Rev It Up


Since many of you are heading back to school and work this week, Katrina and I are bringing you a quick toning routine to squeeze in anytime! With busy schedules on the horizon, it’s so important take care of YOU! Even if you just have a few minutes to sneak in your sweat session, we want you to stay strong and do what you can to keep active. Doing this ensures you stay energized to kick booty in all areas of your life!

This Total Body Toner is just what you need to hit all muscle groups in under 10 minutes! You’ll burn MAJOR calories while toning your arms, abs, legs & booty! Talk about hard-working moves… this sequence does it all!


We love replenishing post-workout with a protein filled treat like the Makin’ Love at Midnight Colada smoothie from your BIKINI PROGRAMBottoms up, bombshell!


Remember that nutrition and fitness go hand in hand! Eating Lean, Clean N’ Green is the BEST way to transform your body, FAST!

For everything you need to achieve your dream body, take a look at our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Love this! Can’t wait complete it tonight! Still waiting for a 7 minute arm workout though… ;) <3

  2. Anya Scher says:

    Love it! Posted at a perfect timing just as I came back from my run :)

  3. anaeorozco92 . says:

    Ooooh nice!! I’ll definitily do it when I get home!! :D

  4. Elise says:

    Looks challenging…I think all add it to my wo today…don’t know if I’ll still be able to do it after HIITY BITTY BIKINI and Take me to the sea but I guess we shall «sea» :D

  5. StacyAnn says:

    Thanks for continuing to put out new workouts. I love switching up my workout routine and Tone It Up does this. It definitely keeps me coming back and staying loyal to TIU :)

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  6. Shannon M Lort says:

    Will there be a monthly calender for September? I love them and help me stay on track and even more!! #tiuteam

  7. Becky says:

    Is this considered HIIT towards our cardio mile goals?

    1. samantha says:

      I’m wondering the same… it certainly seems like it could!

  8. Christina says:

    Did this today, 3x through. Fantastic workout!

  9. Sivi says:

    What if you’ve made a page with really short videos/Gif of every move? :) will be really easy to understand seeing them instead of reading how to do them. just a thought :)

    1. Caroline Joy says:

      I love this idea! Would be incredibly helpful to all us visual gals :) I totally agree that GIFs are easier to understand than word descriptions or even

  10. Cathy CBob says:

    Hi K&K! Thank you for the new workouts. However, I do agree with Sivi, it will be ideal if you can show us the moves. It will make things much easier and it will ensure we are doing it the right way.

  11. samantha says:

    Hi girls,

    Anyone know if this counts towards our miles? I know its called a toning routine but there’s a fair amount of cardio in it. I did this 3 times yesterday and it seriously felt like a HIIT workout – it was great, but not sure if it counts as any miles. If anyone knows I would appreciate it! Thanks k&k for another great workout!

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