Week 1 BIKINI SERIES Weekly Schedule!


The most incredible time of the year is HERE!!

Your 2015 BIKINI SERIES officially starts NOW! During the next 8 weeks, we need your dedication. This is when you decide nothing will stop you. Today is when you make a commitment to your health, happiness and to your summer-ready body! It’s going to be so worth it, we promise you.

Prepare to AMAZE yourself!

Just joining us!? WELCOME! Find all the sizzling hot details on this once a year fitness challenge HERE! Make sure you also sign up with your email address so we can send you everything you need to get started!

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How does the Weekly Schedule Work?

We put together weekly workout schedules for you every week!  They’re posted every Sunday for FREE!  We design these schedules so that you’ll receive the best results from all of your Tone It Up workouts.

We understand that you’re on-the-go, you love to try new studios and get outside when it’s sunny, so we give you choices!  You can choose from…

  • We also recommend going to local studios for yoga, trying a new spin class, getting outside for a run, or heading to the gym and doing the stairmill/elliptical or your favorite machine. OR, you can bring your TIU printable routines & Beach Babe workouts with you anywhere!! (you can get the Beach Babe workouts on you phone!)
  • Always remember, do what works best for YOU and your personal schedule.


Want to become a Member of Tone It Up?

The BIKINI SERIES is a FREE challenge, but you can upgrade to being a member of Tone It Up!  Join the plan today and we’ll send it to you immediately!   

Take your body to the next, bombshell level! We also just released a brand new 8 week Bikini Program that goes along with the BIKINI SERIES for Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Program! It includes a fully laid out meal-by-meal guide, what recipes to prep each week along with over 50 NEW delicious dishes!

Bikini Program Collage

 *** For everyone on the plan, Day 1 is TODAY! Meal Prep Sunday!  As you can see below, you’ll start every week with a Sunday, because Sundays are your most important day to get ready for a successful week.

*** Remember to always eat Lean, Clean & Green on the weekends… between Friday, Saturday & Sunday, it adds up to almost half your month! Make your weekends count…


Members, you’ll also be doing Set the Bar from Beach Babe DVD 2!

This workout is the ultimate results driven routine. We designed these exercises to provide you with a reference point to see your incredible results. You’ll see & feel the difference!

Download your progress chart HERE to track how much stronger you become during the next 8 weeks!

Are you READY!?!?  Let’s get this BIKINI BASH STARTED!

Your NEW BIKINI SERIES Workouts come out every Tone It Up Tuesday!!

(videos goin’ up… on a Tuesday ;) — sorry, we had to…

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  1. Lena says:

    SO excited. You two are amazing :) Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Rouge says:

    Hi ,where can I find the chart for 100 or 150 by summer?

    1. kp_Sparkles says:

      I just typed in 100 miles by summer tone it up and found it on yahoo images, if that helps. I think it’s somewhere here under the bikini series when it first started. You can probably search for it on this site.

      1. M says:

        Thanks, Kp! I just found it via Google as well. Karena and Katrina, please make us a new printable for our 100 and 150 miles, the old one is nice, but a more modern one ( a la the Valentines Day one) would be cute. The old one looks just a tad outdated ;)


        1. kp_Sparkles says:

          You’re welcome. I love the charts :) I hope to get all my miles in this time. I always come up too short lol.

        2. Laurie Zerumsky says:

          at the top of these comments they said they will be creating a new one soon. Didn’t want to overwhelm the newbies. :)

        1. Lilly Lamont-Muñoz says:

          no problem! I also have these simple charts if anyone is interested – you have to fill them in each sunday its just a simple check list basically

      1. Rania says:

        This is lovely… so useful and so cute! Thanks for sharing XO

  3. Beth Cruz Warner says:

    so are we starting the workouts today or tomorrow?? The 8 week program says to to Set the Bar tomorrow and HIIT on day 2… :/

    1. Samantha says:

      Day 1 of each week is a Sunday :) So do Day 1 today!

    2. toneitupcom says:

      Day 1 is Sunday because of Meal Prep and Set the Bar! Sorry for the confusion! We’re uploading a new version for everyone this week that says the name of the week. Silly on our part. So just to clarify, day 1 starts today for meal prep and set the bar :)

      1. Christina says:

        LOL, it wasn’t silly, it made perfect sense. Really. You guys have a lot on your plates. Thank you.

  4. Hannah says:

    Are we not doing a miles challenge this time around?

    1. toneitupcom says:

      We are!!! We didn’t want to overwhelm new visitors, so it’s starting soon… hang tight!

      1. jenny says:

        if we don’t have the dvds is this challenge possible?

  5. Nikki Pensinger says:

    I have probably signed up at least 6-7 times and never have received an email…so I don’t know if I am actually signed up. I don’t want to miss out on all the good tips and workouts because of this. I use gmail. I am signed up with their other emails, maybe i will still get bikini series that way?

    1. Sonja says:

      I also didn’t receive the email, but if you sign up on the update telling about the bikini series, it redirects you to where you can download the starter pack. I hope you find it!

  6. kp_Sparkles says:

    Is this series still doable for those who do not have the dvds? It just seems very different this time around.

    1. Betty says:

      I think it’s still doable. I just just Beach Babe DVD 2, so I’m swapping in those workouts. But if you don’t have any DVDs, I’m sure you can just substitute the Youtube videos :) Generally, they do about 30 minutes of toning, so you can do the videos about 2-3 times.

      1. stef says:

        So what should be substituted for “set the bar” video from DVDs2, it does not say in the post, does that workout is an overall workout, legs, abs, arms…etc or it is just legs. Is the “set the bar” 30mn long? Thx

        1. Delia says:

          The “Set The Bar” routine is just a whole bunch of moves times and you do as many of that move as you can in the time allotted. Example: Lunges – they give you 60 seconds on the clock to do as many lunges as you can do and then you record it. It’s basically just a way for you to measure your progress.
          I don’t have the Beach Babe 2 DVD, so today I’m sticking with the weekly 5K they have us do on Sunday’s. That’s how I’m tracking my progress. I’m going to see how long it takes me to do a 5k today and then try to beat it every week and then see how far I’ve come at the end of the 8 weeks.
          You don’t need the Beach Babe DVD’s to do this challenge. It’s just an extra boost, but it’s not necessary. They have plenty of other workout routines on youtube that you can substitute for them.

        2. Katherine Thousand says:

          ALSO! You could just choose some basic moves that are challenging to you and see how many you can do in 60 seconds each. Sub those out for the moves in Set the Bar :) I will probably do that as I only have BB3 – for example, I’ll do plyo lunges, burpees, etc.

    2. stef says:

      I agree, how do you do the set the bar today, if you do not have the DVDs 2, I was thinking to get the 3 for this bikini series, but it seems that there are lot of references to DVD2 too and I can not get both right now, so I am confused about which one to get now 2 or 3 ?!

        1. kp_Sparkles says:

          I have a weird question. I am bad at calculating miles. I do a 1.36 mile walk a few days a week. (broke up into two 20 minute walks because I walk to school and back) Can I turn that walk into bikini cardio and how? Would it make it more miles? I wanted to try bikini cardio but just don’t have time to add a lot of cardio in right now. Thanks.

    3. toneitupcom says:

      The BIKINI SERIES is free with free recommendations for everyone every day :) We of course want you to get the best results possible, so we also created the Beach Babe DVD Workouts and the Nutrition Program, but you can absolutely follow the challenge for free! Weekly prizes are open to everyone as well!!! The Grand prize trip to Playa Del Carmen is for members of the plan, but everything in between is for everyone!

  7. Meghan says:

    Where can I find the Root Down- Apple Up Frisee salad recipe and the Coconut and Macadamia Crusted Mahi Mahi recipe? Thanks!

    1. Delia says:

      They’re in the new 8 week meal guide for the Bikini Series. They’re at the end with all the other recipes.

    1. Samantha says:

      Click the link to the printable – you should do Thailand Tush 3x through – it takes about half an hour :)

  8. Jessica says:

    Will there also be printables for the new Bikini Series workouts? Thanks!

    1. StacyAnn says:

      For those who didn’t t get their email today yet, check now. I just got mine.

  9. Rose says:

    Yay it’s finally here!! Can’t wait to get started! So do we do the “Set the Bar” on sunday or monday? :)

  10. Erika says:

    Are the 20-30 minutes of cardio on top of the booty call workout?

    1. Zoe says:

      I have been wondering the same thing!! Let me know if you find the answer!

      1. Katherine Thousand says:

        No! Usually the bootycall is your AM cardio (and toning if you like to do it all at once!) They also suggest adding 10 mins to your cardio if you miss the bottycall and have to do it later in the day!

  11. Ali says:

    Yesterday I found the shopping list and meal plan for the week, now I can’t find it! I was all ready to do meal prep all day and now I’ve spent half the day trying to find it again….anyone know where I can find it now?

    1. Stephanie says:

      I’m having the same issue. Where is the meal plan info?

      1. Morgan says:

        have you gotten it yet? i still havent either! and no one from TIU is responding to me :( frustrating

    2. Laura says:

      Are you a member? The 8 week Bikini Series edition was e-mailed out to all members Thursday! Shopping list & meal plans are in there!

  12. Jaclyn says:

    Can we have a downloadable daily calendar with the workout schedule. Pretty please?

      1. Jaclyn says:

        You are awesome!!! What’s the best way you can print the full version?

        1. Tankesultan says:

          I don´t know, haha. Sorry! I only use it as my wallpaper and then I tick off every workout in photoshop (any program will do, like paint) :) And week two and week three are probably not correct, so I guess I wouldn´t recommend printing it.. :P

          1. Ashley Summers says:

            tanksultan this is amazing!!!

      2. Tatiana DeLima Thompson says:

        This is greatness! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

      3. Sharon says:

        I am confused…. for Tuesday, I just see Mermaid work out. where are u getting others? from DVDs? so u do mermaid, beach ball, Hitty Bitty Bikini, and abs….?

        1. Sharon says:

          is second row means week 2? and 3rd row means week 3?

          1. Tankesultan says:


          2. Sharon says:


        2. Tankesultan says:

          They removed beach ball, so don´t worry about that. The Hitty Bitti Bikini is to be released.

          1. Sharon says:


  13. likac05 says:

    This is so very confusing and it just looks like one big ad for your DVDs – which is ok, I guess, you gotta pay your bills. Just, I thought it would be at least some free sections so people can try out your fitness methods before buying anything. Joke’s on me, obviously.

    1. Juliette Garcia says:

      @likac05 They have a ton of great, free videos on YouTube and under the fitness section! Check them out :)

    2. toneitupcom says:

      There’s a free workout option every day :) There’s over 150 free workouts on ToneItUp too! You’ve got this!

    3. Emma says:

      All the free workouts are there for the finding! :) It’s great, and is the thing that I was able to do with no funding (apart from investing in a couple of dumbbells and a kettlebell :D I bought the Beach Babe DVDs when I was better off, and I’ve never looked back!

  14. Kristi Sawicki says:

    Since I invested in both DVDs, I’m so happy we are actually using them this time! Love the meal plan too!

    1. Rose says:

      Same here! :D Just did the set the bar and was kind of disappointed… (with my results, not the dvd ;) ) Time to get started I guess!

      1. Jacqueline says:

        I have to do mine today and I am sure I will feel the same. I look at it as a good thing as I have more room to grow by the end ;)

  15. Courtney Coleman says:

    I just signed up!!!! I’m so EXCITED! !!!!! Ready to see change!!!!! Downloading everything right now!!!! Be ready to see a ton of instagram post from pinkyc13 lol lol

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I just purchased the BB2 & BB3 digital downloads from the website. I was immediately sent the downloads, but I clicked “download” on the first workout and it began playing it, not downloading it. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Emily Bufler says:

      You have to download it onto your computer and not from your phone. Once you’ve downloaded it to the computer you can watch them there. They also include smaller versions of the files that are iOS friends–so you would download those to your computer and drag them onto your phone via itunes. Hope this helps!

  17. I’m confused about the 8 week challenge. As a current nutrition plan member, I thought I would receive the 8 week nutrition plan or something as a current member. Is that correct or am I reading something wrong? I haven’t received any member emails. I emailed you but I understand you’re busy. Thank you.

      1. Morgan says:

        have you gotten it yet? i still havent either! and no one from TIU is responding to me :(

    1. Ashley says:

      There is a new edition of the nutrition plan released this week that is their 8 week nutrition plan for the Bikini Series 2015. Perhaps you can find it and download it in the members page of the TIU Community?

      1. Thanks, Ashley. I looked in the community site but I don’t know where it would be there.

  18. jemztone says:

    Oh my gosh. I am so excited to start this challenge. I need to get my butt in gear, so that it looks good in gear ;)

  19. I’m confused about the 8 week challenge. As a current nutrition plan member, I thought I would receive the 8 week nutrition plan or something as a current member. Is that correct or am I reading something wrong? I haven’t received any member emails. I emailed you but I understand you’re busy. Thank you.

    1. Morgan says:

      have you gotten it yet? i still havent either! and no on from TIU is responding to me :(

      1. No, I haven’t. But I saw on the bikini challenge sign up page that it said to let support respond to you if you’re a member and haven’t received it. I know they’ve been overloaded so I’m sure that what it is. For now, I’m just going to follow the nutrition plan I have. It’s the workouts and the special tips that I know from TIU that will get me through for now. Keep looking in your junk mail for it too.

    2. Brittney says:

      I would reach back out if you don’t hear from them. We’ve received quite a few things.

      1. Thanks, Brittany. I have and still nothing. I know they are bombarded with inquiries. I have their g free plan already so I’m ok until it arrives. Thanks!

  20. Stephanie says:

    I am a nutrition plan member but still have yet to receive my meal plan. Most other people got theirs on thursday. How can I plan my meals if I don’t have it?

  21. Colleen Anne says:

    totally bummed! i thought day 1 was april13th even as a member. Gotta go fit in the set the bar work out and the after dinner walk (east coast already 6:30pm). Will get on track for a sunday start next week.

    1. Cristine says:

      I thought so too until I checked this morning :/ I already did Set the Bar and will add today’s workout after work. I’m kind of disappointed (with myself) but I won’t let it get me :)

  22. Angelyn Tan says:

    Hey guys! So excited to get started. Just have 1 question: What time will the new Bikini Series workout be live? Is it according to US time?

    I am from Europe (and i am sure you guys have tons of EU customer!) and it will be evening here by the time it is morning in the states! Just wondering if you guys are catering to EU customers as well and will release it earlier :) Thanks!

  23. Kelsey Phelps says:

    Anyone else really overwhelmed by the meal plan? I feel that all the recipes are scattered throughout the different PDFs and some of the ingredients needed aren’t on the shopping list (walnuts, salsa, kidney beans…etc.)

    1. Candice Mills says:

      I am a bit overwhelmed with it, plus there is no way I have the time or $ to make a different meal 5x per day for 8 wks. Plus, so many of the recipes are not included or are part of previous plans that I don’t have it can’t find. I’m just using it as a guide & trying to follow it in principle, but not exactly.

      1. Kelsey Phelps says:

        I will say that most of the meals they say to prep on Sunday which does help. I also went through and took screenshots of each recipe that is supposed to be included in W1 then wrote down the ingredients from there. I would share my list with you guys but it’ll probably get deleted since non-nutrition members could see it too…

        They are SO good about making the exercises as easy as possible. I wish they were as organized with the nutrition plan!

        1. toneitupcom says:

          Hey Kelsey!!! If you email it to us, we can include it in the Member Newsletter! That’s so awesome!!! :) You’re amazing!

          1. Kelsey Phelps says:

            Done! :)

        2. Candice Mills says:

          Ok, I finally found all my previous plans yesterday. I had downloaded them onto an old computer. I emailed the .pdf to myself & now I have them on my new iPhone too -yay! I am making the ingredients I have work with either current or previous TIU recipes. I am doing several of the meal swap options too. So excited for this series!!!

      2. Hala Zubari says:

        They’re at the back of the plan :) another member pointed it out to me :)

      3. M says:

        I notice that the pancakes dont really feature as a breakfast item in the plan? Not sure why, but I know that they are a signature K&K item and I will be having them. I think mixing and matching from each of the plans would be okay if you are sensible about it (i.e sticking to portion size and each meal as M1, M2, M3 etc.) Do love some of the new recipes, so will try to incorporate a few :)

    2. Hala Zubari says:

      I agree ! I was just thinking the same ! I managed to make meal 1,2,4 of day one and gave up, my veggie patty was a disaster and my PFP muffins didn’t come out so great because I’m getting my PFP in a few days so used an alternative base (bad idea!) but I keep having to go back and forth looking through the plan but I can’t find honey mustard dressing so I just googled one, but I can’t find the root down salad either :(

      1. Kelsey Phelps says:

        I’m sad – I thought everything started tomorrow not today so I’m already a day behind! I guess I’ll just operate as if tomorrow is today…if that makes sense.

        1. Hala Zubari says:

          Don’t worry you’ll be able to catch up in no time, I’m more sad that the plan isn’t as straight forward as I thought it’d be :(

        2. Hala Zubari says:

          Totally didn’t see the recipes at the back of the plan !!!!

        3. Lauren Shaber says:

          So many girls are starting today!! Don’t be discouraged. Just go at your own pace :) This was designed to be a guide so you should make it work for you!

      2. Cristine says:

        Hi. The Root Down – Apple Frisee Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing is on page 96 of your 8 Week Bikini Program Plan.

        1. Hala Zubari says:

          Thanks !! I’m so blind I didn’t even see those recipes !! Life saved thank you :)

  24. Christine Lyons says:

    Is the TIU nutrition plan vegan-friendly? If not, what would you recommend?

    1. Madison Blake says:

      they do have a vegan option for the nutrition plan!

  25. Hala Zubari says:

    Hey ! I can’t seem to find a couple of recipes would you be able to clarify the Day 1 salad and dressing ?

    1. Lauren Shaber says:

      It’s at the end of the Bikini Program plan they just released!

  26. Sydney says:

    I am trying to find the Root Down Apple Up recipe, I am a Nutrition Plan member and I cant seem to find it anywhere! HELP!

    1. Alyssa Smith says:

      It’s in the Bikini Series pdf they sent out :)

      1. Sydney says:

        I found it about 2 minutes after I posted this! Thanks Alyssa!

  27. Gi says:

    When will you be posting updated youtube videos? Really miss when there were new workouts uploaded… Not meal stuff and vlogs! :)

    1. Betty says:

      They’re going to post a new workout video THIS Tuesday! :D

  28. Natalie says:

    I’m a newbie to the challenge (and i brought 6 friends!). Monday’s HITT workout doesn’t list which exercises to do but looks like it wants intensity levels for a duration of time. So does this mean we look at previous HITT workouts you have on your fitness tab and do whatever we want for that time and intensity level listed? I’m just a bit confused.

    1. CB says:

      I go on their YouTube channel and pick out a HIIT video or do a HIIT routine from one of the DVDs. You can also run, but I don’t because it’s still dark out when I get up. Hope this helps!

        1. CB says:

          You’re welcome! It seems overwhelming at first, but it’s really set up to be flexible.

    2. Erika says:

      You can substitute any HIIT workout you like! My favorite is the frisky fall hump day hiit!

      1. Natalie says:

        perfect! that’s the workout i found too. thank you!

  29. Leah says:

    When are the new suits that ya’ll are wearing in the picture above going on sale!! I need the mint one asap lol :)

  30. Courtney Sarah says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it doesn’t make sense that day 1 for the 8 week bikini program started today (sunday) if it is supposed to be meal prep day. If I counted today as Day 1 on the plan I would not have had things prepped to eat for the first few meals of the day (i.e muffins, salad components etc) since today is prep day. I would have had to do this on saturday which defies the point of sunday being prep day. Just thought this was weird. Makes more sense to me to have tomorrow be the official start so everything for your meals would be prepped and ready to go, at least that is what I will be doing in terms of meals.

    1. Lauren Shaber says:

      I prepped as a made food yesterday. So when I was making the muffins for breakfast, I just made extra. Then same with the walnuts & sweet potato for lunch, & with the chili for dinner. I just doubled the chili recipe. Of course there were things that I made without eating, but I think the girls want to make it as easy as possible for us! That said, I’d recommend doing what works for you!

  31. Jane says:

    What is this agenda/planner called, and can we purchase it on this site?! I need it in my life (:

    1. Cassandra Di Mauro says:

      I remember reading somewhere that it’s currently sold out, but that they are working on getting more and having them up on the site soon! fingers crossed, I would love to get my hands on one too :-)

      1. Danielle Squadrito Flannery says:

        I was just looking for it too!!! Must have

    2. Meghan says:

      Jane- I received mine, but already created printables and would be willing to part with it- I could ship it today and you could have it for week 2? If you are interested email me goatgurl411 at yahoo dot com and we can work something out. :)

  32. Abby says:

    Can anyone tell me where the 8 Week Bikini Journal can be found. I have been looking but I have not found it yet. Is it in my download or do we purchase it?

  33. Renée Antoinette says:

    Pretty excited ladies! Best of luck to everyone! My boyfriend just deployed yesterday so this is perfect for my deployment weight-loss goals and to give me something to focus on!

  34. Megan says:

    Any plans to make the journal available as PDF?

  35. Lindsey Forbes says:

    You girls have totally outdone yourselves. The 8 week program is so amazing!! There really is no excuses to not do it, you have taken all the thinking out of it. Thank you so much!! XOXOXO

  36. Jessica Smith says:

    Can you make the BB2 DVD digital download available for purchase separate from the bundle? I’ve already purchased one of the bundles that included the journal and BB3 but still need the BB2 workouts….

      1. Jessica Smith says:

        Thank you! I feel silly not recognizing that, lol!

  37. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    So excited!!! Did Set The Bar today!! :) This is my 2nd bikini series and I feel like it’s going to be my best!

  38. Brittany says:

    Has anyone had any experience with putting the BB3 downloads on your iphone or ipad? The files are huge and I’m running out of memory! Wasn’t sure if there is a way to make them smaller?!

    1. Korina Aviles says:

      I am having the same issue, I downloaded the videos to my computer but would love to have them on my phone since I work out at the gym and not at home and need to access the videos on my mobile device.

      1. Norma Marie says:

        If you have them on your computer, you can just ‘drop’ them into iTunes to let them load there. Then, sync your phone and add the workouts that you wish to have in your phone/iPad :)

  39. Rachel says:

    how many miles does a 60 minute barre class count for?

    1. Marie Masters says:

      Only cardio classes count as miles, so barre would just replace the days toning workouts instead.

  40. tristan says:

    So I want to sign up.for the nutrition plan but I’m allergic to shellfish and chicken. Is there substitutions for those meals or a suggested substitute protein? Other nutrition plans in the past that I’ve tried don’t and a majority of meals include those foods.

    1. Marie Masters says:

      You could get the vegetarian plan – if you want to include meat just sub that in for the vegetarian protein.

  41. Danielle says:

    Any idea how many miles paddleboarding would account for? Is it 1 for 1 like running?

    1. Norma Marie says:

      It might be easier to just count the time you spend. Like if you spend 40 minutes paddleboarding, it’d count as 4 miles. That’s what I do for ‘random’ activities lol :)

  42. Barbara Concu says:

    unfortunately I have bad knees and I can not run or jump :(
    Could you advise me if there are workouts that can replace them so I can anyway reach the goal? Do you know if dancing or brisk walking can be good alternatives?
    thanks :)

    1. Lauren Shaber says:

      Both count as cardio :) I go on brisk walks a lot & it’s SO good for your body! Have you tried swimming & biking too? Those are also great!

    2. Joanna R. says:

      I have bad knees too and running is out of the question for me, but i do walking and biking instead. As long as you are getting your heart rate up.
      For the exercises just do what you can. If something is too hard on the knees I move on to the next thing. You don’t want to hurt yourself.

      1. Barbara Concu says:

        Thanks Joanna,

        it’s so important for me knowing that someone else with the same problem is doing this program. I was thinking it was too hard for my knees and that modifying it, I couldn’t achieve the same results.
        I’m not fat, but I’m 10 pounds heavier than my usual weight (I’m 5.1 feet per 110 pounds) that make me feel uncomfortable, and above all I need to tone up and eliminate the unpleasant cellulite caused by birth control pills.

    1. Lauren Shaber says:

      On Twitter or in the community :) All of them use the same hashtags!

  43. Alright! Ive been looking for a decent workout program. Got my foodtable organised lately thanks to this recipe book but to see some real results I also need to workout more ;)

  44. Katie says:

    Does anyone have any tips to keep your lower back on the ground when doing the Tornado move? I have a curve in my lower back and sometimes struggle with keeping it flat on the floor with certain moves.

    1. ashley rebekah says:

      hi! i’m a recovering ab-separationist :) what i’ve been told to do is only lower your legs to the point where you can keep your lower back flat on the floor. with time and more strengthening, you will be able to get your legs lower. for now, only lower your legs as far as you can while maintaining a flat lower back against the ground. otherwise, you take the move out of your abs once your back curves. good luck!

  45. I’m WAY excited! Also on the fence about ordering the nutrition plan and DVD’s… either way I have a run planned Monday morning and I’ll be doing those AB’s!!

  46. Guest says:

    I can’t make it through any of the HIIT workouts :( super frustrating for Day 1

    1. Lauren Shaber says:

      Don’t be afraid to modify moves & take extra breaks! You’ve GOT this!! Just do what you can :) Maybe make it your goal to finish one by the end of the challenge!

    2. ashley rebekah says:

      i had to modify too… and take some breaks. but i keep thinking: in 6 months, i would’ve wished i started 6 months ago. so stick with it. “do what you can with what you have.” you’ve got this!

    3. Emma says:

      Listen to your body and keep at it, taking breaks where you need to. Get as far as you can and make a pattern of it each day. It will come, in time. But not if you quit! Don’t quit! /hug

  47. Nadine says:

    I have yet to see two girls who have a huge paying fan following and community still devote this much time and energy to every tone it up girl – which they do. There is soo much free stuff. I have done the #bikiniseries with and without the plan and with and without the DVDs. I have never felt left out without them. On instagram on here on twitter… you do not need an ‘ihavetheplan’ label. What the plan does is take the guess work out of eating healthy and lays everything out for you no matter what type of tiu girl you are. You can be a strict planner or (like me) a shore things kind of girl who prefers quick pancakes and chia puddings over muffins and a Burrito Bowl over ROASTED CAULIFLOWER WITH CILANTRO-MINT COUSCOUS – but it’s awesome we are given everything so we always options <3 with the plan the world is your oyster! As for the dvds again, you can run for your cardio and do any of the weight exercises they have on youtube – which is what I do most often. The dvds take the guesswork out of bicep, tricep, glutes ecc ecc. You just follow what they do and you re good to go. But again, the bikiniseries is very doable if you run everyday and do simple weight exercises.

    1. reem says:

      So you did the bikini series without the DVD or The book
      Did you see a difference because I’m doing it right now and without DVD or the book

  48. Lindsay says:

    Hi TIU ladies, quick question: the weekly workout schedule is a little different than the workout challenges for this week (the one within the daily meal plan). Do we follow the schedule or the meal plan workouts or both? Thanks a lot! :)

  49. Bethany says:

    Any other Members using Monday as Day 1?? I didn’t find out in time, plus I spent at least 9 hours cooking everything yesterday!! I’m exhausted…but excited :)

    1. Cristine says:

      I did. I only found out this morning.. a little bummed out but no time for that lol. I already did Set the Bar this morning so will be adding today’s workout after work. How about you?

      1. Bethany says:

        That is impressive!! How was Set the Bar? I need to download BB2 tonight and that one will be my workout for today. I guess I will just be a day behind!

        1. Cristine says:

          Set the Bar wasn’t bad at all. If you scroll up, there’s a progress chart that we need to download to write down our resting heart rate, max heart rate… The workouts are listed on the chart as well.

    2. kp_Sparkles says:

      I try to. I get exhausted every Sunday night as well lol. I have been doing horrible keeping up with the workouts. Does anyone else have that problem too?

  50. Taylorcar94 says:

    Where can I find the sun kissed printable routine at?

  51. Christin says:

    How long is Tuesday’s Mermaid Routine?? I need to know how early to set my alarm! :)

  52. Nicole Norris says:

    I am having trouble finding the recipe for Root Down- Apple Up Frisee Salad. Can someone help!

    1. Courtney says:

      Its in the lunch section of the 8 week plan. Page 96 I believe.

      1. Meghan says:

        Does anyone know why the 8 Week Bikini Program has you prep 6 boiled eggs every Sunday but doesn’t include them in the daily diet plan? Are we supposed to eat an hardboiled egg everyday?

  53. Yahaira Roman says:

    I just downloaded the TIU app on my iPhone. For some reason the inspire section does not work. Every time I click on that tab nothing shows up. I have an account in the community. Can you please help?

  54. Jessica Ringo says:

    Is there going to be a 100 miles by Summer printable this year?

  55. Kathryn Maya says:

    Tomorrow, will the Mermaid Routine be posted on youtube and or on the App?

  56. Clara Britton says:

    I noticed this weekly schedule differs from the one from the 8 week plan. What would be best to follow? Should I start counting my miles?

    1. Katherine Thousand says:

      On the 8 week plan, Day 1 is Sunday!

  57. Kathryn Maya says:

    Will the Mermaid routine be posted tomorrow on youtube and or the App?

    1. M says:

      I was just wondering the same thing. Its Tuesday here, but I cant see the Mermaid workout up on here or Youtube yet. xx

        1. M says:

          Hey Kathryn! I’m a little confused :P Where abouts is the Tuesday mermaid workout? I cant see it on the page or on Youtube.


          1. Kathryn Maya says:

            well I saw it this morning on the App but I am not seeing it on Youtube. I’m not sure.

  58. sandy says:

    I have the nutrition plan 2012, which unfortunately I got very busy and never fully committed to. But I am currently partaking in 2015 bikini series, and wondering if it would be worth it to buy the new 2015 nutritional plan instead.

    I was wondering if anyone else who had experience with the 2012 TUI diet plan had any insight?

  59. Just finished day 1! I did interval running + sunkissed abs 2x
    Now I’m putting together my goals for the next 8 weeks!!
    I post on Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram! Let’s follow each other!

  60. Cassie says:

    wasn’t there someone who was making a really nice print out of our weekly schedule for everyone each week? That was great, I loved those.

  61. Carlynne says:

    #TIUmermaid is a “pretty” workout :-) ..Makes you feel like a pretty mermaid and you also feel pretty amazing after. Thank you K&K for helping me be a better me! xoxo

  62. Jess says:

    Hi does anyone know why the new tuesday video isnt up yet? Its 10am here in the UK I dont know what time it is in california…maybe were a day early?

  63. irisrebeccatiu says:

    Hey girls!! I can’t find the new workout on YouTube or the website.. Help!?

    1. Kaylee C says:

      I can’t either :( It’s 7:30 am here in Nashville! I guess I’ll just have to substitute. Gotta get it in before work.

    2. Kaylee C says:

      Scratch that — it’s in the latest blog post!

  64. Jessica says:

    How many times are you supposed to do the mermaid routine? I feel like the routine never mentions it, but the printables always say 3x. Could you please let us know how many times to repeat each routine in the schedule? Does anyone know?

    1. Jacqueline says:

      Damn, I never even read the print out :(

  65. Lindsay says:

    Was the mermaid routine only up while it was live? I am not seeing it on the website or on the Youtube channel.

  66. Taryn Franke says:

    I can’t seem to find today’s workout video. This is suppose to be a new video right?!?

  67. Emily Manny says:

    Could a Tone It Up mod confirm for me whether the Grand Prize trip for members only is a partner thing? Does my Bikini Series partner need to be a member of the Nutrition Plan in order for ME to be eligible to win the Grand Prize? Or do we win individually this year? Thanks sooo much! My partner is committed to the series but doesn’t have the money right now to become a member!

  68. Grace Evelyn Baran says:

    It would be nice if the tone it up Tuesday video came out earlier for the girls on the east coast…. I really wanted to do it today, but I’m losing time.

  69. susan8098 says:

    I just signed up for this amazing Tone it up program.

    but am I the only one who is finding these weekly schedule hard to read/understand? I wish it could be simplified more so I can really follow it!

  70. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check in….Missed out on Mondays workout but did the abs today and now waiting on the mermaid routine xoxo

  71. Sherry says:

    Hi any possible date for bikinis to be for sale? Going on vacation in 2 weeks and would love one.

  72. Rania says:

    Is an android app available yet? Would really love this!

  73. Michelle E. says:

    I have a membership, but when I try to log in it says I’m not a member?? I’ve emailed customer service twice with no response. Disappointed in their customer service. Love the idea, but find all the different recipes in various areas to be SUPER confusing. My nutrition plan is the vegetarian plan, so a lot of the recipes are in the “regular” plan, which I don’t have. I also emailed customer service about this with zero response. Disappointed!

  74. Rose Bouret says:

    What are the pounds for the kettlebell and the dumbbells we should be using?

  75. Brenna says:

    The workouts on the 8 week meal plan are different than the weekly schedule – which workouts should we be following?

  76. Staci says:

    I noticed there is no 100 miles by summer challenge…unless I missed it somewhere?

  77. Sarah Oberg says:

    Hey Everyone !!! I’m a little confused about the days. Week 2 Day 1 the work out is Sunday Runday 5k .. I thought day 1 was always Momday .. Do I have this wrong ?

    1. Jacqueline says:

      The nutrition plan started the “8 weeks” on Sunday but the Bikini Series started Monday.

  78. Michaela says:

    How many times through should I do the bikini booty routine?

  79. Fernanda Araiza says:

    I love the Beach Babe 3!!!! ive been waking up early every morning to do one of the exercises and Im so in love with it. I love the exercises, the sunset of Playa del Carmen and everything!. Im from Mexico and it makes me so happy that you guys decided to make this video happen in one of the most amazing places of my country.! CONGRATULATIONS for all you crew for your amazing work!

  80. Erin says:

    In the Bikini Series Update email that went out today, it’s mentions scaling back on the oil if you’re looking to reduce calories. Can you please let me know what I might use in place of oil in the salad dressing recipes? I’ve tried subbing with water, but consistency is off.

    Thanks TIU team for the most AMAZING Bikini Series ever!

  81. Emma says:

    Just completed the HIIT The Beach from BB2, and I LOVE the way you girls start off saying ‘Water break!’ really perkily at the start, and gradually it declines to gasps of ‘Water….’ at the end lol! Love how real you are =p

  82. Reeb says:

    The. Workouts are different on the weekly workouts schedule than what’s on the bikini series 8 wk meal plan. Which one do we follow? Earlier this week, we did the mermaid workout, there was actually also listed to do the beach ball workout from BB3. I had no idea until today. We pay so much for the protein, dvds, and nutrition plan-it would be nice if info was clear, precise and more organized.

  83. Charis Abrams says:

    These whole week had been amazing! I love working out with you girls and the tone it up community.!!

  84. Jess says:

    Hi Im wondering if theres any Vegan tiu girls that can answer some of my questions? :)

  85. Desiree says:

    So i have a question. When you buy the plan and it says you are a member for life. Does that mean you also get the upcoming nutrition plans and workout plans, example next years bikini series.

  86. rscampbell says:

    So I just did the Coconut Core workout and am in love with Katrina’s bikini top… When will maaji release the new bikinis??

  87. Emma says:

    The Beach Ball Routine from the BB3 DVD….girls….this HAS to have out-takes! I need to see them lol!

  88. Andrea Mesterbasic Zgonjanin says:

    On Sunday “run day”, does have to run 5k at once or can we divide it to 3k and then do 2k later on? :)

    Or is it ok to do 1 hour of hiit instead? :)

    IVe started with the bikini series one week later since I was ill, so I’m at the end of week 1 now.

  89. Kaitlyn Marie says:

    Just did the bikini booty work out and wholly cow my legs were burning!

  90. Kirstyn says:

    Hi everyone! I am just starting the Bikini Series, loving it so far! I’m just a bit confused about the cardio/HIIT.. Should I be doing the 30-45 minutes of cardio/HIIT everyday?

  91. reem says:

    Is there no booty call On Saturday and Sunday??

  92. Hi! I am new to the TIU community! I am looking through my first week with the 8week Bikini journal and I do NOT have a yoga ball for the Beach Ball Workout. Is there another workout I can Substitute it for? Please let me know! I really want to start this week on a GREAT note :D Thank you!! Also when is the best time to drink the Bombshell Spell?

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