Bikini Bites: Tacos & Margaritas!

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With Cinco De Mayo approaching in just a few days, it’s no wonder Katrina and I have been in the mood for some south of the border flavor! We’re missing our girls trip to Cabo (pic above!)


Traditionally, Mexican food is bright, fresh, spicy and perfect to enjoy on a warm day, but depending on how you mix it up, it’s not always the best option for that bikini body. Not to worry…we’ve got you covered with Tone It Up approved tacos & margaritas along with some great pointers to use next time you’re eating at a Mexican restaurant.

Let’s celebrate…

Bikini Bite Tacos

These are vegan, gluten free, light and super satisfying. One bite and you’ll be shouting, Olé!


Serves 5-6

  • 3 Tbs of grapeseed oil
  • 3 cups of cooked quinoa*
  • 3 1/2 mushrooms, chopped
  • 1/4 cup of cilantro, diced + more for garnish
  • 2 tablespoons of taco seasoning*
  • Head of iceberg or romaine lettuce

For Topping

  • Your Favorite Salsa. We love Pico De Gallo and Corn Salsa
  • Sliced Avocados
  • Lime Wedges
  • Crushed Cashews


Separate the lettuce leaves, wash thoroughly and allow to dry.

Heat oil in a pan for a few minutes on medium heat before adding mushrooms. Allow to cook for 7-10 minutes until they become soft. Add cooked quinoa, taco seasoning and cilantro, and mix thoroughly as you continue to cook for a few minutes.

*If you want extra protein, you can add either chicken, shrimp, fish, black beans, tofu or tempeh to the mix. If you like, top with a small scoop of greek yogurt instead of sour cream!! 

Spoon a bit of the taco “meat” into each lettuce cup, top with desired sides and serve.

Beach Babe Margarita

Making healthy cocktails is about using natural, high quality ingredients and skipping the pre-made mixers! This Tone It Up approved Beach Babe Margarita is refreshing and perfect for celebrating.



serves 1

  • 2 limes, freshly juiced
  • 2 oz of tequila
  • stevia or a touch of agave for sweetness
  • sea salt for the rim ~ optional
  • ice
  • lime wedge for garnish


Shake all ingredients and pour over ice or blend it up! Serve in your favorite glass. If desired, rim your margarita glass with coarse sea salt. Take a lime wedge around the edge of the glass, then dip the rim in a plate of salt. Garnish with a lime wedge. Cheers, babe!

 BEACH BABE TIP :) Treat yourself to no more than one or two margaritas while getting summer-ready. Be sure to also drink a glass of water in between each cocktail to ensure you feel fabulous for that BootyCall the next morning!

Karena and I live close to a little Mexican restaurant in town, and when we’re busy working late, it’s the only place open to order food from! If you keep a few of the following guidelines in mind, it’s easy to keep it Lean, Clean & Green while enjoying the Mexican flavors.

Dining out? Here’s what to order:

  • Say no to chips, cheese and sour cream. Every Mexican restaurant we’ve been to is actually quite accommodating, so don’t be shy! If you’re sitting down to eat with friends, ask your server to bring you sliced, raw bell peppers to dip in salsa instead of chips!
  • Regardless of what you order, ask for extra veggies, lettuce and black beans instead of rice, tortillas and cheese. Fajitas are often a good option!
  • Order À la carte ~ Go for chicken, grilled fish, shrimp or steamed veggies and pair it with black beans, salsa and just a touch of guacamole! BONUS: this is also a budget friendly option!

If you’re celebrating, we challenge you to one extra mile during your workout either Saturday or Sunday! That’s right… add that mile to your BootyCall or take a break in your day to fit it in. You won’t regret it, we promise :)

These Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved Tacos & Margaritas pair perfectly well with good friends and sunny days!

Looking for more amazing recipes? We love the Enchiladas con Mole from your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. They’re vegan, gluten free and deliciously satisfying!

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan teaches you how to fuel your body to get & stay lean…it’s the perfect way to prepare for summer and feel amazing in that bikini! Learn more about the plan here!


Here’s a fun video Karena & I filmed a few years ago at a local Mexican restaurant in town! Blast from the past…


  1. Jen Buskohl says:

    These recipes look so yummy! Also, I am loving Karena’s bangs from this video! I think she should rock them again!

  2. There’s a large probability that I will exchange the mushrooms for mini bell peppers and the cilantro for spices rather than herbs. (Fresh herbs on a student budget=Not happening right now, haha) BUT now I want tacos for Sunday! Thanks! :D

    1. Samantha says:

      Fresh cilantro is usually under $1 per bundle. Stick the ends of the bunch in a jar filled with water and put a plastic bag over it. Stick it in the fridge and it will keep for a few weeks! I make lots of homemade Mexican food and guacamole, so I always have it on hand – it’s definitely too expensive if you’re buying a new bunch every week, but this way you don’t have to! And hard herbs like Thyme and Rosemary will freeze just the way they are… I rinse & dry them, put them in a ziplock bag and stick them in the freezer. It saves so much money if you don’t have to toss the majority of the fresh herbs you just bought because they went bad before you could use them.

    2. Monica Sanchez says:

      Good tips on the fresh herbs Samantha! Just moved my Rosemary to the freezer before it goes bad! :-)

  3. Cristina says:

    looks so good! and now i’m really mad!!! I didn’t go with my family to Panchos last weekend cuz I was trying to be healthy… NOT doing that again!! Thank you so much! Gosh we have the best mexican restaurants in the south bay dont we….

  4. Laura Patterson says:

    Yes! Mexi dishes are my favorite and I love the healthier suggestions and straight up margarita recipe! I remember fondly that video you posted a few years ago as it was when I first started following your workout program- how far we have all come! Thank you for the inspiration and tips along the way!

  5. Kelly Barnes says:

    Hello ladies! What does the taco seasoning consist of? I’m assuming it’s not the pre-made packets at the grocery store since those have tons of sodium in them.

    1. Kristen O'Brien says:

      I looked at the ingredients from a packet and basically it’s cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika

    2. Samantha says:

      Google how to make your own taco seasoning blend. There are many recipes online that seek to replicate packaged taco seasonings! Just mix and store the excess in a small container or jar :)

    3. Monica Sanchez says:

      Yeah, definitely do not buy the packets from the store! They are full of all sorts of junk! And, you probably have all of the spices to make your own seasoning already.

  6. Jennifer Beard says:

    My family and I went to Manhattan Beach for my birthday, and I insisted we try Pancho’s. It was our favorite meal of the entire weekend! And that salmon salad was HUGE. Thanks for sharing, K&K!

  7. Jessi Kolouri says:

    Mexican food is my weakness, so thank you for sharing these tips!

  8. Liesl says:

    So I made these tacos for the first time last night and I’m now obsessed!! They’re sooo good! Mexican food is my biggest weakness so love that you’ve created this healthier version.

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