WOW… can you believe it’s HERE!?

The Tone It Up Challenge officially kicks off today with Meal Prep, Workout Scheduling and Planning! Remember, preparation = success!

Below you will see your Weekly Workout Schedule that comes out EVERY SUNDAY!

You’ll find FREE workout options along with our premium workout videos.  You can do either or!  The Exclusive Workouts are NOW available on their own HERE!  You’ll find 4 Premium workout videos and 4 go-to workout guides. They’re amazing!


You’ll also see the new term SYC below! SYC means spin, yoga or class! We want to encourage you to step out, try new workout classes in your area, meet other TIU girls that live near you and share your experience with different studios in the community on ToneItUp.com!  If you find a class near you, create a #TIUmeetup and ask a local TIU girl to come with you!

Yesterday, we shared a Prepare for the Challenge post! See it HERE!


It’s Meal Prep Sunday! Go grocery shopping, plan out your meals, prepare recipes ahead of time, cut up veggies, set aside snacks and pack that lunch cooler! Hashtag #MealPrepSunday!

Take your results to the NEXT LEVEL! For all members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, we sent the 8 Week Meal Plan that goes perfectly with this Challenge! We designed this plan to take the guesswork out and make the next 8 weeks easy and fun!  If you aren’t a member yet, join HERE and you’ll receive it right away along with all future editions like this one!

Here’s what a sample day looks like!

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 6.23.20 PM



Here we go!  

*** Remember, you can ALWAYS mix in your own workout classes and make this schedule work for YOU! If you can’t workout in the morning, make sure you fit it in in the evening. If you love that barre class on Mondays… go for it!  If you love to hit the boxing class on Fridays.. go on with your bad self! Check in with us with the hashtag #TIUteam!







BOOTYCALL! Wake up and workout that booty! 30 MINUTES OF CARDIO FIRST THING THIS MORNING! Push your limits girl!

Then, either after your cardio or sometime later in the day, do your NEW TOTAL BODY TONE UP VIDEO!

Download your workout printable HERE. Right click and select “Save Link As…”

On your phone? Download your MOBILE FRIENDLY Printable HERE. 






PM: Head out for a 20 minute walk before dinner


Optional: glass of wine or kombucha! Put on a facemask & pamper yourself!

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 11.46.38 AM


SYC! 40 MINUTES OF CARDIO TODAY! Check in with what you do! 

You can also do a our POWER INTERVALS from this month’s issue of SELF MAGAZINE!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 7.10.14 AM

PM: ROLL IT OUT ~ new rollout printable comes out today using your Foam Roller!





2 of your favorite routines from TOTAL BODY + YOGA












Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 6.24.27 PM

#TIUteam @ToneItup 

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✓ Have an absolute BLAST!








  1. It’s here!! Excited for the next 8 weeks. Let’s do this ladies!! Thanks for everything you do K&K!

  2. Yayyyy!!! ? Happy FIRST Day of the #selftiu challenge!!! I’m ready for more meal prepping to make it a successful first week of the challenge with you girls ❤️ #wegotthis ??

  3. Wow! Super early schedule! Awesome. Thanks! Cant wait to give the new workouts a try. Ive been trying my best to not do the Exclusive videos until this challenge. I did a couple bc I was too excited. Cant wait to try the rest!

  4. Anyone having issues with the new Community website? I can’t get the hashtags or search function to work…

    1. I’m having a hard time with getting familiar with the new website… I don’t find it very organized or easy to find something. But maybe that’s just me…
      The search function works but I haven’t used hashtags until now… I haven’t posted anything yet in the new community website because it’s not clearly arranged for me. Too much informations I don’t need and I can’t find out how to blend unnecessary status updates out…

    2. I’ve been having issues myself… I’m new to the Community and went to look up different groups, but the link takes me to the Fitness page! And then earlier I noticed in my profile it says I have zero check ins this week when I’ve done two (yesterday and earlier today). Perhaps these are “new site” kinks? Sorry I can’t help you with your issues… :(

  5. You can get the additional emails, recipes and workouts at Self.com for free! The emails are worth it and very motivational!

  6. about to start my #mealprepsubday. can’t wait to start! TIP for caffeine sensitive ladies: watch out for the kombucha at night. I have to drink it before 3:00pm or else I’m up for hours. do what’s best for you!

  7. Super excited!
    Ready for Sunday Prepday, although uncertain what to eat on Sundays…silly as that may sound.

  8. I’m so ready to get back to it! I definitely enjoyed family and friend time over the holidays. Now, it’s me time! :)

  9. How do I find the TIU exclusive workouts? I’m already a plan member and have my 8 week plan.

  10. I am so pumped for this! I’m also going to try to keep up with the SELFxTIU workouts, need to see if those are similar, I bet there’s overlap and it’ll be totally doable!

  11. Are the SELF workouts supposed to be done alongside this weekly workout? Are they kinda like bootycalls? I’m slightly confused ….

  12. i can’t wait to start! i have been slacking big time since the holidays and can feel it. Time for some prepping!

  13. Looks like an amazing week. So ready to use the 8 week nutrition plan to achieve my goals that I have set.

  14. I’m so excited!! We can do this ladies :) it’s gonna be awesome . thanks Karina and Katrina for the motivation WE love you !!!

  15. Okay a little confused. I have the Self workouts as well for each day. Do I do the free workout listed + the Self workout for today + 30 minutes Booty call?

  16. I’ve taken the last year off due to my husband being diagnosed with cancer. God is good and my husband is doing great! I am ready to get BACK ON TRACK! Can’t wait for tomorrow! I’ve got about 20 pounds to lose, but I know I can do it!!

  17. Oh my gosh I’m so excited! I went shopping Friday but made myself wait to meal prep today. Let’s do this ladies! :-)

  18. I am so excited to start this challenge!! I’m determined to complete this challenge and get in the best shape I have even been in! I have to work twice as hard due to the facet that my stepmom is fighting against me with my meal prepping and working out!

  19. The website was giving me a lot of issues, couldn’t even recognize my name when I did the “reset password”. I had to go with NatZ instead of Natalie. Haha. Lord.


    Cannot WAIT for this challenge!!! Are we doing a 100 miles thing again or is that later?

  20. I’m ready to take on the challenge from Mermaid to MerBABE! My favorite times of the year are our Tone it Up challenges!! They help me go out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and challenge myself physically and mentally! Love love love!!!! #tiuteam #tiubride #tiunutritionplan

  21. When is the vegan meal plan going to be available? I haven’t gotten it in my email, it still says coming soon.

    1. I received the email for the vegan meal plan on Christmas eve. It always goes to my promotional folder on gmail not my primary. Hopefully this helps!

  22. Can’t wait to push my myself through this 8-Week TIU Challenge! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2016! :)

  23. Are the new workouts not included for members? Do I have to buy them separately?

    The new website is SUPER annoying! I shouldn’t have to see ads to buy the nutrition plan on every landing page when I’m logged in, since I’m a member who has purchased the plan already. This is something the site developers need to change asap.

  24. Already shopped. Now prepping + planning! I’m so excited to do this for myself! Good luck girls!

  25. Do we do any booty call + the workout of the day or juts the workout of the day? New here kind of confused :)

  26. i love how all of the workouts are now present and we don’t have to click on each day – this is much cleaner! great update! ready to hit this week strong :)

  27. So the workouts aren’t free and being given out on Tuesdays anymore like in previous challenges?

  28. So the new workouts aren’t free and being given out on Tuesdays anymore like in previous challenges?

  29. Super excited!! Quick question: I received the self email starting the challenge and the food differs from the 8 week meal plan. Is it just an option or do we follow both?

    Also so overwhelmed and excited for the challenge! I’m meal prepping and I was wondering if any of you is making the Tina wraps ahead of time and if so how do you store them?

  30. I am so ready to start this challenge! I am getting married on April 2nd, 2016!! I have all the motivation I need :)

  31. ds says:

    Are there printables? I need to be able to print out the workouts or else I cannot participate? Thank you.

  32. The perfect way to start out your week is with a TUI workout on Monday morning! Happy Sweating Ladies!

  33. Stoked to get this challenge started! Meal prepping while I read through this week’s schedule is just pumping me up <3

  34. Hi all! I have a doubt with M3 thursday & saturday 1st week of the 8 week challenge… no proteins? Comments? Thanks!

  35. I am so excited to kick off 2016 with the TIU challenge! I love this community and enjoy living a healthier lifestyle :) Good luck to all!!

  36. I have everything written down on my calendar- blocked off time every morning. Here we go!

  37. Yay! So glad to be a part of this. I meal prepped and have been using my journal from the bundle. I even brought my bag to the gym!!! Love this community.

  38. Are we supposed to do the Booty Call every morning or just on Tuesday? Anyone know?

  39. I am so ready for this challenge!! I had my meal prep done by noon today and ran 2 miles because I wanted to start today :) It’s going to be a great 8 weeks. I hope everyone has fun :-)

  40. I can’t wait for this challenge! :) Quick question – can someone tell me the difference in time for the exclusive workouts vs. what’s on TIU.com? For example: Monday is Tone HIIT up (exclusive WO) or HIITY bitty bikini on TIU.com. Thanks! :)

  41. I’m pretty excited about today… started my day meal planning. Bought a new Treadmil and rower for the morning cardio booty calls! Went shopping for week 1 and finished my day with meal prepping and measurements. My husband has even decided to follow along with most meals and the exercises!!

    8 weeks here I come! : )

  42. I’m new here, so I’ll say hey ladies! I’m a wife and mom of 3. I just feel so tired come the evening time and I cannot seem to wake up early enough to workout. And pointers?

  43. Just bough the video downloads, yay!! Can’t wait for this new challenge. Question though, in the download instructions, it says you can directly download & save videos on your iPad with a “downloader” app. What would be a good app for this? I have a very slow computer & would love to skip using it to get downloads on the iPad. Thanks!!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! It doesn’t look like it has been updated since the last post was about gingerbread pancakes or something :( hope they change that soon, I just bought the app like 3 months ago!

    2. I saw a post somewhere on facebook in one of the groups that they are working on the app. I’m not sure of a timeline though.

    3. @ Deborah – I was wondering the same thing & I hope it is; I loved the app! :) At least the site is easier to access from my phone now; so, it hasn’t been too bothersome!

    4. I hope so! The new site is looking fab and hopefully the app will soon be just as fab as well ;)

      1. Same. I rely on the app to find the weekly workout schedule. It’s really hard to find on the site, too.

  44. ::sigh:: It stinks for me that they are starting this challenge off with a HIIT. Because I can’t do HIITs. It’s too intense for beginners, especially that specific HIIT. I feel like each year each challenge gets harder and harder and is no longer tailored for beginners, which means it’s not tailored for everyone, which is what I thought TIU was all about. I wish there were different daily workout schedules for different levels. :( Really hate feeling defeated already.

  45. I’m so confused…I got the 28 day jumpstart which already has a 4 week workout schedule. Am is supposed to be following that schedule or this online workout schedule? I have to say things could be made much more clear from the get go with TIU…love the enthusiasm behind it all but at the end of the day we have to know what to expect. I’ve received multiple emails since signing up for the challenge a few days ago and only one of them actually led to information that told me what I’m supposed to do! (Purchase the 28 day jumpstart). Just some constructive criticism.

  46. I can’t find my nutrition plan on the new site, does anyone know where to find it?

  47. Are the Premium Workouts not available to TIU members who have the Nutrition Plan? I’m prompted to purchase them every time I try to access them.

  48. Always get so inspired by you girls! Resting and resting to heal my sore throat to get back on track again. Will try to do this challenge as much as I can in prepping for my participation for Stockholm marathon!:D

  49. Let’s do this!!!! Time to get fit again….holiday ‘diet’ was not good at all….

  50. Will you be posting any of the workout PDFs that accompany the workouts? I love using those on my phone when I’m at the gym and I don’t have all of them saved! Thanks TIU team! :)

  51. Hi K&K can you please post the new workouts on Sunday with the schedule? I live in England and it would be beneficial to us Brits (and the rest Europe) so that we can do our new workout booty calls.

  52. I’m confused with the tone it up challenge vs the collaboration with Self challenge. I got a completely different workout schedule from Self. Are we suppose to be doing both workout schedules?

  53. Is this section classified as the check in spot? I am a little lost. Where do you make your check ins on this new site?

  54. Meal Prep Sunday scared my hubs, but he’s on board and we can’t wait to see where this next 8 weeks takes us!

  55. I’m having trouble accessing the MyTIU page and my profile. Is there something wrong with my account? I’m a nutrition plan member so I’d like to be able to interact in the community!

  56. Is anybody else having trouble finding Tuesday workout video new total body toning video on website? Or am I a complete idiot and don’t see it.

  57. Even though I’ve posted two updates (yesterday and today), my profile keeps saying I’ve had no check-ins. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  58. I really love the new website/the new challenge and the new workout videos. New videos always help keep me motivated. My only request would be a permanent link at the top of the homepage to the current weekly schedule. By Friday the current schedule post gets buried.

  59. How do I check-in through the website? It tells me that I have to post a picture or link something but I was just going to type what I did.

  60. Is the Itty Bitty Hiity Bikini workout the only one listed for Monday? My devices are kind of wonky today….

  61. I just did my measurements and was wondering why the TIU measuring tape has the loop. If I use the loop, will I not get an accurate measurement? It seems to take an inch off my real measurements. Love the rest of the bundle, just curious is all!

  62. Does anyone know where to find the NEW TOTAL BODY TONE UP VIDEO that is listed above for Tuesday? It sounds great, but I can’t find it. Thanks!

  63. Today I did 3 miles run, the total body tone up video, the self total body HIIT and beach arms from Bikini Series 3. :) really proud of myself :)

  64. Is there a printable sheet somewhere for us to keep track of mileage? I think there is a challenge to do 100 miles right?

  65. Loved the booty and abs workout today!!!:) I was just a little disappointed that i did not have the bands that Kat used in the video because I thought the bundle came with everything I needed.

  66. I have a question ladies!
    I am a busy stay at home momma and in that I mean my toddler always has my 24/7 attention. So, its quite a challenge to devote 20 mins here and there for workouts…. so, if I were to incorporate the workouts into when im cooking or cleaning or playing is that still the same as if I set aside a designated time to do it?

    1. I also have a busy 3 year old who only wants mom attention. So after I put her down for the night I go to my basement and do the workouts. This is the only way I have found time so far.

    2. I’ve read studies where 10 minutes a few times a day has the same effect as a 30-60 minute steady workout. I’ve also even seen workouts that incorporate your kids into your workouts, and your kid will only think you’re playing with him!

    3. Michelle, I would try to get the full workout in all at once-all your strength training or all of your cardio-for gains, time and dedication to selfcare. You will waste a lot of time changing clothes, showering etc. splitting up the workouts as well. As a busy working mom of twin boys, I know how hard it is to find a block of time to get the workouts in; however you need to make it a priority. YOU need your own time to decompress and devote to selfcare. That as how you stay a healthy and happy mama! When my boys were infants and toddlers, I would either bring them down with me to work out, do it during nap time or save it for when my husband was home as well and we split shift it. I was off to work out and he was on duty with the kids or vice versa. We were able to get our workouts in or do our own specific household tasks uninterrupted. It worked splendidly. I also would have to workout at night sometimes-exhausted or no! Last night I finished my workout at 10:20 p.m. I do not like to do it that late, but such is life. I always feel great after a workout! I hope this helps Michelle!

    4. Focus is so important, I think you should try to wake up before your son/daughter is up or do it during nap time or when they eat lunch or when they are doing tv time/craft time whenever they are busy doing something that you don’t have to monitor is when I would workout. I personally don’t have kids, but I often have to workout around my nephews that come over to play. I just pause the workout and tell them “not now” and resume if they bother me enough, but now that they have seen me do it many times. They just go do something else and don’t bother me.

      You can do it!

    5. Hey Michelle! I believe that’s totally ok! Everyone’s schedule is busy, especially when you’re a stay at home mom! ? Try your best to get up early in the morning and do a “tiu bootycall” before your little ones are awake. If you can’t, it’s no biggie, squeeze it in at some point during the day!

    6. Hey Michelle, I just have to get up before my kiddos do. I have 2 toddler boys and they normally wake up by 630 so most days I’m up and ready to start my workout by 515 to make time for me!
      You would do some of the workouts while they are playing but not sure if you could incorporate the workout as you are cleaning if that makes sense. You can do this though!!!!!

  67. So excited about this. I’ve been only doing these workouts for three weeks now, but I can already tell a huge difference. It makes me extremely happy!

  68. went for a 10 minute walk and then did the abs and booty workout and the self workout, it just about killed me, could barely make it through one set of each exercise. Feels good though.

  69. I would love if the daily schedule also included how much total time we should parse out each morning and evening for the workouts. I need to know how much earlier I need to set my alarm each morning.

  70. Does anyone know if Fridays workout means pick just two classes or four total for the challange?

  71. I’m so pumped for this week! I hope i can adapt the workout cuz i’m still recovering from a broker feet… :/

  72. For Friday — the alternative workout suggests picking 2 routines from Total Body + Yoga. Does this mean 1 routine from Total Body and 1 from Yoga or 2 from each section? Sorry if this is a silly question! Just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing!

  73. Hello! I’m a mum too, but i think it’s not the same. My baby have 9M and i try to do with him, by my side. Good Look!

  74. Am I the only one that misses the old app layout? Daily workouts were one click away. Now I have to click several links and scroll and it keeps taking me back to different pages Not really liking the new app :(

  75. Hi Everyone! For some reason I don’t see where I can get the Roll it out. Ive seen people post about it on ig already. GAHHH!!! lol THanks everyone

  76. Did anyone else have lower back pain when doing the leg raises while laying your hips on the exercise ball during the bikini buns & thighs routine yesterday? I’m worried I was doing it wrong because my legs would only raise up so high before my back felt crunched in pain.

    1. Yes! It takes a ton of glute work to get my legs up, but I always feel this in my back! I’m also usually sore in my lower back muscles the next day. Keep trying, it should get easier..

    1. Hi Ruth =)

      Love your printables, ’cause I’m starting a week later it would be great if you can post Week 1 complete =)

      Thank you <3

  77. TGIF!! This is a great concept!! But the last email I got was Tuesday. Is anyone else having that issue? I reply enjoy getting that email in the morning, it’s a great wake up call :)

  78. There is no link for the weekly schedule on the homepage or under “fitness” if you don’t log in.

  79. I kicked Week 1 in the butt!? I hope everyone else had a great week and I’m looking forward to starting week 2 ✔️

  80. I’m a little behind on this challenge because of a neck injury but I’ve been cleared for a week and I’m getting into TIU. I’ve tried a lot of things since college and this is the first thing that’s sticking!! My sister knows about my struggles and she’s promised to get me the entire TIU kit if I can keep up the 8 week challenge. So far so good!

    I was just wondering if you had some alternative moves to the first and third videos. I love the workouts but I can’t do some things without being injured. I’ve done some alternative moves on my own but I don’t know if it’s working the same muscle groups at all.

  81. Great workouts….however, it would be really great to have an ‘easy to read’ guide/weekly calendar with the workouts listed. Sometimes scrolling through the web page or trying to think of the ‘big picture’ for a weekly workout schedule is hard with the list of links and videos. Just a suggestion!

  82. I scanned ahead a couple of weeks, and there don’t appear to be any rest days on the schedule, even active rest (e.g. a brisk walk, etc.). I’ve done that in the past, worked out for weeks without a single rest day, and it didn’t end well. Is my “no rest-day” impression of the program correct?

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