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My days are never the same, and they usually get crazy with meetings, photoshoots, and other commitments. But the mornings are my time to prioritize myself and focus on starting my day right. I always set aside time for my physical and emotional health. My Booty Call is essential, of course, but I also take a few minutes to meditate, journal, and reflect. That way, I feel strong and prepared to handle anything that comes my way for the rest of the day!

Today, I’m sharing my full morning routine with you. I try to stick to this every day. Of course some days, things don’t go quite as planned. We all have those mornings where you just can’t get out of bed or nothing is going your way! But I’d encourage you to take time for yourself in the morning. You deserve it! And when you put yourself first, you are able to be a better boss, coworker, partner, and friend all day long.


Rise and shine

I usually wake up at about 6 am every day. I hit the snooze button once! ;)


Coffee and reflection

I go up to my living room while Bobby is still in bed — he knows not to come in during my me time! I light candles and my fireplace and listen to soothing music on Pandora while I sip my coffee. After mediating for a few minutes, I spend some time journaling or reading a few lines from an inspirational or spiritual book. I like to revisit my old favorites like The Four Agreements. The principles (be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best) always help center me. This is a moment just to myself where I can reflect and set my intentions for the day. It can be 10 minutes on a hectic weekday morning or an hour on a lazy Saturday. When I feel ready, I let the rest of the world back in. Then, it’s time to check my email and see what the #TIUteam is up to on Instagram!



Booty Call

Obviously no day starts without a sweat sesh! I keep my dumbbells, Tone It Up yoga matbooty bands, and sliders at home and I do my Daily Moves right in my living room. Skunk cheers me on!


Smoothie time

I usually whip up a green smoothie with Tone It Up Protein to help my muscles recover after the moves. I love the Coconut Kale Beauty Smoothie from ToneItUp.com!



Skin protection

I always apply moisturizer and sunscreen before I leave the house. COOLA is my go-to! I’ll put it on in the morning and then keep a mini tube in my sports bra while I go for a run or to reapply after hot yoga. Now, I’m ready to face the day!







  1. Love this! Wish I had more time to meditate in the morning it always makes me feel better. Great tips-I need some more relaxation in my life!

  2. The Four Agreements book is wonderful, such a good reminder in a crazy world. Thank you for sharing Karena xoxo :)

  3. I love this; thank you for sharing!! Today I woke up at 6:00AM, so 30 minutes earlier than normal, and it was sooo much nicer to take my time and center myself before the work day rather than rushing to get dressed and rush out the door. I just woke up (with a struggle) and did the 5 Daily Moves and then some ab work and then got ready. I think adding some meditation would be good because I’m a generally very anxious person. What I did last night that helped was I turned my phone to airplane mode at 9:00PM and didn’t turn it off until I was ready to leave the house :)

    1. I always put my phone on “Do not disturb” during my sleeping hours. It will however ring if 1- someone on my favorites list calls or 2- anyone calls two times in a row (in case of emergencies!). Uninterrupted snooze time is very important.

  4. I totally agree with you that first thing in the morning is “me time.” Also, I am loving your kimono/robe in this post! (Where is it from?)

  5. ”he knows not to come in during my me time!” hahaha same for me and my boyfriend. Good to know i’m not alone ;) xx

  6. I love this glimpse into your day. yes i Wake up at 5;30, do my workout, shower and deal with the day. hope to maybe do this routine maybe on sundays….will go purchase book.

  7. Love that you work out in your living room, too. There’s something very intimate and cozy about my one lamp and the glow of my laptop that I now look forward to each morning. Great idea to light a candle and meditate and/or journal first. Will try tomorrow!

  8. I have a very similar routine that is very important to me. I love being able to just sit and reflect with a hot cup of coffee in my hands while no one else is awake around me. It allows me to center myself and prepare for the day. I’ve found that taking that time to wake up, gets me ready for my bootycall as well. When I used to try and workout immediately after getting out of bed it never stuck, but now that I allow myself some ‘me’ time I have no problem sticking to my workout routine. Ps love love love the hair cut Karena :)

  9. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. I love your routine and since reading about it in your TIU Book, Ive tried incorporating the same into my morning. As you say, sometimes it works out beautifully, other days I need to dash out the door! Cant wait to see more on your and Katrina’s day….awaiting the all-new meditation room pics. ;) xoxo

  10. What brand are your headphones? I have been on the hunt for headphones that stay in when I am working out. Also, do you use the COOLA Primer?

  11. I love this & I can relate; mine is almost exactly the same! Mornings are the only time of the day that is “my own time” free from distractions and other people’s schedules that I need to accomadate. It is so important to have this time for myself because this time for self love and care allows me to give more love to others throughout the day!

  12. Great routine. Mine is actually similar, but without quite the same zen aspect. Maybe I’ll try lighting a candle while I journal in the a.m.–although typing in my evernote is not going to have the same feel as a pretty paper journal. But, Karena, do you really wake up with lipstick on?!?!

  13. This was a perfect read this morning! Today is a holiday but I find that my mornings are my least favourite time. I just feel so rushed and cannot get my workout in. I think that I need to start a new morning routine that works for me! Thank you so much for sharing with us!! :)

  14. Great way to center and feel positive moving throughout your day. Loved this little glimpse :)

  15. I love this! I need to get in the habit of being better about getting up early to have some me time, too.

  16. I love everything about this routine! I am struggling to squeeze in meditation/quiet time in the morning so that is something I really want to work on. The Four Agreements is one of my all-time favorite books! My husband bought me that book back when we were dating. I was going through a really trying time and he knew I needed some serious inspiration. It has become one of my most prized possessions. Thanks for sharing Karena! #TIU #tiuinspiration

  17. I love The Four Agreements! I also love re-reading pieces of Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach in the morning. Good stuff!

  18. LOOOOVE the haircut. It suits you so well. Beautiful! But how do you get your hair to look so effortlessly wavy? Help a fellow bob/lob girl out! :)

  19. I loved reading this. For those asking about the kimonos, they mentioned about a friend, Kelsey at KMEAU! She custom makes silk kimonos based on your personality and favorite colors. They posted it on their post about “At Home Spa Day With K&K”. KMEAU link for instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/kmeau/

  20. Another great book is The 5 Love Languages. If you’ve ever had had trouble connecting with your partner, it’s probably because you speak different love languages! People show love in so many different ways!

  21. I am envious of your calming start to the day! I usually pop out of bed at 5AM and I’m running or working out within 15 min of waking. Then it’s a race shower (if I’m lucky!) and get kids ready for school.
    I consider my “me time” the workout since no one is awake to bother me :)
    I need to take time (make time!) for some calm in my life. Thanks for the tips!

  22. Love this! I get up at 5am to fit my workout in, I used to squeeze in Bible time and lately have let that slip. After this I know I need to get back to nourishing my soul just as much as my body. Thank you Karena!

  23. You are SLAYINGGG that green windbreaker look Karena! I think that short hair is making you a new woman! ;)

  24. I’m wondering what time you go to sleep each night, Karena? Thanks for the post — so helpful for a non-morning person. :)

  25. This is so inspiring/wonderful…thanks for sharing! Before TIU my morning routine was nonexistent, really just waking up at the last possible moment, quick shower, and running out the door to work. Now I wake up early to do my bootycall and always have breakfast at home. I love taking this time to myself :)

  26. Love this! I’m just now trying to start to get back into a morning routine so this is definitely inspirational! Loveeeeee the new hair BTW!
    When is Kat going to cut hers!? ;) The Four Agreements book IS a great book. It’s a quick read too. Everything in there is so applicable to every day life = Great! I also agree with TIU_TEDDY that The 5 Love Languages is a great book too. We all really do speak different love languages!
    My top love language is quality time. Thankfully for me my boyfriend’s top love language is the same. :)

    I would also 100% recommend the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It is pretty much mine and my boyfriend’s relationship Bible. It has helped us tremendously. I better understand his man brain and he better understands my woman brain. We have gone back to this book many many times to re-read certain portions of the book during times we’ve had issues. In my opinion it is a great book to read whether you are married, in a relationship, single and dating, or if you are single and working on yourself (you’ll be armed and ready for whenever you do meet that awesome guy you deserve)!

  27. Will have to check out The Four Agreements! You have a lot of solid book recommendations; finishing up The Power of Now has been a great read so far!

  28. Thanks for sharing Karena! I love this community and program because it is just so positive! You and Katrina are not only trainers, but are really like life coaches to us! I really appreciate you guys and this program so much! Will definitely be buying that book. Thank You!

  29. I love this (and your new doo!). I just recently purchased the 5 Minute Journal for myself and my partner, so we are working on creating healthier morning rituals together (but also separately). I’m really liking putting pen to paper and refecting first thing in the morning. TIU should totally create a team version. ;)

    The gym at my work has been closed for the last 1.5 weeks, so I have been taking more time to meditate on my lunch breaks. I love it! Mental wellbeing is equally as important as physical wellbeing. <3

    Also.. I LOVE your jacket!!!

  30. I often have to be to work by 5am, I would have to wake up around 3:30am to fit stuff in. Does anyone do this? It just seems too early but I know it’s better to start off your day with some sort of work out.

    1. Hi! Something that works well for me is to make my commute to work ‘active.’ Is it possible for you to walk or bike, even part of the way? Then you might save some time but still get a chance to move! Personally I prefer walking because I don’t have to worry about traffic and can go a little slower, observing what’s around me – it’s a little meditative. Or I listen to a podcast during the walk. Hope that helps!

    2. I wake up about 4:45 to start my day as i usually try and fit in my full workout in the morning, because in the evening i get home so late plus i communtte about an hour to an hour and a half depending on traffic.

  31. I love this and I need to start doing this more often! If not in the morning in the afternoon or hey even both!


  32. I love reading this! Although…I am struggling to squeeze all this in the morning, considering I have to prep my daughter to go to school, breakfast, etc. Also, It is so hard to work out in silence, so I don’t wake up her…mornings are still a challenge for me. Any other working mum on the same situation with practical tips for me? xoxo

  33. Loved this post, and it inspired me to start in the morning a small 10 minute routine before getting the day going. Thank you for the book suggestion. I really enjoy seeing inspirational mornings routines, and thank you Karena for sharing yours. I love how you show how to keep a balanced life with mind, body, and spirit– you are VERY inspirational! Have a wonderful Saturday TIU community!

  34. I absolutely love this, this is something I am going to start incorporating everyday! I know this will help me with my goals not only my fitness goals but with everyday life goals, work, school, future, family, etc. LOVE!!

  35. I love this, Karena!! My morning routine is very similar. I wake at 6:30am and head to my living room too while my son and BF sleep. I use the principles from the book The Miracle Morning and do daily SAVERS = Silence; Affirmations; Visualization; Exercise; Reading; Scribing (journaling). Some days I spend just a few minutes on each one and other days I vary the time quite a bit. My TIU workouts tend to get the lion’s share of that 90 minute block of ME time I gift myself each morning but even a few minutes of meditation, visualization, and affirmations will help empower me for my day. Sometimes I do yoga and make it my moving meditation instead a traditional sitting meditation! My days go so much smoother now that I started doing this routine every morning. Love you girls!! Thanks for all you do… XO

  36. Thanks for sharing your routine Karena.
    I’d love to ask you for some more book tips!

    It would be lovely to get some recommendations of you guys!


  37. Any more meditation tips?! Working on adding meditation to my morning routine and could use some help! Maybe another blog post :)

  38. I need those coasters underneath your coffee mug! Where can I find them? Thank you!

  39. Thanks for sharing, Karena! I’m currently designing a wake-up light alarm clock, Lark (https://HeyLark.com), so I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my morning routine. I usually hit snooze first thing in the morning. Then I get up and grab some coffee. I then either take a cold shower or meditate.

    I think the most important part of your morning routine is to be consistent. Find what works for you and stick to it.

  40. Love everything about this post! :) Starting to include meditation to my morning routine and squeeze in a few pages from four agreements book! Thank you for this!!

  41. Thank you Karena for suggesting The Four Agreements. I downloaded it when I first read this article, but I finally got around to reading it last weekend. It really spoke to me and was what I needed to hear. Thanks again! <3

  42. Thank you for this post Karena! It helped to clear things up a bit, at first I felt like I HAD to get up first thing out of bed and accomplish the morning Booty Call with a walk/run or workout but I just can’t get moving without a cup of tea in the morning and I’ve started using the TIU journal inside the Bikini Series materials to reflect on my day and set goals during that tea time. :) It’s SO NICE! Then I get going with a morning walk followed by the daily workout….nice to know that I don’t have to feel guilty about not hoping out of bed first thing to get outside for a Booty Call :) I think I’ll add a few minutes of meditation to my tea time too!

  43. Karena!!! Do you have a short hair tutorial or are you coming out with one? What tools do you use for the wavy short look? Killing ittt

  44. 1. I love how zen you are. It really sets the tone for the rest of your day. I’ve been trying to incorporate meditation into my daily routine but it’s hard for me to meditate! My mind goes a million miles a minute. Do you have any tips?
    2. I NEED that green jacket you’re wearing!! Where is it from??

  45. I love this post. So much inspiration at a time when it’s needed. I know in one of the TOIU live chats you briefly talked about your skincare. Will you be sharing a post of your full skincare routine with names of products?

  46. I always wondered when you got up! Haha okay, now its my turn. I have got to start waking up at 6:00.

    1. You got this Alicia! Your body will get used to the early wakeup time in a couple weeks and it will feel like your new “normal.” xxo

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