7DSD, #TIUSeattle, and Speaking at AMAZON!

This week… 🙌🏻

You’re going to CRUSH the 7 Day Slim Down this weekend!!

Our super easy tips for staying on track!

13 Ways You Know You’re a #TIUgirl!!

Do I have kale in my teeth?!

7 Day Slim Down ~ Tone It Up

THE 7 DAY SLIMDOWN! We’re all starting the 7 Day Slimdown together on Mond…

Sunset Cruising, Shots, & Gettin’ Slim Down Ready!

A week in our life!

Rosé with K&K in Jamaica! Beauty secrets, tanner, bootycalls, & hiccups!

Come hang with us in Jamaica!

We’re answering all your 7 Day Slim Down questions! YES WAY COOKIES & WAFFLES!

We’re all doing the 7 Day Slim Down together starting Monday, June 19!!

How to Break Through A Plateau! Tips From #TIUgirls

These babes have the BEST advice!

NYC, Bobby Call, & Barre Class!

Hi gorgeous! How’s your week been?! We’re…

Wine Not Wednesday ~ Our Skincare Routines, Fave Movie Quotes & The Weirdest Stuff in Our Purses

Our girl Emily joins us!

Beach Party, Fam Time & DONUTS!!

Hi beautiful! What are you up to this weekend? I’m …

VIDEO ~ Come Behind the Scenes of the 2017 BIKINI SERIES!!

Watch it today!

Coffee Chat~ Love at First Sight, Embarrassing Stories, & How K&K met B&B!

You’ll never believe these confessions!

We Need ALL The Florals For Summer!!

Our new apparel is perfect for this season!

Memorial Day Motivation Monday ~ Honoring Our TIU Military Families

Hope you’re having an amazing weekend.  Today we&#…



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