Walk Your Dog Workout!


When you have a pup, you know the importance of getting them out for a walk. You also know it’s time consuming… sometimes up to an hour out of your day between the morning and nightly walks!

So, what’s a girl to do?!

We know you’re a busy babe, so we’ve developed a total body booty-kickin’, metabolism revvin’ workout that can easily be done during your morning or evening dog walk! All you need are some comfortable clothes and (wo)man’s best friend to get an amazing sweat-sesh in! For all you mammas… these moves are also perfect for you!

Lace up your kicks, get your pup on a leash, and let’s TONE IT UP!




Run it out!

Pick a spot 15-20 minutes away and run your lil’ tushy & pooch to it! Make sure you choose a spot you know you’ll be able to stop and do a few exercises at!


Walking Lunges + Kickback

Tones your quads, hamstrings, and booty!

Begin in a lunge position, right leg forward, making sure your knee doesn’t go past your toes. Push off the ground with your front heel, extend and lift your back leg behind you squeezing your glutes. Continue walking lunges, alternating kickbacks with each rep.

Complete 20 reps per side, 40 total


Doggie Chops

Tones obliques and legs!

NOTE: If your pup is a smaller dog, hold onto them with both hands for added weight! If not, do the motions without your dog ;)

 Begin standing with legs shoulder-width apart, pooch held up by your chest. Squat down and twist upper body to the right, keeping your pooch at chest height. Straighten legs and lift and extend your pup to the left. Slowly lower back to start.

Complete 12 reps then switch sides!

Walk_Your Dog_Step_Up_Leg_Abduction_Tone_It_Up

Side Step-up + Leg Abduction

Sculpts outer booty and legs!

Begin standing with left leg on a small step and right on the ground. Keep your core engaged as you push off of the ground and lift right leg out to the side. Slowly lower back to start.

Complete 15 reps then switch sides.


Step-up + Booty Kickback

Tones booty, hamstrings, and quads!

Begin with left leg on a step and right on the ground. Make sure knees don’t go past your toes! Push into your front heel and squeeze your other leg directly behind you. Slowly lower back to the ground.

Complete 15 reps, then switch sides!


Toe Taps

Raises your heart rate and increases your metabolism!

Begin standing with one foot on a step. Hop and switch legs. Continue alternating while keeping your core engaged for balance.

Continue for 30 seconds.


Mountain Climbers

Tones your core and raises your heart rate!

Begin in a high plank position with hands on a step or the ground. Make sure hands are directly below shoulders. Bring right knee up to your chest then switch legs. Continue quickly alternating legs while keeping your core engaged.

Complete 20 reps per leg, 40 total.


Tricep Pushup + Booty Kickback

Tones your triceps, booty, and hamstrings!

Begin in a high plank position with feet together and hands directly below shoulders. Lower chest down while keeping elbows tucked by your side. As you lower down, raise your left leg up behind you. Lower leg back down as you push yourself back up.

Complete 12 reps, alternating legs with each rep.


Dips + Leg Extension

Sculpts triceps and quads!

Begin with your pup on your lap (or by your side ;) knees bent and hands on a step or ledge directly below shoulders. Bend at the elbows and lower your booty to the ground as you extend one leg in front of you. Return to starting position.

Complete 20 reps, alternating legs with each rep.

Walk_Your Dog_Pushups_Workout_Tone_It_Up

Pup Pushup

Tones chest and triceps! 

Begin in a pushup position with knees on the ground and hands on a step or ledge. Bend at the elbows and lower chest to the ground. Slowly raise back up. If you want to add a little bit of extra weight, put your pup on your back! But only if he’s a lil’ guy ;)

Complete 10 reps.


Booty Dips

Tones booty and triceps!

Optional to place your pup on your lap with knees bent and hands on a step or ledge directly below shoulders. With control, bend your elbows and lower your booty to the ground. Slowly return to start.

Complete 15 reps.








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Do you work out with your dog? Comment below!

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  1. My pup is not a great wo partner as she usually sits on my legs or lays below me when I am working out (and she is weighing 83 lbs…) :-D
    This wo with Winston is super cute btw !

  2. omw that workout is just the cutest! I have a confession to make…about 80% of the Daily 5 are my own moves 😊…in the park, while on morning walk with my puppy @maxonthelake . He loves being cuddled, but I would never be able to do these Winni-moves with Max! heehee!! Thank you for showing me a few more moves to incorporate into my Daily Puppy Park 5! Smooches from Max to Winni, all the way from Lake Como, Italy! xoxo

    1. Oh my gosh, same here! I do my own moves early in the a.m when on my daily walks with my little guy Rusty..aka “Mr. Littles”! We have a beautiful lake here in Cali in my neighborhood and it’s lovely to be around the water and sunshine. It’s so relaxing to breathe the fresh air while strolling with my lil soulmate ☺️! Have a great week to you and your love Max! Ciao!

    1. I think those are Lululemon pants. One of the high rise ones they sell maybe align style. The logo was removed from the photo by the lil videos have it on.

      1. How about her adidas shoes? Does anyone know which style those are??

  3. I was laughing so hard picturing myself doing these moves with both my Golden Retriever and my Weimaraner. There’s no way I can take one or the other. I’ll have to start training really hard! :D

    1. Me too Gloria! My furbaby is a lab/newfoundland cross and weighs about 60lbs! I don’t think I’d manage those booty dips with him on my lap!

    2. Lol me too! I have a Saint Bernard (170 lbs) and a golden retriever (80 lbs). Both think they are lap dogs and would totally be up to being held like that if it was possible! Oh Jeez the booty dips with one of those on my lap! Hahahahaha!!!

  4. Winston is wonderful by himself:-) but the workout with him is such amazing to see and simultaneusly very hard . All muscles are engaged and empowered!!!!
    Maybe you can rent me Winston;-)

  5. OMGGGG he is literally the cutest!!! I am so obsessed. He is LOVING when he gets to hang on your lap :)

  6. Now if that isn’t a reason to get a cute little puppy, I don’t know what is! Thanks, Winston, you’re a good sport, & thanks, Kat, for another great workout! Will have to try this sans pup this week!

  7. Yes! Thank you! Schnitzel and I will be doing this tomorrow morning. He’s the best workout buddy.

  8. This is perfect!! I was just about to ask the #tiucommunity today about how to fit in a workout AND exercise your pup when you are pressed for time. Thank you Katrina!!!

  9. This workout is so cool but I’ll have to do it with my dog by my side because it’s a labrador retriever! Looks so fun :)

  10. KAT this is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! <3 Winston is the cutest workout buddy, so patient!! I love running with my pups, however I could not put a 65 or 45lb doggie in my lap and dip :D Maybe I can borrow Winnie for a day?!

  11. OMG soooo adorable!! I love when he is on your back haha. I have a golden lab retriever who is 75 pounds so she could run w me but I don’t think she would stay still while i do the exercises. I might have to run there and back with her and then do the exercises when i get home. I was thinking i might be able to use my cat, but i don’t think he will stay still, haha. Such a cute idea though!!

  12. So cute and such a wonderful workout! My dog weighs 50+ lbs so we will see how many of these workouts I can do with him or if he’ll be patient enough to stay! 😂 Winston is too cute and such a trooper! 💕

  13. He’s literally the perfect model to do all of this stuff. :D He just kind of flops on ya for a perfect amount of added weight!

  14. Love this!! I have a much bigger dog but we can adjust😃 I always feel badeating him behind when I go on my long runs but now this works for us both! Thanks ladies 😁🐶😁🐶

  15. Yes! I loved this workout! I take my dogs for a run every morning and evening, but then have to come back and do my workout. This is a great way to get both done at the same time! Thank you!!

  16. OMG Kat, I am so glad that I’m not the only one who does this!! Haha. Whenever my 8-lb min pin/chihuahua rescue is nearby during my workout I grab her and do some tricep dips and shoulder punches! I thought it was just me ;) I also have a 20-lb doxie so I will have to swap him in when I need more weight. Winston is so chill…seriously the cutest!!

  17. This workout made my year! So so so cute! I have a nearly 50 lb poodle, so it can get pretty awkward if I were lifting her… but we like to do sprints together. I have her sit and stay. Then I count off “Ready, set, GO!” When I say “go” we run as fast as we can. When I stop, she has to sit and stay. Good for cardio and also good for obedience training. She loves it.

  18. I love it! So cute! Could you post a large dog workout? My fur babies are all 70 – 150 lbs and they love joining me for my workouts! Gotta love the TIUpups!

  19. Just one more reason I love K&K! We have four pups ( @cattledogsandco on IG!), I think we will be trying this at the beach later today!

  20. My Newfie is 115 lbs so there will be no lifting her over my head….she will probably end up on the sidewalk snoring. This is so cute! CANNOT WAIT to try it out!

  21. My poor puppy still has 4 more weeks of bed rest to go. She’s recovering from a torn ACL & meniscus surgery. My husband & I try to walk her every night. She’s full of energy…a cute little beagle. For now she lies next to my yoga mat & watches me workout! I can’t wait to get her back out there!

  22. Love the WO, my little pups will enjoy while we run, a really good way to take some energy out of a border collie

  23. Adorable idea! Your dog looks like he’s having fun. My dog would probably try to run away across the beach, but at least I’d still get a great workout! ;)

  24. I just got a puppy on Monday and was struggling to figure out how I can walk, train her and fit in my workouts! I was feeling a little overwhelmed! I’ll have to try this out tomorrow morning :)

  25. I’m going to do this with my baby boy!! He will love being lifted up and getting out of the pram for a bit on our walk 👏🏻😍

  26. Hahaha! I love this! I always take my pit bull on runs or lately bike rides, though be warned of being taken for a ride lol She’s a hard one to wear out so she pushes me past my comfort zone! Love including our fur babies!

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