Gym Bag Must-Haves ~ Pack TODAY & Rock Your Workouts All Week!


Happy Sunday babe! How’s your weekend been so far? Sunday is YOUR day to set yourself up for an amazing week. We both like to take some time on Sundays to schedule our Studio workouts for the week, write down our goals and intentions, and of course meal prep! We also lay out all our fave workout clothes and gear and pack our gym bag ~ it saves so much time and helps you get your booty out the door on those busy mornings. If you’re prepared and ready to go, you WILL get up and rock your Booty Call!

Today we’re sharing some of our gym bag essentials, from clothes to beauty products to snacks. With all your gear ready, your healthy week is in the bag 😉

Your cute bag

It always helps to have a fun bag you love! We’re super into this Nike one from Kohl’s! We love how Kohl’s carries everything we need for our bag!

✓ Tone It Up Protein Bars

We ALWAYS carry these in our purses and gym bags. Our plant-based, non-GMO, delish Tone It Up bars are perfect post-workout when you’re on the go and need a protein boost! Winni is obsessed and kept trying to eat them during our shoot 😂

Tea tree makeup wipes

We love having these on hand to take off our makeup before a hot yoga class and freshen up after class too!

Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Makeup Remover Wipes 

    • Dry shampoo

An obvious essential for every TIU girl ;)

Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo 

✓ Tone It Up Water Bottle

Because we want you sippin’ on water all day errrr day! Staying hydrated keeps your metabolism boosted and your skin glowing ✨

Leggings & sports bra

These are both so cute and comfy!

GAIM Om Hi Rise Lana Leggings 

Under Armour Strappy Low Sub Sports Bra 

✓ Tone It Up Booty Bands

Booty weerkk anywhere and everywhere! Booty Bands are perfect for adding resistance to your favorite workouts and sculpting your gorgeous 🍑🍑🍑

    • Lavender oil

I always keep essential oils in my bag and my desk drawer at the HQ. I dab a little lavender on my wrists to relax before yoga.

Ellia Lavender Oil 

Wireless Headphones

 These are perfect for your Sunday Runday walk or jog! Lookin’ for an amazing pump-up playlist? Follow us on Spotify HERE!

Fitbit Flyer Wireless headphones 

✓ Jacket

This is so cozy to throw on after class!

Nike NSQ Purple Fleece Jacket

✓ Sneakers

Pretty in pink ;)

New Balance Fresh Foam Shoes

✓ Hair ties

‘Nuf said…

Scunci 18 piece no damage elastics

What are you packing in your gym bag today?! Tell us in the comments below!

After we pack our gym bag on Sunday, we ALWAYS sign up for our Studio Tone It Up classes for the week! Join us in the Studio HERE and tell your girls what classes you’re taking so you can do them together!!




  1. Hi ladies. Sadly I missed the love your body series. When will the next challenge be?

    1. Hi babe! We’ll have the Bikini Series in the spring and we’re already working on it for you…it’s going to be AMAZING!!

  2. If your posts are sponsored by Kohl’s or any other retailer, you should disclose that up front. I appreciate transparency in the TIU community!

  3. Love all of these super cute outfits & accessories! I’m in serious need of a new gym bag and have been looking for a good pair of wireless headphones for running (major plus that most of these happen to come in pink 💖😉). Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is amazing!! I can’t wait for the Bikini Series (it is my first one!!!!) 🧜‍♀️👙🌺

    I was wondering if you have any tips on gym bag maintenance?

  5. Hello! I see that your leggins and bra are from gaiam. I clicked on the link but i don’t find the same colors…I love the soft pink, where did you get those? I love all the leggins from your last series!!! Thanks you so much

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