Yes, You Can Squeeze in a Lunch Break Workout! Here’s How!

Calling all boss babes!!


You know we always do our Booty Call first thing, but we also love to add in a lunchtime workout. It gets us moving during the day, and we’re always feeling extra motivated and creative after a sweat sesh. Sometimes we’ll even grab a girl from the HQ for a yoga class and a brainstorming sesh. We’ve dreamt up some amazing things for you while sweating it out!

We totally get that you may not be able to take a long lunch, so we have some tips to maximize your workout during a quickie break. Trust us, we’ll have you burning up calories and then back at your desk lookin’ cute and killin’ it before your boss even misses you! ; )


Plan ahead

If you have a longer break and plan to sneak out for a class, do your research first. Find a studio that’s close to your office and make sure they offer 45-minute classes instead of an hour. (Some studios even have 30-minute power hour classes around noon or 1pm). Check the website or call and ask if they have a locker room, showers, and hair dryers. And make sure to pack your dry shampoo! Every #TIUgirl knows it’s a life saver!


Recruit your coworkers

If you can’t leave the office, no worries! Grab some girls for a quick office sweat sesh. Our go-to is the 10-minute TIU HQ Conference Room Workout. Or try this HQ Stair Workout in your building stairwell. If you have 25 minutes to spare, a BODY LOVE routine is also perf!

Dress to sweat

We live in yoga pants, but we get that they’re not quite office appropriate for all work places! There are a few sneaky ways to wear your workout gear, though. Try wearing your sports bra under your blouse or layering a blazer or a black sweater over a fitted, dark moisture-wicking tank. You’ll look so chic no one will be able to tell it’s workout clothes!


Power up with protein

Prep lunch in advance so it’s already on hand when you get back to the office. Make sure your meal has plenty of protein to repair your muscles post-workout. The Avocado Lentil Salad is an HQ fave, and it’s super simple to make the night before. Or if you have access to a blender at your office, prep all the ingredients for a Perfect Fit smoothie and store in a mason jar so you can just blend and sip! We have the ultimate guide to creating your smoothie HERE!

Girl, you clean up nice!

If you don’t have time for a shower and pampering post-workout, don’t sweat it! We always stock Yes To Cucumber makeup wipes and Big Sexy Hair dry shampoo in our bags for a quick refresh. We also love putting our hair in a fishtail braid. You can do this in the morning and it will stay intact through your workout! Find our easy video tutorial HERE!

Now, you’re all ready to be your brilliant self and rock your next meeting! You’ll be feelin’ like…



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  1. I am so doing a lunch time workout today. I need the movement! Any workout leggings that could double as dress pants? Something I could perhaps put a tunic over? I prefer colors :) (Coral and teal are always winners!)

    1. We love coral and teal, too! We usually wear more muted colors to the office and break out the coral and teal on the weekends :) We’re loving these cute outfit ideas here!

    2. I actually bought a pair of Reebok golf pants. They fit like leggings and hit just above the ankle. They’re super stretchy and comfy and I totally get away with them at the office! I also get pants from Athleta that for all intents and purposes *are* leggings, but they’ll have zipper details or pockets and – ta dah! – now they’re pants. I wear them to the office all the time.

  2. Nice idea for those who have long lunch breaks :) My lunch break is 30 min or less…
    I would really appreciate if you could create a weekly schedule for all of us that are spending most of the time on business trips: meaning no equipment, no space in hotel rooms, no time because of meetings almost 24/7, no meal prepping, no time for 5 meals a day (you actually can not eat your grapefruit during a meeting with important customers). I would really like to stick to the meals and WOs, but 30min cardio or more + the daily moves + a WO (15 min or more) are simply not possible during business trips. 10-20 min early in the morning is all the time I have and then I do a HIIT WO without weights like K&K slay or hump day HIIT.
    This would be really helpful! Thanks in advance!

    1. We hear you, girl! We’re always creating new workouts and recipes to help every TIU girl reach her goals. Thanks so much for the feedback! 😘

        1. This is me! I am very eager, but my lunch is 30 minutes. I don’t take long to eat so when it is warm out I try to take a brisk walk. Any other ideas are most welcome!! 😊

    2. Hi! I have had a couple business trips that were really successful in eating clean, hopefully my tips help. I always request a mini fridge and microwave in my hotel. Sometimes I’m told no on the microwave, because of overloading electrical circuits, but they offer I can heat up anything in their microwaves when needed. And the hotel room’s coffee maker is surprisingly versatile for ‘cooking’. I stock the fridge when I check in, with things I bring from home or buy at a grocery store once I arrive. Foods that are super packable: I bring premade protein pancakes in baggies – you can even eat them cold if you don’t have a microwave or toaster – fruit in glass containers (presliced/peeled if needed) that I top the pancakes with or snack on; bars; individual tea bags; packaged tuna salad kits (pop-top cans, come with pickles and mayo and crackers); healthy packaged foods like single-serve oatmeal (you can use the coffee maker for hot water to make the oatmeal; watch the flavorings and sugar) or microwavable protein muffins, etc. And if I can, I go to a grocery store when I arrive to get things like premade smoothies or juice from Whole Foods, packets of almond butter (TSA considers this a liquid so carrying on a flight is difficult), salad bar meals (you can put together and stash multiple boxes for the week), etc.

      1. dang, girl! that’s amazing. I’m still trying to get back on track after a week work trip last week.. love these tips

      2. This is super helpful! I don’t travel for work or anything, but sometimes find it hard to stay on track when I travel just for fun. These are awesome ideas, thanks for sharing!

      3. I hear ya! When I travel for business, I always pack my suitcase full of low-sugar oatmeal cups, protein bars, boxes of raisins, etc. My #1 tip is as soon as you get to your hotel, Google Maps the nearest drug store or grocery store. I stock the mini fridge with bottled waters, string cheese, and anything else I can easily grab between meetings.

    3. Hey girl! I totally feel ya on those jam packed business trips. Here are a few tips I’ve found helpful. Pack smart food doesn’t spoil or have to be refrigerated: single serving boxes of almond or soy milk + perfect fit for protien shakes, Noka organic superfoods packs, single size portions of trail mix, and then look for salads on the go and lean protien during those evening business dinners. I pack a water bottle with me on my trips since some hotels don’t provide bottled water or it can get pricey. For workouts – no gym? I try and squeeze in even a mile run outside or I bring my resistance or booty bands. Tone it up has some awesome quick workouts that can be done in small spaces or on the go (I’ve gone as far as doing them in the airport lounge behind a pillar while waiting for my flight!) if you can squeeze in 10-20 in the am and another 10-20 at night you’re getting that workout in! Even if you have to do the workout without weights, you’re moving that rush of yours and that counts for something! Hope that helps!

    1. Batiste if you’re on a budget. If you can splurge a little, try DryBar’s Detox.

  3. I know you said yoga pants don’t usually fly in offices… but I’ll tell you my trick, at least in winter: I wear workout leggings (capris or pants) instead of tights! Under a skirt, inside boots and it looks exactly the same, is a little warmer (I walk to work), and makes changing into workout clothes so much easier.

  4. I love to bring the Booty Bands to work to do Core on the Floor, Total Body Band Workout, and Booty Workout from BB4! I would love to see more workouts that use just the Booty Bands for equipment because they’re so easy to slip into my purse to bring to work and they really pack a punch. I recommend for anyone who travels for work to invest in the Booty Bands. So lightweight, so portable. When traveling for work, I also try to find hotels that have some sort of fitness center. Even if it’s dinky or lacks equipment, having that space is so helpful for keeping myself accountable to working out while traveling. Actually, the less awesome the hotel gym, usually the less people…meaning I can play my videos out loud on my phone and use the whole space!

  5. I workout during my lunchbreak every single day!! My tips?:
    1 gym bag ready with a botte if water in
    2 face swipes to get make up off before leaving the Office
    3 hair foam And sea water sprays for quick styling afterwards
    4 get rid of your jewelry before leaving the Office (saves time And it’s more safe!!)
    5 always bring a plastic bag with you to store your sweaty clothes until evening!!!
    6 body sprays!!! Everyone likes a perfumed colleague!! ahahhahha

  6. I love your lentil avocado salad idea! This is definitely making my list for next week! I was just reading how lentils are powerhouses of folate and how kids (I have 3) are becoming folate deficient! They love avocados so I’m thinking I can sneak some lentils in too! Sounds so yummy!!!

  7. I am a cashier and I always try to squeeze in squats,or incline push ups or jog when I bring the shopping carts in from outside. And I love that I can take these moves with me and adjust them to fit at work. Without to much of a sweat sesh! Thank you for these fabulous fun ways to bring fitness into our lives no matter where we are! Iam grateful and inspired by you K&K and TIUTEAM.

  8. I’m an RN that does 12 hour shifts! I try and get my #tiubreaktimehustle on everyday that I work, whether it’s a few of the daily moves, squats on the hour, or running up and down the stairs a few times. It makes a HUGE difference and any negative energy I may have is usually gone by the time I finish.

    It’s hard to fit it in when you work in a hospital, but you would be surprised at what you can do in even 5-10 minutes!

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