The McComrick Spice ad in this years Bikini Series Plan? The dermalogica promo on IG? etc. etc. And of course it’s your right to take deals like that. But I think it should also be clear that it’s a sponsored post. Just for the matter of truth. It kind of hurts your credibility and it isn’t the biggest ‘authenticity’ move. I can’t imagine how neglecting the image of the brand is going to contribute to the growth of the company.
    The community loves you for your natural, authentic vibe, for being just like one of us and for bringing all the Cali vibes into our living rooms with your spirit and passion. Not because you seem like unapproachable, plastic influencers.

    I love TIU! Hope it’ll stay awesome!

  14. I am a little confused about all these comments. I don’t strictly follow TIU and I have made a few video purchases from them before, but not a ton, but when I go to the Weekly Workout Schedule I see the daily moves listed and the optional Studio Tone it Up workout….if lots of those workouts are past videos, can’t you just put on your DVD and watch that workout? I guess my attitude it coming from a place where I feel like I have gotten lots of free workouts from TIU over the years, which is super cool, and I might feel differently if I had invested a bunch of money. Plus the daily moves alone are enough work for me lol! I am trying the app for a month but probably won’t stick with it. I think they should consider lowering the price (maybe $7?) as it is pretty high. But I appreciate what they are trying to do with it and I doubt their intention was to leave anyone out in the cold!

  15. I agree with many of the comments in these posts. One of my favorite things about TIU is that you made the Daily Workouts so EASY in the past. It was a huge help to not have to think about or design my workout! I loved knowing it was all laid out for me. Now that the Daily Workout caters to the app, you need to look up the video on the Weekly Schedule, go to the Daily Moves, then find a BB video you have or go out to YouTube. It just seems much more complicated now.
    I think the app is a great idea and a neat way to offer premium content. I also understand this is a business & you are looking for new ways to grow it. My hope is that you will add a suggested alternate video (or at least a link) to the video back to the Daily Workout page for those of us that don’t have the app.
    PS- I’ve been loving the Fall Challenge daily moves and pumpkin recipes in the nutrition plan!

  16. Yes, I agree. it is getting a little out of control. I am finding it too much of a hassle at times. I love K&K but have seriously been considering ordering a new program to follow as a back up or something :{ Hopefully things will get back to normal soon…..

  17. Sadly I have to agree with everyone above. I’m a loyal TIU member since 2014 and joined with the Love your Body Challenge which I absolutely adored! I think it is still one of my favorites! Back then TIU seemed to be more real and authentic. It was fresh. Since a year or so I realized that I’m not so attached anymore. This all started with the introdocution of the Daily Toning Moves. I’m just not a fan of repeating the same moves over and over. Eventhough I know it is very effective and burns every time! But the reason why I joined TIU was that I got to workout with these two beautiful bombshells one the beach! I just love their workout videos! There are so much fun!!!!
    I bought almost all their stuff, every Members Bundle etc. but lately I had to discover that the stuff is not really good quality. Both of the resistance bands recently snapped during my workouts. So I can’t use them anymore. The plastic containers started to smell weirdly after a while and the rose gold tote bag (which looked amazing) lost all the glitter so that I had it everywhere…on my jeans, hands etc.
    Then the tour. It was so amazing to see you guys go on tour and I think for the US girls it was a great opportunity. But as an international girl I felt so left out because everything was about the tour. There was no new content I could relate to and it made me not do TIU workouts anymore.
    And now the app. I love the app and its design. I also think it is an amazing idea to bring in new people and switch up the workouts and I totally understand that you have to think longterm but I’m also very disappointed that the Weekly Schedule so heavily relies on the app. Why not tell everyone which workout videos they can do instead if they don’t have the app or can’t afford it. And I also totally agree that working out to a small screen is not as much fun. I feel right now that everything happens a little half-heartedly. Like you girls were on tour and didn’t really have the time to plan the challenge so you just throw something out there because it is time for another challenge. It is not as well put together as all the other challenges were before. And I have to be honest, I loved you because of the challenges and the workout videos and your Wine Not Wendesday videos. Maybe it is time to go back to your roots. It is great you want to go out and workout with the community. But why not do an event here and there and focus more on serving the online community and continue to produce great content. Because you are amazing at that! I just miss your weekly videos where you chat with different people or show us your make up tips and tricks or cook in the TIU kitchen.

    I hope you take all these comments into account. I love you and this community a lot and I would be sad if I had to part ways or would not be as involved anymore.

    1. Madeleine, such a heartfelt response. I truly hope that K&K will answer and see the light. They need to go back to their roots if they want to keep the members who has been with them for years. Who was dedicated and loyal to them. K & K really made fitness fun and loveable for us. And through their quirky personalities helped some of us believe in ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are. Their loving and giving nature is what inspired most of us to be our best and give our all. Sadly, because we looked up to them so much, the dissapointment now also affects us deeply. It’s nearly as if though it is a close family member or lifetime bestie, that has let us down.

      1. I just wish Karena and Katrina would give us a real answer instead of a glittery, sugar-coated one. If the REAL schedule is no longer free, then tell us that. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t act like you’re doing us some big favor when in fact you just want our money. Don’t say you’re doing it because you love us. If that were true, you’d be continue to post the complete, full schedule with suggested videos listed (with DVD locations when applicable). You wouldn’t be making us feel left out until we get the app. Be honest and open and genuine, like you used to be. Tell us you want to move in a different direction, so us girls that liked the old K&K can go about our business and find a new program and a a new community.

  18. I can’t help but read through these comments and feel like there’s a lot of entitlement going on… As TIU gets bigger with more and more followers there are bound to be changes. I will not be purchasing the app (because I have previously bought all of the DVDs) but I don’t feel the need to come on here and complain about EVERY LITTLE THING. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow it. The videos from the app are listed on the weekly schedule with their original names. I can’t help but wonder if the people who are complaining are also the people who were previously complaining about not having access to a well-functioning app…? I’ve seen many posts related to wanting an app like the Sweat with Kayla (which is MUCH more expensive at $30 per month btw). I guess overall I just feel like no one is forcing you to follow or pay money to K&K. Just getting so tired of all the complaining… I’ve been a loyal TIU follower for 5 years and while I haven’t always agreed with everything I’ve accepted that things are bound to adapt and change. Its part of life people!