Total Body Chair Workout With Your Trainer Chyna

Total Body Chair Workout With Chyna

It’s Tone It Up Tuesday, and we’re pulling up a seat to sweat it out with Chyna! We asked your Tone It Up app trainer how she’s staying fit at home, and like many of you, she’s getting pretty creative with what she’s got… In fact, all you need is 15 minutes and a sturdy seat for this quick and efficient total body workout! 

Chyna’s at-home chair workout is just 4 moves that burn in the best way possible. Thanks to the incline of the chair, every bodyweight move gets a step up! Think: elevated rear foot lunges, step up to knee drives, and incline push-ups. Changing levels is one of the best ways to up your resistance and elevate your heart rate — two big wins when you’re looking to maintain (or boost!) your fitness at home. 

You can do this chair circuit twice or three times through — or do a round between emails and chores — whatever works for you! We’ll be looking out for your moves on Insta #TIUteam. And don’t forget, the Tone It Up app is FREE now through April 22 for new members. Download it here: App Store; Google Play for full-length workouts led by Chyna, Karena, Katrina, and all your favorite TIU trainers. We can’t wait to sweat with you babe! 

Total Body Chair Workout

Do the following 4-exercise circuit and repeat for 2-3 rounds.Want more? Download the Tone It Up app for hundreds of at-home workouts to feel strong, motivated, and amazing inside and out! 


Chyna’s At-Home Chair Exercises

Elevated Lunge 

This move is all about those gorgeous legs! Form tip: Make sure you hop your front foot far enough forward that when you lower into your lunge, your front knee stays in line with your ankle.
Do 12 reps per side

Step Up Knee Drive 

This booty toning move gets a cardio upgrade by adding the quick and focused knee drive. If you’re feeling unsteady feel free to stick with the basic step up, and layer on the knee drive when you feel ready!
Do 12 reps per side

Tricep Dip 

If the backs of your arms are burning, you’re doing this move right! Be sure to keep your elbows pinned close to your sides to engage the triceps most effectively. Need to scale back the intensity? Modify this move by bending your knees to 90 degrees.
Do 12 reps

Incline Push-Up + 2 Mountain Climbers 

One of our favorite chest and core sculpting moves! Maintain a straight line from head to toe and lower down as far as you can while maintaining good form. Want more ab work? Increase to 4 mountain climbers, then 6, then 8. Get it girl!
Do 12 reps

The Tone It Up app is now FREE for new members through 4/22! Get access to hundreds of fun and effective workouts you can do right at home!