Beach Waves Hair Tutorial!

beach-babe-spray-sea-saltCALLING ALL BOMBSHELLS!

Your much anticipated, highly requested beach waves hair tutorial is here! As promised, I’m showing you exactly how to create tousled waves in today’s step-by-step guide. With summer just around the corner, now’s the time to get your beach wave on.

This beauty tutorial will work for curly, wavy or straight hair. Sexy, ocean-kissed locks are yours!

We’re also launching our Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture Spray as a part of our new K+K beauty line! These unique beach babe essentials are created exclusively for you. We love bringing this community products inspired by your requests, and you’ll find our sea salt spray to be unlike any other. It’s light and smells divine, while delivering strengthening and hydrating nutrients to revitalize your gorgeous locks.

Learn exactly how to recreate those dreamy waves you get after a day at the beach!

Watch on YouTube HERE!

beach-waves-hair-tutorialFun tip for wavy-haired bombshells: Use a cotton tee-shirt instead of a towel to scrunch dry your hair to dramatically reduce frizz!

Show us your gorgeous waves on Instagram by using the hashtag #BeachBabeWaves

B E A C H   W A V E S   S E A   S A L T   S P R A Y


K&K Beach Waves Sea Salt Texture spray is a light mist ideal for all hair types, giving you ocean-kissed and tousled beach waves. Add volume, texture and vacay vibes!  Beach Waves is made with real sea salt, coconut water and is enriched with nourishing red sea algae and deeply hydrating marula oil. Beach Waves will transport you to a palm tree studded paradise!

We’re proud to unveil the K+K beauty line!


Here you’ll find unique products made with thoughtfully curated ingredients — each one meant to nourish, revitalize and enhance your hair and skin! Inspired by beachside living and the TIU lifestyle, this premium beauty line is created to elevate your natural beauty, because true beauty radiates from the inside out!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.25.05 PM



What beauty products would you like next? Comment below!

Your girlfriends ;)


  1. Chelsea Taylor says:

    Yay!!! Soooo excited for a BEAUTY LINE!!! Thank you ladies!!!

    1. I would love something for cellulite and stretch marks! I am getting toned but can’t seem to get rid of these.

  2. Quinn says:

    OMG…this is so so exciting!! What an absolutely perfect new venture for you ladies!! Thank you!

  3. Katie Ross says:

    Could you develop a great dry shampoo?? I would love one for post workout so I don’t end up over-washing my curls or just having them up in a bun everyday! :) y’all are great!!

    1. Jacqueline says:

      Yes!!!!! Exactly what I was thinking before I scrolled down :)

    2. Mo says:

      This was exactly what I was going to say! One that smells like the beach!

    3. Jessica Taylor says:

      I was gonna suggest this one too!! :D Great idea!

    4. Patience Wilkerson says:

      This is a great idea! I would love that for after workouts and pre-plans.

  4. Kayla Call says:

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for this!! :) I would LOVE a good face moisturizer for daytime! :) You guys are so awesome, thank you!!!!

  5. Barbara says:

    Yay this is sooo exciting! What a perfect add to your business! I would love you to develop a great dry shampoo, a bronzer and a makeup palette.

  6. Linzey says:

    Love this!! Can’t wait to try the tutorial this weekend, and I’ve been looking for a new sea salt spray, perfect timing =) I totally agree with belos-a great dry shampoo (that’s a spray preferably) would be amazing. Also, your Beach Babe lip balms but tinted? Like a coral, deep rose/wine color, and nude? And maybe a great, coconut-scented sunscreen (spray for body and lotion for face) would be much loved. Thanks K&K! Can’t wait to get my beach waves spray!

  7. Victoria says:

    I would love some Lip stains or a mascara!

  8. Ashley Rodriguez says:

    Bronzer, face cleanser, face lotion with spf (also for sensitive skin because mine is crazy sensitive!), coconut oil type body lotion, exfoliating scrub, makeup palette, thickening cream for hair, there are so many things!

  9. Liz Ahluwalia says:

    This is so cool! How about a exfoliator, bronzer, and tanner!

  10. Kel says:

    i’m always looking for natural things to put on my face (foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, bronzer) I know that anything you girls put your name on is free of harsh chemicals. literally any kind of makeup/beauty product you release will be in my shopping cart :)

  11. Jenna McCarter says:

    This is so exciting!!!! every sea salt spray ive tried makes my hair more flat instead of texturized so this is perfect!!!!!! It would also be awesome to develop a good bronzer, sunscreen, lip stain, make up pallet, and dry shampoo!!! so many things. I’m so excited!!!!!!

  12. Trina says:

    Exciting! A product or advice for adding volume those of us less fortunate who have super fine hair would be awesome!

  13. Izabella says:

    Cant’t wait to use this!! Maybe a highlighter blush or bronzer?? Can’t wait to see what other beaut products you girls come up with!

  14. Ashley Beaty says:

    Awww Kat your hair looks so pretty straightened! Loved the tutorial, it’s pretty much how I do my hair except I don’t have a good sea salt spray. I really liked Bumble & Bumble’s sea spray but it’s so expensive, so I look forward to trying yours! And as for products, sounds funny, but a really good smelling/sweat proof deodorant and a bronzer.

  15. Amanda Ellen says:

    omg im so exciteeeed you guys have your own beauty line now #purchased

  16. Erin says:

    I would love to see some all natural SPF based products- a good all natural facial moisturizer with SPF or all natural body butter/moisturizer with SPF. It’s so hard to find quality SPF products that aren’t loaded with chemicals. So excited for this guys!!

    1. Have you tried Coola SPF products? They’re very light weight & highly effective! I have an extremely pale complexion and finally caved in to try it, and I’m pleasantly shocked! No breakouts, or sunburns. If you don’t mind the price tag, it’s worth every dollar!!

      1. Erin says:

        Hi Brit! I actually ordered the travel Coola kit thinking that was a good way to sample things. It hasn’t come in yet. I did see that they are better then, say, random drug store SPFs which is why I thought I’d try them. I didn’t do full research on the ingredient list though so I’m hoping all is good once they arrive *fingers crossed*

        1. Cajun Momma says:

          K and K Love Coola products. I found at Target, Bare Republic Natural Mineral Sunscreen which is also by Coola, just less expensive. The sport spray is light and smells like coconut. The Face sunscreen feels amazing! It’s air light, creamy, also smells like coconut and gives a light amount of moisture to the skin. I was so surprised by the feel of it. I can’t justify the expense of Coola as I need to buy for a family of four. I want chemical free sunscreen for my whole family, not just me, so Bare Republic was a good compromise. But if the quality of the Bare Republic sunscreen is any indication of the rest of the Coola sun care products, I have no doubt that they’ve got to be amazing and must all smell so delicious.

  17. Brittney says:

    My hair is pretty much always in beach babe waves & I love love trying new salt sprays! Loving these new surprises, thank you! Quick question, would you mind letting me know what the “fragrances” are in the ingredient list? I can also submit the question via customer service if you prefer. Thanks ladies & congrats one a new venture/expansion of Tone It Up! <3

      1. Brittney says:

        Thank you for such a quick reply! I’m curious what the coconut “fragrance” is made up of. Are they natural/organic ingredients that give it the coconutty goodness fragrance? It’s not going to necessarily stop me from purchasing ;) I just like to be aware. Thanks again!

  18. Christi Mackey says:

    dry shampoo, bronzer, exfoliator, self tanner: basically anything with K+K on it, I’m buying it. haha!

  19. NixiV says:

    I’m obsessed with moisturizing/hydrating toner sprays (rose water, coconut scent…?). Part of being a beach babe is having that glowing skin and I think toners really help to create that look while nourishing the skin! Would love if you babes developed one. ANYTHING WITH COCONUT WATER OR OIL LOL. Bath & Body products like body scrub, extending your hair line, a great lotion/body butter/souffle etc with a subtle sheen and maybe sunblock, again for a sunkissed look while protecting skin?? Quality highlighter and bronzer. A good self tanner that smells amazing. <3 CONGRATULATIONS ON LAUNCHING YOUR VERY OWN BEAUTY LINE. I'm sure I will love whatever you come out with. ^_^

  20. Stephenie Alvarado says:

    Love the tutorial! Thank you! I definitely plan on doing my hair soon like this! How long does it usually last? Also, it would be great if you could make a body bronzer of some kind. I love the tan look, but I don’t want to damage my skin.

  21. Katrina Lindsay says:

    More ocean inspired, natural products. Maybe a good face wash, lotion, body scrub, etc. Nail polish, eyeshadows (high quality), lip colors. Just anything and everything beachy and natural ♥ Thank you for the seal salt spray!

  22. Kimberly O says:

    Love this tutorial! My hair is naturally wavy/curly and I beat the heck out of it by straightening it every day. This video has inspired me to try to embrace my natural texture and add in beach waves. I would love to see a tutorial where you did your hair from its natural texture :) Also, Katrina what brand is your curling wand?

    1. Heather Smith says:

      Yes! I always wonder if I should straighten my hair first, curl it on day two of straightened hair, just let it air dry? I have naturally wavy/fuzzy hair, lol.

      1. Stephanie Barnett says:

        Ahhh! The idea of doing so much scares the crap out of me! Please don’t do that to your hair! The amazing thing about these curling wands is your hair can be a huge frizzy mess and it still puts out perfect waves. It does work best if your hair hasn’t just been washed, but if you’re in a time crunch you can spray dry shampoo on freshly washed and dried hair to give it the little bit of oomph it needs for these waves to come out just right.

        1. Heather Smith says:

          Don’t worry, I don’t at all! I just meant I wonder if that’s what I would have to do to pull off that look taking into consideration my hair. I wash my hair 2x a week in the winter and 3x in the summer and only flat iron it 2x a week. The other day or two I do a pony tail and I never use a blow dryer. Thanks for the advice!

      2. Katie says:

        Bumble and Bumble has a great product called Does It All (H)air Styler that’s meant for air drying. I find that it reduces frizziness and my hair doesn’t dry as flat on top when I use it. The great thing about it is you can layer it with other products, so you can put the K&K salt spray in your hair after it air dries with that, if you want to try it.

    2. Makenna says:

      I second this! I’d love to know how you do waves with your natural texture. Do you air dry and then touch it up with a curling wand? I’d also love to see how you touch up with the diffuser like you mentioned in the video!

    3. Rachel Rockwood says:

      Kimberly, It looks like an Enzo Milano. I own the exact one, but kind of bummed with the handling and curl. It cost upwards of $80.00. I recommend a going with Hot Tools and save yourself half the price.

  23. Maureen says:

    The spray looks awesome! I cant wait to try it!!
    Would love a bronzer and sunscreen! I want to have a beach glow but really down want to risk getting wrinkles or sun damage from a real tan! The sunscreen would be awesome if it had a bulit in bronzer AND was water/sweat proof! Also maybe a highlighter with a warm glow!

    WOO! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. Jess Sparklz says:

      Ooh! I love the bronzer with sunscreen idea!

  24. Bethany Cowbrough says:

    I would love to see an illuminating lotion. Sort of like the Becca moonshine. One that will help you look glowing and sunkissed and you can put it on your face or legs etc. I think that would be great addition!

    As well as maybe some eyeshadows and lip stains/ lip butters :)

  25. Jacki says:

    The list would be endless of beauty products, I would love a moisturizer for my face personally. Thanks for looking after the TIU Community so well, love you both!!!

  26. Courtney OKeefe says:

    I used to do those type of curls all the time but I never loved it on me, Im totally going to try bigger sections on bottom and smaller on top and see if thats what I need to do to like it on myself. Also super pumped for your beauty line! Im thinking..self tanner, bodybutter, hair masque, a dry hair oil or serum.

  27. Emily Gonzalez says:

    I’m in love with this tutorial! Can’t wait to try it out! How many ounces is the sea salt spray?

  28. Joy Chara Tilliridou says:

    OMG!!! Just when I thought there couldn’t be anything more, THERE IS!!!
    Ok my wishlist is Bronzer and Dry Shampoo!! And Beach Stuff like water spray for your face and protection from the sun, and EVERYTHING!!!

  29. Annie Mac says:

    A sunless tanner!!!! I have the worst tan lines from training outside. Permanent bathingsuit lines from my swims. An organic, nontoxic sunless tanner or lotion with tanner would be AMAZING.

  30. Autumn says:

    A self tanner would be amazing! or some sort of bronzer maybe…

  31. Megan Martineau says:

    Self tanner that doesn’t smell bad or get streaky/orange. Maybe smelling like coconut?! Love the beach spray! Can’t wait to try it out :)

    1. Stephanie Barnett says:

      Check out bondi sands. Amaaaaziiiiiiing

  32. Caroline Jones says:

    I would love a more organic cleanser and moisturizer! I trust you guys to take care of us for a beach babe natural glow!

  33. Katie Walton says:

    I would looooooove a Dry Shampoo or Self Tanner!! You guys are amazing! Love you so much!

    1. Samantha Wiles says:

      self tanner would be great! or a moisturizer with gradual tan!

  34. Kristen Haider says:

    Can you share what brand of styling tools you use/recommend?

    1. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

      I was trying to see what brand her curling iron wand was during the video lol!! Ugh!!

      1. Jordan Bowe says:

        I was dying to know too! So I did some investigative work ;) You can see at 2:40! It’s an Enzo Milano :)

  35. TheSparklingGypsy says:

    I would Loooooove to see some kind of natural and great smelling beachy tan that gradually gets darker. To get that beachy sun kissed color. Lip stains would also be great !!!! Ooohhhh what about a beachy fragrance ??? I’m getting way too excited for this haha love yah gals !

  36. Kayla says:

    a face moisturizer that has spf in it but doesn’t smell like spf and it also corrects uneven skin tone because I need a mouisturizer that can correct my uneven skin because I don’t wear makeup and my face is kind of a mess especially around my nose its like a redish color.

    1. Heather Smith says:

      Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50. It’s mineral based so it goes on like a primer not like a shiny, greasy sun screen. There is not one hint of sunscreen smell in it and it is very LIGHTLY tinted. I LOVE it because I have all of the same requirements that you listed for a facial sunscreen. Of course, unless K+K come up with one, lol.

  37. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    Yes I agree!! :) what is the fragrance in this?!

  38. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    I know :( I’m skeptical but I still want to try it. I have really sensitive skin though.

  39. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    Love that you released the sea salt spray? What is the fragrance in it? And tinted lip balm, self tanner, a good skin care line… :)

  40. Nicole says:

    Ahhh! OMG this is so exciting!! What a great idea! I agree with Katie below on the dry shampoo. Plus maybe lip glosses, and HIGHLIGHTER! :) Oooh, a beach babe fragrance! I could go on forever with this… hire me? lol

  41. Diana says:

    Wohoo! So excited about this new product! I would love a dry shampoo + an all natural tanner/illuminating lotion would be amazing!

  42. Meghan says:

    Where is that blue crochet bikini from? I love the over the shoulder straps vs the around the neck halter. Thank you for this tutorial… Can’t wait to try it out!

  43. Colette Jessen says:

    i’d love to see how you guys use self-tanner or how you stay so perfectly “glowy” all the time!

  44. Sam L says:

    Wow amazed. You girls are just blowing up. Your business is booming. The world is your oyster and you are having ti for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nice job. I look forward to see what is next.

  45. MKM says:

    What kind of curling wand is that? any recommendations?

  46. Trish M says:

    I’m so happy for you ladies! It’s so nice to see humble, hard working women be creative, innovative and successful! So proud of you two :) and skunk is precious!!!!!

  47. Kirstie Todisco says:

    I would love to see a video tutorial on how kat does her make up and what makeup brand she wears. Who makes your curling iron wand kat?

  48. Nicole says:

    An UN-SCENTED dry shampoo would be great (almost all of them out there smell terrible! Way too much fragrance, it’s not natural!). Also, a spray self-tanner would be so great!!!

  49. Krystle says:

    Congraluations on your new line!!!!! Just purchased! Hope I can make it work with my straight Asian hair ;-) Love you ladies!

  50. Kirstie Todisco says:

    I would love a video tutorial on how kat does her makeup and what makeup brands she uses. Who makes your curling iron wand kat? Thx!!!

  51. Christina says:

    Kat, you’re gorgeous with straight hair too!!

  52. Nicole says:

    Like others here, please consider that many of us prefer natural products (as you do too!). Even those that are less concerned about natural ingredients, it’s a shame to deny the people that are sensitive to smells/fragrances. Please consider removing fragrances in your products going forward :) Thanks!

  53. Ariana Packer says:

    Please make a dry shampoo that especially helps with getting ready after a workout :) Doing the morning Booty Call and afternoon workout without time for a shower means I live in pony tails. :(

    1. Heather Smith says:

      I know everybody’s hair holds up differently but here is what I do to eliminate all the washing and redoing….I shower at night and wash my hair. I get up in the morning and put it in a topknot to work out. Then, I wrap a towel around it and jump in the shower and do a quick “camping shower” lol, washing everything but my hair. Then I style it and to go to work. My hair doesn’t get too bothered by sweat so it’s fine for me to do this.

  54. Sam L says:

    a body scrub would be nice, or mask, Contour tutorials

  55. Cynthia Zalewsky says:

    I would love to see beauty and body care products without gluten and nuts for those of us who have allergies! Lately, everything has nut oils in it which makes it off limits for allergic individuals. I am so frustrated as it is impossible to find natural, quality products I can actually use.
    I loved this video!! I always struggle with frizziness in my curls in the summer. I never attempted to actually curl my hair with an iron and cannot wait to try it! I would also love to see a blowout video for those of us with wavy or curly hair! Thank you again for a great video!

  56. Kyrie says:

    I second the dry shampoo!!! Also a safe sunless tanner.

  57. Jen Buskohl says:

    I love this tutorial!! I have naturally wavy hair too and usually avoid sea salt sprays because they were so drying for my hair. I can’t wait to use this though!! I love that you added the nourishing components!! As for new products, I agree that a sunless tanner would be awesome but also some makeup too!! Like eyeshadow and blush?!

  58. Alexa says:

    Definitely self tanner/body countouring, and any beachy bronze makeup tutorials!

  59. Cindy Vickers says:

    How exciting!! I can’t wait to see what else you’re going to have in your Beauty Line!! <3

  60. Priscilla says:

    Congrats K&K on this new line!!! So so so excited for it to expand!! I would love a dry-shampoo, as being a TIU girl means lots of working out, aka lots of showers! ;) And sometimes there’s just not enough time to style my hair twice a day after washing it in the shower! A dry shampoo would be an AMAZING addition, along with a self-tanner too!!! Is this sea salt spray organic/all-natural?! If not, I think it would be so much more amazing if future products were! Nonetheless, I love this!! Thanks girls for doing this for us!!! :)

  61. Linnsey Stier Baltierrez says:

    I am so excited about this tutorial! You both are so gorgeous and so much fun to watch because you are are silly and full of life! I am dying to try this hair product!

  62. Franziska says:

    I would love to see a natural, toxin free self tanner with amazing results like St. Tropez. And a hair mask would be great. I wish for a mask like the Moroccan Oil Mask for my long and dry hair, but without the silicone.

  63. Ashley Douglas Bowen says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I swear everything is better at the beach including our hair. Great tutorial, & I cant wait to purchase the spray!

  64. Ashley Marie Doehring says:

    Illuminating lotion to make yourself look like your glowing!!! Lip Stains, and blush, and dry shampoo!!! Oh the list could go on!!!!!! Love you girls!!!

  65. Erin says:

    yep! “fragrance” in majority of cases = phthalates

    1. I hope Karena and Katrina will respond to this question, as several people have mentioned it! We are a health-conscious bunch, us beach babes. :)

  66. Lauren Merrill says:

    DRY Shampoo! Or Bronzer or Body lotion! Anything!!

  67. Yahaira Roman says:

    Dry Shampoo and a natural face moisturizer! :)

  68. Calli says:

    Coconut Oil face/body moisturizer. I really think yall could make a great skin care and makeup line.

  69. Lexi says:

    I feel like products that would fit the beach babe line best would be a dry shampoo, maybe a flexible hold hairspray, a face and body illuminating lotion/gel, bronzer, lip stains with SPF, a BB cream or tinted moisturizer with SPF, a waterproof mascara/eyelner and possibly some fun nail polishes.

  70. Mon says:

    Super excited to try out this spray!! Although being Canadian we have such a weak dollar I have to pay a bit more and shipping… I trust that it will be worth it! I would love a bronzer/illuminator to get the sun kissed glowing look that you two always have xxo

  71. Heather Canett says:

    And final product and product ingredients are hopefully not tested on animals!

  72. Alexandra Mauro says:

    Bought and can’t wait to try it!! I would LOVE a K&K bronzer. One that looks sunkissed and natural. Even a K&K perfume!

  73. Kassie says:

    i would love a kettlebell just like the one you use in your routines Katrina! It’s so cute. Maybe y’all could design your own equipment line. -dumbells would be nice too!

  74. Cassandra Di Mauro says:

    I would love to see bronzer, dry shampoo, lotion (both face and body – with SPF) …

  75. Chelsea says:

    Ooooh! I’m so excited over your new beauty line! Thank you SO much! I’d love to see an illuminator/highlighter that isn’t sparkly or glittery….but gives that etherial glow and reflects light without one actually seeing little particles on the face. Any hydrating, dewy lip butters/stains/sticks would be marvelous too! I’m always hunting for products that are free of harmful chemicals and natural/organic. Thank you, loves!

  76. Mariah says:

    So excited for this new beauty line!!! You girls never stop! :)
    Thanks for the tutorial. If you could do another hair tutorial for Katrina’s braids, I would LOVE that! Your hair always looks so beautiful. I loved your hairstyle for the mermaid and also your braided ponytail when you were on Good Day LA. As far as more products, I would love a K+K face wash. That would be PERFECT. I feel like I’m always looking for a good, refreshing face wash that keeps my skin clear. I’m sure you could make something amazing. Also a moisturizing lotion would be awesome. :) Love you girls! God bless you!

  77. Sarah says:

    Dry shampoo and a good daily moisturizer would be amazing!! Love everything you girls do, thanks for continually taking care of the tiucommunity!♡

  78. Rebecca Dudley says:

    I would love to see a self tanner and nail polish (TIU colors!). Can’t wait to try the sea salt spray! Yay!

  79. Nikki Vega says:

    Agree a nice coconut scent dry shampoo for post workout waves.

  80. Ashley says:

    I would love a dry shampoo! Showering after 2 workouts a day is doing serious damage to my hair. Also a great face moisturizer with spf or BB cream would be amazing!

    1. I’m having the same issue! Sweaty workouts and smelly hair is starting to be a problem! Fingers crossed for dry shampoo!

      1. Heather Smith says:

        I can’t find a good dry shampoo that I like! I have tried several. At this point the best thing that I found is to sprinkle baby powder on my crown, kind of under my hair, and then rub it in. It keeps it from looking greasy. I do have blonde hair though so with darker hair you may want to only try on a little at first to make sure you don’t see the white powder!

  81. Alex Morales says:

    face moisturizers, foundations, and lotion would be fantastic! :)

  82. Hannah says:

    I would love a (not super expensive) shampoo and conditioner!! That would be so cool!! And, I would LOVE to see face masks, moisturizer (with spf ;), and maybe a face wash? I struggle with acne and am always on the lookout for a good product that will work. Thanks gals!!! <3

  83. Stefanie Pennell says:

    so excited to try the spray, just ordered it! thanks for the tutorial kat

  84. K&K Quick question for us naturally thick wavy haired mermaids– is this product okay to use for chemically treated hair? Those of us who colour our hair are told to stay away from anything with salt. :( But i’m DYING to try this TIU product!! I really want to order this ASAP!

    Thanks Karena & Katrina! <3
    P.S Many members (myself included) would LOVE to see a dry shampoo!

    1. toneitupcom says:

      Hi Brit! Beach Waves works great with wavy hair, it will really accentuate your natural texture! And yes, it’s totally okay to use if you have chemically treated hair — it even contains hydrating and nourishing ingredients that can help improve your hair health over time! xxo

  85. Seriously, I am so proud of you ladies to come out with these products. You’re just unstoppable! And I love that I’ve watched you grow your business so much. It’s truly inspirational and makes me feel like anything is possible as a business woman!! Keep it up, K&K. You’re rockin’ it!

  86. Kaidence Rayne Battle says:

    Make up! Or a self tanner that actually works instead of turning you yellow or orange. We want tan skin without damage and without looking like an Oompa Loompa. Also maybe a shampoo and conditioner, something not drying but also not too moisturizing that those of us with oily hair can’t use the conditioner.

  87. karli_tonesup says:

    Boom! Ordered!! You gals are the best, sooooo excited to try out this spray. My hair is finally long enough to do some fun waves but was having a hard time finding a spray I liked. Watching the tutorial tonight once I get the kiddos to bed, yay!!
    Some other beauty products I’d like to see–> anything! Haha, but to answer the question…would love a natural mascara. I have found a few I like but they dry out so quickly. Would love a mascara that held up during workouts but didn’t damage my lashes. Thanks gals!!

  88. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    Just ordered!! Can’t wait to try it out!

  89. Fallon Poston says:

    Oh my gosh y’all are amazing can’t wait love how this community is taking the world by storm. I would love to see a cellulite cream or stretch mark cream… Maybe even a bronzer for that beach babe glow.

  90. Barbara Atencio says:

    I absolutely LOVE this! As if you ladies couldn’t get any better…you go out and launch your own beauty products! :D Is there anything you CAN’T do?! I am SO excited to try this I’ve always loved your waves in the videos! I would love to see more products from you! Love you girls @babstiu :)

  91. Amy Gross McAdams says:

    You HAVE to do a sunless tanner!! I’m loving all the tutorials, Thank you!!

  92. Christine says:

    Can we get an amen for that? Thank you for supporting clean products ladies. If we ask for them, we eventually will receive ;)

  93. Kristen Parrott says:

    How about a fake tanner tutorial???

  94. Christina Winkle-Devlin says:

    I would love to see self tanner & moisturizer.

  95. Nicole Leslie Mahealani Marks says:

    Maybe you could release a line of eco-friendly, organic make up and lotions?

  96. Christine says:

    A skin firming lotion. After all my hard work doing TIU workouts after 4 pregnancies things are a little loose. Would love a product you think might work!

  97. Amanda Langford says:

    I would really like for you to come out with a cleansing towel for face and body that smells fabulous to freshen up after a workout.

  98. ioanna tsap says:

    OMG!!! Transportation to my country costs $32!!! Isn’t that crazy????

  99. Carly DiBiase says:

    I think something that would do really well is if you each came out with your own makeup palette that showed how to get your signature looks! Kat’s could be soft with that bronzed glow, and Karena’s could have a bright lip and cat eye. Also, along with what everyone is saying about a dry shampoo, it would be amazing to create one that you don’t have to brush out for hair like mine & Kat’s! Psst used to make one for wavy and curly hair that didn’t have to be brushed out. It was great but I can’t find it anymore!

  100. Rachel says:

    Where are those adorable crocheted bikinis from?!?!

  101. Rachel Wooten says:

    I would love a coral lipstick/gloss like you mer-babes used in your beauty products vlog. Or some of that coconut water face toner spray! Or make-up remover. Or body spray. All the suggestions below are pretty awesome too. Basically, if you could just open you own Ulta, I think that would work best for all of us. :)

    I also want some clothes! I’m bummed I missed the whole TIU clothing wave (pun)…I love the lil TIU socks, shorts, tanks, & if you made yoga pants, I’d buy them in a heartbeat!!

  102. Alysha Currie says:

    Like many of the girls I also would like to see a self tanner, sunscreen, and dry shampoo. While perhaps not a body product I would also love a Tone It Up Beach Scented candle! Preferably soy based or non toxic one.

  103. Laura S says:

    Love the Video! And for the ladies who suggested the dry shampoo, I agree! Dry shampoo for all haircolors OR for all hair colors!! Have ag great summer ladies!!

  104. Cailey Perkins says:

    I think what would be great is a cleansing conditioner! I am beyond dry shampoo after my workouts and I think cleansing conditioners are a great way to wash/clean your hair but still maintain the moisture you need! You go girls!

  105. ajm says:

    Katrina! I LOVE your mint crochet bikini and white coverup from the tutorial. Can you tag where they are from? THANK YOU! @toneitupcom:disqus

  106. Cortney says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! My hair is stick straight Asian hair, and my curls will usually fall out within 2 hours. :( I’m going to try this though!!

  107. Rebecca says:

    LOVED this beach wave tutorial!! Finally I something easy I can do on my own!! What kind of curling wand did you use? SO excited to try the new beach spray from K&K!! Thank you so much for creating it for us! I would love a really good self tanner and lip stain. Also a regular shampoo and conditioner would be nice too. Or even a leave in conditioner!! Thanks K&K you’re the best!! <3 :)

  108. Lisa Neal says:

    Skin care please! Face wash, coconut water toner, moisturizer, exfoliate, body lotion – everything! And makeup – Josie maran style (coconut water infused)

    1. Rebecca says:

      YES!! This would be amazing!! It’s so hard to find a decent skin care line that is actually good for you skin! I know K&K won’t let us beach babes down! :)

  109. Nicole says:

    I totally agree with dry shampoo! Also, I LOVE the beach babe chap sticks…. I would love to see tinted lip balms from you ladies! Thanks for everything you ladies do!! I love you guys!

  110. Victoria Velez says:

    Super exciting! Are these products cruelty free?

  111. Nicole Leslie Mahealani Marks says:

    Where is Kat’s bikini from?

  112. Anna says:

    Love this tutorial! And I am SO excited about the new K&K line!!!
    Xo, @tiugirlanna

  113. Wendy Noel Thompson says:

    Can’t wait to try K&K seasalt spray! Would love a hole line of beachy products from you babes…body scrub and body & face beach babe bronzers would be amazing!❤️

  114. Jess Sparklz says:

    Thanks so much for the tutorial! Can’t wait to order the sea salt spray with the new dvd! I’d love to see you produce a good self-tanner or bronzer for the body! You always look beautiful!

  115. Jennifer Mullins says:

    Tinted Moisturizer & eye concealer. I try not to wear much make-up, but I almost always use my concealer with mascara. Still on the lookout for a really great tinted moisturizer. Love you ladies so much!

  116. Lindsay Bickler says:

    I am curious as to how to use dry shampoo and conditioner – that would be a helpful tutorial b/c I am way behind the times on that one. Also – curious why kind of curling iron (brand) you use!

  117. Natasha Ulrich says:

    Tinted moisturizer or cc cream pretty please :-)

  118. Candace Sneed says:

    I vote for a dry shampoo. Then maybe some sort of makeup or a tinted moisturizer with spf.

  119. Susan Brabant says:

    Congratulations you ladies are unstoppable. As many have said – self tanner, dry shampoo, bronzer, and the kettlebell!! I think you said you are releasing the ball actually your own line of cute weights while your at it.

  120. Brittany says:

    Would love a sunscreen! Or a tropical/beachy smelling freshening spray or wipes for post workout.

  121. Dana says:

    I also hope that the fragrance is organic essential oils so I don’t get a headache from the chemicals.
    If not, can the formula be changed to natural?

  122. Allison says:

    Ladies we need a K&K fragrance… a parfum, and of course moisturizer to layer, along with a body spray for touch-ups throughout the day. Have you ever smelled Beach by Bobbi Brown or Replica Beach Walk from Maison Martin Margiela? They’re both amazing, and your fragrance should represent what you’re all about, and the scents of your environment… the ocean, the sea air, fresh and natural components, with maybe a slight hint of a tropical flower such as night blooming jasmine (and maybe just a pinch of him skunk :D). Think about it please!

  123. Kayla says:

    Gosh, any sort of natural beauty product would be so appreciated! Dry shampoo, leave-in-conditioner, shampoo & conditioner, face wash (soap free!), moisturizer, a spf BB cream for a dewy glowy beach babe look! Tinted lip balms, the list could go on! Love that you take care of us and pamper us so much :)

  124. Katie Kuhn says:

    Self-tan lotion would be great! Or a fragrance that has that “beachy” smell to it!

  125. Kristen E says:

    Definitely dry shampoo, bronzer, any kind of sun protection!

  126. DaniMama_TIU says:

    OMG!!! This tutorial was so helpful! I had no idea about taking smaller pieces in the front and bigger pieces in the back. If you you could do some kind of self tanner and an awesome day and night moisturizer and an anti-aging skin line! That would be crazy awesome!!!

  127. Katie Luby says:

    I love your too! And what you do for us as a team is amazing!! I’m so glad to be a member of TIU! Thank you so much for this tutorial:) and for karinas makeup tutorial. I would love to see a dry shampo, an oil treatment like the brand Moroccan oil, a conditioner balm!

  128. Stephanie Bogdanski says:

    Hey girls!! Katrina- can you please post the name of the wand you use for your curls in the video?

  129. Antonella says:

    K&K- What curling iron and hairspray do you use? I have never used the wand irons before so I want to know which to buy.

    Also, I typically use Aussie hairspray. I know it’s slightly more toxic but it’s so light and make my thin hair still brushable, just curious on if you guys use something better.

  130. Emily Forte says:

    I would love a face moisturizer with an SPF higher than 20, 30 would be great. Most are an SPF around 15-20 and in the summer that is not enough!

  131. Lauren Gogo says:

    I would also love to know what size the curling wand is? I have a smaller one that tapers at the end and I feel like the curls end up way too tight!

  132. Sarah says:

    Develop face powders!… foundation, blush, eye shadow that is all natural and chemical free :)

  133. Samantha Wiles says:

    Can’t wait to try this beach waves spray! I’m also on the hunt for the best dry shampoo! Haven’t quite found the right one yet. It would be a great product for the K&K line!

  134. Erin says:

    Hi Everyone! I’m big into healthy products too. Companies actually aren’t required to give out the fragrance list because it’s what helps keep things trademarked. Yes, they can be bad. But even Lush, which is one of the best companies I have found, use “fragrance”. It isn’t necessarily bad, just secret, so I’m thinking they may not post it here. Maybe a better question is whether the fragrance is all natural?? Or if you are concerned about a particular ingredient, whether that is in there? On the plus side, at least K&K know we are interested in clean, all-natural products!!! :)

  135. Amber Thornburg says:

    I want to know how Katrina styles her hair wavy! I have the same texture of hair and would love to see that tutorial as well! :)

  136. Stephanie Femino says:

    Great job! Can wait to buy some seal salt spray. If you ever come out with an apparel line I can help you with all of the branding components such as labels, hangtags and packaging

  137. jojo1090 says:

    Hi Girls!
    I would like to get a curling wand like Katrina has in the tutorial! Does anyone know what type it is OR what wand ( and size) are best for medium thick long hair? @KarenaKatrina @toneitupcom



  138. Jessica Taylor says:

    I would love for you guys to come out with a light tanning spray! Maybe one that just gives a light glow/bronze look? Just a thought! I would also love if the K&K line comes out with beauty products! Such as blushes, bronzers and maybe some lipsticks/lipglosses! Love you guys and all that you do for the community!! <3

  139. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t know if this is considered a beauty product, per say, but I always struggle finding good running/working out headbands that actually stay and hold your hair back.

  140. Cindy Hasko says:

    Hi K&K!! You gals are awesome, beautiful and amazing, inside and out!! :) Can you come up with a clear, natural, organic CHAPSTICK with coconut oil in it!? I love chapstick and we need our lips to look nice too, as well as taking care of them. I cannot wait to try your Beach Waves hair product. Stay beautiful on the inside, always! You two are blessed. xo, Cindy :)

  141. Lindsey Blum-Holmes says:

    So excited about your k&k product line!! I am on the hunt for quality skincare and makeup that is natural and good for you! I have a fragrance allergy, so I can’t use products with added fragrance; natural oils and scents are ok though! Would love to find a self tanner that is natural and good for you, but again with out added fragrance. The more natural the products, the better!! Can’t wait to see what you girls come up with next!!

  142. Pema says:

    A good bronzer and an illuminating lotion for a natural looking tan and glow!

  143. Christina says:

    Would love a sunscreen developed from you!

  144. Julie Moses-Cleveland says:

    how about a sunless tanning lotion…i need a good one and i want to know how to apply it so i won’t get streaks!!

  145. Lindsey says:

    I am so weird when it comes to break outs and allergic reactions with my skin. I suffered from acne badly in high school and could never find a product I wasn’t allergic too. I tried at least 22 different solutions and nothing worked so I got on birth control and it helped tremendously. Now that I have been sweating and working out more than I did in high school, my acne is back. I have been to the doctor and recently suffered from an allergic reaction to what they gave me because it had sulfur in it. I had dry skin so bad it bled when I talked or smiled. So maybe a face product to help with breakouts when we sweat? :)

  146. Kayla Fujimoto says:

    This is an odd request…but maybe workout underwear. What kind of underwear do you wear under tight fitting running tights that are comfortable for lots of movement, but don’t show weird and bulgy panty lines?

  147. Cajun Momma says:

    Its a no-brainer: A K&K fragrance! Something beachy, fresh, sweet (because you guys are the sweetest) and coconut-y. Like coconut cake on the beach. That I would buy in a heartbeat! That and/or some lovely shades of lip stain/gloss, corals and pinks and reds, perhaps laced with the amazing flavors of the lip balms you already offer in the tone it up shop (LOVE and completely addicted to the pineapple lip balm!). Perhaps as you grow your beauty line you guys could create a gym essentials bag. An on the go kit with a travel size of each product essential to an after gym routine (texturizing spray, fragrance, lip balm, all over moisturizer, a facial cleansing product, facial toning spray, etc.). That would just be awesome. Congratulations to growing y’alls brand! And thank you! You guys are awesome!

  148. Amanda Tumblin says:

    I would love to see a line for post workout/bootycall but no time to fully shower. Like good dry shampoo, some kind of body refresher maybe, and then like a face ket of essentials to stash in a gym bag–tinted sf, bronzer, a little eye palette or something go-to for after workout before work. I have kind of cobbled this sort of thing together, but it’s s unwieldy, and I feel like no one is really specifically speaking tot hat sort of on the go, post workout beauty routine. And obviously you guys would be perfect :)

  149. lisa says:

    With asthma I can use hairspray and mist fragrances also cause attacks. Is it possible to have it fragrance free?

  150. Maggie says:

    First, I’m all about cruelty free & all natural products so that’s only what I buy. Actually I usually just make my own. But I would seriously like for k&k to come out with an organic, natural, & cruelty free self tanner. They always have such a great glow and I know they said they use St. Tropez but that’s not a cruelty free brand and its not natural. I would love that and bronzer without shimmer!! Awesome job ladies!

  151. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome, thanks so much! I’ll check it out :)

  152. Desiree says:

    It’s not a beauty thing but a app for Android would be awesome I love the iPhone but there’s no android one

  153. Vivian says:

    Could you PLEASE make a body spray in the same fragrance as the sea salt spray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!! It smells sooo good. You could make a body wash, body lotion, and body spray in that same smell and I would love it!! And face wash, toner, face lotion, face mask!!!! I want everything with that smell! Hair wash, conditioner, hair spray. Candles!! :-) love it all

  154. Dana says:

    I just received my order of Beach Waves sea salt spray from K & K. Unfortunately, it is indeed chemically fragranced. Very strong and toxic smelling. Odd that the makers claim to be so into health & “taking care of their beach babes.”
    Yeh, I guess all the way to the bank! Cheap ingredients!!!

    1. Karin Thomas says:

      That’s too bad. Maybe they’ll make a change now that they know it’s important to their customers.

  155. Cassandra Di Mauro says:

    I know it’s not a beauty product, but would love to see an Android App and maybe a Men’s line for workouts…I think my hubs would utilize that!!!

  156. Taylor Overton says:

    Thought of a possible beauty “product” to be featured in the TIU store! what if you ladies did a TIU monthly box subscripition that goes along with all the awesome lifestyle posts/vlogs you ladies do!? one that features all your used, approved and beloved products? I know I for one, and am very confident many other TIU girls, would LOVE this. so like how you have done video blogs of favorite makeup products, hair products, body products ect. and they could also feature TIU products as well! Seriously, this would be so awesome! just a thought :)

  157. Nicole says:

    Do french braid next? I’ve always wanted to know how to do them!

  158. Betty says:

    I have naturally wavy hair. If I tried this tutorial, would it work with a clamp wand? I have a clamp, but I don’t have a barrel.
    P.S. I suck at doing my hair/beauty stuff. :P

  159. Natalie says:

    I would really love to see you ladies introduce a good sunscreen that won’t feel all grease and cloggy

  160. Natalie says:

    Oh and I loved the bikini challenge…..saved my summer self-esteem ;)

  161. Bailey Wheeler says:

    As far as new products go I would love for K & K to come out with a Tone It Up Iphone 6 case! I absolutely love being all decked out in Tone It Up gear, and it always a good way to bring up the amazing Tone It Up community to my friends! Can’t to see all the new products they create with their new line!

  162. Taylor Overton says:

    Thought of a possible beauty “product” to be featured in the TIU store! what if you ladies did a TIU monthly box subscripition that goes along with all the awesome lifestyle posts/vlogs you ladies do!? one that features all your used, approved and beloved products? I know I for one, and am very confident many other TIU girls, would LOVE this. so like how you have done video blogs of favorite makeup products, hair products, body products ect. and they could also feature TIU products as well! Seriously, this would be so awesome! just a thought :)

  163. Brandi says:

    I would love to see you guys come out with a good foundation! It’s so hard to find one that is clean and not pore clogging! A dry shampoo would be amazing as well!

  164. Cami says:

    Where is Katrina’s blue crochet bathing suit from in the pictures?? It is so cute

  165. Andrea says:

    I would really like a dry shampoo and a sunless tanner.

  166. I’d love to see a minimal makeup day,like a beach day routine. I’ve gotten my routine down to mascara, eyeliner,and a great bronzer/highlighter duo, but I’d like to see your typical beach day makeup routines. Pretend the cameras aren’t running, please:)

  167. did anyone find out where the bikini is from…i think I may have known at some point but can’t find the reply

  168. Concealer, Concealer, Concealer….!! I’m talking about a concealer that conceals and has anti-aging properties in a pump dispenser bottle. Thta would be great!

  169. Would this work on short hair? My is too my chin and I can’t really curl it with a curling wand :(

  170. Oh, I felt in love with this immediately ???
    The waves are absolutely amazing! And this summer feeling…!
    Looking forward the beach :)

  171. I tried this with my own salt spray this past weekend and it was adorable!! It was very mermaid and I loved it. Will be adding to my list of go-to styles!

  172. Love this and cannot wait to order the sea salt spray! Other things the K&K line should consider making could include: beach babe curling iron, make-up for that perfect summer glow, dry shampoo, sun screen that won’t make us break out :) …the possibilities are endless!

  173. Hi! I just got my sea spray and my skin mask…. obsessed! I love your products and I want to buy everything on your website! I didn’t read all of the comments but YES to a dry shampoo and even a dry conditioner to use after the gym? Also a product that I have always wanted but never been able to find would be a SPF spray that gives a little color and glow? I am Irish and super white and would love something that I could spray on at the lake or the beach or even just with a sun dress that gives just a pretty glow with sun protection! I also agree that tinted lip balms would be fantastic! A bronzer powder and maybe a protective tinted eye base and tinted moisturizer and maybe some facial wipes (again for after the gym!) Anything to keep the post work-out glow!

  174. Sunscreen that doesn’t stink and has some tint to it. Dry shampoo for after working out and not having time to do your hair. I would also think a good face moisturizer and body lotion. I’m in the pool more than the beach so a leave in conditioner would be fantastic! :)

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