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When we dreamt up your Tone It Up app, our goal was simple: give you exclusive access to the best trainers, the most effective workouts, and THE most amazing community of women just like you. And this week we unveiled a brand new update to take your experience ~ and your results ~ to the next level!

We designed your new app with specific fitness programs built around your goals. You can choose what program is best for YOU and join on your own timeline. Once you join a program, we take out all the guesswork for you. We program all your weekly workouts into an easy-to-follow schedule, and provide guidelines to help you succeed.

Today we’re giving you a sneak peek at the incredible programs waiting for you! Not sure which one’s your perfect match? Check out the cheat sheet below! Whether your goal is to build strength, tone up fast, or get fit post-baby, we’ve got just the program for you! 

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Find Your Perfect Fitness Program

Tone It Up Strength

Perfect for: Building major strength 

Join Katrina and Chyna for an amazing 6-week strength training program designed to form lean, gorgeous muscle from head to toe! Each day, you’ll focus on a different muscle group to maximize your strength, boost your metabolism, and transform your total body. Can you guess which day is our fave?! Hint: 🍑🍑🍑

Beach Babe

Perfect for: Total body toning 

Come hit the beach with us! This 4-week program features our all-time favorite workouts from Tone It Up’s Beach Babe and Bikini Series. Each week, you’ll get 7 seriously sculpting workouts from — from HIIT to strength training to restorative yoga — to help you achieve incredible results. Karena, Katrina, and all your fave Studio Tone It Up trainers are waiting for you! 

14 Day Slay

Perfect for: Getting fit fast 

Let’s slay babe! This 14-day program is just what you need to get you prepped for a big event, celebration, vacation — or anytime you need a little refresh. It includes some of our favorite quick and effective workouts to raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and tone your total body. It’s the ideal mix of heart-pumping cardio and strength training to get great results fast!

Tone It Up Mama

Perfect for: Busy mamas   

Whether you’re 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years post-baby, this is the postpartum program for you! Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll join new mama Katrina to strengthen to your total body, rebuild your core, and boost your confidence to look and feel like the supermama you are! And don’t worry, these routines are short and sweet — including workouts you can do while your baby is napping, playing, or strolling along with you! 

Are you in? Tell us which program you’re starting with and we’ll see you in the app

And if you’re still deciding on a program, no rush! You can also get amazing results using the On Demand section of your app. We have hundreds of workouts to target your booty, arms, abs, and so much more! 

And psst…we’ll be continually adding more programs to your app. Tell us what you wanna see below! 

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  1. I would love to see body specific concentrated programs. Like for Booty, Arms or Abs. Obviously including workouts for other body parts but mostly aimed for a specific body part you want to work on or that is lagging behind.

  2. Body part specific training for areas we want to concentrate on or is lagging behind. Would also love a program using only your bodyweight for all workouts.

    1. I’m loving the programs, but I agree being able to create a weekly schedule would be great for weeks we aren’t doing a program!

  3. It would be so much fun to have a program that incorporated meditation and a holistic approach, or a yoga challenge! Or maybe even make themed programs from your 5-day reset book. By the way — still having some issues with certain videos not rotating to full screen on iPhone (like the Ultimate Booty Call in the Beach Babe program).

    1. I 100% agree.
      I just went into my 2nd trimester and a program separated by trimesters would be absolutely amazing 😍

  4. Hi Girls! I’d like to know if you’re a Nutrition Member you’ll have access to all recipes through the app or if just the ones that are available for everyone are in the app and the rest of the recipes you have to look in to the nutrition book/plan?

    Love the new app!

  5. I love that the programs are now more customizable to individual needs!

    I would love love love if there was a running program! With workouts that target mostly the lower body and core to help you get ready for an upcoming race – whether it’s a 5k or marathon, or any distance in between!

  6. I would love to be able to pull up my nutrition plan when I log in. As well as past programs you’ve had like Love Your Body. Such a good series.

  7. Hi guys,
    I love the new version of the app. I was wondering if in the weekly schedule on the app if the workouts are listed in order for the day of the week? If not could that be brought back. Like Monday arms, Tuesday full body.
    Thank you:)

    1. I AGREE 110%!!! @shanenell did you see at the very bottom of the On Demand section there is a “weekly schedule”? I am just wondering if that will be updated or if that will always be that way as an “example”???

    2. I was wondering the same! I am loving all of these specific programs to do on our own time. But another part of what I love about tiu is that a lot of the other guesswork was taken out. The weekly schedules were sooo helpful and made it all so easy! I don’t mind choosing my own workout vids, but would still love to have a weekly guide so that we can plan our workouts for the week ahead of time. It always kept me from getting into a mundande workout rut since every week was different :)

      1. I love the new app but yes!! I came here to say this! Please please please bring back the weekly workout schedule for all the reasons listed above in the comments. It takes out the guesswork and even if I do all the programs back to back to back I just feel like I’ll get bored constantly going through them over and over again. As a former college athlete the weekly schedule is what initially drew me to TIU and it keeps me accountable. I miss it and really hope it comes back to the app asap.

  8. Hey! I was watching Katrina’s stories for the strength program. She said there was an “attachment” you could use if you didn’t have room for squat bar but It didn’t link to it???

  9. Really liking the new app so far, but I do miss scheduling my workouts for the week. What about when we finish the programs that we want to do? Will there be options to workout in a studio class like the previous app allowed and ability to chat before and after classes? I know we still have the on-demand sections but I did like the studio class feature. Also a beginners running section or flexibility challenge would be fun for those of us wanting to work on those areas.

      1. I agree, I loved chatting with everyone before and after the workouts. I really miss that part of it.

  10. I’m loving the app so far! It’s so exciting and I have months of workouts to follow at my fingertips! I think a “restorative” program that’s a couple weeks with just barre and yoga would be fantastic 😍 Thanks for all the hard work TIU, team! ❤️

  11. I’m sorry to bother but I was wondering if there will be some free stuff added on the new app. I can’t afford the subscription cause I’m having problems getting a job. If there won’t be free stuff added I can’t use the app

  12. Hi TIU!!! I’d like to see more 5 mins buildable sweaty workouts in Barre, Tabata, Boxing, & Pilates. Also, please include Pilates!!!

  13. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a running program led by Stefanie, being a BA runner herself. Maybe have both option for outside and inside run training.

    1. Oh and maybe adding past challenges to the app so we can do them over again if we want. How will future challenges be going forward?

  14. I like the new app, but I wish the weekly schedule would still be an option. That way you can choose to join a program or just do the scheduled workout for the day (or choose something on demand). I liked the excitement of the new workouts coming out for class each week and having a scheduled workout and body part that it was focused on. Once you get through the programs, you would just be going in a rotation it seems of all the programs (or scrolling on demand to decide on what workout to do). I would like to know when new workouts are available, and having the weekly workout schedule each week was a fun option/feature I will really miss.

  15. Please bring back the weekly scheduled workouts — I loved how every day was planned out and focused on a different body part. I also miss chatting with TIU gals before and after my workouts, it was so motivating and really added to the community vibe! As far as the new challenges go, it’s great that we can do them at our own convenience, but currently there’s only two programs that I can do, seeing that one is for postpartum mama’s and the other requires gym equipment (one of the reasons I do TIU is so I don’t have to go to the gym!) The pre-programmed challenges also take away from the community experience of everyone doing a challenge together at the same time, which again, was super motivating. My final gripe is that the current programs feature workouts I’ve already done a handful of times, which is disappointing since one of my favorite aspects of new challenges is the new workouts and watching new interactions amongst my favorite TIU trainers. I’m sure TIU has lots of great updates and new challenges in the works, but in the mean time, please, please, please bring back the weekly scheduled workouts and chat features! Also, would love to see a kickboxing challenge with Chyna!

  16. Hey I love the new app but I am wondering if the weekly schedule will still be available when I am not in a program? I love when you tell us arms one day, legs the next etc…

  17. Please bring back the weekly schedule on this website or offer the weekly schedule to all users in the app (subscription and non subscription). I loved being able to plan out the week and having a focus on different parts of the body. The subscription just isn’t an option for me so I always utilize the weekly schedule. Thank you.

    1. I think I found it when I scrolled all the way Right, through the body parts section from the workouts home screen…but I’m hoping they make an easier access like the old version 🥺

  18. I miss the easy access to a daily workout without having a dedicated program.

    I loved not having to think about selecting a workout, without subscribing to one of the programs.

    Maybe with the daily moves link there could also be daily video selection like the older App 💗💗

  19. Is anyone else having trouble with the program? My program still says 0/10 workouts completed even though I’ve completed several of them. They’re on my profile but the program isn’t tallying them. Not sure if that’s user error or what!

  20. Hey girls! I absolutely love the new app! I wish I was able to select how many days a week I would be able to workout and then the program would adjust to fit my schedule. Most of the time I am not able to do all the workouts for that week and then I get behind and end up skipping workouts. Is anyone else having this issue?

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