3 Things You Don’t Know About Us ~ Holiday Hustle

On the 1st day hustlin’ Tone It Up gave to meeee…a challenge to take a selfieeee ♫🎄 Upload a selfie on Instagram today & share 3 things about YOU! We’ll be looking out for them and updating this post today with all your gorgeous selfies and details about you! 😍 This is an amazing way to get to know each other better and connect with new girls in the community! Throughout the challenge, staying connected with this beautiful team will keep us all motivated and inspired! ✨

Here are a few things about us that you may or may not know ~

✓ We met 10 years ago at the gym. Kat came up to me and we realized we were both new to town (Kat moved from Boston and I moved from Marina Del Rey, originally from Indiana)! We then met up for coffee walks and started dreaming up how we would create a community for women with positive self-talk, empowerment, positive reinforcement to be fit, and all about friendship so girls could meet through fitness like we did (which didn’t really exist at the time).

✓ The first time we ever filmed was on the beach with a tripod that kept falling over in the wind…Brian then edited it using every sound effect on iMovie! 🙈 Our first 12 followers were our friends and family! They’re still our biggest cheerleaders! 🤗

✓ And lastly…something we’ve never shared that might be totally obvious…wine > weights 🍷🏋Seriously tho, we’ll never tell you that you girls can’t enjoy! It’s all about balance!

Remember to share your 3 things with us on Insta so we can feature you right here in this post! We can’t wait to read what you write!

Cheers babes!



3 Things About You!



✓ “I collect shot glasses, I pretty much get one in every city I visit!”

✓ “When I was born (ask my mom and she blames the nurse), she spelled my name wrong and I never knew until I was applying to college and financial aid and kept getting rejected stating “this person does not exist”, so I had to legally get a name change the summer before college”

✓ “I don’t have cable….I use my sister’s Netflix, watch online for free, go out to a bar to watch football games, and for my Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise addiction I watch it at the gym while getting in some Cardio❤️”




✓ “I am a Speech Language Pathologist in sub-acute rehab and I’m a certified brain injury and stroke recovery specialist”

✓ “I married my celebrity crush!”

✓ “I am fully obsessed with our dog Porter and all dogs. All of them 🐶”



✓ “My last name is Williams, I was a Williams before I met my husband, you know, it’s my maiden name, But it was his last name too, so I kept my last name AND I changed it. You can look at it either way!”

✓ “I love ice cream. Like, really, really love it”

✓ “My sister and I were recently issued the patent for our baby product!!”



✓ “I am a stay at home mom to one 2 year old little boy and am pregnant with our second!”

✓ “My family and I try to live as close to 100% chemical free as we can and love it!”

✓ “I got back and forth between wanting a bigger house and wanting a tiny house….love the idea of minimalism…but then I think, where would I keep all my Tone It Up Protein? 😂”



✓ “I love to snowboard”

✓ “My favorite book is Pride & Prejudice”

✓ “I was a busy athlete up to 18 yrs old ⚽️🏐”



✓ “I am a Registered Dietician Nutritionist and also soon to be Personal Trainer!”

✓ “I am always looking for a new TIU accountability partner!”

✓ “I have a YouTube Channel!”


✓ “I recently moved to Phoenix from Chi with my hubby”

✓ “Working on studying for my boards!”

✓ “I love to paint and draw but only can do it in moments of inspiration – which usually happens at 1am lol”



✓ “I know how to pay the piano”

✓ “I ran the Boston Marathon in 2016”

✓ “I am a graphic designer by night – I mostly help create wedding invitations, save the dates, and programs!”



✓ “I don’t like kale!”

✓ “I am a morning person!”

✓ “I got new sneakers and love them!”



✓ “I have never seen the movies Wizard of Oz or A Christmas Story…I know I know, who am I?!”

✓ “I am 5’10” and I’ve been this tall since the 4th grade.”

✓ “I love Disneyland and all things Disney!”



✓ “I love anything that has to do with music and dance”

✓ “I’m very passionate about volunteering and helping those less fortunate than me, especially during the holidays.”

✓ “Traveling is my favorite hobby and learning about other cultures.”



✓ “I run OCR (obstacle course races)”

✓ “Christmas Vacation is my favorite Holiday movie”

✓ “I’ve always lived in IL (apart from when I was in school in WI)”



✓ “I am the oldest of 3 girls”

✓ “I love to read!”

✓ “I’m a TIU mom to 2 little boys!”



✓ “I just got engaged! (wedding TIU Nutrition Plan here we go)”

✓ “I’m a TIU boss babe working on opening an Amy Head Cosmetics location here in Nashville!”

✓ “I would love to meet the local TIU community!”



✓ “I am in full time ministry with my husband”

✓ “I love Hallmark movies 🎄This time of year!”

✓ “I played D1 College soccer and had a chance to play in Barcelona this summer on a mission trip!”



✓ “I am a proud ICU Nurse. I just graduated with my Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner.”

✓ “I like to sing!”

✓ “I have never said “I love you” to any other man other than my dad.”



✓ “I’ve taught in PA public schools for 14 years and I’m currently on maternity leave until the spring.”

✓ “My favorite shows right now are This Is Us and Call Of The Midwife”

✓ “I much prefer the country over the city. I can just feel the calm come over me when we drive into the mountains to our family’s cabin.”

Let’s hustle babe! Join us for the Holiday Hustle for daily workouts, lifestyle challenges, delicious recipes, and more to have a healthy & happy season together!


  1. I already posted about this on an other article but I want to ask again will there be more free stuff on the studio tone it up app in the future?

    1. Hey Joyce! Hope you’re loving the Holiday Hustle! You can always find your Daily Moves free in your TIU app. We also have amazing free videos for you on YouTube and a complimentary video programmed into your Weekly Schedule every day. There are tons of options for every girl and every budget! xxo

      1. So are you saying there will not be more free stuff added on the app in the future? I really want to join the studio membership but I can’t afford it :(

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