Karena & Bobby’s Engagement Photos

I’ve been eagerly anticipating today!  I’m sharing my engagement photo session with the #TIUteam!!!  As a bride, having an engagement shoot is really special for many reasons.  This is the perfect time to reminisce about incredible memories and soak in the moment of being engaged.  Most of all, just have fun with it…grab a cocktail and some good music and smile!  Extra bonus…you get to do a warm up with your wedding photographer so that they get to know you for your wedding day!
Bobby and I wanted our shoot to revolve around the Palm Springs lifestyle.  It’s our favorite weekend get-away spot and we love the Mid-Century vibes.  Our amazing and talented wedding photographer Jana Williams captured these moments that we are excited to share!
If you missed how Bobby proposed to me at the Tone It Up Retreat, check it out HERE!  It was the absolutely perfect proposal :)…and I got to share it all with YOU!!
 We shot these photos just outside the Palm Springs Welcome Center.  If you drive down Highway 111 you can see the the landmark designed by Mid-Century architect Albert Frey in 1965.
This is a photo of my vintage inspired engagement ring that Bobby designed with Trumpet & Horn. Our friends Jerry & Kim from Trumpet & Horn made me feel like the most special bride for the shoot by letting me have some fun with their jewelry collection for the day.  I’m still swooning over the vintage and antique opals, sapphires and diamonds.
Photography: Jana Williams
Karena: (in order) Trina Turk dress and jumpsuit, Mod Cloth floral dress and polka dot swimsuit, Planet Blue white crop top and maxi skirt
Bobby: Wils Styles shirts and Mr. Turk suit


  1. So happy and so in love :-) Beautiful photos! Wish you the best in life together :-)

  2. Breathtaking photos! I couldn’t be happier for the two of you! The love you share just radiates from you both. You definitely bring out the best in each other, it will be a beautiful life for the two of you

  3. Awwww your engagement photos are absolutely beautiful! Karen’s you look fabulous! So happy for you and Bobby, congratulations!

  4. These photos are beautiful! Karena, I don’t think you could look bad even if you tried :) Congrats to you both!

  5. OMG!!!!! I Absolutely love these pictures!!!! You look so amazing in these! And Bobby looks very handsome. You guys are just the cutest couple EVER!!! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us :)

  6. This absolutely stunning! You look so beautiful, Karena! Bobby’s one lucky man and vice versa.

  7. So beautiful pictures!! You can feel the love in it! <3 I wish the best for you together forever!! :) much Love!

  8. What a beautiful couple. Congratulations! I love the picture with Skunk by the pool, just like, uh guys what are we doing here? Are we going to play soon?

  9. My heart just explodes seeing these pictures. They’re stunning, Karena. The love between you and Bobby really shines through in the photos. Love you <3

  10. Such unique photos! I love all of the outfits, especially the polka dot one piece, and the 50´s inspired look around the pool with martinis! What a beautiful couple, congratulations!

  11. Stop it! You guys are the cutest! This is the BEST idea for engagement pictures I have ever seen! They’re amazing!

  12. I remember when they first met it was so cute and his long hair lol so happy for the both of you and congratulations on the engagement <3

  13. Simply amazing! These are beautiful, beautiful shots and karena your outfits are amazing! You guys look great, so happy for you 2!!!

    Romantic, vintage and dreamy :)


  14. I love these photographs!! They are so unqiue! LOVE all of your outfit choices! Congratulations to both of you :) You guys makes such an adorable couple!

  15. You both are seriously a beautiful couple!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! I’m so excited for you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ plus the outfits are amazing ??

  16. Absolutely beautiful and FUN photos!! You and Bobby look so happy and I love the modern theme you decided on…such a unique idea! Congrats to you both! :D

  17. Karena these are STUNNING! The ones with the mountains in the background ??? thanks for sharing with the community! ???

  18. Congratulations again Karena and Bobby! These photos are so beautiful!!!

  19. You both look stunning! I’m in love with all the clothes, especially the jumpsuit, the flower dress and most of all the polka dot bathing suit! Where are they from? Best wishes for the upcoming wedding! =)

  20. Absolutely stunning photos! You guys are a beautiful couple, and you’ve picked a great photographer. Nice work with that ring, Bobby!

  21. Wow!!! Stunning, gorgeous, classy, sweet and sassy: makes one believe in true romantic and classic love!!! Congrats and best wishes and blessings! Thank you for sharing!!

  22. I love the one of you two looking over the fence! Adorable! love the bathing suit!

  23. WOW! You both look so happy and in love. Beautiful photos; the photographer did an amazing job capturing all the little moments. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the shoot! Congratulations xoxo

  24. I love, love your one piece. I’ve always preferred one piece swimsuits and this is very classy. Who makes it?

  25. This is super magnificent and I am truly happy for you and Bobby. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful engagement album with us. You look breathtaking, Karena!

  26. So incredibly gorgeous!!! Love the setting, the outfits, and most of all your smiling faces! Best wishes for a beautiful life together!

  27. I wish both lovers all the best! And may you live happily together with great life ahead. :) I may say, I am happily married for 30 years. :) May God always dwell in your hearts.

  28. Karena and Bobby you are two amazing, young, beautiful, sexy and fierce people. This shoot is amazing. And ther is also Skunk :D I love this. Best wishes guys!!

  29. Bah!!! Such a gorgeous couple!!! Love that your pictures are so fun and unique!! Your outfits are to die for!!

  30. I love the take on these engagement photos! different from any I’ve seen before, you guys look absolutely happy and of course stunning!

  31. Karena, these photos are stunning! You and Bobby look like you have so much fun and truly enjoy life with one another, which comes across in these pictures. Thanks for sharing with us! xoxo

  32. Absolutely amazing and beautiful!!! WOWWW <3 thank you for sharing! I love all of these photos! Gorgeous couple :) xoxo

  33. What a beautifully unique engagement photoshoot! I particularly love the on of you two peeking over the fence! So cute. Congratulations and best wishes!! The true happiness is so present in all these shots!! Love it!

  34. Aww, you guys! That was absolutely beautiful and you both radiant pure joy! That you choose to share such special, breathtaking moments with us is humbling and an honor. I love every second of the video (fantastic soundtrack…love the big band sound) and each photo is a priceless keepsake. Thank you for sharing with us! All the very best for you! <3

  35. Such a beautiful shoot! Your pictures are perfect and you two look so happy! YAY to Bobby and Karen :) xox

  36. These are adorable! You both look so in love! Cant wait to see pics from he wedding in Kauai!!

  37. You look stunning, both of you! Congratulations on your engagement, and a successful shoot!

  38. Agh soooooooooo cute!!! Love love love the outfit pairings and coloring of the scenery. Congrats!!!

    (forever a b2b)

  39. Gorgeous engagement pictures; you too look truly in love. Excited to see your White and Blue Rose dress from Modcloth; I just purchased it for my bridal shower in August. Happy Blessings to you both. :)

  40. Your pictures are beautiful. I especially love the one of you on his lap on the chair and then the B&W one of the two of you pool-side. Props to the photographer, though not hard when you’re their focus! =)

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