7 Summer Beauty Hacks For Glowing Skin & Gorgeous Hair

 Beach time, BBQs, rocking the Summer Tone Up together…who else is having the best summer?! Aaaand we still have plenty of time to soak up the sunshine and enjoy the season.

Today we’re sharing our best summer beauty tricks, from getting a beachy bronze to protecting your skin and banishing breakouts. These are total lifesavers for us when we’re shooting all day in the sun or hanging at outdoor parties. We called up some of our girlfriends and beauty pros for their advice too ~ these girls always have the best tips!

Protect your beautiful skin

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it a million times because it’s that important! And it’s not just for the beach ~ we apply COOLA sunscreen every single day and then keep a mini one in our bags (or even our sports bras!) to reapply. Sunscreen protects your skin from UV rays, damaging free radicals, and fine lines.

If you do get a sunburn, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Kate Somerville, aesthetician and founder of Kate Somerville skincare, also suggests applying an aloe vera gel and a lightweight moisturizer to prevent peeling and soothe irritated skin. But no need to go crazy with the moisturizer! Kate also told to us that over-moisturizing can actually lock in heat and redness from sunburn, so a little bit goes a long way!

Sweat-proof your makeup

That feeling when your makeup is melting and smearing at a summer BBQ…😭 We asked our makeup artist and friend Jenna Anton for her best tricks to keep everything perfectly in place! “Start with your skincare and find a good oil-free moisturizer. Anything that says ‘oil-free’ is going to stay put longer” she says. “Then use an anti-shine product like a mattifying cream in your t-zone. I like to apply that on the forehead, cheeks, and bridge of the nose.”

Jenna also recommends carrying oil-blotting papers to dab off any excess sweat or oil without smearing your makeup. “Translucent pressed powder is also great, “ she says. “And I like to keep around a few Q-Tips for cleaning up smudges.”

K&K Week in the life

Get a beachy bronze glow

We have lots of experience with this one ;) I like to put my sunless tanner on in the shower so it doesn’t make a mess and Kat uses coconut oil on her elbows and knees to avoid streaks.

Check out our post HERE for a full step-by-step guide to getting a gorg faux glow!

Don’t feel the burn ~ the razor burn

Ouch! Somerville explains that if you tend to experience razor burn, it’s important to make sure you shave in the direction that your hair is growing, not against it!  “Exfoliate your skin before shaving too; this will help give you a closer shave,” she says. “If you do get razor burn, apply an aloe vera gel to calm the irritation.”  And, of course, don’t shave again until your razor burn has healed!

karena dawn haircut locks of love hairstyles advice

Keep your hair healthy & strong

Summer activities like swimming or spending hours in the sun can be a little rough on your locks, but there are a few things you can do to keep your hair lookin’ like a mermaid! Our fab stylist Ashley Kucich says, “You shouldn’t worry about not enjoying your summer, but my number one tip is to make sure you wash your hair off with clean water soon after you get out of the pool or get home from the beach. EASY!”

Another simple hair hack from Ashley: “To make life simple, instead of spending all your time blow drying, curling, and putting a bunch of product in your hair, allow your routine to be influenced by the summer and play up those braids! Summer months welcome beachy, natural hair so play with different types of braids to see which ones work best with your hair texture. You could set your hair in one braid, two boxer braids, a fishtail braid, piggy tail braids, or anything else you want to try!”

Check out Kat’s easy fishtail braid tutorial HERE!

Bye breakouts 

Acne can be more frequent in the summer because of sweat and sunscreen. If you think your sunscreen is causing breakouts, switch to an oil-free, non-comedogenic formula (aka a formula designed specifically to prevent acne; you’ll see the term on labels), says Kate. Showering directly after being in the sun will also help prevent face and body breakouts.

OMG I’m totally buggin’

To keep pesky bugs away when you’re hangin’ outside, we like to use an all-natural bug spray like this one from the Honest Company! If you do get bit, Kate says, “You can ice a particularly bad bite to bring down swelling, then apply an anti-itch ointment.”

What are your go-to summer beauty tips? Tell us in the comments!


  1. fab list!
    If anyone is also interested, another option for bug bits is lime! I cut a quarter piece up and rub the juice on bites when I have been camping all weekend and I’m covered! It stings less than anti-itch creams and its all natural- win win :)

  2. Great tips! I make my own all natural bug spray with essential oils. Works great for trail hikes on me and my #tiupups! Bonus: It smells like a spa treatment!

  3. I saw that Beautyblender put out a reusable oil blotting sponge that I’ve been dying to pick up this summer! I’ve started putting a bottle of spray sunscreen in my purse because I’m getting some really funky flip flop tan lines. :)

  4. One of my fave summer treatments is using a full body scrub by Pure Fiji and applying their body oil afterwards do! You get such a beautiful glow and I feel so sexy and fresh after I use it in the shower!

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