Behind the Scenes Video: The Tone It Up Headquarters!


You know when you get so deep into something you forget how you started and lose track of time!? You may remember when we first signed our TEN YEAR LEASE! Yes, we are out of our minds— but we are in this. We are doing this. We are committed. We are Tone It Up!! This also means, we are HERE TO STAY. We truly believe in the importance of creative spaces where you can be inspired and dreamers can be doers!

Today we’re giving you a behind the scenes look of some of the work and sweat that we put into our new space. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind as we finished up construction and added the final touches. And NOW, we’re finally ready to move in!! We’ll be doing a video soon of the official final Tone It Up HQ Tour when it’s finished!!

Come inside for a sneak peak into all that went in to putting together our new headquarters… decorating, construction, pure chaos and some exhausting nights… you’ll see it all! 

WELCOME to the Tone It Up Office Headquarters! 

HQ Sneek Peek

HQ Sneek Peek

We’ll be showing the official finished tour SOON!

This is how it started… 

HQ Sneek Peek

~Celebrating 6 months ago when signed the lease~

This is what it looked like… very dark with slat walls.  We can’t wait to show you the after photos!!!

HQ Sneek Peek

Same room… new coat of paint and Karena and I put down the carpet!  Steve made all the desks!HQ Sneek Peek

The kitchen progress… to keep the black tiles or not to keep the black tiles…HQ Sneek Peek

and then…

HQ Sneek Peek

I may or may not have peeled this off a lifeguard stand… drastic times call for drastic measures.  Matching paint colors for our cabinets!

HQ Sneek Peek

The kitchen coming together.. more cooking videos & nutrition segments coming SOON!

HQ Sneek Peek 

Lucky me… I got to stare at this cute bum all day while she assembled 4 chandeliers! 

HQ Sneek Peek

Because every HQ needs a minibar!!! 
HQ Sneek Peek

TIU office Bar



  1. Christina says:

    I cant believe you guys are doing all of the work yourself! That’s great! Looks like a lot of hard work, lol! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into the TIU life!

  2. Emma says:

    This is so beautiful! I can’t believe you are all working so hard and all the while managing to stay positive and cheerful and upbeat! :) Keep going – it’ll all be worth it! And you have so many friends behind you both online and right there in your lives :)

  3. Sham says:

    you girls are awesome! More power to you two. While I was watching the video, I was thinking of how, someday, you will be so successful/famous that talking a walk down the road might be more of an ordeal :) [Hadn’t you signed like a 12 year lease at the earlier place? haha!!]

  4. Katrina says:

    I can’t wait to see the whole place! Loved watching this :) This makes me want to redecorate my home <3

  5. Linnsey Stier Baltierrez says:

    I am so inspired by your decor! I love seeing when you guys decorate because its beachy, girly, fun, and a little modern! Thanks for sharing! XoXo

  6. Janay Ridge says:

    Where did you get the desks for the office? I’m looking for something exactly like that for our office room for our new house and I’m having such a hard time finding it!

    1. Megan Fitzgerald says:

      I have the same furniture, and I got mine at Office Depot. Chris Lowell Shore Collection. I just tried to look it up, and it looks like it’s discontinued… but you might find it somewhere! :) – Megan

  7. How cute are you two? I love your aesthetic and ability to stay positive & happy through the chaos of moving! One word: GUMPTION !

  8. Joy Chara Tilliridou says:

    It looks gorgeous!!! Once you move in, you need to do a vlog and introduce us to everyone so they can say HIIIII! :)

  9. Hey K&K! Did you ever do the official office tour? I was on the lookout for it but never noticed it. Girls did I miss something?

  10. Melissa Nicole says:

    Ladies, I absolutely LOVE the color of your cabinets, can you share what brand/color it is? I just bought a house and would LOVE to do that color on my cabinets!! :)

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