8 Trainer Tips To Crush Your Summer Tone Up Workouts

Summer Tone Up Trainer Tips - Stef Tori

Gearing up for a workout shouldn’t take much. A water bottle, your Tone It Up App…OK and maybe your favorite pair of high-waisted leggings. 😅 And we want prepping for your Summer Tone Up workouts to be just as simple! After all, we designed this at-home fitness series to be more accessible than ever. And your Tone It Up trainers are here to do just that — to guide you, inspire you, and motivate you every step of the way! Here are a few of their best tips to help you start strong — and finish even stronger! 

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Top Trainer Tips To Rock Your Summer Tone Up Workouts

Prep your space.

You don’t need an entire home gym to rock the Summer Tone Up. For Studio Tone It Up trainer Stef, it’s all about the set-up. “I like to have my workout space neatly set up the night before. Mat, towel, weights, booty band, water, Tone It Up protein bar — whatever is needed for the next morning! There is something so motivating about walking into a room that is set up and ready to harness your energetic commitment and dedication. Prepping your workout station and pre-workout snack will eliminate distractions and give you the green light to crush your workout as planned!” 

Get it on the cal.

Put pen to paper…or lean on your app! Tone It Up trainer Chyna says, I’m setting workout reminders in my Tone It Up App and getting used to following through with that! It helps me stay accountable to my goals and allows me to feel more structure and routine in my schedule especially during quarantine!” Keep an eye on Chyna’s Insta story…“During the Summer Tone Up I will share what time I’m doing my workouts so hopefully we can all stay accountable and do them together!”

Summer Tone Up Accountability Partner Karena Katrina

Enlist a buddy.

“Or a Bobby!” Karena says. “For the Summer Tone Up, Bobby is my workout AND nutrition accountability partner. I know I’ll have an extra boost of motivation right here in the house…7 days a week!” In fact, research shows having an accountability buddy will not only keep you motivated — you’ll be more likely to work out longer, harder, and see incredible results! 

Tap into the TIU Community.

Don’t have a roommate, partner, or family member to join you? “That’s the beauty of the TIU Community!” Katrina says. “I love scrolling through the #TIUTeam hashtag on Instagram. This community is my greatest source of inspiration, and keeps me going when I need it most!” New to Tone It Up? Introduce yourself to the #TIUTeam and get ready for alllll the love and support this series, and beyond! beyond! You can also check out the hashtags: #TIU___ (your city or area), #TIUaccountabilityparter, and #SummerToneUp! <3 

Make it sticky.

“Before the Summer Tone Up starts, I plan to write down my goal for the 6 weeks on sticky notes and put them in a place where I’ll see them every day,” says Ariel, founder of Gym Hooky. It will be a visual reminder of WHY I need to prioritize my workouts daily!” (PS keep an eye out for Ariel’s brand new Summer Tone Up workout, Level Up HIIT!!) Ariel’s goal for the series: “Complete dumbbell workouts at least three times a week to maintain toned muscles while in quarantine.” You got this girl!  

Level Up HIIT

Plan an outfit change.

Maybe you used to lay out your workout clothes the night before a big class. During quarantine too, though? Stef says yes! “I lay out my workout clothes next to my bed. As much as I love the idea of pajama workouts, an outfit change into compressive, supportive athletic wear helps me shift my mindset and get ready to sweat!” 

Let light in.

Feeling a bit cooped up at home? Chyna says a little extra sunlight is key. “One thing I’m doing to get prepped for my Summer Tone Up workouts is setting up a workout space that feels motivating to me. Something around windows where I can get some natural light in always helps!” 

Fuel your workouts.

Last but not least…all that hard work your body’s doing for you? Remember it needs nourishment, too! “When I create the habit to eat healthier, I feel so much better and have way more energy to give my workouts my all!” says Studio Tone It Up trainer Tori. To prep for the Summer Tone Up, I am really focusing on cooking all of my meals at home rather than ordering out. This way, following the meal plan will be so much easier because the base of the healthy eating habit will already be there!” 

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