Weekly Schedule~ 4 Weeks until Valentine’s Day!


It’s a new week and this is your chance to get closer to your goals! Start planning & prepping for the next few days and get ready to be fit & fierce ♡

Remember there are 4 FULL WEEKS left of the Love Your Body Series~ just in time for Valentine’s Day.  You have a HOT DATE with yourself!  Take a look at your calendar- commit to yourself and your goals.  In 4 weeks anything is possible…

♥ If you run/jog or walk 2 miles a day… that’s 2 MARATHONS you’ll complete by Valentine’s Day 

♥ Is weight loss your goal?  With the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, you could lose 8-10 pounds in a healthy way

♥ Is toning your goal too?  You will see a major difference in muscle tone with the workouts below

♥ If you compliment 1 woman a day from now until Valentine’s Day… that’s 26 women who won’t forget how you made them feel beautiful.

♥ Connect with a new team member in the community each day… that’s 26 new TIU girlfriends :)

♥ 4 weeks doesn’t seem like much… but you can achieve a lot between now until then! 


Your body is the one thing you have your whole life. It’s yours, it’s beautiful and it depends on you to treat it right!

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Where do you Check in?   Checking in with us and each other is easy! Check in on Instagram, in the Tone It Up Community, on Twitter or Facebook ! Instagram Logo PinkFollow these challenges every day and by Valentine’s Day, everyone will by asking what you’ve been doing, why you’re glowing, why your eyes are sparkling and why you’re in such a great mood… if you’re in love!? The answer will be YES!! You are in love with your healthy lifestyle and BODY ;)

This week, keep writing in your journal! Keep track of your dreams, your goals, everything you’ve accomplished so far and more!

We also want you to take before pictures so you have them!! If you share them, tag #TIUtransformation. We’ll be looking out for them! If you want to keep them more private and save them for later, you can upload them into the community here.

Make sure you check in EVERY DAY on ToneItUp.com for motivation, music mixes,  contests, your new workout and MORE!!! Also, for all of you tuning in on Thursday on Bravo, we want to hear from you!! We’ll be chatting live from 7:30-11:15pm on Twitter and Instagram PST!

We want you to fit in at least 2.2+ miles every day toward your #100byVDay! Wondering what we’re talking about!?! See your Love Your Body Challenge HERE!

We excited to announce this week’s #LoveYourBody Check in winners! Winners are chosen for checking in with us, each other, showing support in the TIU community and creativity with their posts and sharing!!

♡ This week we chose from twitter, instagram and the community! We’re mixing it up each week :)

If you see your name below please email us at [email protected] with your FULL NAMESHIPPING ADDRESS, and SOCIAL MEDIA handle. Also include which giveaway you were chosen for!

Victoria’s Secret Prize Pack

VS sport socks, eye shadow, lip stick & 5 on-the-go packs of Perfect Fit Protein and a box of bars! + a Tone It Up Lunch cooler and headband :)

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Beach Babe Prize Pack!

A starfish Beach Babe bracelet, a box of Perfect Fit Bars, 5 on-the-go packs of Perfect Fit Protein, a teal blender bottle and 2 Beach Babe DVD downloads!! (There are 16 total downloads when you purchase both of the digital Beach Babe DVDs 1 & 2!)

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Let’s have a week of commitment, progress & success!


  1. Megan Garcia says:

    I’m so sad, a few of my digital downloads for The beach babe DVDs didn’t work and I don’t have the links anymore. :( I bought one of the awesome packages during Christmas and have realized that some of downloads didn’t download correctly. Is there any way to get the few that failed?

      1. Tiana says:

        I just bought the BBDVD2 and still have downloads. I can try nand email the few that you lost!

      2. Megan Garcia says:

        That would be great! I am missing hit the beach 2, beach barre, and fine toning.

    1. Lore says:

      same happened to me :( i don’t know if they can email us a new link again…. xo

    2. Nicki Tischer says:

      The first time I downloaded the dvd only one workout actually downloaded. I think it was operator error :) ha oops. But I emailed them the situation and they sent me new links. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

  2. Sabrina says:

    is there any way to have the diet plan sent again? i bought it 2 yrs ago and have it all printed out, but have since gotten a new computer. it would be nice to have a digital version too.

  3. Juliana Marie says:

    Thanks for posting, looking forward to another awesome week! Just wondering how many miles to count for the Wild Child cardio routine? Thanks.

  4. Sarah G says:

    Any advise on what size to start out with for kettle bells??

    1. Jessica Zambrano says:

      You definitely want to start with a small weight for the kettle bells! About 2-5lbs. You don’t want to exhaust your arm muscles, so go light for the first few weeks. When you feel that’s too easy then build up. ^_^

  5. Sharon Smith says:

    Can’t get the Love your Abs routine to print out! Says file is invalid.

  6. C Patel says:

    eeek- what if you don’t have kettlebells, hopefully we’ll be able to use weights still:)

  7. Tam says:

    Is there a link to the Kettlebell Full Body Workout? Can’t wait to do this!

  8. Emma says:

    For how many miles does the wild child cardio count? I guess 3 or something?

  9. Samantha romero says:

    Ive taken the time to really warm up to the love your body workouts the past two weeks. Im so excited for the next four weeks! Im gonna try to do my miles starting tomorrow with my new beach babe 2 DVD!

  10. Vanna says:

    I just joined the group today! I am super excited t get down to business and get my body right with Tone It Up!

  11. Kayla Hurst says:

    Can’t wait for the new kettle bell workout!

  12. i’m having problems downloading and saving the workout pdf files…

  13. Chasity says:

    I just started back working out any tips on staring back after baby?

    1. Ashley Shea says:

      I’m 12 weeks postpartum now and only started back into exercising at 8 weeks…. listen to your body #1, use LIGHT weights and don’t overstretch because you still have relaxin in your body loosening everything up. I’m modifying a lot of the exercises because even after staying active throughout my whole pregnancy- my strength just isn’t what it was- especially for the side planks/anything on hands and knees- be very careful with your wrist, hips and shoulders! Make sure you warm up a little bit first. Check yourself for diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) and if you have more then 2 finger widths- omit the ab exercises and look up rehabilitative exercises to draw your muscles back together safely first. Doing abdominal exercises with a diastasis can make it worse!

      1. Chasity says:

        Yes my little one is 4 month today! What type of excerise I been doing the kettle bell excerise so tell what you do? I been use 5/10 thanks for responding back toe congrats on your baby.

  14. Olivia says:

    This is great!! After doing your youtube work outs how many days or weeks until you can really see a differ?

  15. Sophie Mc Laren says:

    Love the ‘Love Your Abs’! Karena and Katrina, you’re amazing! Thank you xoxoxo

  16. Lizzie says:

    Just moved back into my dorm at college today and of course I forgot my kettlebell… /:

  17. Wendrika says:

    Monday check-in: 45 minutes of dance practice and 2 rounds of love your abs. Thanks K & K!

  18. Brea says:

    I’m excited for the new kettleball workout! Mine needs some love!

  19. Jessica says:

    #LoveYourBody Great workout video, working my abs is my favorite part but I will say the downward dog tummy tucks were hard. I did my 2.2 mile run and the abs workout and i feel so energized i love it……………xoxo

  20. Kate says:

    I can’t wait for the kettlebell workout to be posted tomorrow!! :D

  21. Nati says:

    I wish you post new workouts (like the kettlebell for Tuesday) early in the morning. I always try do my cardio and workout in the morning or during lunch time.

  22. Iliamar says:

    When are you posting the kettlebell workout? I don’t have kettlebell at home so I would have to go to the gym to do it. But i work tonight so I would have to do it before 4.

  23. Amy says:

    where is the kettle ball total body workout located?

  24. Brooke Crawford says:

    Hi girls! Do you think Toned Up will become available on Australian iTunes? I can’t purchase it from the US site :(

  25. Jessica says:

    #TIUTEAM #LOVEYOURBODY check-in, Great workout today, I really feel it in my legs and my abs. I will
    not be trying the salmon tonight but maybe I can substitute that for
    some sushi instead. I really dont like fish but for some reason i enjoy
    sushi instead. xoxo

  26. @TIUronnie says:

    Also interested in knowing how many miles wild child accounts for :) TIA ladies!

  27. @TIUronnie says:

    How many miles does HIIT the beach from Beach Babe1 equal? I don’t have #2 yet.

    1. HP says:

      HIIT the Beach from the second DVD is 40 minutes and they say it counts for four miles. I’d assume that it’s about a mile for every 10 minutes. I can’t remember how long the HIIT the Beach routine from the first DVD is but you’re probably safe saying that if it’s 20 minutes long, it’s two miles. 30 minutes, three miles, etc.

  28. Jessica says:

    #TIUTeam and #LoveYourBody check-in another great successful arms and abs workout completed. I can really feel it in my arms from lifting those dumbbells. I also wanted to share with all the ToneItUp members a favorite smoothie of mine that i make for energy and protein, Its a banana oatmeal smoothie just blend two whole bananas, 2 cups of ice, 1/3 cup greek honey yogurt, 1/2 cup cooked oatmeal, and 1/3 cup almonds…delicious!! I cant wait for my booty workout tomorrow…x0x0

  29. Surika says:

    Hey ladies! How many miles does thr Wild Child routine count for?

  30. Jessica says:

    #TIUTeam and #LoveYourBody check-in……….feeling bootylicious lol I just completed me booty workout and the wild child cardio. Tomorrow is friday and i cant wait til the workout begins, have a good night ladies xoxo

  31. Jessica says:

    #TIUTeam and #LoveYourBody check-in…I chose to do the jump roping for 16 mintues as my cardio and then I finished my workout with the full body workout and I feel amazing but sweaty lol have a great weekend everyone xoxo

    1. Wendrika says:

      I love that you check in regularly-you’ve motivated me to try and do the same!! :)

      1. Jessica says:

        Aww thank you that means a lot to me and I hope u will continue to check n every time but I enjoy checking in everyday because it makes me stay on track with what I’ve done and I like to read about what other people have done. Im on toneitup.com more than I am on my Facebook page lol

  32. Wendrika says:

    2 miles running and one round of love your total body workout-i’m out of time for a second round! Have a happy Friday everyone!! Thanks K & K for the inspiration. :)

  33. Elease Fields says:

    I’m terrified of running. I’ve done all of the routines for the Love Your Body Series but only ran once. I just read the blog about how to become a runner so thank you for that. I’m going to try my best to start running. On a different note, the workouts have left me feeling so much stronger. I love it!

  34. Jessica says:

    #TIUTeam #LoveYourBody check-in for Saturday and Sunday…Saturday I did 30 mins of yoga which I absolutely love doing yoga because its so relaxing and sunday i went for a run and now I cant wait to get next weeks workouts yay…xoxo

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