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Tone-It-Up-Travel Workout

Tone It Up Travel Workout & Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation!

As Karena and I flew to NYC yesterday, we started thinking about what to post for Tone It Up Tuesday! We went back and forth with a bunch of ideas, but then decided to take a break to talk about our plans for the next couple days in the city.

We planned our workouts, decided which of our favorite healthy spots we’d have lunch at, and then mapped where we to do our morning runs… and it dawned on us! We should do a healthy travel post. So many of you have asked us questions on Instagram, Facebook and in the Community about staying on track. We 100% understand! A lot of you travel for work or you’ve been going on trips this summer for family outings and weddings.

The good news is… we created every routine on and on your Beach Babe DVD Program so you can do them anywhere, anytime! Aside from a few routines that include a ball or kettlebell, you can Tone It Up wherever you are. We see a ton of you in the gym with your printable routines too! We LOVE that :)

If you follow us on Instagram, on our personal account, @KarenaKatrina, you may have seen that we were just in France for the Cannes Lions Festival. We partnered with Google and YouTube to teach a bootcamp to the attendees. It was so amazing to be part of such a creative and inspiring event… BUT we traveled 14 hours to go there for 2 nights! So, Karena and I decided to cushion our trips with a 5 day getaway with Brian and Bobby. Karena and Bobby explored Venice and Croatia, while Brian and I ventured to Greece.

Tone It Up Travel 1

I haven’t been on a trip with Brian since our honeymoon, so it was really nice :) We work most weekends too, so it felt strange not to be on my computer for 5 days. Even on vacation, I still had the itch to film a workout video, the scenery was too beautiful not to. Brian filmed me doing our quick workout in Santorini.

These are my favorite moves to do when I don’t have any equipment.

On top of this, we were really active on our trip. We went swimming, hiking and we walked everywhere!

Here’s the routine I did in Santorini … once you complete it, check-in with us with the hashtag #TIUtravelworkout!

Download your printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

The other big questions we get are… where do we find the motivation while traveling for workouts, how do we stay healthy, what foods do we choose and how much do we indulge in celebratory cocktails and treats… 

Our TOP 5 Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling!

1. Always prepare ahead of time! Pack your sneakers, workout gear, headphones and bring your Tone It Up workouts ~ and your Beach Babe A GAME! :) Research where you’re going. Are there fun places to explore outside? Are there any studios in town that you’ve been wanting to try? Try connecting with a TIU girl in the area and ask for suggestions! Look up #TIUcity on Instagram, or find your destination in the TIU Community!

2. Beat jet lag! One of the best ways to overcome jet lag is to wake up and workout. It’s easy to skip a workout after traveling for hours and you’re tired, but just think about how much better you’ll feel once you get moving. Avoid telling yourself, “It’s 3 am in my brain, so I need sleep…”  We’ve done that, and it just messes with us. Look outside, see the sun rising, remind yourself how lucky you are to travel to different places and get moving!

3. Choose total body toning routines & cardio! If we’re traveling and we know out of the 4 days there are 2 full travel days, we’ll squeeze in total body, HIIT or a combo of our favorite toning routines before meetings. If we know we’ll have a full travel day the next day, we’ll go heavier on kettlebell training and HIIT so the travel day counts as a recovery day! See below for some of our travel workout suggestions :)

4. Choose healthy restaurants while traveling! Research the area to scope out the tastiest and healthiest eats, and ask a local TIU girl for input too! No matter where Karena or I are, we always choose Lean, Clean and Green and follow the guidelines of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


5. Red, Red Wine… stay close to me ;) This is something we get asked a lot. As many of you know, we’re not the trainers to tell you that you can’t do something like have champagne at your friends wedding, a glass of wine with your girlfriends or a drink with your babe on the weekend. We want to live a balanced life, and this means not sacrificing the things we love, like pairing food with good wine, relaxing with some bubbly and celebrating others’ at birthdays, bachelorette parties or date nights… and we don’t want you to either. We just have a few ‘winenot rules’ to follow…

 #1 is to hydrate ALL DAY! It’s so important to be well hydrated before you have a cocktail. One to two times a week, we’ll have one to two glasses of wine. Sometimes we’ll split the wine in half with soda water to make a summer spritzer. When we’re on vacation things are a little different and we generally have a few drinks a day (maybe one by the pool and a couple at dinner or vice versa), BUT we alternate each cocktail with water and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s just as nice to be at the pool with a fresh juice or a virgin piña colada! Hydration really is the most important part for us… and of course sticking to the Tone It Up Nutrition Program guidelines we put together for you and ourselves! This way we wake up refreshed and able to workout and enjoy every moment, whether it’s work or vacation time. Another rule we have is if we went on a 5 day trip and indulged in dessert and some drinks, we take equal time off from any treats when we get back to help reset our bodies and get back into our groove.  It’s all about balance!

*** Something to keep in mind… drinking wine or cocktails is a personal choice and if you do like to enjoy the occasional bubbly, drink to enjoy it, not to get totally smashed ~ even though that can happen to the best of us ;)  The same goes for food too~ eat to enjoy it, not to stuff yourself. Enjoy every sip and bite, because life is meant to be enjoyed.

FullSizeRender (8)

♥ If you don’t like cocktails, choose whatever drink you prefer! Sometimes we ask for soda water with lime & whatever fruit they have at the restaurant (pineapple, watermelon, cherries). Don’t be afraid to ask! I was a cocktail waitress all through college at a place called Margaritas! I loved getting requests and creating fun virgin mixers for people, especially my peers who were in the exercise science program with me. A lot of us had to be up so early to open the gym on campus and it forced us to get creative with our ‘mocktails’ :)  We also totally understand the social aspect of enjoying a pretty glass of something delicious while spending time with others. My favorite blended drink to make with the bartender was frozen strawberries, bruised mint, plenty of fresh lime, water, a splash of pineapple juice and a little salt on the rim.

Here are our favorite travel routines!! Remember, most TIU workouts can be done anywhere!

  1. Sunrise Routine 
  2. Beach Babe DVD ~ Total Bombshell 
  3. Karena’s 7 Minute HIIT
  4. The Mermaid Workout
  5. Bikini Yoga Flow

We hope this helps with all of your travels and upcoming vacations!! Especially with your summertime girltime and #winenotwednesdays ;)  Let us know if you have any questions!

Oh, last but not least… Karena and I are working on something for the Tone It Up community!! We’re creating a place where you can go to see all of the top #TIUapproved places to workout and eat all around the world~ recommended by YOU, the #TIUteam!

Will you comment below with where you live (city, state) and your top 2 workout and meal suggestions?  It can be a studio, something outdoors and any restaurants that you love!

See below for highlights from our adventures in Europe!

 Tone It Up Croatia

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Tone It Up Travel

Have a great Tone It Up Tuesday,

Your Trainers,



  1. Sierra Schaller says:

    SOOOO HELPFUL! I am just now traveling to the French Polynesian islands this summer and have been a #TIUgirl since February 2014. My roommate and I had a great time following your program, workouts, everything! I live in #abudhabi and have been a walking billboard for you ladies. I am a teacher at an all girls school, with all women staff (ALL WOMEN haha) and because of you ladies I have been able to spread the word and started #tiunights with my Abu Dhabi teaching friends and now 3 more of my friends have started your nutrition program. We have had vision board nights, meal nights, workouts on the beach, its incredible how much it has brought us together in such a far away place. We travel all over the world all the time (as many of the teachers are in Abu Dhabi for travel). This post seriously made my summer! I hope you ladies can reach out to the communities you have in the middle east, they are out there! Excited to use these tips on the sunny beaches of Polynesia this summer! #TIUAbuDhabi :) @tiutravelgirl

  2. Gabrielle Patricia says:

    Love this!!! It will be so absolutely wonderful to have an easier way to find places to eat/where to workout while on vacation or visiting :)

    Phoenix, AZ
    Top 2 workout suggestions: 1) Camelback Mountain–for hiking! or South Mountain–for mountain biking! 2) The Green Belt–for running / biking /walking–so beautiful!

    Top 2 food recommendations: 1) The Yard (Culinary Dropout)–healthy cocktails & food 2) Phoenix Public Market Cafe–all local ingredients


  3. Arielle says:

    Pittsburgh, PA
    1. Yoga Flow for hot vinyasa workouts
    2. Frick Park for hiking and the dog park
    3. Three Rivers Trail for biking and running (it’s right along the river and leads right to downtown. so pretty!)

  4. Allie says:

    I leave for Greece and Italy this saturday! it’s on my to-do list to print a bunch of workouts! This article could not be timed more perfectly!!

  5. Kaleena Otero-Fair says:

    How awesome!
    Tampa, FL (Specifically South Tampa)
    Workout: Bayshore Park Trail-biking,running, and fitness trail along the bay and Gadsden Park-biking, running, fitness trail (nice when you need a little shade from the hot FL sun!)

    Food:Love Fresh Kitchen and I.C. Sharks

    And a cool little place to find wine is this place called Redneck Wine ;)

  6. Christina Manzo says:

    I love the idea of knowing where all the healthy eating spots are! Around the world and even in your hometown that you haven’t discovered yet! :) This is such a great idea and of course you mastermind bombshells would come up with it!!

    Tampa, Florida (South Tampa)
    Top Workout Suggestions:
    1) Coast Bike Share – renting bikes to ride around the city!
    2) Bayshore Boulevard or River Walk – great for running, biking, walking – all with a gorgeous view!
    3) Yoga in the Park on Sundays (free!) Check out Curtis Hixon Park for a schedule of free workouts! Or go there to come up with your own outdoor circuit!

    Top Food Recommendations:
    1) Fresh Kitchen – my go-to for “take-out” – super healthy and delicious options!
    2) Bamboozle Cafe – great Vietnamese food!
    3) Urban Juice Company

  7. Alix_tiu says:

    In Cape Town, South Africa I would say top 2 best workouts would be hiking Lions Head (very popular and a great booty burn!) as well as joining one of our free park runs we have during the week in Town (a great way to sight see!). Top places to eat would be Orchad on Long where they serve great Superfood pressed juices and smoothies or the Wellness Cafe which has plenty of healthy food and vegan options! Btw, love this post! Greece looks like a dream! Xxx

  8. Valentina says:

    I love this post, it felt like it was tailor-made for me as I’ve been travelling so much in the past few months for work and weddings, and my summer holidays are just coming up!

    Here are my recommendations for Brussels, Belgium (Europe):

    Take a Reformer Pilates class or a TRX class at the Bootkamp Pilates studio ( and go for a run in any of the beautiful city parks! My personal favourites are Parc du Cinquantenaire, Bois de la Cambre, and the beautiful Foret de Soignes, where you can follow a 5km, 10km or 20km path, either running or hiking! And go unwind with a great yoga class at Yyoga in the St Catherine area (city centre)!
    As for eating, my favourite place is Pain Quotidien! There’s several all over the city and they have more and more gluten-free and dairy-free options now, as well as delicious salads! Another great place to pick up a quick healthy lunch on the go is Exki! Stop at Guapa for a fresh juice or smoothie! And for a little indulgence…don’t miss the delicious Belgian chocolate!!!

    K&K, when are you coming to visit me? :)

  9. Kate says:

    Love this post! I’m cruising Alaska in a few weeks and have already been figuring out how I’m going to keep myself TIU approved!

    Roseville, CA

    Workout: trails great for hiking and running at the Auburn State Recreation Area; there is also a great network of bike trails throughout Roseville along Dry Creek and Miner’s Ravine

    Food: Sunflower Drive In in Fair Oaks is amazing ( Also love Newcastle Produce in Newcastle, CA – great for groceries and an awesome sandwich or salad (

  10. tiu.arbs says:

    Richmond, VA

    The Daily – Super delicious and located right in the heart of Carytown

    Goatocado – A food truck that you can find at the Farmer’s Market and Food Truck Court, but they are building a free standing restaurant too!


    Flying Gravity Fitness – Aero-yoga! They give a great workout, all skill levels welcome, while still being able to laugh and have fun!

    BoHo Cycle Studio – The best cycle bootcamp class I have ever taken!

  11. Meredith says:

    Can’t wait to use these! I’m visiting home soon and the food and drinking tips are great. There’s so many things I don’t get where I live for school and its so hard not to overindulge.

    Pullman, WA
    Kamiak Butte for a great hike! There’s a longer three mile loop and shorter 15 minute loop if your pooch can’t go so far. Also has a great park and playground/picnic/barbecue area.
    Bill Chipman Palouse Trail. Paved road from Pullman, WA to Moscow, ID that’s a great scenic path for walking, running, biking, and taking your dog! It’s about 7/8 miles.

    Sangria Grille in Moscow, ID (8 minute drive!) is amazing. Fun, fresh Peruvian style food
    South Fork Public House: Not all the healthiest, but they do some great specials and salads, and have an AMAZING thai lettuce wrap appetizer that I’ve done as an entree.

  12. Ashley Anne Schjoneman says:

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin! :)

    Workout: Barre Co. Bayview is the best barre studio in town!! Friendly staff and beautiful studio! Also, Wheel Fun Rentals at Veteran’s Park!! You can rent bikes, kayaks, SUP, etc…. and spend the day downtown enjoying the outdoors! :) This is one of my fave spots during the summer!
    Food: Milwaukee Public Market! They have a huge variety of healthy choices! Also love Beans & Barley Cafe on the Eastside!! YUMMY!!

  13. Amanda Williams says:

    Aiken/North Augusta, South Carolina

    Food: New Moon Cafe
    This resturant was my go to place when I was in college. They offer salads, sandwiches, soup, smoothies, baked goods, and coffee. Majority of the ingredients they use are locally sourced, and the coffee they serve in house is roasted next door.

    Workout: Odell Weeks Activity & North Augusta Greenway Park
    Odell Weeks has a mile long track around the center that weaves in and out of sport fields and covered areas to hold outdoors get togethers. The Greenway is my absoulute favorite places to run or bike. The trail use to function as a railroad.

  14. Erica S says:

    Newport Beach, CA :)

    – Crystal Cove beach path – gorgeous panorama views – 3miles end to end (6 miles roundtrip). Park across the street to avoid beach parking fees.
    – El Morro Canyon Hiking – bridges Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. Alternates between shady green areas and beachy views – relatively hilly. Choose between 3 mile – 11 mile loops on well marked trails

    – Right across the street from Crystal Cove is Bear Flag Fish Company. Choose your fresh fish to be cooked however you want – salad, plate or tacos. Also can choose poke or sushi.
    – Urban Plates in Irvine is delicious cafeteria style fresh bites. Inexpensive – $12 for a full plate.

  15. Toronto, ON (Canada)

    Workouts while vacationing in the 6…
    1. YYoga – Queen St West – Awesome Yoga and Spin classes + they have an infrared sauna to detox in post detox workouts
    2. Lakeshore – go for a run, walk, jog, bike or roller blade along Lake Ontario! Your workout can be 1 kilometer or 30 – it’s up to you – and there are tons of places to stop and eat at/check out along the way!

    Awesome (healthy) eats in Toronto
    1. Green Eggplant in the Beaches (off Queen Street East)
    2. Terroni (not super healthy) but sooooooooooo delicious you don’t want to skip it

    1. Eva Zimpelmann says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going to Toronto next month for a week and I will def be looking into all of these amazing suggestions! :)

  16. Emma Husby says:

    I LOVE this post! I so appreciate how honest you both are about indulgences – enjoying them but also being intentional with your choices. My mom and I (who both just joined the Nutrition Plan on Friday!!) are taking a trip to England in September to visit London and hike 40 miles of Hadrian’s Wall along the north boarder. We are completing the 8 week bikini series together as our 8 week countdown and are planning which workouts to do in addition to our hike. This post is so perfect for us!
    In Columbia, SC there are so many wonderful things to enjoy for activity and eats, it is hard to narrow it down!
    Workouts: Bikram Yoga Columbia (Columbia’s slogan is “Famously Hot”, so you will fit right in here :)) and anything on the 3 rivers that pass through the city, Saluda, Broad, and Congaree – The Three Rivers Greenway has awesome trails (my husband and I enjoy Kayaking, biking, and running here)
    Eats: Something amazing about Columbia is the growth of our local food movement. Spurred on by the local farmers and Soda City Market, you will be hard-pressed to find any restaurant in town that isn’t serving up local fare. Some of our favorites include Drip on Main for their delicious pour-over coffee and espresso (they even have unsweetened almond milk!) and their microgreen, pear, and almond salad with honey dressing. YUM. Another favorite is Good Life Café – vegan and raw, there are tons of tasty treats loaded with greens and they also make their own fresh juice. Tasty!

    1. Amanda Leffel says:

      I’ve from Columbia but now reside in Virginia Beach. Have you been to Rosewood Market? They have a great deli in the back that serves up healthy food.

      1. Emma Husby says:

        Hi Amanda, I haven’t been to Rosewoood Market but hear such wonderful things about it! I am mostly at Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Earth Fare – but Rosewood Market is on my list! I recently saw that you can now fill up growlers of Kombucha??

  17. Stephanie B. says:

    This is such a fabulous idea!! K&K are always thinking of everything!!
    BABES visiting Minneapolis, MN:
    Agra Culture in South Minneapolis, in Calhoun Square — TONS of TIUapproved regular, vegan and vegetarian options. Right near Lake Calhoun.
    People’s Organic — in the IDS Center in Downtown Minneapolis
    French Meadow Bakery — South Minneapolis, St. Paul locations
    Rent a bike or run around the Land of 10,000 lakes!! Anywhere around Minneapolis you can rent bikes by the hour and bike around the Lakes! HUNDREDS of miles of trails for biking and running, and beaches along the way to get your tan on. :D
    I also highly recommend a class at Alchemy in Northeast Minneapolis — tons of local TIUmn babes love getting their sweat on here. :D

  18. Gabrielle Barrette says:

    Such a cool idea!!

    Montréal, QC, Canada

    Workout: Running/biking along the Lachine Canal, gorgeous views and long trail! Also, hot yoga and hot barre at Enso on Peel street (

    Food: Montreal is known for its amazing food and it’s hard to decide but the best vegetarian food you’ll ever have in Montreal is at Aux Vivres ( Another great option is La Panthère Verte ( for a quick healthy meal on the go!

    1. Elise says:

      OMG!!! I JUST SHARED THE SAME SPOT LOL Great spirits think alike :D I said Panthère Verte too :) Should have read yours first LOL xoxox

      1. Samantha Boswell says:

        I was just about to write the same things too! hahaha #tiumontrealgirls think alike!

  19. faeryinloveinc says:

    I love the #TIUapproved suggestions!
    Los Angeles (The San Fernando Valley), CA
    Favorite Workout Places: CorePower Yoga, Beatbike Indoor Cycling, and hiking in Malibu
    Favorite healthy places to eat out (so many options): Veggie Grill, veStation, Mendocino Farms, True Foods Kitchen, Lyfe Kitchen, Juice Crafters, Sunlife Organics, and trying new hole in the wall sushi places discovered on Yelp

    1. Madalyn says:

      Ohhh I can’t wait to try some of these places when I visit LA in September!!!!

  20. Emily says:

    Kansas City, Missouri!!

    -RUNNING :) At Loose Park, Mill Creek Park, Gilham Park, or down the Trolley Trail…all are centrally located near the Country Club Plaza. Just lace up and GO!!
    -City Gym KC offers a TON of classes and has an awesome gym with absolutely everything you need.

    -The Mixx: one location on Main&49th Street and one downtown KC, it offers a ton of delicious plates made with local ingredients. My favorite is the Sante Fe Chicken Salad.
    -Genessee Royale: located near the American Royal, this place has a fantastic brunch!! Small menu but everything is delicious; I suggest the Quinoa Waffles with berries :)

  21. Tana Luptak says:

    I needed this post! I was just thinking I wish K&K would post about travel advice! I will be traveling every weekend for the next three weekends and really struggle to stay on track because everyone around me is not as health/fitness motivated! I am going camping the next two weekends and really need help with meal plan/prep! Any advice?

    If you ever take a trip to Billings, MT here are some suggestions:
    Workout: Walk/run the trail on the Rims, they overlook the city! You can go to Riverfront Park and walk the trails there, too. There is a fun kickboxing workout place called 9Round Fitness, first workout is free! I love it there, 30 minutes and your done!
    Food: Walkers is downtown and has tapas you can share with your friends! The Fieldhouse is another option, they have an awesome menu, atmosphere, and normal portion sizes! If you like trying microbrews there are a lot of breweries downtown also!

    Not a huge city, but Billings has a lot to offer, if you’re ever here let me know! My instagram is @tiu_adventuresandkettlebells

  22. Emily says:

    Also…Tucson, Arizona :)

    -Hiking at Sabino Canyon Recreational Area, beautiful views and fun trails!
    -Yoga at Yoga Oasis: multiple locations across town and a lot of different classes offered.

    -Miss Saigon on Campbell & Speedway near the University of Arizona campus!! Pho is amazing as well as everything else…springrolls, ftw :)
    -El Guero Canelo!! Original location on 12th&Nebraska in South Tucson, and two other locations…just great Sonoran food :) fresh veggies and delicious meats…though you ought to also try a Sonoran dog here, the place that originated them (a hotdog covered in bacon in a bun topped with pinto beans, pico de gallo, avocado, etc).

  23. Madalyn says:

    Yay! What a great idea!!! :)
    St. Thomas, USVI
    Workout: There are SO many outdoor yoga/SUP classes, especially near any of the resorts. The Marriott has several SUP classes, and a SUP Fit class I can’t wait to try! $30 for a drop in. I also workout outdoors, so if you come visit, hit the waterfront downtown to go on a run.
    Food: Natural Livity in downtown STT. They are a Rastafarian restaurant/shop with all vegan food. They make great smoothies and juices too :)
    Happy traveling TIU Team!!! <3

  24. Angela Suchy says:

    I live in the Niagara Falls Ny area and Niagara Falls national park is such a great place for a workout! So many natural and beautiful hiking trails that are challenging and so fun! Sometimes I’ve to take a run through the park and listen to the sound of the falls! If you ever travel to the park, bring comfy shoes and gym clothes because you will for sure get a sweat sess in!

  25. Amanda Leffel says:

    Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Outdoor workouts: Mt. Trashmore (yes, that IS it’s real name) and the Oceanfront Boardwalk (cement). Mt. Trashmore has a huge trail for running/walking as well as 10 fitness stations. Plus running up and down the stairs to get to the top is an INSANE workout. The boardwalk is cemented which is great for walking, running and biking. The view is fantastic and great for people watching.

    Food: Fruitive – cold, pressed juices, superberry bowls, salads, soups, wraps, etc. vegan friendly

    Azar’s – yummy Mediterranean restaurant with the best kabobs

  26. Rina Smith says:

    What a great idea! I live in Houston, TX
    Top 2 work out places: Memorial Park or Buffalo Bayou for walking/jogging
    Top 2 places to eat: Dish Society and Salata are my go-tos for something healthy!

  27. Jenny Bogert says:

    Schuylkill River Trail: Biking/running trail. Bicycle rentals are available just north of the Art Museum.
    Philadelphia Art Museum: Run the Rocky steps! You won’t be alone, tons of people use the art museum as free gym equipment. Fitness groups and even college teams meet here for workouts :)

  28. Megan Martineau says:

    Love this post! Thanks so much for these tips – it will be perfect for my family vacation to the beach in August!

    Burlington, Vermont
    Favorite Workout Places: The bike path runs along Lake Champlain and is great for running, walking and biking. There are several mountains around (within 30-40mins) with great hiking trails. There are several spinning and yoga studios right in the downtown area as well!
    Favorite Healthy Restaurants: The Skinny Pancake (all local and organic), The Farmhouse, Magnolias, Breakwaters (only open in the summer), and The Windjammer.

  29. Michelle Mannchen says:

    This is fantastic!!! Love the tips and the idea to have a place in the Community to find healthy places to eat and places to workout!

    In Charlotte, NC:

    Workout: FlyWheel classes (first class is free!) are great and a fun area to go walk/run/bike on a nice path is the Sugar Creek Greenway.

    Food: Two good restaurants are Luna’s Living Kitchen (raw vegan, great meal options, as well as coffee, smoothies, juices) and Zoe’s Kitchen is a good quick option that’s not expensive.

    Good coffee shops: Not Just Coffee, Central Coffee, Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

    Thanks for putting this together!! Love it!


    1. Breada says:

      Ohhhh my parents just moved to Charlotte! This will absolutely come in handy!!!

  30. Katrina Lindsay says:

    Buffalo, NY
    Favorite Places to Work out: Barre Centric and Power Yoga Buffalo
    Healthy Food: Squeeze Juicery and the O3 Café

  31. Ashley Stegner says:

    Hudson Valley/Upstate New York!
    Workouts: Love hiking Overlook Mountain in Woodstock (not the site, but the town), and catching a Les Mills class at the MAC gym in Kingston.
    Healthy Places: Market Basket in Uptown Kingston and Crossroads Brewery (they have AMAZING salads and chicken with all locally grown ingredients!) in Athens (yes, I promise this is in New York, and not Europe)!

  32. Leann Hayes says:

    This is so great! Preparing for my trip to the Bahamas!
    Los Angeles, CA
    Hike Fryman Canyon in Studio City, about 3 miles round trip, with celeb sightings : ) . Then eat at Midici in Sherman Oaks, its like a fancy Pizza Rev, but with organic, non GMO ingredients, and beer and wine : )
    Hike Temescle Canyon in Malibu off Sunset, about a 4 mile, intermediate round trip with great ocean views at the top. Then eat at Malibu Cafe, amazing outdoor venue with tasty meat and cheese plates and entrees, and even a small lake with paddle boating, ping pong tables and lawn games.

  33. Kimmie_fit says:

    My favorite #TIUapproved places to eat in Philadelphia: Vedge, Hip City Veg, Honeygrow, Agno Grill, Sabrina’s

  34. Brittany Herbort Henke says:

    Fredericksburg, Texas (Texas Hill Country)
    Favorite places for a workout: Hiking Enchanted Rock, The Wellness Center (great, unique classes)
    Fredericksburg is a small town with many original restaurants.
    Some of my favorite places to eat: A new Carribean themed restaurant called “Tubbys”; Grape Creek Vineyards just opened an onsite restaurant named “Stout’s at Grape Creek Trattoria” – Delicious salads, pizzas, and paninis with delicious wine and an absolutely beautiful setting!

  35. Christina says:

    Boston, MA
    Restaurants: Root in Brookline (Vegan, so yummy!), Met Back Bay (the Ahi Tuna Burger is NUTS!)
    Workouts: Open Doors Yoga (has tons of locations and great instructors), the Chestnut Hill Reservoir is a great gravel trail to run and has a giant set of stairs for the Fat Burning Stair Circuit!

  36. Michelle Gilbert says:

    Santa Monica, CA
    1) Hot8Yoga, and sign up for Yoga Sculpt for the best workout that will leave you sore for day.
    2) Cardio Barre, Santa Monica for a super fun time with the local cali girls.

    1) Veggie Grill awesome vegetarian on the quick
    2) Mstreet Kitchen for amazing california cuisine. Go there for happy hour.

  37. Alex Leftwich says:

    Port orange, Florida! (45 mins from Orlando on the east coast)
    Kula yoga- They have an amazing detox hot yoga class! Instructors are super friendly and helpful. They also do a paddle boarding yoga class.
    The beach- The east coast of central Florida is beautiful and you should definitely go running on the beach while the sun rises! Amazing!
    Third wave cafe- They make delicious dishes all from local farmers. Also make amazing coffee! Very easy to stay LCG here.
    Malibu beach grill- Local family owned restaurant that has delicious salmon and chicken dishes. Perfect for a night out!

  38. Michelle Gilbert says:

    Does anyone know about Paris? Heading there in about a week!

    1. Emily says:

      I studied abroad there!!

      Go running at Parc Monceau, Jardin du Luxembourg, or Jardin des Tuileries…or (definitely with a buddy) Bois du Boulogne!!
      Or just on the streets!! I ran from my homestay apartment near the Port Pereire (on the metro) to the Eiffel Tower a lot, lots of people watching, tons of sidewalks :)

      eating wise…anywhere? haaha, If you’re in Paris, I say just enjoy the food!! Some of my favorite places were: L’as du falafel in Le Marais district, Berthillon at 31 Rue de St-Louis for “les meulliers glaces” or the best ice creams, and Le Relais d’Entrecote for steak-frites :)

  39. Hannah Hardison says:

    I live in Winchester, VA and there is a gorgeous yoga studio called Jala Yoga that I love! There’s a running store called Runner’s Retreat which is amazing and they have weekly group runs!

  40. Jaime says:

    I’ve been needing this!!

    Dallas, TX

    Favorite healthy foods: HGSuply is paleo and AMAZING! Happy hour on the roof is the best. I would also suggest Start for healthy fast food- the salads are really great.

    Favorite workouts: The Ride House- specifically Jasmine’s spin class! She always has fun rides, and sometimes themed rides. I also love walking and jogging at either Katy Trail or White Rock Lake.

  41. Annie Mac says:

    Love it! Here are my suggestions for San Diego, CA!

    Healthy Restaurant: Isabel’s Cantina in Pacific Beach (Asian Fusion with the BEST tofu!)

    Workout: The grand staircase at the San Diego Convention Center! 100 steps of outdoor cardio. I love running up the stairs then over to the back side of the convention center, which sits along several green parks on the bay. Or I would do a “roller coaster”- Run a lap around the convention center and run up or down every set of stairs you come across.
    For water babes, take a Kayak tour or snorkel at La Jolla Shores. In the summer, thousands of harmless leopard sharks come to spawn in the surf, and sea lions and other aquatic life are always present!

  42. dotiforthehappy says:

    I love this so much!!
    I’m currently studying and living mostly in London, but about to go to New York for a month — that’s where I’m from, but it feels like vacation since I’m out of routine there, and I definitely will use these suggestions to not get totally off track.

    For London:
    Favorite workout places: for running, I like the Thames Path – on the south side of the river by Hammersmith Bridge there’s a beautiful tree-lined gravel path with distances marked nicely. Evolve Yoga in South Kensington is really nice for yoga!

    Favorite food places: Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden; Borough Market in general (favorite food place in the world. They have every kind of food imaginable including sweet potato-chickpea burgers, all the juices, vegan/gluten-free baked goods, teas…), and the Wok-It stand there in particular has delicious healthy Asian-y food; food stalls at Old Spitalfields Market (BossHoss food and an Ethiopian food stall next to it).


    1. Breada says:

      Oh my gosh thank you so much for your tip! I’m going to London for the first time in two weeks and can’t wait! My sister and I are planning on running and I was hoping someone would share some info on here!!! Thank you!!!!

  43. Tori Elizabeth says:

    Portland OREGON:

    Two favorite workout spots:
    -Burn Cycle (kind of like Soul Cycle but with a Portland Twist) LOVE IT. It’s a great workout and awesome vibes.
    -Adapt: definitely a great place to go for a total body workout. group classes are focused on strength, agility, and cardio. Great trainers and fun environment focused on using your body weight to do your exercise.

    Healthy spots to eat:
    -Laughing Planet: delicious and vegan/veggie/gluten free friendly. But they serve meat too! breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Great food.
    -Olympic Provisions: Great place for happy hour. Healthy and whole foods.

  44. Ellie Stone says:

    In Christchurch, New Zealand:
    Best Workout Places: Altitude Pole – it’s a really lovely studio with aerial yoga, aerial silks, aerial hoop, contortionist training, pole dancing etc. classes so it’s a really fun way of trying something new!
    There’s also hagley park and the botanic gardens which make for an infinate number of gorgeous runs any time of year.

  45. Katherine Thousand says:

    Fort Myers, FL

    I LOVE Buckingham Farms – it’s a little out of the way, but so worth it! The food options are amazing. They grown their own veggies on a hydroponic system and have local grass fed beef :)
    Ada’s – it’s technically a grocery store, but they have smoothies and sandwiches and everything is whole or organic.
    Soni Yoga – located downtown offers tons of class for all levels
    Lakes Park – beautiful park where you can bike, walk, or run. There are paved and non-paved paths and a lot of them go around the little lakes!

  46. Alisha says:

    Savannah Georgia-

    Best workout locations- Pure Barre Savannah, Savannah Yoga Barre, a run around Forsyth park is beautiful, & there are a variety of fitness centers

    Best healthy food- Kayak Kafe, Savannah Squeeze (for fresh juice & smoothies)

    Best coffee – The Foundery Coffee Pub, The Coffee Fox, and Foxy Loxy – all are locally owned with organic/ almond milk/ soy options.

  47. Heather Baham says:

    New Orleans, LA-
    workout: Reyn Studios- an amazing yoga studio. Hour Blast- an awesome interval training class. Higher Power- a yoga/cycling studio.
    City Greens- local fresh salads, wraps, and sandwiches
    Seed- vegan restaurant

  48. Ashley Marie says:

    Hi K&K I am from Orland Park, Illinois a suburb about 40 minutes from downtown Chicago. I completely recommend Blissful Banana Cafe in Orland Park! Blissful Banana provides” free-range chicken and eggs, nitrate free lunchmeat, and organic, locally sourced produce when feasible”. There are also Gluten Free and Vegan friendly recipes!
    Posted below are pictures of their sweet potato quinoa cakes with avocado on top of a bed of fresh greens! I also must highly recommend the “banana bliss” made only frozen banana that comes in the consistency of ice-cream! You can top it with a few different toppings like their fudge and organic peanut butter! Perfect sweet treat!
    For a workout I suggest Swallow Cliff- best known for it’s 100-foot bluff and demanding stair workout. All surrounded by unpaved walking trails once you get to the top! Located in Palos Park, Illinois. All in the surrounding suburbs of Chicago

    Blissful Banana Cafe:
    15447 S 94th Ave, Orland Park, IL 60462
    (708) 349-9600

    Swallow Cliff- The Forest Preserve District of Cook County
    11918 South La Grange Road, Palos Park, IL 60464
    (800) 870-3666

    Hope this helps!
    Love you girlies <3
    instagram: @ashleymarietiu18

  49. Jackie Harbour says:

    For the San Francisco Bay Area-

    Favorite Place to workout: Downtown Yoga in Pleasanton, CA
    Favorite Juice Bar: Juice and Java in Pleasanton, CA
    Favorite Outdoor Places: Bodega Bay, Angel Island Park (San Francisco), Mount Diablo State Park, Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, Golden Gate Park,

  50. Lauren Shaber says:

    This post is SUPER helpful — thank you!

    I live in Sunnyvale, CA (Bay Area). I’m actually working on a city guide to SF & one for the Bay Area if you’re interested in teaming up on that part of the state.

    In the South Bay, though, I love love love Flywheel for indoor cycling, Olleh Sushi & Tofu House for sushi, & Crepevine for brunch. So good! There’s also a ton of amazing hiking spots, juice bars and a bunch of places.

    Here are my favorite juice shops:, and my favorite hiking spots: in the Bay Area. Hope those help!

  51. Liz Florence says:

    Orlando, Fl
    Favorite Workout Places: The Yoga Shala, Paddleboard Orlando SUP rentals
    Favorite Healthy Restaurants: Dandelion Communitea Café, Prato

  52. mackenzie d says:

    Love these kinds of posts! And you both looked SO beautiful on your European adventures!

    I’m currently in Toronto, Canada, here are my recommendations:

    Juice bar: Greenhouse Juice (worth the price I promise!)
    Food: Cafe Plenty (best creative salad combinations), IQ (great green smoothie), Ki (sushi), Liquid Nutrition (they have a lot of locations including LA!)
    Studios: Moksha Yoga, Barre Works
    Running/biking route: along the lakeshore down to where the Island Airport is (you’re basically right in downtown and get a pretty lake view for a nice water break :)

    I’m going to Manhattan Beach in August– any good spots?! Gotta balance out those trips to Manhattan Beach Creamery ;)

  53. Love these tips and the workout too! I looked at your road trip recap and was so inspired to travel to all the places I never knew existed in LA!

  54. Dana says:

    What a great idea K+K! I live in central New Jersey near Princeton

    I don’t take any classes but love to go for runs and walks in the area. Two of my favorite places are the D&R Canal Tow Path in Princeton and Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA

    After walking at Tyler State Park my husband and I ALWAYS go to Jules Thin Crust Pizza which only uses locally grown ingredients. Gluten Free options too!

    In Lawrenceville, NJ there is a Gluten Free Bakery that also does breakfast, lunch, and smoothies called Wild Flour. Vegan options as well!

  55. Breanne Nicole Flynn says:

    Such a great idea and loved this post!

    Suggestions for Seattle, WA

    Healthy Restaurants: Chaco Canyon Cafe (vegan and many raw or gluten free options!), Thrive Cafe, Bol: Pho Bistro (and right next to a Whole Foods!)

    Workouts: Running along the waterfront! Always a treat and sometimes there are seals ;) Modo Yoga Seattle, Westlake Dance Studio, hiking in the Olympic National Park (if you have time!), Paddleboarding/Kayaking on South Lake Union, running/walking at Green Lake.

  56. Erin says:

    nobody travels to Dayton, OH. at least, not by choice lol!!

  57. Olivia says:

    This is the perfect post considering my summer traveling is about to take flight in a few days!

    St. Louis, MO

    Favorite Workout Spots:
    St. Louis Spinning (Power Hour or Big Shark Ride are amazing!)
    The Barre Method in Town & Country
    Upper Limits (Rock Climbing)

    Healthy Places to Chow:
    Seedz Cafe in Clayon (Vegetarian, Juice Bar, Veggie burgers, Salads)
    Crazy Bowls and Wraps (Chicken, Tofu, Quinoa, Salads and Wraps)
    LuLu’s Local Eatery (Kale salads, Black bean burgers, Sweet potato falafel)

    If any of you beautiful ladies are coming to St. Louis any time soon I hope you enjoy some of St. Louis’s fresh and local treats and a great #TIUBootyCall


  58. Gabby Tan says:

    Hi TIU Cummunity!!!!

    I’m Gabby from Malaysia and I thought this was a great blog. Since I’ve been on the 8 week program, I’ve been more active and it’s followed through to when I’m on holiday. I travel quite a bit so workouts have become important to me.

    Anyway, in Kuala Lumpur I actually realised there are so many things to do during the weekend. There are several hiking trails that really get the heart rate up, so if you are ever in KL try hiking at places like FRIM – there’s a beautiful canopy walk as a reward at the end of the hike, Bukit Gasing (my favourite) and a more relaxing hike would be Bukit Kiara. Bukit in Malay means hill, just a little travel tip:).

    Places to eat would be Sitka Restaurant, Organica Lifestyle and Simple Life. You’ll be able to google it when you’re here.

    Hope this helps.

      1. Gabby Tan says:

        They are!!!!:) It’s humid here but I enjoy hiking here….nice to be away from the ‘city’ for a few hours….you’ve been to Malaysia?

        1. Benny says:

          Not yet! But last year I went to Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan) and I loved it!!!! I spent some days boating down the river and visiting orangutan feelding stations! It was amazing! All my pictures are in my travel profile @benninacapelligialli

  59. Raquel Franco says:

    Columbus, Ohio: Antrim Park is the best for running, biking and hiking trails. Katalinas and North Star Cafe have the best local fresh, local, delicious organic food.

  60. Carly Krajcik says:

    Hello all! If anyone is ever visiting #tiumilwaukee (haha, just gonna put this post out there! I know it’s not the most popular spot compared to other cities people have suggested ;-) — here are a few of my favorite places to go!

    Workout: Milwaukee Power Yoga (hot yoga flow – variety of classes) + Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) – I’ve heard Barre Company in Bay View is also great, I haven’t made my way there for a class yet. Otherwise, walking along the lakefront! Lakeshore State Park & Veterans Park give you great views of the city on top of having SUP paddle boarding classes to try!

    Healthy Eats:
    – Milwaukee Public Market – not only does it offer fresh seafood, this place has a number of restaurants inside! I absolutely love the Green Kitchen – fresh homemade salads made right in front of you + a juice bar!
    – Whole Foods – always a perfect go to :)
    – Simple Cafe – this place is healthy and incredibly delicious! They get all their products from local companies/vendors around the area + they have Colectivo coffee which is a Milwaukee gem :) and another plus, they always change the menus for each season!
    – Beans and Barley – delicious and not too pricey! Right down the street from Simple Cafe and Whole Foods!
    – La Merenda – if youre a tapas lover – this place is seriously a hit! A very nice spot to go with your boyfriend/babe to have a romantic night out :)

    Enjoy babes! :)

    Carly (carlayktiu – instagram account)

  61. Breada says:

    Hey ladies! Any tips for London or Lisbon?? Heading to both cities in a few weeks and would love some suggestions!!! Xoxoxoxo

  62. kendall says:

    hi everyone! I live in Grand Rapids, MI.. and my FAVORITE studios to go workout are “purre barre” and “The funky yoga buddha hot house.” and then to eat.. “roses on reeds lake” is beautiful and you can sit by the lake in the summer! also “mongiamos” on the east side of town is awesome, it is in an old mansion and still looks like a house in the 1800s! it’s gorgeous.

    1. BE in italy says:

      I miss Michigan so much! I was an exchange student there! the nature in the northern area is just amazing!!!!!
      What about running up and down the Sleeping bear sand dunes!!??
      XoXo @cyclistblondie (instagram)

  63. Sarah says:

    Love this post! So many great tips. In Toronto, top two healthy places to eat: Fresh (locations on Bloor, Queen West, Spadina, and Eglinton) and Tabule (locations at Yonge & Davisville and Queen East – delicious, fresh Middle Eastern food). Top two workout spots: run the stairs at Yonge and Heath, or take a barre class at Barreworks!

  64. Stefanie Pennell says:

    I live in Phoenix, AZ. my top favorite places to work out 1. Outdoors, if it isnt summer it’s beautiful, so many mountains surround our city. My 2nd favorite workout spot Yoga deva in Gilbert. Favorite restaurants *Thrive for Acai Bowls, *Whole food for juice, and for dinner *olive and ivy in Scottsdale!

  65. Angela Bull says:

    Bangor, Maine. The two best places to eat are the Juice Cellar and Miguel’s Mexican Restaurant. For a peaceful run, try the trails in the Bangor City Forest and Bodies by Badger have some neat group fitness classes.

  66. Vicki Capen Davidson says:

    In Los Angeles (South Bay Area), favorite studio is FormuLA Pilates-you will sweat and tone all over! Also love the Green Yogi. Both studios are in Manhattan Beach.
    For healthy eats I love Paradise Bowls in Manhattan Beach, The Spot in Hermosa, The Green Temple in Redondo Beach, and Veggie Grill in El Segundo. Also in Venice Kreation Juice-super trendy hippy vibe.
    Added tip-shop at Shore Fit in Manhattan Beach for workout clothes.:)

  67. Catherine Dreval says:

    I intuitively was doing all this stuff while training in Spain. I am a resident doc, so know what you mean. My name’s Katherine, from Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Places to recccomend on running while in Madrid can be Parque Juan Carlos I.

  68. Georgia says:

    Love this! Thanks girls. As far as local recommendations….

    Brighton UK: La Chosa for amazing fresh HEALTHY Mexican food and Yellowave for Beach Fitness (Volleyball etc.) and BeachFit Lancing for Surfset classes!

    Tempe, AZ: Chopshop for great healthy eats and Tempe Town Lake is a great run spot and Yoga to the People (donation based yoga) are fab!

  69. ioanna tsap says:

    I LOVE this post!!!!!!!! <3 <3
    Also please bring back the motivational calendar!!! hahaha
    Can't wait for all these surprises!!! I also saw a post on instagram about something coming up about our plan!!!! I'm soooo excited!!!!

  70. HannahLue says:

    Hannah from Minneapolis, MN here! My Twin Cities Favs..
    Food: Birchwood Cafe in Minneapolis- Real homemade, local, and seasonal food!
    Wise Acre Eatery- Another delicious local Farm-to-table establishment
    The Bachelor Farmer for a fresh seasonal, MN Heritage driven meal!
    Butcher & The Boar- It’s a meat heavy menu, but if you love pork, and BBQ type stuffs this is the place for an INDLUGENT meal!

    Time Out Fitness has BODYPUMP, and awesome Barre and Reformer classes!
    Alchemy 365 has awesome full body group fitness classes. Think yoga meets strength training meets HIIT!
    Surge Cycling in St. Louis Park- I’ve never been but I hear it’s the Twin Cities equivalent to Soul Cycle or Free Wheel and I’m dying to go!

  71. Katie says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! I’ve been doing a lot of weekend getaways this summer and love this advice accompanied by your words of encouragement.

  72. Kaitlyn Jones says:

    Boston, Massachusetts:

    Outside – The Esplanade on the Charles River is the best place for a nice run/walk/bike ride! They also have an outside gym set which is so cool!
    Studio – Down Under Yoga in Brookline! I’ve take a Cardio Core Yoga class there which was a total killer and a Stretch and Release class after a long week was just what I needed!

    Coffee – Blue State Coffee House, customizes your drink exactly how you want it!
    Food – Petite Robert, best French food I’ve ever had! Had the most amazing scallops there. Totally recommend!

  73. Jaylen Rohlfing says:

    Hi girls!

    Deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas I enjoy going to Balancing Energy Yoga located in the Design District. Lisa, the owner, is the ideal yogi and her space is intimate, clean, and soothing. My fiancee found the studio and we are both hooked! Another very popular place that I have yet to try is GRIT Fitness. Numerous friends have enjoyed her energetic classes and have gotten out of their comfort zone taking the hip hop dance one….maybe it’s time I do the same!

    Two of my favorite restaurants in town are: Toulouse off of Knox/Henderson and Oddfellows in Bishop Arts. The restaurant scene in Dallas is no joke; there’s a great one for any food type you’re looking for!

    Great post! I can’t wait to try this routine in September on our vacation :-)


  74. Jamie Davidson says:

    Huntington, WV
    1. Ritter Park for a GREAT walk, jog, or run! It’s so beautiful and quite the gem of the Jewel City!
    2. Hiking ANY of the local state parks. They don’t call us the Mountain State for nothing! All of the state parks here typically feature a lake with great water activities and plenty of beautiful trails for hiking!

  75. Caitlin Smith says:

    I live in Houston, Texas. My 2 favorite places to workout are YogaOne and running at Memorial Park. For food suggestions, I love green smoothies or juices, especially from OneLove Juice Bar.

  76. Greer Nelson says:

    Hey girls! In Madison, WI. check out vegan restaurant “The Green Owl” for some healthy food. On Saturdays, you can check out the largest farmers market in the country on the capital square. They’re staff is also super friendly and helpful with menu items. For outdoor adventure, rent bikes at any of the stations across town and explore the bike paths through town, or head to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum for some hiking or running. Being that there are three lakes in right downtown, you can rent kayaks or SUP at multiple places. There is nothing like being out on the water on a sunny summer day!

  77. Katie says:

    Boston, MA-
    Bar Method and Fly Wheel in Back Bay!
    Healthy Eats:
    Appleton Cafe- Great spot to grab a salad in the South End
    Jugos by Back Bay Station- AMAZING juices and place to get healthy snack, salads, and wraps on the go

  78. Greer Nelson says:

    Hey girls! In Madison, WI. check out vegan restaurant “The Green Owl” for some healthy food. The Madison Farmers Market is also the largest in the country, and takes place on the capital square on Saturdays during the summer.

    For fun, rent bikes at any one of the TREK-sponsored bike rental stations across the city and explore the bike paths, or head to the University of Wisconsin Arboretum for some hiking or a run. Being that there are three lakes in the downtown Madison area, you can also rent kayaks or SUP and see the downtown from the water. There is nothing like being out on the water on beautiful summer day!

  79. Briana says:

    Amazing timing for this post! I’ve already tried this and loved it!

    Here are recommendations for Calgary, Alberta (Canada):

    HotShop- if you love yoga and spinning together this is amazing! Awesome staff, who host monthly challenges to join.
    OrangeTheory Fitness- super intense hour but so worth the sweat!
    Fish Creek paths- this protected wildlife runs all through the city and offers endless pathways to enjoy. The river side is my favourite!

    Lazy Loaf- so fresh with many healthy options to creat your own.
    Open Sesame- create your own stir fry. I add mounds of veggies!

  80. Izabella says:

    I love this post! I haven’t traveled in a while, but when we go Upstate New York i like to walk the trails, i love this quick workout that can be done anywhere!

    New York City
    Of course you have to take at least 1 soul cycle class!! Not that there isn’t any soul cycle classes all over the US,but there’s nothing like NYC!!
    An awesome area to go for a run or a walk is the High Line railroad that runs along the West Side of NYC, it has a beautiful view of Manhattan’s skyscrapers.

    I love love love Juice Generation! The make awesome fresh pressed juices, acai bowls, gluten free,dairy free muffins and desserts. Just amazing!
    Organic Avenue is another great organic, clean lean and green area to eat or grab a juice. They have soups and sandwiches!
    Juice Press is also another great place for more juices and food.
    Lastly an awesome restaurant for Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free foods is Gusto Organics near Union Square.

  81. Jena TIU says:

    Perfect Post! Thank you K&K!

    Here are my recommendations for Fort Worth, Texas:

    Zyn22 (Spin Cycle)
    Trailhead workouts on the Trinity River (These are free when they are in season and they are at the trailhead on Saturday mornings)

    Righteous Foods off of 7th
    Spiral Diner and Bakery off of West Magnolia street

  82. Jessica says:

    I’m about to go on a few trips in the next 3 months so couldn’t be more excited about this post! I love the Travel tips and can’t wait to do the workout!

    Here are my recommendations for Houston, TX:
    Favorite studios are RIDE ( or Orange Theory (1st 2 classes are free –

    Ride is great for a high energy spin workout with fantastic music and some high rep/light weight toning exercises. Also, bring your neon workout gear, they have a black light that makes it fun!

    Orange Theory: one hour combo of strength circuits followed by interval training on cardio machines. You’re encouraged to keep your HR up by wearing a HR monitor. You will be dripping with sweat by the end. Great music and great energy!

    Favorite places to eat:
    Ruggles Green:
    True Food Kitchen:

  83. Elise says:

    Hi girls!
    thank you so much for this blog on travelling and how to fit our fitness (LOL) lifestyle in it :) I will definitly follow those guidelines and I’m looking foward to explore the world now! (by world, I mean Canada and States, because for now that’s all I can afford lol) Seeing your posts from Croatia and Greece just reinforce how much I already wanted to go to those places…great post, thank you :D
    I’m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and in Montreal there is a ton of restaurant, I mean, A TON! And now it is easier to find healthy, lean, clean and green spot that don’t only offer salad LOL
    For a great snack or lunch on the go La Panthère Verte on Mont-Royal Avenue is the place to go! Especially for their falafels and they also bike-deliver ! For a more girlfriends night out feel or romantic dinner I would suggest the Lustucru bistro on Parc Avenue. They are specialized in tartare and tataki and raw fish, seafood and meat deliciousness! They also have some french bistro selection for those who are not into raw food :)
    So next time you are in town, you let me know and I’ll show you around ;)

    For sure they are plenty more restaurants to choose from in our amazing city and I’m sure my #TIUMontreal sisters will share more :)
    Have a good one and stay awesome :)

  84. Sydney says:

    What an awesome idea! I live in Lincoln, NE! Top two workouts would be Pure Barre (just opened this summer!!) and Lotus House of Yoga for a great yoga class! Top TIU-approved restaurants: Maggie’s Vegetarian Cafe, Grateful Greens, Hiro 88 (sushi) and Blue Sushi. Hope this helps, thanks for asking!! <3

  85. Megan Martineau says:

    Anyone live in Newport, Rhode Island? Will be visiting in a few weeks and would love to know of some #tiuapproved restaurant options!!!

  86. Jessica says:

    Here are my two recommendations for West Hollywood, CA:
    Work outs: Barrys Bootcamp, Hot 8 Yoga Yoga, Maha Yoga, Pilates Platinum, Soul Cycle
    1. Fresh Corn Grill- they make delish grilled fish, shrimp, steak, chicken (so many options) with tons of side veggie options. My favorite though is their Lettuce wrapped Grilled Shrimp Tacos (no tortilla).
    2. Cafe Gratitude – A vegan restaurant in a really cute area called Larchmont that you can walk around and go shopping. My favorite kale salad is there with a great dressing and some kimchee called I Am Pure.

  87. Sara says:

    Love love love this post!!!

    There are so many great neighborhoods and things to explore in Boston, so I’ll give some places in Beacon Hill, a great historic neighborhood that you have to visit if you’re in Beantown!

    -Beacon Hill is a great neighborhood to explore and the hill is STEEP! you can get in a walk or run while taking in the scenery and definitely working that booty!
    -Head to the Charles river to run, walk, or bike (you can rent bikes from Hubway) on either side of the river. There are some outdoor “gyms” along the way and great views of the city! You can also rent kayaks or paddle boats in the summer :)

    -Pressed on Charles Street is amazing for juices, smoothies, and delicious grab and go breakfast or lunch items – grab something and head to the river or Boston Common for a little picnic!

    -Bin 26 on Charles Street – delicious Italian restaurant with a very lengthy wine list! They also have a lot of small plates so you can split and share things to keep portions smaller. Their entrees are mostly proteins with veggies so it feels like you’re getting a decadent meal, but it’s easy to choose something TIU Approved! Kale salad is delic!

  88. Brynn says:

    LOVE this so much!!!

    Orange County, California

    1) San Clemente Beach Trail – A little over 2 mi one way; gorgeous views and a killer set of stairs; dog friendly :)
    2) Pure Barre Santa Margarita – Absolute friendliest staff & instructors, and will be sure to leave you with that booty burn all TIU girls crave! –> #katbooty

    Restaurants: (Sorry, impossible to pick 2! This girl loves to EAT!)
    1) Bear Flag Fish Co. (Crystal Cove, Newport Beach – Amazing, high quality, fresh fish prepared to your liking – salad, plate, tacos, etc.. Don’t be scared off by the line! It moves pretty quick and is well worth it!
    2) True Food Kitchen (Fashion Island, Newport Beach) – Cannot go wrong with their variety of dishes featuring fresh, local, organic ingredients.
    3) Zinc Café (Laguna Beach) – The perfect casual, cozy outdoor patio to sip on the most delish almond milk latte and enjoy a vegetarian brunch! Dog friendly, as well! :)
    4) Rooftop Bar / K’ya Bistro (Laguna Beach) – Enjoy a drink while watching the sunset from the Rooftop, then head downstairs to try some of K’ya’s signature small plates! Helps to make a res!
    5) Cucina Enoteca (Irvine Spectrum) – Favorite décor & ambiance (think Anthropologie/Pinterest having a little Italian love child)! All of their seasonal, organic dishes are truly unique and delectable!
    6) Habana (Costa Mesa) – Twinkling lights, sangria and the best Cuban cuisine!
    7) Taka-O (San Clemente) – Sushi…Oh No Roll!
    8) The Cellar – Wine bar, cheese plates and live music!

    Andddd I’m done! ;) ;)

  89. Eva Zimpelmann says:

    This is such a great idea K&K!

    So I’m from Cleveland (#TIUCLE holla) and I would DEF say that any type of physical activity along Lake Erie or in the Cleveland Metroparks is a must. Being by water is so serene and I love running to my beach and doing some toning moves!

    The top #TIUApproved places to eat are in Lakewood (outside of Cleveland)! Check out the Root Cafe for vegan & organic coffee, salads, cookies etc! ScarJo used to go here alot when she was flimming the Avengers movie! And I would also recommend Forage Restaurant in Lakewood: farm to table fresh food & every Thrusday is vegan happy hour- amazing salads with such colorful veggies and its CHEAP! <3

  90. Whitney says:

    Love this idea K & K!!
    I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Some of my favorite workouts are Corepower Yoga, Pure Barre Draper, but most of all I LOVE hiking in our beautiful mountains. There are a number of easy hikes in downtown SLC like Ensign Peak or the Living Room. Or lots of hiking in Millcreek Canyon, Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Many of our lakes also offer stand up paddle boarding which I love.
    Some of my favorite restaurants downtown are Pago, Pallet, the Red Iguana has hands down the best Mexican in Utah and second is alone Star Taqueria, love Whiskey Street, Bar X and Copper Commons for drinks.
    Hope you two can come visit SLC sometime even if just passing through!

    1. Delia says:

      I grew up in Salt Lake and I go back and visit family every summer and I always look forward to the hikes! They’re so beautiful!

  91. Anna Christine says:

    I love this post! I am also very excited to see what K&K have in the works for local eats and fun workouts!
    I am from Saint Louis, Missouri. My first favorite workout is yoga. I have tried so many different yoga studios in STL and finally last fall found the perfect fit. Southtown Yoga in Lafayette Square on Park Avenue is amazing and all of the teachers are dedicated and really beautiful people, I always leave there feeling wonderful and sweaty ;) And my next favorite workout is either a kickboxing class at Title Boxing Club (there are several in STL, the one I go to is in Creve Coeur MO) or a hike at Castlewood State Park off of Manchester in Balwin, MO! My favorite place to eat lean clean and green is probably FirstWatch, there are a couple in STL. They have healthy breakfast, brunch and lunch and fresh pressed juices. I don’t try new places often so that’s my favorite place right now!!

  92. Hilary says:

    Thank you for the post! I am traveling this weekend to Vegas so I am in need of this reminder.

    Here are my recommendations for Scottsdale/ Phoenix, AZ
    +Hike! Camelback Mountain, Squaw Peak, many many more. They are beautiful and not easy
    +Bikram of AZ or get a weekend pass to The Village Health Club
    Food: There are so many healthy places but my 2 tops
    +Chop Shop (healthy wraps and bowls)
    +La Grande Orange (LGO) or Luci’s Healthy Marketplace

  93. Madeleine Josefine says:

    Thank you K&K for this amazing post!!! With summer break around the corner that was just what I needed :)

    I am from Berlin, Germany, and I do not really have a favorite workout spot since I am mostly working out at home. But Berlin has a lot of great yoga studios and if you like working out outside, I would recommend the Tiergarten which is the biggest park in the city or to run around Schlachtensee which is a beautiful lake in one of the most gorgeous parts of Berlin. My favorite healthy place to eat is SETs (Schlüterstraße) which is located near Ku’damm one of our main shopping streets and Where do you fancy love me (Knesebeckstraße) also near Ku’damm. They have an amazing variety of all kinds of smoothies and fresh pressed juices.

    Hope you all have a chance to visit Berlin some time soon :)

  94. Tankesultan says:

    I do not live in a city at all, but in Rødberg, a rural part of Norway. The best way to workout is absolutely to take a walk on one of our mountains, enjoying the beautiful landscape while getting really sweaty (obs: you should probably have good balance, it´s rather easy to fall and remember to pack some food to enjoy on the top or on the way up). The nature is also really good for bike rides or horseback riding. When it comes to restaurants, we have one, and I don´t know what they have there. I thought I´d share anyway :)

  95. Emma says:

    I love the idea of being able to check for TIU approved places to eat that have been checked out by other TIU girls!! Such fun!!

    I live in Fife and I must recommend Cafe Andaluz, It’s tapas in Edinburgh, Glasgow and now Aberdeen. The food is so yummy and fresh! It has great options on the menu so you can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you like. It’s perfect for a group where some people want to indulge and you want to stay TIU approved! @emzytoneitup

  96. Robin K Vernon says:

    Thank you for this workout K&K! Would you consider adding a section under fitness that is weight/equipment free workouts for traveling? Would be awesome to be able to find options quickly. Love you girls!

  97. Jessica says:

    Fairfax, VA (outside of DC) True Foods Kitchen is AMAZINGGGGGG. Everything is in season and fresh, they make their own juices (and include them in some cocktails), and there is an unreal amount of GF, Veg, and Vegan options. A MUST if you are in the DC area.
    CorePower is amazing (multiple locations are in the area). Kazaxe (Kah-Zuh-Shay) is THE BEST and most fun cardio class in the area– it’s like Zumba with bigger beats and more booty shaking (seriously, look it up on youtube).

  98. Jennifer Savage says:

    So fun! I’m from Roanoke, VA and here are my suggestions!

    Pure Barre – Roanoke: Honestly, the most amazing community and exercise EVER!
    Prana Yoga – Hot Yoga and Hot Vinyasa in the cutest little city. :)

    “Firefly” in Market in the Square: Fresh juices and delicious all natural menu.
    Wildflour: Fresh ingredients and healthy options!

    So excited! Thanks for all you do K&K. <3

  99. Bethany says:

    Austin, TX!!
    Workout 1: The “hike & bike” trail around Lady Bird Lake (aka Town Lake)…running or walking right next to downtown (choose your distance) and great people watching!
    Workout 2: Want to get away from the city or traveling with your pups? Go hiking in Emma Long Park! Lots of shade, peaceful, and a protected place for dogs to run around.
    (Too hot for outside? Wanderlust Yoga, Bar Method, Define, Cyc, and MOD Fitness are all great places close to downtown.)
    Restaurant 1: Uchiko – modern Japanese. Rated one of the best new restaurants in the US the year it opened, and never disappoints. Worth the expensive bill :)
    Eatery 2: Juiceland – huge variety of DELICIOUS smoothies and fresh juices, and some healthy snacks available. Several locations throughout town, including one by the aforementioned Town Lake trail.

  100. Adriana Behr says:

    This is perfect. I travel with my husband and kids for work and we move every 3 months to a new city. We’ve been doing this for 4 years and hope to continue until the kids are in school! This new TIU project will be my food and fitness guide for the next 18 months and beyond! Thanks, K&K, this is genius!

  101. Linzey says:

    Absolutely love the idea of a #TIUApproved travel recommendation site.
    For San Jose, CA there’s probably a bunch but my recommendations are-
    -CorePower Yoga (2 locations-Winchester & Almaden)
    -Hiking the Quicksilver trails in Almaden
    Places to eat:
    -Good Karma Artisan Ales & Café in downtown; yes they have a ton of craft beer, but go for all the amazingly delicious vegan meals, there’s tons of variety

    -Crepevine in Willow Glen, too many good choices, you will not be disappointed
    -Bill’s Cafe (numerous locations) they have a whole healthy breakfast/brunch section that has never failed to disappoint (I always go for the veggie skillet)

  102. Samantha Elliott says:

    Love this!
    Lewisville, Texas (DFW metroplex)
    Favorite workout places: Flywheel, Barre3, GRIT Fitness, Ultimate Pilates, and hiking at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve!
    Favorite healthy places to eat: Zoe’s Kitchen, My Fit Foods, Simply Fit Meals, Blue Fish Sushi, and the Whole Foods Market! Still on the hunt for other great places…

  103. BE in italy says:

    Here are some awesome places in Italy:
    IN MILAN – go for a run in the beautiful Parco Palestro (with amazing plants and ancient walls and an observatory). Have a fresh smoothie at Juice Bar right next to Corso Vittorio Emanuele or a salad (you can choose your size between S, M and L and all the ingredients including tofu, quinoa, rise, curry, vegetables, apple and red cabbage…) at FLUID (Corso Italia – Missori subway station or Via Tortona). For a good sashimi or temaki, head to Temakino in Corso Garibaldi or Navigli!
    IN BERGAMO – Go for a run in the countryside in the amazing cycling and walking road they built between the ancient walls (mura) and Valverde. Have some stretching while going up to the old medieval town (città alta) and head to Marianna to have an homemade gelato (with the best ingredients). For vegans and vegetarians, go visit the Villino di Erica, an ancient villa with a restaurant inside, in the countryside!
    XoXo @cylistblondie (Instagram)

  104. Gabrielle Farah says:

    I love this post!!!

    Wantagh (Long Island), NY
    Favorite workout places: Jones Beach Bike Trail is perfect for running, biking, walking, and roller blading, as well as all our boardwalks. We also have SoulCycle in Roslyn, Woodbury, The Hamptons, and Montauk! The Cold Spring Harbor hiking trail is another amazing place to workout. We also have rockclimbing at Island Rock in Plainview!
    Favorite Healthy Places: Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Nooks and Kindles (in Roslyn) has acai bowls and amazing smoothies! OM Organics (Huntington), The Purple Elephant (Northport)

  105. Marie Masters says:

    What an awesome idea!! For Cincinnati, Ohio my two fave workout classes are CycleBar and Core Strong and my go to healthy restaurants are Melt and Happy Belly on Vine.

  106. Holly Shumway says:

    I am so excited for this! I live in Santa Barbara, CA

    Workout places: Barre3 (located in downtown SB), Core Power Yoga (Market Place in Goleta)

    Free workouts: Inspiration Point is an amazing hike! It is also worth it to drive up the coast a little further north to hike to the Gaviota Wind Caves. You can also go for a walk down State Street, as well as down by the pier

    Favorite place for health eats: Silvergreens (it is amazing! it has bowls with quinoa and salads) it is literally amazing and I hate not being near one! Another great place is the Pressed Juicery (it not only has fresh juices but frozen juice that are like froyo!). We also have Natural cafe (which has vegetarian options available). One of my favorite restaurants is Blush (located on State Street downtown) not all of the options are #tiuapproved, but there are some really good salads and other healthy options (not too pricey and really yummy foods!)

    Farmers market: Saturday (downtown on State Street), Sunday (Goleta in the Market Place), Tuesday (downtown on State Street), Thursday (Goleta in the Market Place), Friday (Montecito)

  107. Brandi Meyer says:

    Kalamazoo, MI:
    Kalamazoo Barre Studio
    Food- Crow’s Nest (awesome breakfast, but also open every day and 24 hours a day on the weekends)

    Grand Rapids, MI:
    Food- Terra

    Boulder, CO:
    Hiking! Flat Irons or Rocky Mountain National Park (I’ve done The Loch hike and the views along the way are amazing!)
    Food- Lindsay’s Boulder Deli, Snooze

    Denver, CO:
    Denver Botanic Gardens
    Food- Work & Class, Jelly Cafe

    Madison, WI:
    The Studio (yoga studio downtown with amazing views!), Biking/Walking paths: Capital City State Trail (paved), Monona Trail/John Nolen Path (paved path, great for running by the lake!)
    Food- Graze, Bunky’s Cafe, Manna Cafe, Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace (so many healthy taco options including vegetarian), Lao Laan-Xang (awesome curry)

  108. Delia says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s such a great idea!

    Seattle, Washington – Meal Suggestions: Veggie Grill, Cactus (Mexican food, has great healthy options!), and Mr. Gryo. 2 workouts: Hiking is always great, and the pacific northwest is gorgeous! One of my favorite hikes is Rattlesnake Ridge (5 miles round trip) and Discovery Park in Magnolia has a beautiful 7 mile loop that shows off the sound. :)

  109. Tonje says:

    Brilliant idea!
    I live in Trondheim, Norway.
    Best gym is obviously the one I work at: 3T Midtby’n. Part of the IHRSA programme that many gyms all over the world are members of (bring a pass and get cheaper entrance fee). Loads of classes as well as a solid free weight area, TRX, treadmills, etc.
    Best outdoor spots are Bymarka (forest area 5 minutes by bus from downtown) and Ladestien (also 5 minutes by bus to walk/run along the fjord).
    Best restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner is Mat fra Hagen. Locally sourced ingredients to create healthy vegetarian dishes. One word – amazing!

  110. Ashley says:

    What a great idea! I can’t wait!
    I’m from Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
    My two favourite places to workout are Freedom Functional Fitness and Moksha Yoga. Freedom has a HUGE gym with wide open spaces meant for group training. The offer the best variety of any gym I have ever been too, from all the cardio and weight equipment, rocking climbing walls, adult monkey bars, tractor tires, a yoga studio and spa and one of the largest saunas in North America!
    Moksha is a hot yoga studio and I never leave that place without feeling rejuvenated and inspired!
    The best places to eat in Saskatoon are THRIVE Juice co. And Leydas. THRIVE has THE BEST cold pressed juice I have ever tasted and it’s all made from organic and local ingredients! They are very passionate about having healthy choices at an easy convenience! Leydas is a gluten free, non GMO restaurant with the most delicious menu ever!
    Hope you add these amazing places to your lists! Thanks K&K!!

  111. AllisonWolff says:

    Hi there. I’m originally from Toronto, Canada but have lived in Amsterdam, Netherlands for 3-years now. If I am going to make some recommendations as to where to workout while vacationing here, you must go for a run in Vondelpark. A big loop around the park will be about 4-km. There is also a English-language only yoga studio called ‘Absolute Yoga’ on the Overtoom. Since I also work for a fitness startup in Amsterdam called, drop us a line, and you can come workout with one of our online personal trainers at our office :) If your looking for a place to eat (beware the Dutch love the bread) checkout SLA (awesome salad bar with a changing menu), or some of these great restaurants ( Have a blast in Amsterdam :-)

  112. Fee Musterfrau says:

    Hi girls, I’m from Germany and just moved to Hamburg!! This city is so beautiful and has so many great things to discover… I have not found healthy restaurants to recommend yet, since I didn’t really have time with all the unpacking and stuff, but I have 2 great WORKOUT recommendations: There’s this big lake in the middle of the city called the “ALSTER” and you can jog all around it! It’s perfect environment, clean air, great view and about 7.5km of distance (about 5 miles, depending on where you start running). There are also 2 spots where you can train on outdoor fitness units, so thats perfect for anyone who doesn’t have weights at home or stays at a hotel without a gym. In case the weather is not so appealing, you can also go to KAIFU LODGE, wich is a great gym!
    If you’re visiting, contcat me via IG: @feeTIU and we can run together!! Love the idea of collecting tiuapproved places all around the world!! And it would be perfect if we could ad new suggestions later on. Like when I found my favorite healthy eating spots!! :D TIU 4 ever ♥♥♥♥♥

  113. Sara says:

    Lansing, MI
    Restaurants: Leaf Salad Bar, Soup Spoon Cafe
    Workout: I don’t go to the gym or studios, but walking or running on the river trail or on Michigan State’s campus is always nice.

  114. Jesse says:

    Love this!! Milwaukee, WI
    There are a tone of boutique studios downtown so I would suggest any of the following places. Also i would suggest checking out the website and see if you can get a free guest pass if you are just visiting town for a few days- doesn’t hurt to ask!
    – Ellipse Fitness
    – The Barre Code
    – Milwaukee Power Yoga
    Top 2 Restaurants: Beans & Barley Cafe, The Green Kitchen (inside Milwaukee Public Market- a must if you come to Milwaukee to visit)!

  115. Diandra says:

    Love you girls so much!!!
    I’m from Melbourne, Victoria (Australia).
    I used to hate swimming and running but they’ve become my two favourite ways to fight the constant stress of university studies :P I’m always get to uni a few hours before classes start to try and knock out a long run or tough swim, even though I always feel so much more energised after exercising like this :) I also really love some of the random workouts I find on Pinterest so I always try to do one of those each morning as well :P
    I’m not a huge fan of eating out, but I do love experimenting with different salads and quick breakfasts that I can take to uni to get me through the day. My favourites in summer would probably be my Greek salad, and grilled pineapple topped with cinnamon and Greek yoghurt so thick it’s almost like ice cream :P
    Hope you guys can come visit Australia sometime :D

  116. Morgan Penberthy says:

    I’m from Richmond, Virginia in the US but I’m currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia and I’ve found some places already that I LOVE!!
    There are so many natural trails to run by beaches and throughout the mountains that are absolutely STUNNING. A favourite of mine has been the Coogee to Bondi running trail simply because it’s so close to where I live, but it really is amazing.
    There are SO many healthy restaurants here, but due to my budget I’ve only made it to a couple of places. Some of these I’ve heard of and want to make it to, but here they are:
    Earth to Table Bondi
    Nutrition Station
    Grounds of Alexandria
    Speedos Cafe
    Kin By Us
    Bondi Wholefoods

  117. Oklahoma City, OK!!

    Workouts: Myriad Gardens for running and stairs downtown. Rocktown Climbing Gym. Boathouse District for active fun. The River Trails. The trails at Lake Hefner (farther from downtown but worth the travel).

    Eats: Red Cup Coffee, Picasso Cafe on Paseo, Coolgreens, and Big Truck Tacos (food truck).

  118. I review this article CONSTANTLY. I’m a freelance Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, and I’ve been traveling more and more for both work and play. It can be challenging to stay on track, especially during crazy jobs where there may not be a fridge to store prep. But there are so many great go-to’s and ideas from everybody! I used to let traveling get the best of me (long drives, plane rides, then straight to work-site, etc…), but after following TIU it’s like DUH! It’s easy to take advantage of any environment that your in because the plan is, literally, so portable. Very inspiring to see how everyone makes each place work for them :)

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