Your Daisy Dukes Workout ☀

Today, I’m bringing you a brand NEW booty lifting, leg toning workout…your Daisy Dukes on-the-go Routine

Karena is making you a Crop Top routine COMING SOON!

We’re challenging you to double toning workouts the rest of the week! See them all here, in your Weekly Schedule

Get your favorite shorts ready! I designed your Daisy Dukes Routine specifically to work every angle of your tantalizing tush!! These moves will define your backside while sculpting your gorgeous legs! You’re going to love it :)  Be on the lookout in the weeks to come… Karena is making you her favorite crop top workout!

Download your printable HERE. Just Right Click and select “Save As Link…”






Happy summer!!!



  1. Grace Godinez says:

    EEEEEEK! Those bottoms are Live woo hoo! So excited!

  2. jenny.penny says:

    Hoo gosh, with the other 2 workouts and then this one, I could do all but two of the extra daisy duke exercises, my legs were giving out! Doing so many of these each day won’t tear up our muscles will it?

    1. toneitupcom says:

      Always listen to your body Jenny and only do enough to challenge yourself but still feel comfortable. Tomorrow’s routines are focused on yoga & abs to allow your legs muscles to repair.

      1. Amberlee says:

        I’m new to the site but is this daisy duke routine a one day thing or are we supposed to do it multiple days….?

  3. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

    Yes! Now to complete today’s new workout! Had been waiting all day for it’

  4. Joan says:

    I really want to order both the shorts & booty pants, but I’m wondering what the sizing is, or if you’ll be posting a sizing chart on soon? I just always like to match my measurements up to the sizes before I order. And I definitely need these :). Thanks!!!

    1. Joan says:

      Oh! I see the sizing is up on the shorts now!!! Thank you, thank you!!! <3TIU!!!

      1. Katie says:

        Joan, I can’t find the sizing. Mind posting? :-)

  5. Christi Mackey says:

    Stop!!! I die! Those shorts! And the workout!! I’m loving it!!

  6. Silvia Fracchiolla says:

    Where are the light blue and the orange Kat’s pants from?

  7. Susan Johns says:

    Omg this shorts!!! Where are they from please Katrina?? :O Both pairs; the ones in the title image and the ones worn during the workout please~ :)

  8. Guest says:

    Do you girls have a Sizing Chart for these Bombshell Booty pants?!?! I’m getting ready to place my order but I want to make sure I pick the right size =)

  9. Do you girls have a Sizing Chart for these Bombshell Booty pants?!?! I’m getting ready to place my order but I want to make sure I pick the right size =)

  10. Melissa Izquierdo says:

    YESSSSS!!! Thse are the shorts i have been waiting for! SOOO EXCITED!!

  11. jenny.penny says:

    Just a suggestion! But maybe you should list the clothing and jewelry you’re wearing in each picture a little more clearly? It seems a lot of people have trouble finding where you link them within all the text!

    1. Katrina Lindsay says:

      They usually suggest around 8 pounds, or whatever weight that makes the last few reps really hard to do :)

  12. Guest says:

    I would really really appreciate if these came out sooner in the day…just a suggestion..

    1. Voosey says:

      Keep in mind they are in California. Also…everyone has their own schedule. We can’t expect them to work around every reader

    2. toneitupcom says:

      We normally have all workouts up by midnight the night before, but this one we didn’t finish until 2am :) All the rest were up early though!!! xxo

  13. Christine Salz says:

    I really hope you guys post a vid for this later, its a little hard to keep up and stay in the zone when I have to read and try to make the same position as the picture without tips :(

  14. Sarcy Johnson says:

    These would be so much easier if I had a yoga mat T_T My wrists knees and elbows are starting to get too sore from doing these on hardwood. Great exercises though!

        1. Sarcy Johnson says:

          Oh I have! Since it’s on hardwood they just end up slipping around when I’m exercising, it’s quite frustrating and puts a big wrench in my workout flow ><

          1. Rachel says:

            Thrift stores. Got mine at Goodwill for $5 brand new condition, took it home and sanitized it and used it every day since then

  15. Sarcy Johnson says:

    Would egg whites with a bit of sea salt and a banana be considered an okay breakfast? I don’t have too much to work with in the house I’m staying in ^ ^;

  16. marysa says:

    Love the workout! Thanks for giving us another booty workout this Bikini Series! I’ve lost 10 pounds in 8 weeks and love being able to “tone up” now! :)

  17. soignelle says:

    I did routine in my hot room with only the fan going… and I sweated almost as much as a bikram session. Intense!

  18. Inspired by tone it up says:

    A video would be great!!! much easier to follow and also very inspiring :)

  19. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

    Now that the bikini series is coming to an end, will there be weekly schedules posted every week? When is the next challenge?

    1. Janine Paul says:

      Yes! They post a schedule every week on Sunday. I have only been following them since last august but it seems like they do a challenge every season! They did the Frisky Fall challenge from Sept to end of October and they had the Love Your Body Series from New Years Day until Valentines. There is always tons of new videos and amazing prizes but I think the bikini series is the BIG one!! that trip!! Hope I answered your ?s

      1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

        Thank you! This was my first challenge and I was impressed so I don’t want to stop

        1. Janine Paul says:

          No problem!! Do you have a tone it up instagram? I’ll follow ya!!

          1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

            Yes @sophiapalomino I’ll follow you too

    2. toneitupcom says:

      We’ll continue the weekly workout schedule!! On the blog and the #TIUapp!

  20. Where is the video for this?? I can’t find it anywhere anymore and I used to do it all the time

  21. Does anyone know where the video went for this?? I went on the weekly schedule for when it came out and couldn’t find it still, its one of my favorite booty workouts!!

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