GET READY #TIUTEAM! Today’s NEW Band Workout delivers amazing results. Thanks to the resistance bands (from your TIU BUNDLE!) we’re targeting every muscle group for super-powered sculpting! OH YES… you’re going to feel the burn, babe!

You’ll be toning PLUS getting that heart rate up, meaning this routine gives you cardio benefits to boot! TRANSLATION: Major calorie burn!

Get those Tone It Up resistance bands ready. This fabulous fitness tool offers infinite possibilities for toning. And they happen to be perfect for traveling… just toss these babies into your luggage for a quick and easy way to TONE and BURN!


Download your PDF Printable HERE! Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

We’ll be using both the lighter (teal) and heavier (coral) bands!

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-1



    WORKS obliques and core!

    STAND with feet hips-width apart with the teal band underneath both feet, holding on to handles. Hold the handles by your sides, engage your core and tilt side-to-side. Complete 24 reps (12 on each side).

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-2


    TONES thighs!

    REMAIN in the same position and bend arms to pull elbows slightly back behind you, hands to your hips. Engage core as you take two steps to the right, then two steps to the left. This is one rep. Complete 10 reps!

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-3


    WORKS booty, quads & outer thighs!

    BRING bands up by shoulders, palms facing out and feet hips-width apart. Bring left leg out to the side, pushing against the band. Return leg back to the ground and slowly lower into a squat. Stand back up and repeat leg lift with right leg followed by the squat. Complete 9 reps on each leg.


  • Complete moves 4-6 on one side, then go through to moves again on the opposite side.
  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-4


    switch to coral resistance band! 

    SCULPTS legs and biceps!

    STEP on the band with left foot with right leg straight behind you. Hold the handles in each hand with palms facing up. Lower down into a lunge while simultaneously raising arms into a bicep curl. Keep core engaged throughout the move. Complete 15 reps on this leg.

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-5


    STRENGTHENS shoulders + rotator cuff!

    Stay in a lunge from the previous position and hold your arms at a 90 degree angle in front of your body, palms still facing up.Keep elbows tucked to sides as your open up arms to the side. Maintain a 90 degree angle at the elbow. Complete 15 reps.

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-6


    WORKS quads, booty, core + shoulders!

    RELEASE band with right hand and step off of the band with your right foot. Keep left foot on the middle of the band and left hand holding on to the end. Step out to the side with right leg into a side lunge. Lower down to bring left arm toward right foot. Push off right foot and stand back at center, simultaneously lifting left arm directly out to the side of your body. Complete 17 reps on this leg.

  • Go back to move 4 and repeat the sequence using the opposite legs.
  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-7


    SCULPTS sexy obliques

    WITH band under right foot, stand with feet wider than shoulders-width apart. Grab handle with both hands and twist torso to the right, holding arms at a 45 degree angle, keeping knees slightly bent. Stand straight up, twisting your core and arms up across your body. Make sure arms stay extended with only a very slight bend at the elbows. Return to start using the same motion. Complete 16 reps on this side. Go on to move 8 before switching sides!

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-8


    TONES back + triceps!

    STAND with feet hips-width apart on the band, holding handles in each hand. Keep a slight bend in knees and maintain a neutral back with core engaged. Pull arms up into a row, elbows bent. From here, extend arms back behind you. Reverse back to start. Complete 12 reps.

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-9


    STRENGTHENS  back and shoulders!
    STAND on band with feet hips-width apart and cross the handles so the band forms an X. Have hands meet in front of your hips and maintain a slight bend in your knees. Complete a row, pulling band up to your chest and keeping elbows bent and straight out to your sides. You can also add a step to the side as you lift up and return to center as you lower back down. If you do choose to add the step, make sure to alternate sides you step out with for each rep! Complete 12 reps.

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-10


    IMPROVES posture!
    Hold band up in front of your face so that it is taut and arms straight. Make sure your abs are engaged. Open arms out and back so the band stretches across chest, without bending elbows. Squeeze shoulder blades together as arms stretch back. Complete 12 reps.

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-11


    WORKS booty + hamstrings!

    PLACE band around foot so it rests in arch. Lower to a table top position with hands holding onto the handles and positioned directly below shoulders. Lift and extend the leg with the band wrapped around it straight behind you. Squeeze glutes and raise foot above spine. Complete 15 reps on this leg then do the other side after move 12.

  • best-band-workout-tone-it-up-12


    SHAPES outer thigh, booty + core!

    KEEP leg in the air and in-line with back, core engaged. Move extended leg to the side and tap foot down to the ground. Slowly raise back to start. Complete 10 reps on this leg then go back to move 11 and complete this circuit with the opposite leg.


  1. When you join what is the difference between the workouts you post now and when you’re a full member? Also, when you do join do you get the new workout programs or do you buy them as they come out?

    1. Your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan includes all past & future editions of meal plans, recipes and your weekly member newsletter. All DVDs and premium workouts are not included in the lifetime membership.

      You can still participate in the Tone It Up Challenge without the premium workouts, you’ll just follow the weekly workout schedule on the blog. However, the premium workouts combined with the 8 week meal plan compliment each other so you’ll reach your goals and get the best results!

      1. I’m sorry to say this but the printables are everybody’s fave part and they ARE mobile friendly. That’s an excuse to not do them. I like the printables because I don’t have a phone to do the mobile thing on. so unhappy with your choice to change TIU for me. It’s so very user friendly anymore. :(

        1. We totally hear you! We should have mentioned that if you go to the left hand corner, you can still print this workout as a printable at home– choose ‘File’ and ‘Print’ and you’ll see that pages 3-8 are the workout :) Choose pages 3-8 and save for later!

  2. I didn’t but the bundle so I don’t have those bands. Any good substitute bands I can buy on Amazon?

    1. Hi! If you have a 5 below near you that is where I got mine before the tiu ones came out (:

    2. I got mine at Kmart awhile ago for around ten dollars. Unfortunately there’s no five below near me ? Or check Walmart or your nearest mass retailer

    3. If you haven’t bought them already by now they are selling them separately in the Tone It Up shop and they are very reasonably priced. I just purchased them that way because I did not buy the bundle either! They work really well and do not have metal parts that can break or fly up at your face like some bands. These are wonderful to use!

  3. So excited! Can’t wait to try this! Will there be a printable? I love taking your workouts to the gym!

    1. We just launched this new mobile friendly format to work with the app! To print at home, go to left hand corner and choose ‘File’ and ‘Print’ and you’ll see pages 3-8 are the workout :)

      1. Is it possible to bring back the pdf versions? I love downloading them onto my phone and not printing them out :)

  4. Will the bands be on sale separate? I don’t want to purchase the bundle but would like just the bands! Thanks!

    1. Great — I am part of this crew, too. Will wait until they are available from TIU and purchase them then. Thanks for keeping us posted!

    1. Hi Nikki!!
      Based on requests and feedback from the community, we created this new workout format. Our NEW workout guide format is mobile friendly for everyone on-the-go, which the printables were not. We’re also going GREEN! :) When you’re at home, follow along with your free workout video. If you’re at the gym, these move guides are mobile friendly. Hope this helps with any confusion!

      1. I understand that, however, it’s really hard to keep referencing my phone while working out at home or while at the gym :(

        1. Come on K & K, so many of the community members have been asking for the printables back. Won’t you PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE reconsider?

          1. What if you have terrible internet connection at your home.

      2. Also, this prevents from being able to save and keep the workouts for quick and easy reference.

      3. Hi K&K! Going GREEN seriously is a fabulous idea, but I also struggled with having to refresh, scroll down, etc (which was also a problem with those printables if you didnt want to put them on paper everytime)…
        Soooo…what do you think about adding a feature to the app that would work kind of like a digital BootCamp Intructor?
        Like, you have the move reference and can also set a timer (e.g. 30sec or so), wich would afterwards move on to the next move (or include a 10 sec break, depending on move intesity… :D ) and it woud keep the screen from switching off (or still show move and timer on lock screen)?
        I feel like this would be a very user friendly addition to the app :) oh and P.S.: do you alredy know when those amazing ‘THIS IS MY BOOTYCALL’-Tanks will be available again? Can’t wait to SHOP :)))
        XOXOXO, Fee ( IG: @feetiu )

        1. We totally hear you! We should have mentioned that if you go to the left hand corner, you can still print this workout as a printable at home– choose ‘File’ and ‘Print’ and you’ll see that pages 3-8 are the workout :) Choose pages 3-8 and save for later! This new format works on mobile and can be printed!

          1. Yes, but you forgot to mention that printing it that way is not nearly as neat as the printables used to be. Also printing it the way you advise us to, leave some of the directions on how to do the exercise(s) split over 2 pages. Really disappointing to see after how many requests, K & K still refuse to bring the printables back. Not even looking forward to new workouts anymore. So sad, I was always bragging to everyone about Tone It Up and K & K, and now it seems I was wrong.

          2. Hi Yolly! We’re sorry for your frustration. We’ll talk with our design team and K&K about how we can do everything to make sure everyone is happy! Hang tight!

          3. Thank you Tone It Up! Looking forward to see if this can be resolved.

          4. Hi Yolly!
            We listened to the requests and made a printable for all our TIU girls :)
            You can find it HERE!

          5. Hi TIU and K & K. Thank you so much for the printable!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Please tell me that for all (or most) future workouts you will have printables too. :-) xoxoxo

          6. Thanks so much for bringing back the printables!!!! Yall are great for that! Now I can take my TIU with me!!! My TIU world is happy lol :)

    2. Agreed! I actually don’t bring my phone into the gym, b/c then I get too distracted, and impulsively have to text everyone back, and it screws my workout all up. Printables were great for this. Lets do both!!!!!!!!!

      1. We should have mentioned that if you go to the left hand corner, you can still print this workout as a printable at home– choose ‘File’ and ‘Print’ and you’ll see that pages 3-8 are the workout :) Choose pages 3-8 and save for later! This new format works on mobile and can be printed!

  5. Fun workout!!! Is it just me or did others feel that the blue band had more resistance than the orange? :=)

      1. Thanks for validating what I was feeling…sometime I just think I’m not really awake at 4:30 AM for my BC. :-)

    1. Completely agree! Had to look at the bands to see which was light & medium. Maybe after using the blue, the orange became lighter??

  6. I just did as best Booty Call. Some of the moves are the same done in bootcamp classes. I really. really like this workout!!

  7. This workout was great! Thank you K&K!
    Is there a way to shorten the bands? I’m short and need the bands to be a little shorter for some of the moves to actively engage my muscles more.

    1. Hi Jess!
      You can try holding on to the actual band until you reach the desired length. Let us know if this works!

  8. I bought the workouts but I didn’t buy the bundle because I already have a bag, bands, etc. Could someone let me know what weight resistance the bands are?

    1. They don’t say ? they just say light and medium. I would probably just stick with one that is challenging but you can still do proper form. Good luck! ?

  9. I am LOVING the resistance bands! And the mini bands! They are so fun and it burns so good!

  10. I am a super hardcore tone it up girl but i have to say. I’m a bit disappointed. I didn’t need the bundle but i bought the exclusive workouts when they became available and also the mini bands. However when i e-mailed toneitup customer service and asked whether i could buy these bands separately or if not what weight they were to go and get something similar all they responded with was a ‘no only available in the bundle’ type response.

    The bundle’s weren’t cheap and for someone in NZ plus shipping it would’ve been ridiculously expensive. So the fact that now I can’t even participate in this workout to me just feels a bit mean. I love toneitup and won’t stop doing their workouts, but I just felt I had to say something for those of us who couldn’t afford a whole bundle but would’ve really appreciated being able to get these bands. Bit mean toneitup, bit mean.

    1. The plus of it is that its only one workout (: I think it was sensitive of them to not require equipment from the bundle for every single workout, you can still do body bliss, burn it up, etc. without. I know I don’t have a ball because I don’t have room for one at my apartment but I do have one at my gym!

    2. Hi Eleanor!
      The bands will be available on their own soon :)
      We’re in the process of making more!
      We’ll announce on social media as soon as they are ready!

      1. Omg yay!!!! Thanks so much!!!!! I didn’t want to have to get none tone it up ones when these are so pretty and match my mini bands :-) THANK YOU! B

  11. I LOVED this workout! Short and sweet, but I’m thinking I’ll be feeling it tomorrow after doing it two times for my TIU booty call this morning!


  13. Just finished band workout #tui girls. Boy did I under estimate the band’s before my arms and on fire.

  14. LOVE this workout so much!! It is the perfect pregnancy workout! Definitely got my heart rate up and I could feel the burn!

    xo, tiugirlanna

  15. Loved this workout!! It’s amazing how quickly you feel the burn with the bands. Loved the tip Kat gave in the video-this is totally going to be a go to when traveling.

  16. I loved this workout. My band was little shorter then Kat’s so I really felt the burn.

  17. Is there going to a 2016 Bikini Series? I’m just curious because we are starting Round 2 of the 8 week program soon.

  18. This is one of my new favorite workouts. It’s a perfect workout to combine with the total body tone up! Loved it!

  19. I did the TIU Band workout yesterday and OMG I am feeling it today. I have 1:1 Yoga lesson today…god help me!

  20. Ahhhhhh I love the Workout! You girls are making me so happy with all the video for the New Year Challenge.

    Am I the only one who is afraid to brike the band? I feel like if I push to much I will broke them and I don’t want ;)

    Thank you so much for everything!

    Love you <3

  21. My favorite bands are from Black Mountain Products love,love,love them! Available @ or Great price,
    Great reviews!
    Looking forward to doing these sets with my bands!

  22. By any chance will you ever sell the bands separately? I know they were part of the bundle originally, but if they must come in a bundle, perhaps a bundle with TIU mini bands, resistance bands, and exercise ball would be possible?? I could go out and buy resistance bands, but I’d love to make sure I have the same sizes used in the workouts here, as well as an opportunity to support the TIU brand. Thanks for considering and thanks so much for an awesome challenge so far! Tone It Up is the highlight of my week :)

  23. I’ve been reading through the comments & wanted to post as well ;) …I personally LOVE the new GO GREEN theme & workout formats! I love when there are videos too! For me, just having a printable was hard because I’d have to read the instructions over & over again to figure out exactly what I’d have to be doing. I’m a visual learner, so videos and the new workout formats are awesome, because I can actually SEE how to do them! :) So, thank you!!!! :) :)

  24. An oldie but a goodie! I just purchased TIU long bands and booty bands from the website and am so excited to finally do this workout justice. The TIU bands make all the difference in the world compared with the type of bands I used to use. Yay!d :)

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