Week 7 #BIKINISERIES Fitness Schedule!


Sweet summertime is in just 12 days and now, more than ever, is the time to work hard and stay strong! Let’s all finish the BIKINI SERIES STRONG!

For the next two weeks we want you to do whatever it takes to stay on top of your workouts, healthy eating and positive mindset!

We’re also planning the 7 day Slimdown starting next SUNDAY!  You can also do our 5 Day Slimdown.  The Slimdowns are part of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and help to lose the last few pounds, rid of bloat and tighten up for an event or beach day! It’s a much more structured plan of what to eat, when to eat it and how. We don’t sell the slimdowns separately from our membership, because you’ll want to maintain your results with your main Tone It Up Plan.  Read more about our 7 Day and 5 Day Programs HERE!

This week’s workouts will challenge you, but it will be so worth it! Be prepared to amaze yourself…

Do you have your calendar posted!? Download your June Calendar HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

We love Boots Botanics and this week’s check in prizes includes this amazing beauty line! They’re an iconic British company, that partnered with the Royal Botanic Gardens in the UK to come up with this line of incredible products.  Boots uses beauty-boosting power of plants to create great skincare and cosmetics! The best part –it’s affordable! Everything in the Botanics range is under $20 and you can easily find all their products at Target!

Winners will also receive COOLAPerfect Fit Protein & the team favorite, Tone It Up Beach Babe Wrap Bracelet!

If you see your name below, please email us at [email protected] with the following information: 1) your full name 2) your social media handle 3) your best shipping address 4) phone number AND PLEASE title the subject: “Week 6 Bikini Series Winner.” You have 30 days to claim your prize.


week 6-6

 This week’s Check in winners are:

  1. Michelle on the Community
  2. Ansley P @TIUgirlAnsley
  3. Shannon M. on Facebook
  4. Emily S on Facebook
  5. Rachael @rachrachtiu

How do you win? By checking in every day @ToneItUp #BIKINISERIES and by supporting and encouraging others in the community!

Remember, this year’s Grand Prize includes a trip anywhere in the world Contiki Vacations travels! This is the trip of a lifetime and the ultimate reward for completing this challenge.


We’re really excited to fly to New York City this week for the launch of our Oakley Tone It Up sunglass line!  You’re all invited to celebrate with us :).  Here are all the details.  We can’t wait to meet you!! For more about our sunglass designs go HERE.



  1. Jenny says:

    I have a week 7 condensed schedule and printable up on tonedandhealthymom.blogspot. com

    1. Erin says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is exactly what we need.

        1. BrittneyT says:

          I agree! I just joined and this website is too hard to navigate. I am glad you did this otherwise I would have went to another site! THANKS!

    2. Guest says:

      This is great! I agree, it is super hard to navigate! I usually end up using you tubes “watch later” featuring and labeling the workouts by day.

      1. Jenny says:

        Ooh that’s a great idea to use the watch later feature!

    3. Vivian Armstrong says:

      This is fantastic–thanks for sharing with the community

    1. Jennifer says:

      Oh, these are amazing. Thank you for sharing!

    2. Brittney says:

      This is wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

    3. Victoria says:

      This is great! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be using these.

    4. michelleelford says:

      This is amazing! Katrina and Karena need to hire you to do this every week!

    5. Jenny says:

      These are great! I made some basic ones but I’ve been trying to post the link to yours because they are awesome!

    6. Jessica Delfs BL10 says:

      Awesome job!!!! These are super cute!!

  2. Tasha says:

    How many times do you need to do the Toning exercises? The abs one on Monday i did 3 times. Is it the same for the others?

    1. Crystal says:

      I would say each is one time through. Each workout is a pretty good length. If you did each one more than once, you would spend a good hour on each part. Usually, if you are to do the workouts more than 1x through, it is specified! That is what I am going to do anyway, one time for each one!

  3. Kayley says:

    Hmmm no kettle bell here, does anyone has a recommendation for what to substitute the routine with? The heaviest weight I have is 5 lbs for the meantime :(

    1. Heidi says:

      on the video Kat says you may use a dumbell :) you can also look up her kettlebell introduction on youtube or here on the site under FITNESS tab! Hope this helps @disqus_UTlFfe06zO:disqus #bikiniseries #letsdothis

  4. cassie friesner says:

    Love the out take!!! Lol was thinking the same thing!

  5. Pamela Kilcoyne says:

    Guys are there any more detailed instructions on the making waves workout or a video? ive never heard of some of moves haven’t a clue what im supposed to do! Also if you don’t have the dvd what would you sub for Bikini Arms workout?

    1. Julia Connolly McCarthy says:

      Bikini arms is on the website

  6. Rebekah Shanahan says:

    Love the new yoga video.!!! However I am not very good at yoga so I just sat here with a confused and lost look on my face throughout the video.

    It’s great otherwise :P I’m just not experienced with Yoga >n<

  7. Justine Petrie says:

    Is there going to be a link to download the Bikini Series Yoga routine?

  8. Kayley says:

    Beach babes, I have a bit of soreness in my left leg and quads from running so often I think — I can’t do much other cardio since I don’t have access to a gym all the time. I do HIIT workouts too. Anyone have any good stretching recommendations or tips?

  9. Emma says:

    I did Friday’s workout yesterday and oh boy :| It killed me! But I killed it back so it’s ok! :D Planing on doing the new yoga workout today, followed by the shoulder workout from Saturday’s line-up. Bought all the ingredients to make the green smoothie afterward to treat my body as she’s not been so well the past couple of weeks (HOW hard is it to do squats and lunges with a poorly tum?!)
    Keep going Beach Babes!! xx

  10. Heidi says:

    @toneitupcom:disqus Question – Are we doing only the weekly workouts for #bikiniseries along with the #7DSD meal plan or do we just follow the #7DSD and it’s recommended workout? HELP!!! First timer on the #7DSD :) thank you #tiuteam

  11. Anne Sophie says:

    the pdf says arms and here abs ? is it normal ? :-/

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