From LA to NYC! #VlogforSummer

From LA to NYC & some fun in between, we’re sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes clips in our newest #VlogforSummer!  Before we left for our tour, we had an exciting photoshoot… get pumped up, because we’re also revealing a few new items coming your way soon! OHHH YEAHHH!


Take a look below for more behind-the-scenes shots!



IMG_8517 IMG_8441 IMG_8431

We love shooting with our longtime friend and photographer Nicole Hill :)


The next day we stopped by Hallmark Home & Family for a fun fitness segment :)Tone-it-up-home-shopping-tv

We talked about the top fat burning foods!  We love grapefruit, cayenne peppers and berries!


We’re superfans of Kym Douglas and Paige Hemmis… so we were super happy to meet them on set!  If you haven’t seen the show, you have to check it out :)


Thank you again to everyone who joined us!




        1. I’m pretty sure my husband is thinking the same thing. When I got home with the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous book I got a very big eye roll and a sigh. But when you look and feel good, it’s all worth it!

  1. Awww! I loved this Video! It was amazing meeting you two! It’s so sweet seeing how excited you two were to meet us. Lol, I just purchased a foam roller and a ball :P lol. Maybe they can magically disappear and I’ll need to buy new ones ;)

  2. I love you both so much! Everything you do for this community is amazing and it really shows how much you love us back!!! :) I was so sad to not be able to come to any of the book tours but I am so happy for the girls that did!!! I can’t wait for the new products and those Oakleys are mine :-D

  3. Can’t wait for the new gear!!! Karena also mentioned a Tone It Up band in the string bikini workout today….I’ll definitely be stocking up on gear

  4. So I’ll be cutting my rent in half next month… Which means I will be buying the entire store!!! Yay! Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but the vlogs get me more motivated than anything else… So y’all should def post more :) they are entertaining, fun, AND motivating! Win, win, win.

  5. I have been holding out on buying an exercise ball because I remember you ladies mentioning a tiu one awhile back!!! I cannot wait! Can we have some outfit details from the vlog!? Kat’s gray sweater and hoodie and the baggy pink and white shirt at the end of the vlog!! :) :) love.

  6. great video girls! I wish you both could have made it to Denver!! @karenakatrina what shirt was katrina wearing at the very end the pink and white!? loved it!

  7. can’t wait for the new TIU stuff in store :) hope you’ll release it latest in August cause I’m in the US during August and can order everything I want and take it with me to Austria <3

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