Genius Haircare Tips From My Stylist!

Hi gorgeous! A couple weeks ago, I was getting balayage highlights with my stylist and girlfriend Abby. I have A LOT of hair so I’m always there for a while…we get to catch up and she gives me the best advice on how to keep my hair healthy. I said to her, “we need to share your genius tips with our girls in the community!” And then I started furiously typing everything in Notes on my phone so I remembered it for you!

Karena and I first met Abby about eight years ago. At the time, I was actually putting in my own foil highlights and I needed a color correction 🙈 Abby and I shared the same vision for a sunkissed, beachy look and we immediately clicked. And the rest is history!

I’m going to be sharing a few posts with Abby on different topics — from getting the perfect beach waves to the questions you should always ask your stylist. Today, I’m chatting with Abby about her tips on some of the biggest hair questions we have as women. We’re talkin’ how to add volume to your hair, how to repair damaged strands, and how to maintain your color.

Have more questions for Abby? Tell me in the comments and I can ask her at my next appointment ;)



Protect your strands

Abby: Katrina and I both highlight our hair, we LOVE our hot yoga, and we both have curly hair which is just naturally dry. So we have to make sure our hair stays nourished and healthy! I recommend using a hair masque EVERY time you shampoo your hair. Work from the bottom up for 5-10 minutes and concentrate the product on the ends, not the roots. Make sure to completely rinse out the treatment! Often we rush in the shower and we sometimes leave residue causing a greasy look by accident.

I love leaving my masque in overnight once a week. Towel dry your hair well, starting at the bottom and working up. Then apply a generous amount of the treatment and comb through. Wrap your hair in a bun on top of your head. Sleep on a hair towel to keep your sheets clean. Rinse and style in the morning and your hair will feel AMAZING!!

Some of my fave masques:

MoroccanOil Restorative or Intense Hydration

L’Oréal Absolut Repair or Nature’s Therapy

Kérastase Masquintense

Tips to protect your strands when you’re using a flat or curing iron  ~

✓Always use a heat protecting creme or oil

✓Keep your hair constantly moving

✓ Take bigger sections of your hair

✓ Don’t use the hottest setting. I don’t recommend ever going over 400 degrees.

PUMP UP the volume

Abby: If you have finer strands, it’s super flattering to get a cut with framing layers around your face. That might mean layers starting below the chin or lower for movement. Stick to minimal layers in the back and crown area.

Dry shampoo and texturizing sprays will help add volume too. A supplement with Biotin can also help your hair grow stronger and thicker!

Keep your gorgeous color bright

Abby: If you get highlights or professional color, these are some of my best tips to maintain your color for longer ~

✓ It’s best to use a professional shampoo and conditioner if you can. I love Davines Love shampoo & conditioner 😉

✓ After any color service, try not to wash your hair for 24 to 48 hours.

✓ I know it’s hard but try to shampoo your hair with cooler water. Clip the hair up then warm the water to finish your routine.

What haircare topics do you want to talk about next? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Absolutely love the tips ladies, thank you! After years of styling, babies and getting a little older, my hair is really different now. Anythign I can learn and do to keep it looking beautiful and healthy alongside with my on point nutrition ;) is a plus! Thanks K&K and Abby!

  2. Thank you so much for these tips, they are very useful. I have a topic that is my biggest hair problem: how to tone down the red undertone when you dye your hair? I dye hair by myself with professional products, but somehow and despite the fact that I use an ash light brown (which is my natural color) it turns out with a reddish/copper undertone that I hate. Some time ago I had it dyed by an hairstylist, and the result was awful, even worse than mine. He used both a blue and a green corrector, and it turned out almost grey… and after a while red again. There’s no way to eliminate it? Thank you XX

    1. It sounds like your water. You can get a filter for your shower head. Also purple shampoo does wonders on brassy hair!

    2. Hi Anna! My hair is natural very warm/brassy. To tone down the warmth in my hair, especially after some blonde balayage, I use a purple shampoo and conditioner once a week. I usually leave in the conditioner to make it really work. I use AG which is found at Ulta. Hope that helps!

    3. I have dark brown hair that I highlight blonde. I use a blue shampoo to take out the brass. Christophe Robin also makes an (expensive) hair color correcting mask im considering.

  3. I used to have VERY thick curly hair! It is still thick and curly but as I get later in my twenties I find it thins out more and more…will it ever stop?? It’s definitely thinner than when I was younger.

  4. Hi! I would like to share my tips: I completely agree with washing your hair with cold water. If you can’t do the whole hair routine with it, try at least do the last wash, it makes all the difference! Also, I like to wrap my hair in a cotton t-shirt instead of a towel when I get out of the shower. It makes it a lot easier to style later! And my final tip would be: if you find your hair is really dry lately, put your hair mask on dry hair BEFORE you get in the shower, for at least 10-15 minutes. Then, do the usual routine, including putting again the mask and washing it. I hope you try it! Believe me, I have really thick and a lot of hair and this really works!

    1. I do a hair masque (usually just straight coconut oil) on my hair 10-15 minutes before getting in the shower, as well!

  5. ❤️. Would love some post-workout tips! Dry shampoo is hard for me to use – since i try to only wash once or twice a week i find that it can cause a lot of build up. Any tips or products that would work well? I have a ton of thick, curly, highlighted hair so im always looking for good tips! Thanks!! xo, j

  6. So excited about this! Abby is amazing! I literally was looking through all her Instagram photos of Katrina yesturday hoping there would be tips in them😄. I would love some more hair tutorials on how you can achieve different curl looks would be so helpful! And for my hair stylist we always have trouble with the hairline color. It’s either too blended or too many stripes. I would love a video of how you apply the color on the hairline? And your thought process on how and where you apply the color on her hair? That’s all for now😂

  7. Hi! Love these tips! I have fine hair but I have A LOT of it! So sometimes it looks really flat! After reading this post I went out on my lunch break and purchased some texture spray and dry shampoo! I can already see a difference! Perfect advice that doesn’t break the bank!! Love it! In the future, would you be able to do a beachy wave tutorial on straight fine hair for those of us who’s hair needs a little help to maintain texture throughout the day?

  8. I LOVE this post! My question would be best way to style natural curly hair! Also products to help prevent frizz from humidity.

  9. LOVE this post! I have a question, please please answer! I live in Ohio and balayage, at least in my area, is not that popular but a look I’m really seeking after. My regular hair dresser doesn’t do balayage so if looking for someone new to color my hair what questions do you ask? How do you go about that? I’m so nervous because I’ve had bad experiences in the past with color (highlights in the form of bleach I did not want). My hair color is naturally the color of Jennifer Aniston (think Friends, not the recent blonde Aveeno commercials) and I’d like to do blonde or brunette balayage because after pregnancy my hair has gotten SO dark!

    1. Could you also recommend a shampoo/conditioner for fine, thinning, breakage-prone hair due to post partum and post breast-feeding?

  10. How can I prevent frizz! I have naturally curly hair as well, but it’s so frizzy! I feel like if I put product in it, it just makes it greasy! Also, I’d like tips on how to curl your hair like you guys do !! :)

    1. Hey there! I’m a fellow natural curly hair girl and what really works for me is Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier by TGI. I’ll leave a link to it below. Ulta is having a sale on this product, buy one get one free! Also I never brush my hair. The only time I kind of do is in the shower when I’m running my conditioning product through my strands. Another tip that made a HUGE difference for me is to dry my hair with a t-shirt, NOT a towel. I flip my head upside down and scrunch my strands. Then I’ll apply this product the same way and let it air dry. It took me so long to love my natural hair because it was always frizzy and no product I tried seemed to work. I hope these tips are helpful for you as they were for me :)!google!Product_Listing_Ads&cagpspn=pla&CATCI=aud-401071094345:pla-195677699790&CAAGID=22649253390&CAWELAID=1609381253&catargetid=330000200000773457&cadevice=c&gclid=Cj0KCQiAw9nUBRCTARIsAG11eidlKcsImGpw6tohtJeraJIVX5N1-bU1ANgpjBawjDn4gO3zARncFPIaAgGbEALw_wcB

      1. Love these tips!!! I also have natural curly hair and it took me a long time (especially during my teenage years) to love them! I recently shared my favorite products for the curly girl in a blog post if you would like to check it out:

        I also never brush my besides before and after the shower to keep my curls. And I love to let them air dry. The get the best texture when I’m at the beach. The salty air gives them all the bounce!

  11. Love this!! Would love to know her tips on how to curl fine hair with a curling iron that doesn’t like to keep a curl ever.

  12. How do you sleep with long fine hair, do you braid it or put it in a bun? any advice, i feel like it pulls on the roots if its in a pony.

  13. These tips are excellent ladies thank you!!! What I would love is if you’ve got tips on how to maintain naturall wavy/curly hair without them going flat, and how to handle very oily and frizzy hair!! I wash mine day in day out, and after a workout…… it seems like the frizz would have a life of it’s own 😂😂.

  14. LC says:

    I’d love to hear styling tips for shorter hair like Karena’s. Would you recommend the mask treatments all the same and what’s a good size curling iron barrel to get the waves you get in Karenas hairstyle? Love it all btw.

  15. Loved these tips! Thank you Kat! <3 As someone with long, thicker wavy hair I struggle with volume because my hair tends to weigh itself down. You always seem to have a lot of body to yours! So I would love to know if that's all in the hair cut (long layers, short layers, etc.) or what you do to get that volume! Also, I am sooo prone to developing knots in my hair! Ha. It's so bad! I would love to know how to prevent that too ;)

  16. Loved these tips! Any suggestions for a purple shampoo (or something else) to help prevent highlighted hair from getting bronze-y over time?

  17. My hair is naturally straight but Katrina said her hair is naturally curly. How do I get curls like Katrina’s? Would I do a body wave (or something else)? Or do I just need to spend hours curling my hair and add a ton of volumizing product? She always has the best natural curls and volume, I love it!

  18. Curly hair represent!!! My #1 recommendation follows the other girls, use a t-shirt to dry your hair. This could even work for straight hair! I use the DevaCurl microfiber hair towel and have noticed such a difference. I leave it in as long as I can to help dry hair. My favorite curly products now are R+Co’s soft wave spray & mannequin and Living Proof’s curl cream. Of course, all hair reacts differently to products so keep searching until you find your favorite! Also, see if there is a salon in your area that specializes in curly hair! I’m thankful to have found someone and tell her all the time never to leave me!

  19. Thanks for the tips! I’m a new #TIUmama and I’m experiencing postpartum hair loss and shedding like crazy. What can I do to help this & help this weird new hair texture go back to silky & soft?

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