TIU21 Bonus Moves!! Sculpt Your Sexy Abs From Every Angle

When Katrina and I were designing the Tone It Up 21 Challenge, we knew we wanted it to be all about your Toning Moves. They were a community fave last year for the 31 Day Challenge and they’re so convenient to do anytime, anywhere! When we were on Tour, we weren’t always near a gym and we usually didn’t have time for full classes. The Toning Moves were lifesavers!! We got ‘em done in hotel rooms, airports, tour buses, backstage…everywhere!

Now it’s all about your 21 Rep Challenge ~ we even upped it to 3 rounds of each move this year because we know how strong you are and we know you can do it 💪 Find your moves every day free in your TIU App or Daily Workout page!

Today we’re also sharing some BONUS moves for ya! These are five of our favorite moves featured from the Toned Abs Workout in Beach Babe 4. (We always get requests for this one, that’s why the full workout is featured in Studio Tone It Up today!!!)

The great thing about ab workouts is that you can do them as many times a week as you want. So this week we’re challenging you to choose one or two days and add these moves to your routine! They sculpt every angle of your core!

You’re abs-solutely gorgeous and we love you! 😽

PS..if you haven’t signed up for the Tone It Up 21 Challenge yet, it’s not too late!! Get your cute booty over HERE and join us!

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

Go through 3 rounds of the moves below!

Standing Oblique Crunch

Tones your waistline!

Begin standing with feet hip-width apart and your right arm lifted above your head. Bend your right leg as your crunch your right elbow down to meet your knee.

Complete 10 reps on each side.

Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Sculpts your core and revs your metabolism!

Begin in a high plank position with your wrists directly below your shoulders. Bring your right knee across your body to your left elbow. As you lower it back down, quickly bring your left knee up to your right elbow. Make sure to keep your tummy tight to engage your internal core throughout the move.

Complete as many reps as you can in 30 seconds.

Side Plank Leg Lift

Tones your waistline and outer thigh!

From a side plank position, bring your left knee to the ground and extend your right leg out to the side. Pulse your right leg up so it’s in line with your hip.

Complete 10 reps on each side.

Plank Hovers

Strengthens your core, arms, and quads! 

Start in downward dog. With your core engaged, come forward and bend your knees so they’re hovering right above the ground. Straighten back to downward dog. 

Complete 10 reps.

Tummy Toners

Sculpts your waistline and obliques and strengthens your shoulders!

Begin in a plank position with your wrists directly below your shoulders. With your core engaged, lift your right knee up to your right elbow. Lower and repeat on the opposite side.

Complete 20 reps, alternating sides with every rep.

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  1. I just did the video from Beach Babe 4 that these moves came from as my #tiu21bootycall…hehe! Loved it!

  2. Are you going to eventually add the optionally beach babe videos to the tiu21 day workout? I am not able to sign up for the monthly workouts but would love if you added the old beach babe variations that would be similar

    1. Hi babe! You can always add in a Beach Babe video to your workout if you’re feelin’ it that day! Whatever works best for you! ;)

      1. Can y’all actually list out the optional workouts though? I have an Android phone so I can’t get the app, but I own every single DVD and it would great if you could give us girls without the app a specific suggestion for the day. I realize that today was two DVD videos, but it took a minute for me to figure out which ones. Listing it out would REALLY help. It would also help for the days that the video in the studio is a studio-only thing. And it makes us girls without the app feel much more included. Thanks!

        1. I totally agree! I can’t afford the monthly app. And I don’t know what workouts to do. I was excited to start this new challenge but haven’t start because I’m so distraught. I think I might be done with TIU and go back to Beachbody.

          1. I also have an android, but we own loads so I got the app on my iPad.
            I would suggest just adding whichever video you own that works the muscle groups they list. Ie today was HIIT + ABS so just do either your HIIT abs video or choose any combination you want to do. They do always list what we will be working that day. Think of it as having more freedom in choosing your workouts within the muscle groups that day targets.

          2. Yes absolutely!!! You can choose from any of the videos that focus on the same muscle group, either from Beach Babe or ToneItUp.com. This will give you the opportunity to customize your workouts while still sticking to the schedule and sculpting a particular muscle group. The 21 Rep Challenge Toning Moves will also be the same every day in the TIU app and on your Daily Workout page!

        2. Hey, I was just looking on the weekly workout schedule tab and the TOY app videos ARE listed there. That might help those that don’t yet have access to the app.

  3. Completed all the daily toning moves 21×3 plus ab bonus moves. Heading to Buti this morning as well🤗🤗🤗😘

  4. Is there a way to modify any plank-like moves like the Cross Body Mountain Climbers? I have carpal tunnel in my right hand. I find I can do a couple of moves but then it starts to ache. Is going down to your elbows okay?

    1. Personally, I would go down on my elbows for all those moves. A lot of PopSugar workouts recommend the modification of being down on your elbows for moves that can bother the wrist. Better to not hurt one part of your body for the sake of another ;)

    2. Hi babe! Yes, you can modify by doing them on your elbows!

  5. hey,
    I don’t have an espresso machine. Is there something I can buy or a substitute for the espresso for the recipes that call for it?

  6. Will you ladies be selling the Pumpkin Perfect Fit Protein again this fall??