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We hope you had an awesome weekend!!  Valentine’s Day was pretty special… not only to share a little extra love and blessings with the people in your lives, but it also marked the end of your journey with the Love Your Body™ Series.  We love seeing all your #TIUtransformation stories coming in!  See all the details about the Grand Prizes for the Series HERE & browse #TIUtransformation on instagram to see a sneak peek of some of your stories!

Monday marks 30 DAYS UNTIL SPRING! If you’re hesitant to workout… remember that summer bodies are made in the WINTER ;)

Sunny days, shorts and flip flops are right around the corner ☀


We loved all your #TIUdatenight photos!!  Brian surprised Kat with a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara and they’re enjoying their last day there before heading back to Manhattan Beach. Bobby and I are in full training mode for our Ironman Tri in 6 weeks! #IM703Cali #hereweGO!

Did you start your 7 Day Slimdown yet!? For the next few days we challenge you all to follow this ultra effective program from your Tone It Up Nutrition Program!

Today, spend some time prepping for the next few days by laying out your workout clothes, going to the grocery story and meal prepping. Plan for success!! In the next 6 days you’re going to reset your system and feel ready for that last “after” photo that tracks your entire Love Your Body progress! Learn more about how to enter here! You’re going to FLIP over the Grand Prizes!!


  1. StacyAnn says:

    Today I went food shopping for healthy food and did my meal planning. And thanks to K&K my workouts are planned out too :) This is going to be a great week! I am new to this site since the New Year and I can’t wait to try the routines I never did before :)

    1. JJ says:

      I can keep up the pace on the workout but not the incline yet. It kills me! Lol. One day…one day…

  2. Kristle says:

    Super excited for this week! gonna be a great one!

  3. Rona says:

    Is it just me or is that treadmill workout REALLY REALLY REALLY hard? Lol

    1. Daniela says:

      It is! I almost died the first time I tried it (not even going the 7 mph + -but I’m “old” at 43 ha ha -but pretty in shape. I use this routine and modify it -still get an amazing workout. I’m on my 2nd week of doing it and look forward to it every day.

      1. Rona says:

        I’m 33 and I run half marathons but very slow lol. So when something says 7mph I’m like WHAAAAAAT. haha. I adjusted the speed though this time and it feels much better while still pushing myself a little.

    2. Kate Lopez says:

      No, it’s not you. There is NO way I would be able to do this the way it is. I think the idea behind it is good though, but I would definitely adjust the speed according to what I consider appropriate for me. I might try keep the incline numbers, but definitely tweak the speed. For me, 4.0 is a “jog” not a “walk”. So then that is what I use for #2. Then I would look by how much the next number changed and then add or substract them from my previous number. Since I set my #2 as 4.0, and #3 involves increase speed by 1.0, my #3 “Running my heart out” would be 5.0, and so forth.

      1. Rona says:

        Thanks for the advice I adjusted my speed as well this time and will aim for the speed listed on the program. :) one day it’ll happen!

    3. Ashley says:

      It’s hard. I have short legs, so my walk is 3.6, my jog is about 4.0 and a sprint is 6.6-7

      1. Rona says:

        Mine is almost the same as yours after adjustment! :)

    4. Sylvie says:

      its quite possibly one of the hardest workouts i’ve done. My arms and back are sore from what i can only assume is my arms trying to propel me through it and i had to stop a few times to catch my breath. do what you can. Work up to it! it’s a new challenge!

  4. Angeli L Henkle says:

    2/17/14 mon. I did workout arms/abs w/Karena & 30 min.walk w/Leslie Sansone,ate a bowl of special k cereal,choc./strawberry,w/almond milk.I like the new workouts,thanks.

  5. Lo says:

    For the playlists are we supposed to do EVERY video or just pick one?

    1. Janine Paul says:

      Every video, it’s usually 3 times anyway, so three differnt videos Isn’t tooo bad

      1. HP says:

        You do each video one time through…I think. That’s what I do, anyway. Three times through three different videos would take F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

        1. Janine Paul says:

          Yeah that’s what I meant.I was just saying usually we do that days video x3 anyway do doing three differen’t videos once each is about the same. :-)

    2. Kirsten Price says:

      One time through each video! K&K specify that usually when the playlists are assigned :)

  6. LESLIE says:

    Hey girls! Is there anyways to get an email updates for the new weekly posts just like the Love YourBody Series? I didn’t seem to get one yesterday or today for the new schedule.

  7. Stacey says:

    couldn’t even get to the third step in the treadmill routine! So hard!

    1. Daniela says:

      I modify it to work for me but keep the same pattern (up the intensity when you are supposed to -just not as high) -I do keep the incline the same, the speed I am way off….but still get a great work out in

  8. shannon says:

    Vanilla Perfect Fit Protein and new running shoes coming in the mail this week! Whoop! Whoop! Best week ever!!!

  9. Alesha Bromagem says:

    when I do the tummy tuck moves, i get hip pain. I think I might be doing it wrong? Anybody have tips for either fixing my form or modifying it? Thanks!

  10. Princess Samaroo says:

    hae my bombshell spell and completed the love your abs and arms routine! #tiuteam

  11. Brooke Sweeney says:

    I need some help TIUcommunity. I’m about 2 weeks into TIU and was wondering how come I can see a great difference in my thigh and butt area but my stomach and love handles look the same? Need some encouragement to keep going. Thanks TIUteam!

    1. Ania Ferensztajn says:

      I guess this is just how your body is shaped. The more stubborn areas will improve as you lose fat and tone up. I have exactly the same problem – belly fat probably will be the last one to sink and I know that even 15lbs lighter I will still have a slightly round-shaped tummy ;)

  12. Guest says:

    I need some help. I’m about 2 weeks into tone it up and was wondering how come I see a great difference in my thigh and butt area but my stomach and love handles look the same? Need some encouragement to keep going. Thanks TIUteam!

  13. Jessica says:

    #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam check-in….Been a long day but still managed to fit some cardio in which was a two mile run, cant wait for Wednesdays workout girls xoxo

  14. olidia says:

    Muchas gracias, son excelentes entrnadoras !!!! Thank you so much, youre a lovely and beautiful trainers!!!

  15. Angeli L Henkle says:

    2/19/14 did wed. workout:tone up love handles,7 min.,tone up/down abs.1.35 min.,abs w/Karena, 6 min.,abs w/Katrina 7 min.,arms w/karena 6.57 min.,I’m glad I worked out today..

  16. Jessica says:

    #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam check-in….even though I was not able to see a picture while my videos played I still managed to do the abs playlist and upper body workouts for today. Did anybody else have this problem? if not then maybe its something with my computer i need to fix. Now that the Love Your Body Valentine series is over its time to prepare for Spring and warm weather xoxo

  17. Carolina says:

    Love the new layout! Its so much easier to click on the day and have the workouts drop down rather than scroll through all the days!

  18. Angeli L Henkle says:

    2/20/14 did workouts love ur body,itty betty abs, & 2 mile walk w/Leslie Sansone dvd:)

  19. Franki Shearer says:

    Thank you for posting links to the workouts by day. So much easier than scrolling through the long list.

  20. Kirsten Price says:

    LOVE the drop-down menu for the weekly schedule! So much better than always scrolling :)

  21. Nicole Ziemann says:

    Woo! Just did my Throwback Thursday stair circuit substituting stairs with high knees. My heart is pumpin! Love that cardio.

  22. Jessica says:

    #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam check-in…even tho the booty blasting stair circuit workout was short it was still intense and about kicked my butt lol now tomorrow will be an early morning workout. keep it up ladies x0x0

  23. Jessica says:

    #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam check-in…love the full body and abs workout, its so refreshing and makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my body, everyone have a great beautiful weekend xoxo

  24. Angela Michelle Schwengler says:

    I love that you can minimize the days now and focus on the one you want to see.

  25. Amy says:

    I’m new to the site and have been doing the weekly workouts for a few weeks now. I’m beginning to get a bit discouraged and want to see if anyone has any tips for me. I’m 5’5″, but only at 109 pounds, so I am trying to put on healthy muscle weight. The struggle I am facing is how to lose all the stomach fat I have, without losing more weight. I worked with a trainer for a couple sessions and she told me no cardio, but I don’t see how i will lose the fat if i don’t. Just feeling discouraged that the fat is not leaving my stomach..any help?

    1. Brenna says:

      Hi Amy!

      So I’m not a personal trainer or anything, but what I do know is that by weight lifting, you begin to add muscle which in turns burns fat. My suggestion is to do a lot of ab work so you can begin to tone up your core. Make sure you’re eating a lot of protein to keep putting on muscle! Also, if you lift heavy enough, it should get your heart rate up enough to burn fat without burning off muscle also.


      Hope this helps!

  26. Yalisa Dumont says:

    Loved the abs and arms workout with karena! I feel great!

  27. Michele Jones says:

    Hi Ladies, I bought TIU videos to workout and am now considering the food plan. Can someone tell me how you know what your work out schedule should be while you are using the plan. I am totally clueless.

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