Bikini Series™ Winners Travel the World!


As our favorite time of the year approaches, so does the countdown to your fourth annual Bikini Series™! This is an incredible 8 week challenge designed to get you ready, glowing & confident for summer. The series starts April 28th and we can’t wait! The motivation, tips, encouragement and fun becomes better each and every year as this beautiful community grows!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with our friends at Contiki Vacations again this year to send even more of you on the ultimate girls trip! Last year, eight winners went on an exhilarating trip to a destination of their dreams! These Tone It Up girls traveled with a girlfriend to have the experience of a lifetime ~  making new friends, discovering new cultures, enjoying girl-time, creating new memories and living with #NOREGRETS. They also received a gift bag filled with some of our favorite travels items including a Canon PowerShot ELPH 320 HS camera to capture each precious moment and more! If you go on your own girls trip we want to see your pics #TIUgirlstrip !

Can you imagine how magical this trip of a lifetime was for these girls!? Take a look inside their adventure below and start dreaming…

Learn more about Ashley, Lindsey, Katrina, Kayla, Stephanie, Traci, Jillian & Anne HERE! These Tone It Up girls accomplished so much during the Bikini Series…AND they transformed their lives in 8 weeks!

Stephanie & Traci

Destination: Costa Rica Unplugged


“My favorite thing was being able to share my first international trip with one of my best friends, Stephanie. Anything we did in Costa Rica – learning about the country and its culture, the adventurous activities, tasting the food, relaxing on the beautiful beaches, and meeting new people – was heightened because we were able to do together!

The most interesting thing about Costa Rican culture is how the people seem to be very connected to the environment and its resources. Much of what we ate was grown or raised right there in the farms, gardens, or thriving rain forests. There was an overall sense of ‘freshness’ throughout and it was great to the efforts that they go through to preserve the integrity of their environment as well.

One of my most memorable moments was the zip line. I was so nervous about doing it, but after the first run I loved it! It was an exhilarating experience. We were able to see the beauty of Costa Rica from of a bird’s eye view.” –Traci

Traci and I have been best friends for a long time, but we’ve never traveled together and we’ve never been outside of the country. This was pretty big for us. During this trip we shared stories we never told before, and future promises. I didn’t think we could get any closer as friends, but I was wrong.”

“One of my most memorable moments was visiting a woman named Ellie and her family’s home. The house has been a part of the village for years and it’s such a cool place. We got to make homemade tortillas, eat delicious food, and listen to some great live music. I had so much fun. — Stephanie

Katrina & Kayla

Destination: Sunset & Surf in Australia


“Kayla and I had an absolutely AMAZING time. We literally had “wow” moments every day! For me, the most memorable moment was visiting a wildlife sanctuary on The Gold Coast where we held a koala and visited an area where kangaroos roamed freely. The kangaroos allowed us to pet them, hug them, even lay down next to them! They were so cuddly! As an animal lover, this was probably the memory that will always stand out the most.” –Katrina

We had an incredible hike on our first day of the tour through the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. We worked up a sweat and were rewarded with a stunning view of the famous Three Sisters rock formation. We experienced so much together over the trip — it was truly the trip of a lifetime — an amazing, life changing adventure we will always share! Also…nothing strengthens a friendship quite like spending two nights at the airport together. We LOVED the tour and can’t wait to travel with Contiki again. It’s the best way to experience a new part of the world!” –Kayla

Ashley & Lindsey

Destination: Costa Rica Unplugged


When two other Bikini Series winners (Anne and Jill) chose the same destination, and tweeted us about a team trip, it was not even a question. Friends asked me and Ashley if we were nervous about meeting and traveling with girls we only knew through twitter and honestly, the thought never even crossed my mind.

My most memorable moment happened when we went white water rafting. There was a point where we got off the boat to cliff jump, and the tour company had fresh cut pineapple waiting at the top of the cliff. I made my way to the top, took one bite of the pineapple, looked at the people and scenery around me, and thought ‘oh my gosh – this is paradise and I am really here.’ It was the first moment I truly felt and understood the Pura Vida spirit. It took all of my courage to jump off the ledge back in to the water, but with Ashley by my side and Jill and Anne already in the water the only option was to get over the fear and jump. And then do it all over again.

The biggest realization I had on this trip was the importance of taking chances. You never know what will happen! Live your life with passion, and as Contiki says – NO REGRETS!” –Lindsey

“I never expected to be on such an amazing journey with 15 strangers, who all by the end of it, felt like family. Specifically speaking, our other Tone It Up sisters, Anne and Jillian. Meeting these girls has changed my life!

My entire Tone It Up experience has really been about pushing myself outside my comfort zone, and going that extra mile into unchartered territory. My experience in Costa Rica was a great way to capitalize on that. I learned to let my guard down and take chances. Whether I was jumping from great heights or swimming in dark waters, I took chances and pushed myself to the limits! No fear, no regrets. My  hope is that there is someone out there that sees me and thinks, ‘I can do that, I can be healthy like that,’ because that will be when I feel I have finally paid it forward.” — Ashley

Jillian & Anne

Destination: Costa Rica Unplugged


“The moment I will remember forever happened in a hotel lobby in San Jose, Costa Rica. Prior to this trip, Jill and I had never met face-to-face. We had tweeted, emailed, text, and eventually talked on the phone when we found out we won, but we had never met in person. When we finally did meet before our tour began, it felt like I had known her my whole life. In that moment, everything became real. This life-changing transformation became real. This Bikini Series grand prize became real. And this friendship with Jill became REAL. I will be forever grateful for this trip because it introduced me to such an incredible woman that I’m so blessed to call my friend.

This trip was full of so many adventures. We camped in the rainforest, went hiking and swimming in the middle of the night. We went kayaking, whitewater rafting, and jumped off of cliffs. We saw baby sea turtles hatch and watched the sun rise. We went zip lining through the cloud forest and repelled down waterfalls. I’m still amazed by the things that we did and the fears that we conquered together!

After meeting Jill, Ashley, and Lindsey, it has reinforced the fact that this team is INCREDIBLE! Our experience together has made me want to continue meeting other Tone It Up girls– it’s unreal how strong of a bond this community can be! –Anne

“This tour was the absolute perfect mix of cultural experiences, downtime on the beach, and heart-pounding adventure sports. I imagine this trip had the greatest impact on Anne and me.  She lives in Nashville and I live in Connecticut, and prior to the trip, we had never met face to face! We laughed the entire trip, because we seriously met one another on Twitter!

On this trip I learned the importance of taking time for myself in order to be a better wife and mother. At the end one of our tour-mates looked at me and said, “You are a badass mom!” That is not a word I would EVER use to describe myself (I drive a minivan!!!), but I am embracing all that it means, and look forward to confidently taking on new challenges!” –Jillian   

Wow!! We’re blown away by the sheer magnificence of each of these experiences!! This makes us want to get out and travel! Do any of you have travel plans this year? If so, where to?? We’re also excited to send more of you on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with Contiki as part of the grand prize for this year’s upcoming challenge! Stay tuned for fun surprises and the official countdown to your fourth annual Bikini Series™ starting April 28th!!





  1. KristynFedich says:

    Love this post! :) It was so fun following everyone’s trips on Instagram this year. I can’t wait to participate again! :)

  2. Amanda Griffiths says:

    I’m going to Costa Rica in April for my honeymoon and seeing that these girls had a blast makes me so excited!

  3. Katrina says:

    This is so exciting! I can’t wait for the bikini series! If I were to win I would take my new TIU friend, Audrey… we haven’t met yet but we met over TIU community and text and face time regularly. It would be so awesome to meet her in person and go on vacation!!

  4. JenniferN says:

    Going on a Caribbean cruise in May. That’s what brought me to tone it up! :)

  5. daisymae1 says:

    Just signed up for the bikini series 2014
    Can’t wait to get real! Headed to Montana this summer and Bora Bora next summer for my 15 year anniversary. It would be an amazing experience to be back in my pre-baby body! I have an amazing GF helping me get motivated and hitting the gym EVERYDAY!

    1. Michele Powers says:

      I’m from Missoula, Montana. But just moved to California. I miss it already… I hope you get to visit there! Its BEAUTIFUL:) Good luck!

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