Coffee Chat ~ How We Practice Morning Mindfulness

Good morning gorgeous ☀️ We love you and we want to make all your mornings brighter, so we have a little challenge for you ~ and we’re going to do it with you! Every day, we challenge you to set aside a few minutes to practice mindfulness.

Karena and I have been doing this for a little while now, and Karena even shared her full morning routine here…it’s goals 🙌🏻 She lights a candle and her fireplace, plays soothing music, reads an inspirational book, burns sage, and journals her intentions. Walking into her home in the morning is like stepping into a beautiful retreat!

I like to choose three words of intention for the day while I’m in the shower because that’s meditative for me. I choose two words that I may need that day and one that the people around me may need.

Mindfulness is different for everyone so it’s all about finding what works for YOU and what allows you to go into the day feeling centered, positive, and confident!

How do you practice mindfulness in the morning? Tell us in the comments!



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If you haven’t joined the Love Your Body Series yet, you can still jump in with us! Sign up below and commit to YOU! You deserve it!


  1. I’m loving this series and can’t tell you how much of a difference it’s made just in these 25 days. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and was medicated for the first time in my life in July. At the time I really needed it. Once my primary stresses was gone (our wedding) I was completely whipe and I just stopped taking care of my self. I gained more weight then I already had stopped working out just going for walks. About mid November I needed something to change, I started working out again doing lots of stretching and deep breathing. Slowly I increased everything I was doing but eating was still a big problem. So once I relised there was going to be a new year program I knew this was my change to really get into a routine and have better life habits. So I went to my doctor got permission to go off my meds when I needed, I took my last pill December 31, 2017. I fully committed myself to this program cleaning and decluttering our whole house, getting ready for a fresh start. If really worked on my self love not getting down on myself acknowledging my faults and were I was going wrong. Not beating myself when i fell off the wagon and just get back on. I’ve learned organization is key in my life. I’m so proud of my success so far and can’t wait for 2018. Thank you K&K and the whole TIU community ❤️🇨🇦

    1. We’re SO proud of you! Thank you for sharing this and for being such a special part of this community! xxo 💗

  2. I just started a book called “Breathe, Mama, Breathe” that is wonderful! It’s 5 minute mindfulness for busy moms and Shonda Moralis starts the book out by noting the difference between meditation and mindfulness and all of the wonderful benefits of mindfulness, including better immune response, backed by case studies and research. Then, she walks you through how to be mindful in “mini” chapters focused on all the different ways busy moms can find their 5 minutes of mindfulness throughout the day, whether it’s while driving in the car or making your morning coffee. Great read for any fellow TIU moms!

    1. I have found the book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod connects with everything that Tone It Up is doing. Great book! Life changing for sure!!

    2. Hi Sandy,
      I love beeswax candles. They are more expensive but they have a natural amazing scent and do not contain the toxins that other candles do.

  3. Thank you for the Love You Body challenge. It’s helped me kick start my clean eating and mindful food journey on the path to my wedding in July.
    I had been feeling unhappy about my body in the latter part of last year and a bit jealous of all the great results the community were seeing from the 5 day detox (I was away with friends that week, with communal prep for meals and eating the default, so I couldn’t stick to the plan for a majority of the stay).
    However, I started this challenge and have been surprised and pleased at how well my body responded to the good foods and all the exercises.
    I LOVE the weekly intentions in the challenge at the top of each week (I write them out on a chalk board so I can see them all week in my exercise area), and the mindfulness and meditions that have been part of this plan have truly helped me to feel light and love in my heart for my body as well. Thank you for lifting us all up with your energy and love for the community.

  4. As a working mom of 2, I NEED THESE MINUTES in the morning, at night, whenever I can get them! This has been such an amazing addition to the Studio App!!!!

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