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Katrina’s 4-page editorial in Muscle & Fitness shows you how to work several muscles with just one move. Burn more calories in less time!



Recently, I had the pleasure of shooting with Muscle & Fitness Magazine! The crew was the best part of the day…. oh and the cupcake at the end :)The photographer Ian Logan made me feel incredibly comfortable… even when I was deadlifting an Olympic bar in place for a picture :)

He had great pointers and it was amazing to work with him. Check out his work at IanLoganPhoto.com.


My outfit was lululemon with Asics workout shoes… Cindy must have read my mind… or spoke to my training clients!


The Fashion Director Cindy Whitehead is the number one and ONLY Sports Stylist. She is the coolest chick around. As an athlete she knows how it feels to be moving around in a sport, but have the desire to be comfortable and look nice at the same time. She made me feel athletic and sexy in a lululemon top with the ‘boogie on’ shorts.¬†Her website is SportsStylist.com.

Now we can all look good while doing what we love! My make-up was done by Gillian Whitlock. She works on commercials, magazines, on videos and with celebrities.


Her approach was to make me look natural and healthy. I have asked her to come with me everywhere so she can make me feel beautiful… but I don’t know how her cute puppies would feel about me taking her away 24/7 :) Check out her gorgeous work at GillianWhitlockMakeup.com.


THE WORKOUT!!I have to admit… I was sore :) No boot-camp or sand sprints could have prepared me for what I had to do. David Barr, certified personal trainer,¬†helped me through a muscle burning workout. My favorite move of the day was the v-pike… a move I am still working on! ;) I literally had to go from a lying position to sitting all the way up to touching my toes. This move is amazing for targeting the lower abs and thighs. It drove me crazy that I couldn’t do them without a TON of effort… so David will be happy to know that I work on them every day now! Oh and… I make my clients go through the pain too :)

Follow this link for David’s articles and workout videos on his M&F Blog! Also, thanks to Leith O’Leary and Chris Hobrecker the creative and photo directors :) Hopefully you won’t go with the ‘scared look’ photos.

Muscle & Fitness Magazine is a great publication for fun workouts, healthy recipes and everything in between. There is a mens magazine and a female magazine. If you haven’t picked up this month’s issue with cover model Kathryn Bopp then check it out at http://www.muscleandfitnesshers.com/.


A HUGE thanks to Erica Schultz from M&F, the Coordinator of it all! I had a great time with the whole team. I also enjoyed a workout with Erica after the shoot :)

Thanks again,

Katrina Hodgson






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