Do the Hustle!!! Your Holiday Challenge

It’s beginning to feel a lot like the holidays!! We’ve been seeing so many cute checkins of you decorating and getting your home ready for the season 🤗🎄The holiday spirit of family, love, traditions…and the smell of cookies is already in the air!

Between all the holiday parties, shopping, and gift wrapping coming up, this team is going to be HUSTLIN’!!! We know this time of year can be crazy busy and that’s why we created the Holiday Hustle for us all to hold each other accountable and have a healthy, happy, and balanced season together.

We’re all starting the Holiday Hustle as a team on Monday, December 4th! Here’s everything you need to know…

It’s all about your Daily Moves!

You can get these in anytime, anywhere ~ perfect for the busy holiday season! For the Holiday Hustle, we’re kicking things up a notch and doing one round of 31 reps for each move for the 31 days of December. You can break the reps up however you want, it’s just about getting those moves done 💪🏻

You can access your moves free in your TIU app HERE or on your Daily Workout page. So easy!

Spread holiday cheer

In addition to your workout, we’ll also be adding a lifestyle challenge every day in December. These will nourish you ~ body, mind, and soul, and help you show extra love to your friends, family, and this beautiful community. It’ll make every day a little brighter :)

Download your daily challenge calendar HERE!

It takes ✌🏻

We know this season is filled with lots of celebrations, get-togethers, and treats. Let’s all aim to stick to these guidelines together ~

✓ Treat yourself 2 times a week

Choose two days a week for dessert and savor every bite! We’ll be sharing TIU approved holiday goodies right here on!

✓ Enjoy 2 cocktails🍷

Make sure to sip water between each cocktail to stay hydrated so you wake up refreshed the next morning for your Booty Call! Check out some of our fave holiday drinks HERE!

✓ Go for 2 miles a day

Whether it’s a jog, walk in the morning with your coffee, or a stroll after work with girlfriends, we know you’ve got this!

✓ Set 2 intentions a day 

Take a few minutes in the morning and jot them down in a journal. Putting pen to paper is so powerful!

✓ Connect with 2 new girls each week 

Reach out to a new babe on Insta, comment on her pic, or chat before class in the Studio. You never know what a simple hello could lead to!

Show us that hustle babe!

Remember to check in with us every day on Insta #TIUHolidayHustle! We want to see you crushing your Toning Moves, completing your daily challenges, and celebrating this season to the fullest!

Aaaand we want to see you do the hustle. Show us your best dance moves #TIUHolidayHustle! We tried and ended up with more of a jig 🙈😹

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