It’s the first day of fall, are you ready to get frisky!?

This season we’re kicking into high gear! Get ready to enjoy these cooler days, stay super motivated and most of all, have fun!

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This is your #FriskyFall Tone It Up Weekly Workout Schedule!

We’re challenging you to stay on top of your workouts, healthy meals and most of all… continue to uplift and motivate this entire team! Each week from now until Halloween we’ll be gifting 10 of you with amazing prize packs filled with your favorite Tone It Up goodies. Winners will be announced each Friday ~ so head back here on the blog to see if you won ;)

How can you be a #FriskyFall winner!? Check in this team team through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the Community with the hashtag #TIUteam & #FriskyFall!

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If you can, do at least one of your daily workouts as your BootyCall, first thing. Morning sweat sessions get your day started on the right track. Below is your September Calendar!


✓ Toning, Posture & Sculpting


Do these exercises not only today, but every day!! Whether you’re at the office or in class…

Also do 2.5-3 miles towards your #100byhalloween.  See your fall challenge for more details.

Here is your Printable… Right click to download your printable at your desk :)

How much water does your body need? Half your body weight in ounces… if you weigh 140 lbs, drink 70 ounces of water a day to keep your body energized!



✓ Move of the Week + NEW #FRISKYFALL Cardio & Toning Routine

Today, we want you to complete the routine below!!  This will count toward your #100byHalloween!  We’realso  featuring a Move of the Week from your Beach Babe DVD ~ head back here, on to watch your featured video!



✓  Full Body Toning & 40 minutes of cardio of your choice!

Remember your 100 miles by Halloween.  Check your Fall Challenge! #100byHalloween

You’re in trouble and it’s time for your Detention Workout!

Want more toning routines?  Check out our playlists on Youtube HERE!

Do you have our DVD? A toning program with 9 complete workouts

Download your FULL printable HERE. RIGHT click and select “SAVE AS…”


Throwback Thursday

✓ Booty & Core~ Plus 2.5 miles toward your #100byHalloween

This is your Saved By The Bell Workout Part 2! Get ready to tone, sculpt and get your heart rate up with this amazing routine!

Want more booty workouts?  Check out our Booty Playlist HERE!

New to KettleBell workouts? Try Part 1 first!

Download your Printable HERE. RIGHT click and select “SAVE AS…”


✓  2 workouts today!!!  Sunrise Routine + Arms

Rise & Shine ~ It’s time to press Play on your Beach Babe 2 DVD and get ready to awaken your mind, challenge your body and revive your spirit!

This morning, take a few minutes to set the day right with your Sunrise Routine!

See a sample of this workout here~


Sunrise Routine

This calming routine strengthens your body, setting you up to enjoy each and every day to the fullest!

Tonight, it’s time to sculp beautiful, sexy arms!

Bikini Arms

Achieve beautiful, sculpted arms with Karena as she makes you feel sexy and confident rocking those tank tops and summer dresses


✓  Your Choice with friends!

Choose your favorite workout or activity and do it with a friend! Go for a run, hike, bike ride or try a new class together! Have fun and remember to Check in with the team after you complete your workout. #FriskyFall

How about the Tone It Up Partner workout?

Sunday Runday

✓  Run it out!

Today, take in the fresh fall air and head out for a 3 mile run! You’ve GOT this.

Need some running tips or just starting out? Take a look at your Tone It Up Run You Out Series for everything you need to know!

Check in with this amazing team ~ keep each other motivated & inspired! #TIUTeam & #FriskyFall


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Your Trainers,

Karena & Katrina

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