☀ Thigh and Arms Tone UP!

Happy Thursday Beach Babes!!

What a WEEK! We’re so excited about the NEW Bridal Edition with your WEDDING SLIMDOWN to your Tone It Up Plan and today we have a special treat for you…

Your Surprise ☀BIKINI SERIES String Bikini Workout :)

All you need for this awesome routine is a resistance band and smile! Have them both ready as you watch your new video and follow along!

Get your String Bikini Printable here! Just right click the link and select “Save As…” Print it out and take us with you to the gym :)


This workout is SO much fun, can be done anywhere and it’s perfect to get that bikini body tight & toned! Summer is less than 6 weeks away and everything you do now will pay off come sunny days in the ocean waves!


Your Trainers,



  1. Melanie Jonas says:

    Where can I buy a strap like that one? I love the idea of how compact that would be to carry with me and not weigh down my bag like weights would. Or is there a suggested alternative to the strap?

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