These 5 Moves Will Give You The Perky Booty Of Your Dreams!

That tight 🍑PEACH🍑 tush! ;)


Gettin’ that bubble booty takes work girl! In addition to workouts, nutrition is also key for sculpting a round rear. Each of the five moves below focuses on a different set of muscles — including the lower, upper, and outer glute — to achieve maximum toning.

But first…we’re about to nerd out on some fitness + nutrition deets! 🤓

Your body alternates between two stages: anabolism (muscle synthesis) and catabolism (muscle breakdown). You need both to build beautiful, lean muscle! Catabolism happens while you’re working out. Your bod is breaking down fibers and using energy with every squat, deadlift, lunge, and burpee. Your glutes require a lot of energy and protein post-workout to assist in anabolism and building muscle. Timing is crucial for getting maximum benefits. That’s why we always tell ya to get your Tone It Up Protein in 30 minutes after your workout! Anyone suddenly craving the Peanut Butter Overnight Oats?!


Now slip into your workout pants, roll out your yoga mat, and let’s get to some serious toning!!



Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!


Slider Hamstring Curls

Tones hamstrings and booty! We call them “Damn-ies!” 

Begin on the ground with both heels on a Tone It Up Slider, body lifted off the ground except for arms, upper shoulders, heels, and head. Pull both legs toward your body until heels are directly below your knees. Make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. Return to start. To modify, do one let at a time.

Complete 14 reps x3

*If you don’t have the Tone It Up Sliders, you can use a paper plate on carpet or towel on a hard surface!


Squat + Leg Abduction

Tones quads, booty, and outer booty!

Wrap the Booty Bands just above your ankles and stand with your legs hip-width apart. Sit back as you lower down, making sure your knees don’t go past your toes. After you stand back up, lift your right leg directly out to the side. Lower leg back down and immediately perform another squat. Lift your left leg this time as you stand up. You can also perform without band as a modification.

Complete 14 reps total x3


Single Leg Deadlift

Tones hamstrings, lower back, and booty!

Begin standing with your weight shifted into your left foot and holding a dumbbell in each hand in front of your hips. Hinge from the hips and keep your back neutral as you lower your chest down and lift your right leg behind you. Engage your core to maintain balance. Slowly return to start.

Complete 14 reps, then switch sides x3


Slider Side Lunge

Sculpts outer booty and quads!

Begin with your weight shifted into your left leg, right foot on a Tone It Up Slider. As you lower your booty down, push the slider out with your right leg so that you’re in a side lunge position. Make sure your left knee doesn’t go past your toes. Drag the slider back as you return to start.

Complete 14 reps, then switch sides x3

*If you don’t have the Tone It Up Sliders, you can use a paper plate!


Donkey Kick

Tones hamstrings and lifts tush!

Begin in a tabletop position with hands directly below shoulders and a dumbbell behind your right knee. Keep your right leg bent as you lift it into the air. Squeeze your booty to lift your leg higher. Slowly return to start.

Complete 14 reps, then switch sides x3


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  1. Can’t wait!! Could y’all do a post (or vlog or WNWednesday Q&A) about choosing weights? How challenging should they be? What’s a good size range, and what are K+K’s typical weights? Should we change weights for different moves? I see a lot of conflicting advice about this around the internet and just want some TIU guidance :)

    1. They usually say you want your weights heavy enough that you feel challenged, but you can still maintain good form. The minute your form starts slacking, feel free to drop set! I usually do that with the arm videos– start with 8 lbs, hardly make it through round one (LOL) then move to 5. If I am super beat, sometimes I even drop to 3 lbs for the last set of 14 on the daily moves– maintaining form is important to avoid injury. :)

    2. So they say to use whatever weight as long as u can still have proper form but the last 2 or 3 are getting harder. They also say u can switch between weight throught out ur workout, you might be able to do higher weight for one move and not abother. So they say to have a lighter weight and a heavier weight.

  2. Anyone else having trouble with those Slider Hamstring Curls? Th first time I tried them my back was in extreme pain. I haven’t tried them since.

    1. This move is extremely difficult for me, as well. I try to do as many as I can with good form and then switch to doing only one leg at a time.

    2. I was feeling major strain in my hamstrings-like they were going to POP! I just did one leg at a time-still got a good workout without any pain. Try that perhaps?

    3. The first time I did them they were fine, and then for some reason the next time I tried them it’s like I lost my ability to do them?! LOL. I was using plates and not the sliders so thought maybe that was why since my hamstrings are pretty strong, so maybe it was the form or how far your legs were out. I started subbing with a similar move where I do a booty bridges but with my legs much further out so it targets the hamstrings. You’ll feel it!

      1. Thanks for your input Katrina!! One leg at a time was much more doable today and some extra booty lifts worked for a extra burn at the end too 💪🏼

    4. I am newer to working out so my modification for this move right now is to keep my booty on the floor and just move my legs. I can still feel the burn. :) I don’t have much core strength, so until I can keep my booty off the floor with good form I do a lot of the moves without the bridge. One wrong move and my back goes out (it did a few weeks ago while I was shoveling snow).

    5. Veronica, the reason your back is in pain is most likely because you are not properly engaging your abdominal muscles and therefore are allowing your lower back to do all the “lifting” of your body off the ground. It’s important before pressing your hips up into the air, to engage the core and pelvic floor muscles with a slight scoop of the hips and navel drawn into spine. And be sure not to press up so high that your lower back takes over. A good modification is simply doing bridges with your feet further out away from your tush (no sliding) which will engage the hamstring muscles more OR like a few mentioned below, you can just do a single leg curl.
      Stay strong girl!! You are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond belief! :)

    6. That usually means that you need to engage your abs and really concentrate on your hamstrings as you do the move. My lower back used to hurt as well until I built up more abdominal muscle & really engaged them..its pretty cool, you can actually feel the work come out of your back when you do that! Good luck!

  3. So now our videos on Tuesday are a repeat of the Daily Moves? I am not trying to be negative, but it’s disappointing! I remember when you had videos like Hitty Bitty, The Mermaid, and Kettletoning (still 3 of my favorites!!) that you used to release on Tuesdays. Please bring back videos like that!! We love you K&K, but this is really disappointing.

    1. The last few Tuesday videos weren’t repeats! They had a core video, stretching routine, and a booty video! You should look at those – I really like the booty one! ☺

      1. Hey babe!!! There have been 4 free workout videos so far during the challenge and there are another 4 coming in the next 2 weeks! Whoohoo!!! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and our newsletter to make sure you get them :) You can also browse the Fitness Section! xxxo

    2. I’m with you on this. The new workouts are clearly not at the level some of those others, (Mermaid, Kettletoning, etc. and those are so good, my faves too!) I agree, it would be really nice to get real solid one video workouts from tiu at least once or twice a month.

    1. They say you can use paper plates, or even a towel if you don’t have the sliders. Go get it girl!

    2. Paper plates or even a towel on hardwood surfaces. I’ve heard furniture sliders are great to

  4. Thanks girls, I loved this :) I had to modify the hamstring sliders also and still felt it! X

  5. I love that you explained how to do each move and the correct form underneath. It would be awesome if the daily moves page had this. Sometimes with moves I’m not familiar with I have to google proper form, position, etc. It would be super helpful if you guys could do that :)

    1. I have been thinking the same thing recently! It’s definitely helpful to have the demonstrations, but a written explanation would be great! Sometimes I can’t tell exactly what they’re doing or I don’t know the proper form. I didn’t always do the daily moves when I first started TIU because I didn’t always know what I was doing!

  6. Hey Kat! You make those slider hamstring curls look so easy in the video. I just swore I could do them that easily too! NOT! I can only do them one leg at a time. I use some decorative holiday paper plates that my best friend gave me. They work just fine. When ever I do squat and leg abductions I really feel sore the next day, but I love them.

  7. Love this! Wish we had a video like this everyday even though I know you basically do on the daily workout page, just something bout seeing it with music made me so motivated! These are my favorite moves even though the curls are soooo of challenging, I’ll get there!!

  8. Thanks for making a printable, definitely want to add these 5 Booty Moves to leg and booty days!

  9. i’m on day 22. i have never worked out as hard as i have since i’ve joined TIU. my knees are really starting to feel it. almost to the point where i’m not sure i can perform my workouts for a few days. are there any moves i should stay away from until they start feeling less tender. i’m just so scared i’m going to push it too far and hurt myself. any advice welcome.

    1. Hi! I wanted to comment since I’ve had multiple knee injuries and am hoping you protect yourself from them! If the knee is injured, it takes a crazy long time to heal because cartilage doesn’t have its own blood supply, so hopefully you avoid getting to that place! My advice based on counsel from physical therapists, exercise books/magazines over the years, and yoga teachers, is to never do anything that hurts your knee. Period. That’s true whether you currently have an injury, are recovering from one, or have never had any problems. If there is pain in the knee, it’s not a motion you should be doing so I would stop and try something else, moving gently and slowly at first to test it. There’s always an alternative or modification. The part of your knee that’s hurting could be different from mine, but as an example, I injured my meniscus and found that putting more of my bodyweight on the knee when it was bent at a hard angle caused pain in the knee for me, and that’s a big red flag, so I just did something else instead when that pain happened (for example in yoga, puppy pose works better for me than child’s pose because the knee isn’t bent at such a sharp angle and less of my body weight is folded over the legs, putting pressure on the joint). I’d encourage you to very mindfully explore, determine what movements or activities cause pain, and then find alternatives. You might also benefit from more rest – fewer reps, more days off, etc. The TIU weekly schedules require a lot of physical effort, and it might just be too much for your body right now. Last idea, is yoga teacher Tara Stiles recently posted a great ‘article’ about knees on her Facebook page (or maybe it’s on her company’s page, Strala). I found it helpful. Here’s to health, happiness and healing – take care! :)

      1. Thank you for the advice! Both of my knees are bad, had surgery on one & it’s so hard to find workouts that are not painful. So I just stopped. This helped.

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