Do This 1 Thing Before The Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Morning gorgeous! Before we kick off the 31 Day Challenge TOMORROW, we just want to remind you that you are strong, powerful, and more than capable of achieving everything you’re dreaming of in this challenge and beyond. Kat and I like to do a little exercise at the beginning of each challenge. Do it with us! Close your eyes and imagine yourself in 31 days…How will you look? How will you feel? What healthy habits will be second nature to you? Will you radiate confidence and happiness? Visualize it…it’s YOURS! That girl is already in you! ✨

Kat and I believe in you with all of our hearts. We know it’s scary to start something new, but we promise we’ll be your biggest supporters throughout this challenge and you have an entire community of incredible women cheering you on. We’re all in this together!



Oh and one more thing…we put together this special video to all get hyped for the challenge! Watch it and comment below to tell us you’re READY!!

Haven’t signed for the challenge yet? There’s still time! We all start tomorrow so join us TODAY!


  1. I’m pomp!, I’ve been exercising with you for the past year on and off, health issues BUT my 🍑 is looking amazing. It is possible xo LoV you K & K you are an inspiration ❤️

  2. Excited for the recipes in the meal plan😋 And I’m LOVING the “leather” workout pants😍

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