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This week we want you to focus on what makes you happy. Give yourself permission to enjoy even the smallest bits of bliss throughout the day. From slowly sipping your morning coffee as you wake up, to blasting your favorite jams during your workout and spending time with your loved ones… every day presents so many moments of enjoyment. Soak it up!

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  1. Ellie Stone says:

    do you have any tips for what stretching to do when? i know we’re supposed to do it but i’m not sure where it fits in!! thank you :D

    1. Ideally, you should stretch out before and after workout. Most of the TIU workouts do a stretch move before starting. The girls have some stretch out routines on here. A personal favorite of mine is the stretch out routine on the youtube XHIT daily channel. Hope this helps.

    2. goodone says:

      I like karena’s stretch and release and i love that they incorporate yoga a couple times a week. Its always good to warm up with an stretch which they usually include but maybe do 5-10 minutes at the end of a full workout

  2. foxy19 says:

    I love inner and outer thighs and the booty video!! Great job ladies!!

  3. Sacha says:

    Can someone clarify the length of the booty call for me? For instance Wednesday has 35 minutes of cardio and then additional time for the strength training that is included, which seems like it’s way over 60 minutes; right now I’m fitting in anywhere between 30-60 minutes. What do you all do typically?? Thanks for any input!! xo

    1. Amy Schenck says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. I want to follow the schedule as best I can but all three seems like a lot to do.

    2. goodone says:

      Think of it as doing a total of about an hour a day. You have your booty call workout to get your metabolism going for the day, usually cardio or hiit, then the other half of your workout is your pmwo (afternoon work out) following their schedule for toning that day. if you know you won’t be able to get the pmwo because of other obligations that day or something, or if you know you won’t have energy later you can always do your full hour at the beginning of the day

    3. Katie Franken says:

      I agree, for Wednesday I’m gonna do 35 min of cardio & then just one of the toning vids. I like to do some kind of cardio & then at least 1 toning vid depending on how long they are & how much time I have. :)

    4. Sharon says:

      I came here to find my answer too. I asked the same related question many times before, but no one has answered yet. I would work it with my time. I will work the kettlebell once and mermaid 3 times, if u don’t have time, do 1 set of each

  4. Bianca Lipford says:

    I can’t wait!!

    I have a question about Wednesday. We’re supposed to a cardio booty call, kettlebell routine and the mermaid? It’s not either or right? I’m trying to figure out how to prep for all 3 :)

    1. Dalea Faulkner says:

      With anything, do what you can girlfriend! As a mommy, I just do what I can squeeze in with my 3 year old running all over the place haha. If you knock them all out, great! If you only get in one, great! You did SOMETHING! <3

  5. Brooke says:

    I love you guys! K&K i will workout with u guys in LA hopefully once i can take a roadtrip. U guys are heroes. And literally saved me. Thank you.

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