Balanced and Beautiful Babes!

You’re lookin’ SO beautiful with your new book! We’ve been scrolling through Insta admiring your pics 💗✨ We poured our hearts and souls into writing this book, so it means the world to us to see it in your hands and to read all about your favorite parts!

If you don’t have your copy yet, grab it HERE so you can join us for the Balanced and Beautiful 5-Day Reset starting Monday, August 6th as a part of your Summer Tone Up! It’s a 5-day mini challenge filled with mindfulness, workouts, lifestyle advice, and girl talk. We’ll be posting tips and surprises every day here on and on Instagram.

And keep those pics coming with your new book 👉 #Balancedandbeautiful 💜 Love you lots!!




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Check out these babes! ~


“This book is so beautiful but even beyond that it is full of love and light! Because I just moved for the first time ever, I’ve been trying to find my life groove and find peace in a new place. This book is full of good advice on how to feel refreshed, motivated, inspired, energized, and relaxed💫✨ I am in love! 💗 #balancedandbeautiful”


“So today I took a minute to myself & made a Target run specifically for @karenadawn & @katrinaascott’s new book, Balanced and Beautiful✨ I cannot tell you how excited I am to start reading- these women have changed my life in so many positive ways, and I look forward to reading/learning ways to reset my mind, body, & spirit! So much love for our trainers and this community💕 #balancedandbeautiful”


“My heart was so happy to finally get my hands on #balancedandbeautiful! This journey for me has certainly been about nutrition and fitness but Tone It Up has been so much more. I am continually learning about self-love, self-confidence, appreciation, empowerment, graciousness….just to name a few. I have felt like a stronger woman mentally, physically, and spiritually…@katrinaascott and @karenadawn and everyone in this #tiucommunity have really opened my eyes and heart to a new way of living. A better way of living! To see so much of this on the pages of this book brings me pure joy! I love holding it in my hands and looking at it on my table and feeling so proud of everyone…I cannot wait to dig into this book and start this journey with all of you! We all deserve it! Thank you Tone It Up for yet another piece to the puzzle!”


“Today is a rest day for me so why not dive into this beautiful book!😍❤️ So excited to read it and learn more healthy lifestyle tips to reset my body, mind, and spirit!💕 #balancedandbeautiful! “


“My copy finally made it! #ToneItUp @katrinaascott @karenadawn #balancedandbeautiful”


“THIS book is everything! #balancedandbeautiful I am so excited to finally hold it in my hands! I snuggled up on the balcony and told my fiancé to not speak to me the rest of the day! It’s refreshing, inspiring, and motivating on each page. I also love that so many #tiugirls are in it and share some of their love and best tips! 💕beautiful!!”


“Yes finally I got the time to start reading my book!!! My sweet girl decided to join me 💕@katrinaascott @karenadawn I absolutely love this book it is so freaking adorable and gorgeous, worth every penny 😍#balancedandbeautiful”



“Already feeling balanced ~ I received my copy of #balancedandbeautiful this morning and once I opened the stunning cover and began reading through the pages, I couldn’t stop! This book is absolutely gorgeous and everything I needed at this time in my journey to reflect, refocus, and set new goals. 🙏 The section of the book that resonates the most with me today is “Refresh.” Thank you @katrinaacott & @karenadawn for always being such an inspiration and radiating so much positive energy. This book is truly amazing and I appreciate all the hard work and passion that has gone into it, as well as all the inspiration from the entire Tone It Up community 🤗💗 If you haven’t gotten the book yet I highly recommend it. There is a section, quote, recipe for whatever area of your fitness journey that you’re on!”


“I finally made time to sit down and read some of this pretty book. I was immediately drawn to chapter 4…Energize! Working nightshift it can be very difficult to feel energized! The entire chapter is just what I needed to start new habits in order to boost my energy levels during those long nights! This chapter has so much helpful information packed in it from energizing food recommendations to the girlfriend guide! I look forward to reading the rest of #balancedandbeautifu before starting my 5-day reset on August 6th with the #tiuteam 💜”


“Hugging my copy of #balancedandbeauitful so hard right now! This book could not have come out at a more PERFECT time! Coming home and picking this book up is exactly what I needed! Time to reset and refresh! Thank you so much to @karenadawn @katrinaascott and the whole #tiuteam who contributed to the gorgeous book! I already love it so much!”

***If you’re one of the 10 girls featured above, email us at [email protected] with your name & Insta handle to get your prize! We’re sending you a $100 gift card to the new Tone It Up Boutique!!!

Grab your Balanced and Beautiful book HERE! We’re all doing the 5-Day Reset from the book starting Monday, August 6th! Join us to feel like your most empowered, centered, and gorgeous self


  1. This is literally my favorite book ever-it is so inspiring and beautiful!

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