Aloha Thighs & Waistline!

It’s Tone It Up Tuesday!

We’re in Hawaii filming your NEW Beach Babe DVD ~ Releasing in Spring ’13!!

Say Aloooooha to a killer move from your first Beach Babe DVD…

The Rainbow Side Crunch! Get ready to rock those abs! ;)



Right click here and select ‘Save Link As..’ to download your printable routine

This is one of our favorite moves to finish off our workouts! It tones your whole stomach including your lower abs and lower back!

To modify the move, keep one knee down. You’ll still feel the burn!

For today’s Tone It Up Tuesday, pair the Rainbow Crunch with your Tone It Up Thighs workout!

Abs + Lower body = Killer combo ;)



Right click here and select ‘Save Link As..’ to download your printable routine

We’re off to shoot more workouts for your NEW Beach Babe DVD!

This week we’re highlighting all your favorite moves from the first Beach Babe DVD on your app too!

Make sure to close out the app by double clicking the home button and pressing down the app once it pops up until you see red negative sign in the top left corner. Then just go back to your home screen and re-open it! Try this at 5 pm to make sure your app refreshes daily for the Love Your Workout routine :)

Keep checking in with us on the Community, Facebook, and on Twitter! We love catching up on your check-ins between shooting! Thank you all for your encouragement and suggestions for the new DVD ~ it means so much to us!

Can’t wait to hear how you girls like the Rainbow Crunch paired with your Thigh Workout!

Give yourself a fun treat this upcoming Thirsty Thursday! Prep for it today so it will be ready for you :) Make fruit ice-cubes from your Beach Babe Plan to add to your water.

We also love making almond milk ice-cubes for our iced coffee, we even made some here at the hotel ~ yummy!

Your Trainers,


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