Coffee Chat with Sazan Hendrix ~ Our Skincare Secrets!

Time to get your java buzz on!


For today’s coffee chat, we invited one of our gal pals, Sazan Hendrix, to the #TIUhq for some beauty talk. We love her blog and YouTube tutorials, so we were super excited to hear her advice and share it with you. (Her SPF trick is GENIUS!)

Then things got real! We’re talkin’ every dirty detail of our beauty routines — and we do mean dirty! ;) Watch below to find out the last time we went to bed with a full face of makeup and what body part Karena never washes! 🙉


Watch on YouTube HERE!


Here are our fave products mentioned in the video!

Sazan’s Picks

Moroccan Oil Body Butter

La Mer Translucent Powder 

Maybelline Lip Shine 

Our Picks

K&K Sea Salt Texture Spray 

K&K Beach Clay Masque 

Beauty Counter Peppermint Lip Balm 

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (Bobby’s fave!)

Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo 

Hot Tools Deep Waver (Karena’s new obsession)


 Tell us your morning beauty routine and fave skincare products in the comments!! And ask your guys if they scrub their legs! ;)


  1. OMG the SPF point! I had NO CLUE! I’ve noticed when I use my BB cream or when I put on SPF before moisterizer I tend to get raised bumps on my face. Definitely changing things up! Thanks girls!

  2. Kat, I love Beautycouner’s Lip Conditioner! You definitely need to try more of their products – I would highly recommend :) Love you girls!

  3. Karena I am the same way..I too keep my Tone It Up water bottle by the bed but I cannot drink water when I first wake up because i always have to pee when I wake up and I too think something might happen if I drink before peeing. LOL :)

  4. Oh and my hubby lets me do full facials on him and he loves my lip balm he always wants a kiss from me after I put it on and my dogs are the same way with my lip balm I use at night, they LOVE to try and kiss me; sometimes they succeed!

  5. So here’s my skin care story…when I was 13 years old I started breaking out (3-4 pimples) around my period…luckily like Sazan was saying my mom too took care of her skin and knew we needed to tackle this before it got worse…so from that point on I got facials done every 2 weeks I believe it was and was taught what I needed to do…from that point on my skin stayed clear and I use Eminence Organics products for my skin care and they have a SPF bronzer powder brush that’s waterproof and since I switched to this brand for facial care I haven’t had any break outs or dry skin issues. I don’t wash my face until after I workout, I feel it is pointless..I usually get up go pee and then fix my hair, brush my teeth, get my workout clothes on, drink some water feed our 3 dogs and 1 cat and then take my meta-d and workout and then have my smoothie and coffee and talk all my supplements and then wash my face and I use an AM moisturizer from emenience. All of their stuff smells amazing without added scent which is something I have to watch for minus the gluten and making sure it’s organic.

  6. What brand is the nail polish Sazan talked about? I was trying to look it up! I just ordered Tone it up’s mask and sea spray on top of some other things from 100% pure and eminence, you girls reminded me I’ve been waiting to buy some stuff! :)

  7. Pretty sure my husband has told me he doesn’t wash his legs either, what is with these men?? Loving the skincare info! But Sazan never finished explaining why you shouldn’t use facewipes and what you should use instead! Also would love any tips you have for oily skin, it’s a daily struggle for me!

  8. Yay! I always love the beauty and fashion recommendations. I have a question about your hair color and cuts (for both Katrina and Karena): what type of cut do you have? And is the color ombre or balayage or something else? I have hair that is a similar length and love the natural color contrast or your color and the cuts of both styles. Thanks for the beauty tips!

  9. Loved the moisturizing tips! I definitely want to adjust my skin care routine. :)
    Oh and P.S. my Hubby said he sometimes washes his legs. Good to know he cleans all over lol

  10. You ladies are so funny! The bottom of my feet look like Karena’s sometimes and I hate that and have to go wash them right away and then put on socks. My husband does wash his legs. You should try Vasseur skincare. It is from San Diego and is all natural. The face wash, toners, masques and day 25 all smell really great and keep my skin really clear. The spa is also really great and cute as well! My mom introduced me to their products and she has beautiful skin!

  11. I use a toner called raw sauce from sephora, and it’s kept my skin super clear. I moisturize at night with neutrogena hydrogel too…feels amazing! What vitamin C serum do you use?

  12. lol being in your 40s and listening to younger girls talk about skin care issues makes you feel like a grandma…!

        1. I agree! I use these and am getting the white hard bumps under my skin. I would like to know the rest of her answer. It’s a bummer when you’re eager to hear an answer but the topic changes abruptly

    1. Catie, technically you are supposed to cleanse (or at least rinse your face) with water after you use those wipes. Which sort of defeats the whole purpose right?! It’s because they have preservatives and leave behind a chemical residue on your face – some even contain formaldehyde. I never knew all this until recently myself. If you’d like to switch to a chemical-free wipe, there’s the Makeup Eraser cloth which I have not tried and there’s also Norwex cloths which I use (and full-disclose, I rep for this company as well). They’re great!

      1. I use the Norwex cloths too! I don’t rep for them, and I try to wash my face after I use them too, but they work like a charm getting your makeup off. Especially if you don’t feel like washing your face throughly but need to take your makeup off

  13. Can you recommend a specific pH balancing toner? What about serum/night cream specific brands?

  14. I am DYING right now LOL!!!! Karena!!!!! And Kat, I also use lotion in my hair sometimes. Totally helps with the Frizz :) However, I think too many people are scared of using oils because they think it’s going to break them out. I used to have quite a bit of acne and the thing that actually cleared up my skin before i even started using Retin-A (which I only started using a yr ago) were oils. I use the oil cleansing method for washing my face (pure raw Shea butter) then follow it up with Rosehip Seed oil with a little bit of Burt’s bees nighttime moisturizer and my skin loves it! I actually have less oily skin now and hardly ever any breakouts! You just have to pick oils that have a low comedogenic rating :)

    I can’t wait to try the Moroccan body butter!!! Thanks for making this girls :)

    1. I second this! I love oils. Sunday Riley made a new one that is great for people with acne! It’s called UFO. A little pricey, but worth it!

  15. LOL! No word yet on whether my fiance washes his legs, but he also uses Egyptian Magic from CostCo!

  16. Loved this video! I am interested in buying the Moroccan oil body butter (love their products)! Did anyone notice though that the link shown for the body butter doesn’t look like the tub that’s in the video?

    The link shows this:–3479218978&affil=cj&utm_source=CJ-4441350&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=CommissionJunction

    But when I googled Moroccan oil body butter – I found this one which looks more like the tub shown in the video:

    Does anyone know which one is the one that Sazan uses?

    Thank you! :) <3

  17. I laughed so hard about the leg/foot washing :))) It’s okay, Karena! I cannot remember the last time I washed the bottom of my feet in the shower. Now I’m sure I will…hahaha Kat’s face about it!! My hubby says that he always washes “above the knees”…so I guess that’s good? :)) Thank you for the awesome tips ladies. Special thank you for Kat being honest about her acne prone skin, preach it girl!

  18. I’m not even halfway through this video and I’m already feeling so informed! lol I really need to try Vitamin E and C around my eyes and lips! Also, may have to invest in the Sea Salt Spray and Beach Clay Masque finally, because it sounds amazing and it’s on sale so why not. :) Thanks for all the tips and product ideas!!

  19. You guys are all so super cute :)
    On a weekday, I get up with the alarm, hit the bathroom, do my Booty Call of the Daily Workout moves, followed by a fitness or stretch video. Then I’m sweating so I wash off with a cleanser (Simple – a UK brand), always followed by a sunscreen (usually a SPF 50+ – I live in Australia – currently Neutogena). Then it’s a quick makeup of foundation, concealer and lippy.
    At the end of the day, I always shower before bed (cleansing my face in the shower – and I wash everywhere but the soles of my feet – I worry about slipping in my shower/ bathtub!)
    My evening moisturizer is from just virgin organic coconut oil. And it smells yummy! :)
    My partner washes everywhere (mostly) and he loves coconut oil as a moisturizer too :)

  20. Hi beauties! I was very curious as to what brand the vitamin c and e serum you are using? Please let me know -A

  21. I always wash my face and brush my teeth after I drink my coffee and eat breakfast! I keep face wipes in my gym bag to wash makeup off before working out but when I actually wash my face I only use coconut oil! Its great for taking eye make up off and it moisturizes really well, and if I need to exfoliate I mix coffee grounds and coconut oil and use that, for moisturizer I just coconut oil or straight vitamin E oil. I need to find a good SPF though, I’m so pale I look like an extra in a Twilight movie…..and I live in Texas so we have tons of sun!

  22. Lol, got a chance to watch this video, loved it. Thank you one it up, I recently discovered on our first vacation together that my boyfriend doesn’t wash his legs either. Glad to know I am not the only one with with this funny issue lolllll

  23. I would love to know what vitamin C serums/oils people use. I’m currently using the one by Drunk Elephant, and I like it, but am curious to see what others have good luck with! Particularly others who suffer from cystic acne…

  24. Had to ask my hubby if he washes his legs in the shower. He totally does. LOL!

  25. I had no idea Karena had stick-straight hair. I never would have guessed!

  26. Let me be your dermatologist! Not that you need one – you all have gorgeous skin! Those little white things are called milia, and not caused by skin wipes! You can have them extracted easily. Love all your videos! xoxo Jackie

  27. Such a fun video! I’m glad she mentioned those wipes- I recently learned that almost all of them leave behind a chemical residue on your skin if you don’t cleanse after using them! Some even contain formaldehyde. I rep for a company called Norwex which sells microfiber makeup remover cloths that only need water to take off all your makeup! Now I use these every night instead of disposable wipes. :) If you’re interested, check them out here:

  28. Ive had acne since i was 13:/ and it followed me into my 20s! Ive found what works best for me are products from arbonne, i use the RE9 facial cleanser and extra moisturizer(i live Colorado, sooo dry) i also love the FC5 exfoliating scrub:) theyre botanically based too!

  29. By far your best guest on Coffee with K&K yet! Super useful information.
    For the record, my husband washes his legs every shower, but he’s an excellent groomer. I think he has more hair products than I do. Haha!

  30. My guy does not scrub his legs in the shower 😂🤣🙈 when I asked him he said “no why would I, nothing happens to my legs it’s not like there’s sweat poring out my knee caps” lol gotta love him

  31. Any tips for under eye concealer? And overnight under eye wrinkle care? Thanks to genes, I have to really take care of the skin under my eyes. Both overnight and daily make up routine. Thanks for the help!

  32. I am the same like Karena, keeping a bottle of water by my side and drink some water first thing when I wake up, then use the bathroom, I had to laugh so much when I saw Karena’s feet, I love you Karena so much!!! I would like to try the Mermaid Masque, and clay.
    Thanks for these tips. I have a bad acne and skin issues.

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