Your Fave Bikini Series Throwback Workouts!

Hi beautiful! How pumped are you for the BIKINI SERIES?! All week in Studio Tone It Up we’re throwin’ it back to some of our favorite moments from the Series. So today, we’re sharing a few of the BEST workouts!💪 These are the routines you love — fast, effective, and always fun. Grab your mat and dumbbells, and get ready to work your gorgeous bod from head to toe! These will make you even more excited for all the BRAND NEW workouts comin’ atcha soon!!!

And remember, this week is all about getting prepped and ready to rock the challenge! Join us for LIVE meal prep this Sunday at 2 pm (Cali time!) on Instagram. We’ll be making Strawberry Shortcake Mini Muffins and lunches for the week! Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, check your inbox for your 8-week Bikini Series Edition with amaaaazing new recipes and meal-by-meal guides. It’s HERE early 🎉🙌🏻😋 Not a member yet? Join us HERE to start your journey!

The countdown is ON babe, we can’t wait to kick off this challenge with you!



Totally Toned Workout

The Totally Toned workout will sculpt your full body in just 15 minutes. You’ll be toning your gorgeous abs, arms, booty, and thighs. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, a towel, some water, & your cute booty! ;)

Best 10-Minute Ab Workout

This is one of Kat’s favorite ab routines! It tones and sculpts your entire core ~ upper abs, lower abs, & obliques! Hellooo sexy, strong abs! This workout is perfect to do first thing in the morning to wake the body up, after a run, or even after a booty workout! You don’t need any equipment so you can do this routine ANYWHERE!


Sandy Sweat HIIT Workout

This 12-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) routine will tone your entire body and boost your metabolism like crazy all day long! Grab a girlfriend to do it with you!

Tush It Good

This workout will get your heart rate up, lift your booty, and sculpt your gorgeous legs! We’re talking about moves that work double time for lean legs AND a beautiful behind!

HIITy Bitty Bikini

This routine is an all-time community favorite! Seriously we hear all the time how much you love it! It’s heart pumping, metabolism revving, high intensity, and will leave you glowing!


  1. I will forever love to hate HIITy bitty. I still have yet to make it through the ending with all the planking but never say never! (;

    1. Bahahahahha OMG I said this out loud to myself when I saw it…then I saw your comment and LOL’d!!! Saaaaame girl!!

  2. Did the 10 Min Ab Workout today,my Abs are on fiiiire🔥🔥totally into this routine,its so good to pair with another Workout!thank you Karena and Katrina to make working out that fun!!lots of love💓

  3. I have read in the past that there is some overlap with the app and the existing DVDs…if we already have all the DVDs and premium workouts is it still worthwhile to get the app?

    1. It depends. There is a LOT of new stuff in the app, especially things that were new on the DVDs like barre, kickboxing, dance, and lots of yoga. If you’re into those and can stream where you work out it’ll give you a lot more to choose from.

    2. Hi babe! In Studio Tone It Up, you’ll get a brand new workout or a fun mashup every single day! You can try all different types of classes ~ barre, yoga, HIIT, dance cardio, strength training, and it’s so much fun to take classes with other girls in the community. We really love chatting before and after class too! You can do a 7-day free trial to try it out 🤗

  4. I took a break from TIU because of my hectic schedule, and I’m so grateful that I committed to TIU again. I feel so strong and empowered after the workouts, especially 10 minute abs with Kat!! Thank you Karena and Katrina!!!! Ready to rock the bikini series with all of you amazing TIU girls!!!

  5. Hi K & K! I signed up for the bikini series last week but still haven’t received an email! I am a Member, so I can access the nutrition plan from the website when I’m logged in, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything else in the email? I checked my spam & trash folders because sometimes it’ll bump to those, but didn’t find it :/

  6. Ab is my trouble zone, but Kat’s 10minut Toned Abs from last Bikini series is a “life saver”, or maybe more “ab saver”. :D Love it!

  7. total’d from the t toned! great workout and heart is pounding. tnx K&K!

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