Bikini Series Week 2 Schedule

Get ready for a power-packed week 2 of your BIKINI SERIES!!

This week we’re turning things up a notch to keep you toning, sculpting and getting that beautiful body of yours ready for summer! Give every workout your all!

Just joining us!? WELCOME! Find all the sizzling hot details on this once a year fitness challenge HERE! Make sure you also sign up with your email address so we can send you everything you need to get started!

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How does the Weekly Schedule Work?

We put together weekly workout schedules for you every week! They’re posted every Sunday for FREE! We design these schedules so that you’ll receive the best results from all of your Tone It Up workouts.

We understand that you’re on-the-go, you love to try new studios and get outside when it’s sunny, so we give you choices! You can choose from…

  • We also recommend going to local studios for yoga, trying a new spin class, getting outside for a run, or heading to the gym and doing the stairmill/elliptical or your favorite machine. OR, you can bring your TIU printable routines & Beach Babe workouts with you anywhere!! (you can get the Beach Babe workouts on you phone!)
  • Always remember, do what works best for YOU and your personal schedule.


Want to become a Member of Tone It Up?

The BIKINI SERIES is a FREE challenge, but you can upgrade to being a member of Tone It Up! Join the plan today and we’ll send it to you immediately!   

Take your body to the next, bombshell level! We just released a brand new 8 week Bikini Program that goes along with the BIKINI SERIES for Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Program! It includes a fully laid out meal-by-meal guide, what recipes to prep each week and over 50 NEW delicious dishes!


100 by Summer MILE CHALLENGE starts NOW!

We want you completing heart loving, body slimming cardio daily! It averages out to about 2 miles a day! If you’ve never done it before, read all about it HERE! Show us your completed miles with the hashtag #100bySummer

Also, A TIU girl made these charts! Thanks Amy :)  She made 150 miles too :) Download your #100bySummer or #150bySummer charts HERE!



  1. Stephanie Mone says:

    How many times should we do the mermaid routine tomorrow?

    1. Julie says:

      I think they said at least 3, but do whatever works for your fitness level!

  2. Julie says:

    Anyone else having a hard time finding the Berry Bliss bars recipe? I’ve searched all my plans…

        1. Guest says:

          My page 62 doesn’t have that. It has quinoa and an egg scramble :/

          1. Denise M says:

            I found it on page 68 of the Nutrition plan

          2. Julie says:

            My page 68 has crepes :/ Would you possibly be able to share the recipe?

          3. Christine says:

            The edamame dill salad is page 96 of the beach babe edition…at least in the gluten free version. For one serving the recipe is half cup of edamame shelled, quarter cup of yellow pepper diced, quarter cup of red onion sliced or chopped, 1 tsp fresh dill minced and 1 tsp olive oil. Mix all ingredients and serve chilled

          4. Julie says:

            You are a lifesaver! Thank you so much!!!

          5. Christine says:

            No problem!! Enjoy :)

      1. Julie says:

        My page 62 doesn’t have it. What else is on that page?

      2. Julie says:

        Would you mind just sharing the recipe with me?

    1. Christine says:

      Here is the berry bliss bar recipe. I have the gluten free version so yours could be somewhere else

      1. Samantha says:

        You should remove this image and share on the members only group… this is copyright infringement! I would hate to see you get in trouble!

  3. StacyAnn says:

    Monday sure has a lot of exercise. With 2 kids, I might not have enough time to fit all of that in. I’ll do what I can.

  4. Julie says:

    Could someone share the recipe for the Berry Bliss Bars and the Edamame Dill Salad? My nutrition plan doesn’t appear to have them. I think I missed an update sometime over the last two years :/

      1. Julie says:

        I have the regular one and I joined 2 years ago

  5. Corey Elliott says:

    Is the #100bysummer supposed to be separate from our daily workouts, or do we get to count that cardio?

    1. Christine says:

      You count the cardio they include plus any extra if you do any.

    2. Erin Walsh says:

      They say when something is a cardio routine and you can definitely count them towards you 100 by summer.
      Here’s the guidelines from last year’s 100 by summer…
      What counts as ‘MILES’? Any cardio activity like jogging, running, biking, swimming, dancing, jump roping and any additional movement you add to your day that makes you glow! By definition, cardio means an exercise that elevates your heart rate and keeps it there for a sustained period of time. Toning workouts, while essential, do not count towards your cardio challenge. We want you to complete both toning & cardio every day to maximize your results and get you to your goals faster.

      HIIT workouts, however, do count towards your miles! When you complete a HIIT routine from your Beach Babe DVD, count every 10 minutes as 1 mile!

      What about ‘off days’ or ‘rest days’? We still challenge you to get moving for an active rest day ~ go for a walk, a bike ride or take a yoga class. This way, your daily workout is part of your routine and lifestyle. Plus, you’ll be TONING IT UP every day :)

      Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
      Swimming: multiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
      Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!
      Don’t go crazy trying to figure out the miles… as a general rule, about 10 minutes of intense cardio= 1 mile ;)

  6. Alysha Currie says:

    Will there be weekly prizes this year?

    1. Alysha Currie says:

      Nevermind, I see in a previous post there will be weekly prizes. So I guess my next question is, when will Week 1 winners be announced :) ?

    1. Rafaela Vaz says:

      Thanks!! I’m always having problems finding it.

    2. Christen says:

      what are the differences on the 3 rows? different plans?

    3. Heather Jamison Klingensmith says:

      Thanks for the update!

  7. Erin says:

    Are we supposed to do 45 minutes of cardio and the Beach Bombshell routine on Monday or the Beach Bombshell as our cardio followed by the Mermaid Routine?

  8. Kim says:

    #karenakatrina so in the 8 week plan for Monday it says Beach Bombshell and then optional string Bkini workout or Beach Barre, so if you are following that do you need to do the 45 min of cardio as well or is the Bombshell workout the same thing?

    1. karli_tonesup says:

      I’m thinking the Beach Bombshell will count as our cardio since it’s 38 minutes long and then the String Bikini/Beach Barre is our fine toning. That’s what I’m planning on doing anyways, I’m going more off the Bikini Program. Hope this helps!

        1. Katherine Thousand says:

          It sure felt like “cardio” and I will be using it as miles! I’m thinking like 1 mile for every 15 mins since it’s not quite on the same level as HIIT

          1. Erin Walsh says:

            Thank you! :)

    2. Christina says:

      Bombshell is just a toning routine. If you have time, do the cardio. I kind of see that as optional.

  9. Lola says:

    So for Monday, do we do 45min of cardio and the BB3 workout?

  10. MR says:

    Can’t figure out what/how to do the Set the Bar… HELP!!!

  11. Christina says:

    In the members email this week, maybe say something to members about NOT sharing the recipes and nutrition plan pages freely. Seems like its happening quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. I paid a quite a bit for this stuff. I just wish people wouldn’t give it away. Venting and a suggestion. Sorry.

      1. Christina says:

        yes, just don’t post the recipe, lol. The members only group in the community is the only safe place to share that info, bc TIU controls that.

    1. Jess says:

      I agree but from what iv seen shared on instagram its only a picture of the food but no recipes or even full descriptions of the food. There are thousands of pics tho so I havnt seen all of them. Anyway the pics iv seen have inspired me to buy the plan. If the photos wasnt shared id be less likely to as I like to see examples before purchase.

      1. Christina says:

        Photos of the food is great! Even the recipe title is helpful to post. Its just when some post a picture of the WHOLE recipe right from their plan, lol. When I take a pic to share of the plan I leave the title, but black out or cover up all of the ingredients and directions. I agree, pics of the food does help ladies to want to buy the plan. I think that’s fantastic. Just don’t give away all the info, lol.

    2. Juliet says:

      I’ve actually seen full sheets of the bikini plan pdfs on pinterest… straight from the plan

    3. Lyss says:

      It is a federal crime punishable w/up to *5 years in prison & a $250,000 fine.* perhaps if the ethical issue fails to dissuade these individuals, going to prison will.

    4. hello says:

      I’m not a member but I agree with everyone here! K&K worked so hard on this plan, so they definitely deserve the money and the members itself should not feel cheated ;; One day I’ll join the nutrition plan since I can’t afford it for now, but it doesn’t mean I will support these acts. :(

  12. Merilee says:

    Trying to find the answer to what I did wrong with making the PFP blueberry muffins. They turned out quite dry and also my coconut oil hardened when I put it in the other liquid ingredients. Help!

    1. Marie Masters says:

      Coconut oil will harden if the other ingredients are cold so I would suggest leaving them out of the fridge for at least 30-45 minutes before using them. – If the coconut oil was better distributed they would probably be less dry.

      1. Merilee says:

        Thank you so much! You are the best. It makes sense now.

    2. Mikaella says:

      I’ve used olive oil instead of coconut oil simply because I knew it would harden; turned out great :) just make sure to keep them refrigerated so they don’t turn bad like mine did :'(

  13. jojo1090 says:

    @karenakatrina what is that drink on friends friday?? Looks great, can i make it at home?

    1. Marie Masters says:

      It looks like it might just be Rose wine.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    Are any other nutrition plan members still waiting for their 8 week bikini program to be emailed to them?

    1. Candice says:

      I found mine in my spam mail, I would check there.

      1. Cheyenne says:

        Thank you for replying Candice. I have been checking there as well, but no luck yet!

  15. Joanne Charron says:

    i cant find the berry bliss bars in my pescitarian nutrition plan!help someone!(i’m always looking for the recipes :( the should all be in the bikini challenge!)

    1. Marie Masters says:

      Do you have it saved on your computer? if so you can hit ctrl+f and then search for berry bliss – or if it’s on your phone there is just a search button – that’s how I find all the recipes.

      1. Joanne Charron says:

        i’ve losted it cause my computer died! I have a printed version and it is not in it @Marie Masters

    2. Alicia says:

      We got an email last week subject: UPDATE to your BIKINI PROGRAM!At the end of it is a link to a two page doc that lists where all of the recipes can be found. That makes it easier to find them all.

      1. Joanne Charron says:

        yess i know but its not in my nutrition plan (berry bliss recipe) maybe its in the regular one? i’ve got the pescitarian…

  16. maw says:

    What’s a good PM workout to compliment the Beach Bombshell workout from BB3 I did this morning?

  17. Fotini says:

    Tankesultan is that just this week’s schedule? I always have a hard time finding them! Thanks for posting! :)

  18. TIUAllyCat says:

    I would be so appreciative if K&K would post the length of the new weekly videos in advance so I can plan my sleep/homework schedule in advance!

  19. kari says:

    Woke up at 4am to do my first bootycall! Never thought it would feel so good to sweat this early in the morning!

  20. Linda says:

    Can someone please explain how to count the reps on the printable versions?

    1. aong says:

      that would be entirely up to you on how many you do. For example, if you’re doing lunges and want to do 15 lunges on each leg, that would mean you’re doing 15 reps on each leg. After you’ve completed 15 on each side, that would mean you’ve finished a set. Then you start again. each 15 would equal a ‘set’. hope that makes sense.

      1. Linda says:

        Yes, it clears up a lot, thank you. But if you’re doing bicycle crunches for example, and the printable says 20, do you have to do 20 on each side or just 20 overall?

  21. Steff says:

    Just wondering what time the new workouts come out? I live on the west coast and work out fairly late in the morning (8am, so most people are getting ready for work or at work already). I love my morning workouts and would love to be able to do the new ones in the morning. Hope it’s posted soon!!

    1. Christina says:

      It was posted very early! Its a new post on the blog!

  22. Mariana Anchante says:

    I could not start the 8 week plan on time because I was traveling and it got complicated, but I wanted to start tomorrow. Should I start from day 1 or should I just start with tomorrow’s meal and workout?

    1. TIU_SherSher says:

      You could always start with tomorrow’s schedule so you feel like you’re involved in the same thing as everyone else, then maybe go back to week 1 when it’s over. It’s nice to be able to be on the same page as everyone else, and the nagging feeling of being behind won’t be there. Just a thought. Good luck and have fun!

    2. Trishia says:

      I did the same thing. I went on vacay and started late. I complete the day as the rest of the group is doing it. Then I will double back and do the weeks I missed once the challenge is over.

  23. Okay, does anyone else think K + K need to share their outfit meets? Maybe on LiketoKnow.it? I seriously want all of their gear, shoes, and bikinis!

  24. Emily says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Caribbean Kettlebell routine <3 But I want to know…is the TIU Kettlebell ever coming to the TIU shop? If so, I'll hold out and wait for it!!

  25. Angel says:

    Feeling so good!!! Coconut water smoothie here i come!

  26. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check in….Completed the booty and abs workouts and now going to enjoy my strawberry smoothie. Hump Day! x0x0

  27. Katie says:

    I don’t have a big workout ball to do the have a ball workout. Any suggestions on a different workout to do in replacement of that? I wish the girls would sell a nice pink ball like this and those cute aqua tone it up kettlebells!

  28. Alisha Nell says:

    What workout can substitute the beach ball workout? For those of us who don’t have an exercise ball?

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