K+K Beach Waves Hair Tutorial!

beach-babe-spray-sea-saltCALLING ALL BOMBSHELLS!

We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for a tutorial on how to make your own beach waves ‘do! We’re throwing it back today to our Beach Waves Hair Tutorial! This style is perfect for a casual lunch with your friends to a night on the town with your gal pals!

Today, I’m showing you exactly how to create tousled waves in today’s step-by-step guide.

This beauty tutorial will work for curly, wavy or straight hair. Sexy, ocean-kissed locks are yours!

Our Sea Salt Texture Spray adds the the extra touch of ocean to finish up your mermaid ‘do! This unique beach babe essential was created exclusively for you. We love bringing this community products inspired by your requests, and you’ll find our sea salt spray to be unlike any other. It’s light and smells divine, while delivering strengthening and hydrating nutrients to revitalize your gorgeous locks.

Learn exactly how to recreate those dreamy waves you get after a day at the beach!

Watch on YouTube HERE!

beach-waves-hair-tutorialFun tip for wavy-haired bombshells: Use a cotton tee-shirt instead of a towel to scrunch dry your hair to dramatically reduce frizz!

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What tutorials would you like next? Comment below!

Your girlfriends ;)


  1. Hair care routine! How do you ladies maintain your hair during workouts? How often do you wash your hair? Also, always love a good dry shampoo and hair perfume!

  2. jennas make up tutorial!!! :)

    and i miss coffee with k+k!
    a crafting tutorial would be cool, you both have good taste and creative ideas

  3. I would love a great self tanner and maybe some stretch mark cream to cover up little imperfections!

  4. Please, please have a tanning tutorial. Everyone has their own routine and Karena&katrina’s tan always looks natural and beautiful. Please post any tips and i would love it if a special natural tanner was made by Tone it Up.

  5. If anyone is looking for a great tanner checkout Rodan and Fields! Erinlam.myrandf.com

  6. I can’t wait to try this tomorrow on my day off! I hope it works with short hair :) Also, where are these crochet swimsuits from? They are SO cute!

  7. I just bought the bundle. So, excited to try the Beach Babe Waves look. Great Tutorial!!!! Love you girls!

  8. Thank you for this tutorial!! Just bought the beach wave spray, and can’t wait to try it. Definitely needed to see a visual of using the curling iron :)

    1. I would suggest you when you apply your dry shampoo, leave it for a minute or 2 and then massage it with your fingers until you don’t see the powder anymore. If it doesn’t work, maybe it is just the product that doesn’t react good with your hair. Hope it helps! :)

  9. This was a great hair tutorial, and I make that comment AFTER I achieved the same look with my own hair :) I would love a makeup and self-tanner tutorial too. Thanks for bringing such great and useful content to the web!

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