Coffee Chat & WNW Bloopers!!

Hi from NYC!! You’ve been absolutely crushing Bikini Series week 7!! Hope you’re celebrating YOU this weekend because you deserve it!

Karena and I have filmed sooo many Coffee Chats and Wine Not Wednesdays over the years and every time something crazy or ridiculous happens — that’s what makes them so fun! So we wanted to make this video of all our favorite bloopers! As Karena and I were watching these, we were crying laughing all over again!! As you know we never like to take ourselves too seriously ~ it makes for these hysterical moments that we can look back on and smile about! 🤗

Let us know your favorite bloopers below in the comments! I died laughing again at Karena’s hand gestures when she was talking about nuts as a snack 🙈😂



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!


  1. So funny! I love it. I am missing the coffee chats. It would be nice if you tag the date of each video, especially in the weekley schedules, please please?! Thank you for everything you share!

    1. Hey Sary! Love that idea. We’re filming some fun new Coffee Chats for you coming up! xxo

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