Come Behind the Scenes of the 2018 Bikini Series & Summer Tone Up!!!

We’re bringing you behind the scenes of the Bikini Series and Summer Tone Up!! Some of our favorite memories together are from creating and filming your challenges. It’s such a special time for us — we put our hearts into dreaming up the challenges and we get to share our creativity and passion with you! As you know, we independently produce everything we do — from imagining the concepts to testing the workouts to choosing the vibe and wardrobe!

 We loved having your incredible Studio Tone It Up trainers by our side to film and share the beautiful experience! While creating the challenges, we drew inspiration from all our girlfriends, each other, and most importantly YOU. You make us stronger every day!

So come BEHIND THE SCENES with us in the video below and see how we created and filmed workouts for the Tone It Up App for the Bikini Series & Summer Tone Up!! There’s so much magic (and spray tan and nippits 😂) that goes into it…and you’ll see it all!

Thank you to our entire crew on set~ Jake Loskutoff and your amazing TEAM! You’re seriously the best!  Nicole Hill…it’s been so amazing to shoot with you for the past 8 years! We’re so lucky to be on this journey with you! Also thank you to our hair and make up team Jenna Anton and Ashley Kucich. Leckrone and Lauren– not sure what we would ever do without you on set.  And thank you to our entireeee Tone It Up HQ!!! You make everything come together so beautifully! So grateful for you all!

Forever grateful,


You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Each day starts about 4am. We walk down to the beach with our workouts in hand and head to our trailer. That’s where we get ready for the first shot at sunrise!

Jake & Leckrone

Cinna-BUN hair inspo!

Our ‘California Closet’

breakfast :)


my face when I see snacks…

filming for STUDIO TONE IT UP!   describing Chyna’s booty… who doesn’t adore Tori :)


dancing it out with Tori & Jillian!

Jillian & Chevy! 

Reviewing our workouts

Look who surprised us on the beach!    who gave Jake a kettlebell…


So grateful for this entire community! Thank you for joining us for this year’s BIKINI SERIES and Summer Tone Up!!!! Love you all so much!!!


    1. Thank YOU for being a part of this team and for inspiring us and the community every day 💗

  1. Thank you so much for filming all the behind the scenes stuff. It’s so fun to see how it all comes together. I can’t believe how many workouts you do each day during filming. You’re my inspiration for getting through just one workout each day. Love all you girls so much. Can I ask a silly question? Do you girls wear underwear with your avocado leggings? I have a few pairs of avo leggings and I can’t figure out if that’s how I should be wearing them or not? Thanks for all you do to help me and so many other ladies to stay motivated and on track with a healthy active lifestyle.

    1. Thank you babe! You’re our inspiration for working hard every day and it’s so much fun filming all the workouts for you! For the leggings, we love Avo! They’re so stretchy and comfy! We suggest doing whichever works best for you 😉

  2. You girls are goalssss!! So inspired right now from watching this! Gah!! Can I just come hang out with you guys when you’re shooting? These pictures and videos are incredible!! So jealous!!!

  3. Wow respect for all your hard work! I love all the workouts from the bikini series, so easy to stay on track with you girls! I used to do a workout once or twice a week but with your app i am doing 6/7 workouts per week since December last year and it made such a difference to my body (-10 kg) and mind! Love you girls and thank you so much for this community!

  4. I’m completely inspired by the TIU team! People ask me daily how at 58 I can be so physically fit and I tell them I owe it completely to “my TIU girls”. Thank you!

  5. This was so fun to watch! Thank y’all for helping spur us on to have a heart of encouragement and self discipline! Love the tiu workouts and hope to be able to give y’all a hug someday! Xoxo! ❤️

  6. OMG so inspired! 💗💗💗 I’ve been debating on doing the Dallas half marathon this December and after watching that I’m so inspired I’ve decided to give it a shot! Anyone tiu babes want to train with me!?!?! Thanks K&K and Studio Tone It Up for all you do!

  7. So many smiles and laughs coming from watching this! TIU, the bikini series, our beautiful trainers, and of course Kat and Karena make this experience what it is! Thank you for creating and executing something so lovely and worthwhile. The TIU community is a constant reminder to live everyday to the fullest. Can’t wait to meet all you babes on the next tour! <3

  8. Awesome video!
    I just want to say…I would absolutely LOVE a Cinna-BUN Hair tutorial!! That’s so pretty!

  9. This was so motivational! I’ve have a summer full of injuries and sickness so i had to take a break with fitness but I’m ready to jump back in and get Toned Up again! Thank you for all you do

  10. Maybe I’m late to the party but where is that navy/white/gold deep V sports bra from? and the yellow pants😍

    1. Never late to the party babe 😌 The pants are from Avocado and the bikini top is from L Space! xxo

  11. This is incredibly inspiring to see! Thank you so much for all your hard work TIU team! I Love You!

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