Here’s How to Spring Forward with Extra Energy


Anyone else’s clocks finally match the correct time after springing forward?! 🙋 We love when the time changes because the days feel longer and lighter. It’s also a lil’ hint that summer days are just around the corner! But the initial switch can be tough to manage with early wakeup calls since it’s darker in the morning. We have a few tips for ya to help reset your body and make the spring forward a total breeze.


Eat a light dinner

The dark mornings can mean it’s extra tough to rise and shine. The key is to make sure you get plenty of sleep, and this all starts with what you eat for dinner. Eating a big meal before you hit the hay increases blood flow to your digestive system. This takes your bod out of that restful state you need to be in for a perfect snooze. Your lean, clean, ‘n green dinner that follows the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan principles will do the exact opposite! You’ll fall asleep easily and wake up feeling energized and ready to get your Booty Call in!

Try Kat’s fave salmon bake HERE!


Increase the intensity

Getting your heart pumping first thing in the morning will increase your energy levels all day long. It helps boost your metabolism and get blood flowing to bring your body some much-needed nutrients and oxygen to all of your muscles and organs. On mornings when we’re feeling extra sleepy, we love starting off with a HIIT routine. It brings the intensity way up, way fast!

Try our new jump rope routine HERE!


Keep your coffee #TIUapproved

If the time change has your mind a little foggy, go for a cup of joe. Just make sure it’s not loaded with added sugars. These added sugars will give your bod a jolt of energy and a quick crash, which is exactly the opposite of what you’re looking for. We love having two shots of espresso over ice with a splash of almond milk!

You can also try any of our healthy coffee recipes HERE!


 What are your tips for resetting your bod after the time change?! Let us know in the comments below!


  1. So here in Canada, I love when the sun is still up later in the evening when the time changes. Makes it feel like we’re getting closer to summer! I love taking a walk with my dog after work but have great difficulty she it gets dark at 5 or 6pm.

  2. I need my coffee in the morning and I’m wanting to switch it uo and try some thing other than what I have now. Any suggestions would be great?

    1. Hi Kim! I am a huge coffee addict and rely on it every morning to get me going. I love cold brew coffee. It has so much more flavor and tastes so good with almond or coconut milk. I also really like double shot espresso’s with coconut milk, ice, splash of vanilla, and cinnamon on top, it might just be the best thing in the world!

      1. Cold brew is also less acidic than other types of coffee and easier on your tummy. I love making it at home.

          1. I work at Starbucks and all you do is get a bag of coarsely ground coffee and put in a pitcher of water (its about two cups water per cup of ground coffee). Let it steep overnight and then pour it over a filter and let it drip through to catch all the grinds. What comes out is a concentrate you add milk or water to dilute and that’s it! I make it all the time. Last about a week in the fridge

  3. As hard as it is, I try to wake up an 30 minutes to an hour earlier than I normally would for 3-4 days prior to springing forward. I still feel out-of-whack, but it helps get me over the hump!

  4. I try winding down a little earlier with some sleepytime tea and avoiding light from screens – I read books instead!

    Question for you all: I am working to cut back on the sugar I add to my coffee and am getting better, but as I work on this is it better to use a fructose based sweetener like agave vs cane sugar? I’ve always thought regular cane sugar is best because the body is able to use it properly but the TIU plan doesn’t advocate glucose over other sweeteners. Thoughts? Comments? See link (I read everything with a grain of salt of course but was curious as to others’ feelings on this topic):

    1. AD_ALLIE_TIU, Try monk fruit sweetener! Its soooo yummy! Hubs and I are obsessed right now, haha. It tastes sort of like brown sugar. It’s low glycemic and totally natural. It is a little pricey though – but that helps us keep our portions under control. :)

  5. Getting up for Sunday’s spin class was so hard! I feel a lot better today and think my body has adjusted. I love that the sun is up a bit later. Now I can take later walks if needed.

  6. Going to bed early tonight and letting myself sleep in tomorrow #snowday will get me all caught up on this time change!

  7. I am not really a coffee drinker, hot chocolate and tea are more my speed. Any suggestions on a healthy version of hot cocoa? What are your go to teas as well?

  8. I hope the time changes doesn’t make morning cardio difficult to complete! :(

  9. I would love to see a post by you girls about any supplements you take (if any) in addition to the Perfect Fit multivitamin. There are so many options, it’s hard to navigate!

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